One Life Stand 012: Photographs and Panthers

[Tessa doesn’t want to wake up. But she has a monumental headache.] -11:34 Jun 06
[D remembers being pissed off about somehting yesterday but getting a good night’s sleep anyway. In fact hes still dreaming with his chest pressed into Tessa’s back and his hand down her pants as he sighs in his sleep.] -11:39 Jun 06
Tessa: To say she slept well wouldn’t have been totally correct, but it wasn’t totally wrong either. Comfortable, yes… well probably not. Her head was spinning, she was a little bit nauseous, and she was cursing the day alcohol was ever invited. Tessa barely remembered crashing in to bed, but did remember a lot of giggling… and… When she shifted she wasn’t going anywhere. …there was a hand in her pants! Very delicately she reached to tug his hand out. -11:43 Jun 06
D: The hand once out tightened round her stomach and pulled her agaist the body behinf her as D murmered something before the arm relaxed again and he nuzzles into the back of her hair. He wasn’t quite awake but getting there with Tessa’s movements and what he muttered make have been her tane followed by something else. Telling her to go back to sleep? -11:49 Jun 06
D: The hand once out tightened round her stomach and pulled her agaist the body behinf her as D murmered something before the arm relaxed again and he nuzzles into the back of her hair. He wasn’t quite awake but getting there with Tessa’s movements and what he muttered make have been her name followed by something else. Telling her to go back to sleep? -11:49 Jun 06
Tessa: How could something be so inconveniant be so cute? Tessa grumbled, but relaxed for a moment. She really needed some asprin, and was so tempted to just stay there in bed all day. If he head didn’t hurt so much, she really would have just stay there! After a few lingering moments she shifted again, trying to sneak her way out. -11:54 Jun 06
D: His arm moved sliding his hand up her stomach as he nuddles his nose into her hair and smelled it before stifling a yawn, then his arm moved from round her to scratch his side and he settled down again giving Tessa to opotunity to escape. -11:59 Jun 06
Tessa: …and now she regretted trying to move at all! He was really warm and without his arm around her it was instantly chilly. Grumbling more still she finally sat up. …and regretted that too. Sitting up made her headache even worse. Tessa rest her hands on the top of her head to dig in to her hair and cringed. Awful, awful feeling… why did she let him goad her in to drinking? If he weren’t being all adorable she’d beat him! …Tessa finally just gave up and flopped back down again, turning to face him and burying her face against his chest away from the sun. He was still asleep, so he wouldn’t notice. -12:07 Jun 07
[Tessa enters.] -12:14 Jun 07
D: An arm slid under her to curl around her back and holde her to him. "Morning beautiful." he muttered as he shifted against the matress and her before he pressed his lips into the fisrt part of her they leached, in this case her forehead and.. left them there as he drifted forther away from consciousness again. Wait Tessa wasn’t beau.. well she was but he didn’t call her that.. he groaned slightly and opened his eyes. -12:17 Jun 07
[Tessa enters.] -12:23 Jun 07
Tessa: Well. So he wasn’t still asleep. …but her head hurt so much, Tessa didn’t have the energy to be embarrassed. She was there and she was never ever moving again. "I hate morning, I hate everything…" A huge exaggeration, but she didn’t care about that either. -12:25 Jun 07
D: "If I’m not alowed to hate everything, neither are you." he said before turning hsi head away from her. "Besides everythign includes me, and I take personal offence fto being hated." he pulled the blanket up over her and cracled her against his side. "Cold pizza for breakfast? I’ll get the coffee going and get you some oxygen tablets." -12:29 Jun 07
Tessa: "Breakfast requires movement." Movement was definitely bad. Even with curling up against him, she was cringing and that sucked because there was so much work she needed to do. "If I can’t hate everything, I want you to smother me with a pillow and put ‘Drank to Death’ on my grave.." -12:33 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -12:41 Jun 07
D: He was running out of options.. so he pushed her gently onto her her back and leaned over her his long hair hanging down to tickle her face. "You won’t have to move, I’ll just be gone for a moment." he put the pillo over her face to keep the light from her eyes and slipped out of bed, yes he was feeling liek crap too but he was used to it and soon he was dringing back the leftover pizza, coffee machine, and mugs back to the bedroom, then slipping some white tablest out of his pocket and placing them in her hand. "Those will help you feel better." Right coffee maching set up on her bedside table and him back under the covers. If this is what marriage would be like it would be pretty cool. -12:41 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Tessa has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -12:47 Jun 07
Tessa: Blast it, he didn’t smother her! Tessa was so counting on that. The hand with the tablets disappeared under her pillow to be popped in to her mouth. And another grumble followed. He was back in bed again though… and using her headache as an excuse, she shifted to curl her arms around one of his legs and rest her head on his lap. Later she’d claim she was in pain and didn’t know what she was doing! -12:47 Jun 07
