King of Fools 013: Pride and Punishment

[Damion HAs just had a great breakfast and its getting closer to an appointment with a fassion designer that Damion is sure Jade has heard of, Leslies though, he doubts.] -05:31 Aug 30
[Leslie is glad she had breakfast, because Damion Rubrum is a very exhausting man. …in all the fun ways!] -05:38 Aug 30
Leslie: If anyone had told her a week ago she’d be spending the night with a guy and sexing on kitchen counters and having a boyfriend, she would have called them insane. But here she was dressed again, still feeling overly pleased and even more stiff. She was going to have to start stretching or something! -05:41 Aug 30
Damion: He was putting on a collared shirt and doing up the buttons in the bedroom and unable to keep a smile off his face. Breakfast had been great, the countersex that followed even better but it wsa edging towards ten and they had placed to be. "Theres just one place we have to go before lunch." he said finally done dressign and putting on his very expensive emergency beacon wristwatch. "I hope you don’t mind but I think you may enjoy it." he stepped up to her nad kissed her cheek. Then the afternoon is ours." -05:45 Aug 30
Leslie: It was hard not to curl her arms around him, drag him to something soft and fuzzy and just go back to sleep. Leslie settled for leaning against his arm instead and just grinning. "A random work meeting?" she eyed him for a minute, chewing on the corner of her mouth. "Hmm… no, you have plotting face on… " -05:48 Aug 30
Damion: "Nothing is random." he said kissing her on the lips then time and taking her hand. "I have a suprise for you. Well not really a suprise but something I want to do for you, and for me. For us." he was leading her down the stairs again and towards the front door. "There no work today, I’m considering this entire day a date." -05:51 Aug 30
Leslie: "How long do you think the world’s record is for a date?" she responded with a grin and a squeeze of his hand. Of course… this meant he had expected her to stay with him. At least until lunch, if he this idea in mind all morning. That made her smile. "I suppose you made plans in case I had decided to go home too?" -05:54 Aug 30
Damion: "A quiet day at home with my g… hobbies." he opened the front door and closed it after her then opened the elevator doors and stepped inside. "I’m glad you’re here though. If we can make it last all week I’ll call guinness and ask, then call the office and make sure I still have a job and ask if its burned down." -05:57 Aug 30
Leslie: "That sounds like a challenge, Mr Rubrum…" Elevators… she took a breath before stepping in with him, and made sure to hold his hand. At least it was getting easier! "Hmm… I guess we’ll have to get it out of my system before I start my new job too. I won’t have the excuse of owning the company if I turn up missing!" -06:06 Aug 30
Damion: "Don’t worry. you can always share my bed if you need to. Or if you just