D: He stroked her hair idley as he flipped open the box and grabbed a slice with his other hand and took a bite. Tessa had called a good pizza place and the food was good. Even if he dropped a peice of cheese onto the side of Tessa’s neck and lifted it off with a finger so suck it off, he didn’t stop stoking her hair though. He really, really, liked her hair. -12:50 Jun 07
Tessa: Her hand raising up to swat at him was a delayed response, and just as delayed her arm plopped back down over his legs. She probably smelled like pizza and booze! A shower would be a good idea… But laying there and him petting her was so unbelievably nice… Tessa was seriously thinking about delaying work for a day and just staying in to sleep. "Why did you let me drink all that?" she finally muttered. -12:55 Jun 07
D: "Because I was drunk and feeling bad about feeling bad about my birthday. Well its not really my birthday, I don’t know when that is. But its the day I was adopted and so the closest I have to one." he had paused halfway to taking another slice and blinked. He never spoke about that. "Coffees done, want?" -12:58 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa debated whether or not coffee was worth moving for. With a soft groan, she finally shifted and scooted to sit up and rest against the headboard. She didn’t bother opening her eyes. "Coffee is good… Next time you feel bad, can we dance without all of the booze?" -01:02 Jun 07
D: He handed her a mag and cradled one on his own hands. He wanted to keep stroking her hair but that was impossible with coffee invilved and her sitting up. Damn coffee. He though back trying to remember if this was the first Tessa had heard he was adopted and have up on the task and sntead sipped his coffee. "We can try. Though we don’t have to feel bad to dance." -01:06 Jun 07
Tessa: A few sips of hot coffee and she was kind of feeling better. At least it was counter acting that woozy feeling in her head. Tessa reached for a piece of pizza, casting him a quick side glance. He so rarely mentioned things about his life, she wondered if he even realized he let it slip out. "Why didn’t you tell me about your birthday before?" -01:10 Jun 07
D: He looked at her. "As I said its not really my birthday. Its the anevercery for two important events that happened in my life that happen to be on the same day." he was looking less relaxed now, less happy. Then he sighed. If he was going to tell anyone Tessa was the best person to and he hadn’t told anyone, not really. "The day my grandma entered my life, and the day she left it." -01:15 Jun 07
D: He looked at her. "As I said its not really my birthday. Its the anevercery for two important events that happened in my life that happen to be on the same day." he was looking less relaxed now, less happy. Then he sighed. If he was going to tell anyone Tessa was the best person to and he hadn’t told anyone, not really. "The day my grandma entered my life, and the day she left it." -01:19 Jun 07
Tessa: "Oh…" That did explain why he was so upset last night. Anybody would be. Tessa leaned until she was against his arm. There was that temptation to hug him or give him a kiss to comfort him, which couldn’t have been a good idea. She settled for kneeling against him. "You should have told me before. We could have done something more entertaining for her to watch than us dancing around on the roof being goofy." -01:19 Jun 07
D: "I don’t talk to people." he pointed out, "And that was entertaining enough, you really didn’t have to do anything." he didn’t but it was nice that she did. -01:28 Jun 07
Tessa: "Always a pleasure to act like a total dumbass. I am never going to drink ever again." She chewed on her pizza between sips of coffee. Not that she minded spending the time with D… That part she liked. Now if she could quit blowing little things out of proportion before she started thinking he was her boyfriend and they were love. Last thing she needed was to have unrequited infatuation with a client! "I don’t want to deal with work today. …do you wanna take pictures for the webpage..?" -01:33 Jun 07
D: He looked at her a peice of pizza hanging from his mouth. The tore a chunk from it and chewed. "We could do, all you need to do is to tell me where we’re doing it. I still think a panther is a good idea." -01:36 Jun 07
Tessa: "You and cats…" Always with the cats and panthers! "If you show up with a panther, it’ll go in the pictures too." Why did THAT make her want to lean over and kiss him? Tessa needed to escape! "There’s an old building downtown that’s abandoned and has lots of cool stuff in it. I can do cool urban rocker pictures." -01:38 Jun 07
D: He one-arm huged her an dgrinned. "Getting a panther at a coupe of hours notice. You don’t think I could do it do you? We’ll see." Another sip of coffee and a happy contented sigh. "Sounds like fun." -01:44 Jun 07
Tessa: She got a grin out of him. Better! …and just like that common sense was out the window and she was giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Before it got any worse, Tessa slipped out of bed with her mug. "I will shower and get my equiptment and meet you there!" -01:46 Jun 07
D: He had to shower too, but he could do that elsewhere. "Make sure to get the costumes you want me to wear too. I’ll go and get a Panther." he grabbed the last slice bacause he could and watched her leave his eyes on her butt, because it was actually a nice butt. "See you there!" -01:50 Jun 07
Tessa: After a shower, clean clothes, some more aspirin and coffee, Tessa was feeling a lot better. Not one hundred percent… but that’s why she was going to spend all day taking pictures instead of working. At least the were pitures -for- work! In one hand she had a couple hangers and stuff wrapped up in a wardrobe bag. In the other was her case with a camera and some other goodies. Thank goodness for failed jobs. At least the camera was a good investment! The old building was a little creepy, and Tessa was wary stepping inside and setting her stuff on a dusty table. But it gave a great pre-done atmosphere and would save her tons of cash not having to build a set somewhere. -01:55 Jun 07
D: Walking down the less than neighborly street with a panther on a lead. He loked the looks people gave him, and the panther was more than happy to be up and about with it’s owner and practically bouncing with excetement. Which made it look liek she would tear peopel’s faces off, which made people avoid him, which made D grin. Still Chaya into the building was easy, getting her not to want to explore it was hard, but at least he managed to get her to the room where Tessa way and grin at her. "Boss, meet Chaya. Shes a panther." -02:03 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa dropped the notebook that was in her hands as she froze in one of those annoying comical what the fuck expressions. He actually found a panther. And there were no handlers or zoo keepers or something to keep it from mauling them and eating them alive? …Tessa very slowly knelt down to retrieve her notebook. "…I didn’t think you’d actually -find- one! Are you crazy?" -02:05 Jun 07
D: "You don’t need to find what you know where it is." he said. "And you don’t need toact like a frightened rabbit. Shes tame." he pushed the panther he sensing a game pouned on him and kocked him to the floor where she licked his face. "She… " he make a sound and pushed the panter’s head away from his face. "She just doesn’t know her ows strength. A tedybear really." -02:09 Jun 07
Tessa: She almost squeaked, her hands up to her mouth, so sure that he was about to have his face chewed off and her having to run for it and call for an ambulance or something. He was still alive though… Almost like a giant kitty, but Tessa was still a little wary about a wild animal being ‘tame’. "Fine… but if she starts eating you, you’re fired!" Tessa didn’t take her eyes off that panther for a moment when she moved to retrieve her camera. "You’ll have to change your clothes…" -02:13 Jun 07
D: He pushed Chaya off of him and unhooked her lead letting her stalk around the room and creep closer to Tessa whis shampoo smelled like D’s. "Don’t worry. Shes.. Chaya!." When he said he name she froze and looked at him. "Give me what you need to change into and.. watch her she likes new places, and new people." -02:17 Jun 07
Tessa: "And what am I supposed to do if she gets hungry…?" He was going to leave her alone with a panther! He was crazy! Slowly, Tessa shifted, pulling out what he needed and handing it over to him. Last thing Tessa wanted to do was incite the kitty’s predator instincts… -02:20 Jun 07
D: "Shes eaten." he said before disappearing around the corner and finding a place to change. The outfit was one of his stage costumes, but it had been modified to… show off the scar the ran down his forearm? Maybe there should be a rule against living with you costume designer. -02:24 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa remained with the panther. Staring at the panther. Trying not to make sudden movements. …she did pick up her camera though… slowly lift. And click. Tessa grinned wide at the preview screen. A panther, though asking to get eaten, was a really really cool idea for pictures. It was very reminiscent of glam rock without all the crazy hair and makeup… -02:26 Jun 07
D: The panther was staring at Tessa, then moved forwards to half ram her with her head and half nuzzle her in the stomach as D walked back around the corner with his shirt still hanging open. "Are you sure this is ri.." he looked "Well looks like she likes you." -02:31 Jun 07
Tessa: She had taken a stumbling step back and almost screamed, but thank god for self control. Tessa kept her cool! …And oh god what a fuzzy thing…! Resistance caved and Tessa was very tentatively scratching Chaya’s head. She took a look at D and was grinning all over again. "That looks about right! I have a bunch of different things for you to wear and we’ll see what comes out best in the pictures. I’ll need your angry man face, the sexy face, the thoughtful face, and the stoic intense face for fun…" -02:34 Jun 07
D: "Told you a panther was a good idea." he said grinning at her. "And you’re the boss, tell me where to stand and what to do. I’ll to x-rated things only if you promise those are just for you." the last sentence was a tease. -02:38 Jun 07
Tessa: Argh…! Blushing quickly hidden by turning her back to him and pretending like she was looking for a place to put him and his fuzzy friend. Now she was thinking about dirty pictures, which would be SO easy to do and…! Damnit. "Over by the window, then, so I have lots of natural light. Take Chaya and be normal… as you can." She finally stuck her tongue out at him. -02:39 Jun 07
D: "Normal with a panter.." got it. "He waled over and tool off Chaya’s collar and brought her over to the window and.."hmm.." he posed like he was walking past the window with the panther is his heels. "Like this?" he grinned at her, then winked, then sesumed a neutral expression and looked forwards at the 3/4 angle to the camera. -02:42 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa got that grinning picture whether he meant for her to or not. Then it was a matter of snapping several others. Ever so often telling him to move this way or that. To change his expression. Pet the kitty, look the other way. It was far too much fun ordering him around like he was a life-sized toy! -02:44 Jun 07
D: It was afre the one with him tittin on the broken staircase with his hand on Chaya like the armreas of a throne that he stood and stretched. "Thats sixty seven pictures by my count. How many do you need, and whens lunch I think Chaya is getting thirsty." and he was hungry… but Chaya would probably steal his food. -02:47 Jun 07
Tessa: "This isn’t nearly enough. Do you know how many photos it takes to get one really, really awesome one? And we need a -lot- of awesome ones." Tessa hopped on to the stairs to sit next to him, leaning so she could take a picture of them both. There had to be a least one of them in there! "But a break is good. I’d rather not have Chaya losing patience and eating us…" -02:49 Jun 07
D: "She won’t eat us.. well me anyway. I’ve known her since she was… about as big as a chiwawa." he said "Shes actually small for a Panther." he was scratchign her under her chin while she eyes Tessa from his lap. "So one of us is safe." -02:52 Jun 07
Tessa: That… did not make Tessa feel safe at all! And she promptly showed her disapproval by scowling at D. "Well thanks! All the more reason to get food. Tessa is not a kitty-snack." …she lift her camera again, getting that closeup shot of Chaya’s head on his lap and him petting her. That was so cute..! If only she could snuggle both of them and not get mauled by teeth and claws! -02:55 Jun 07
D: D picked up one of Chaya’s paws and played it on his knee to take some of the weigh from his lap. "She doesn’t eat people. She just eats what shes fed. Shes too lazy to hunt and she has no claws. Shes teally like a big kitten." -03:01 Jun 07
Tessa: "So far she is a big kitten." A very adorable giant kitten. Tessa took another picture. "You don’t have to convince me, I really like her. I wish I had room in our apartment, but that’s so not fair for a big kitty…" Tessa hadn’t realized she said our apartment. She was too busy zooming the lense in on his face. "If you want lunch we should stop sitting here. I can get candid pictures too!" -03:05 Jun 07
D: "Don’t worry." he said "She has a good home." he stood which thought and iritated sound from Chaya whos wondered over to a sunny patch on the floor to lounge. "So what are we eating?" -03:11 Jun 07
Tessa: "Not the kind of neighborhood I’d have something delivered to, but… is it really a good idea to take a big panther out in public…" On the one hand, it would be really cool to talk down the street with a giant cat. On the other hand… who knows how many ways that could go wrong! "I suppose we could detour to the apartment and you make us lunch?" -03:15 Jun 07
D: "Sounds good, somewhere Chaya can explore." he already knew the panther would go for the places that smelled like him, the couch and the bed. "And I owe you a cooked meal for last night. Also a new poctures around there would be good." -03:17 Jun 07
Tessa: Pictures with D in the apartment. Tessa really did like the idea of that. …and it wasn’t even for the webpage. Worse, she was thinking about those x rated picks again, and was lucky she had to run over to a table to pick up all her stuff before he caught that look on her face. "Pizza, as great as it is, is definitely not a substitute for a cooked meal." -03:20 Jun 07
D: Well the…" he stepped over to the table and grabbed Chaya’s collar and slipped it on. "Cars around the corner. Chaya will go in the back. There should be enough space in the boot for your things." -03:24 Jun 07
Tessa: Tessa paused after poking her camera in to it’s case and draping the garment bags over her arm. "…where did you get a car from?" -03:25 Jun 07
D: "It came with the Panther, a got one, ger one free deal. Did you think I rode her here?" he asked leading her to the car and openign the doot for her before getting Chaya into the back where she settled down on the seat like this was an every day thing. "As o get very far."as that would be I’d need a bigger panther -03:33 Jun 07
D: "It came with the Panther, a got one, ger one free deal. Did you think I rode her here?" he asked leading her to the car and openign the doot for her before getting Chaya into the back where she settled down on the seat like this was an every day thing. "As as that would be I’d need a bigger panther to get very far." -03:34 Jun 07
Tessa: "I am afraid to ask where you get a panther and a car in a two for one deal!" Chaya didn’t seemed concerned though. …With a huff, Tessa gave in too, climbing in to the passenger seat with some curiosity. She left her stuff at her feet, pulling out her camera again, just because she wanted pictures of him driving. Tessa was going to have a lot of really great pictures by the end of the day… -03:36 Jun 07

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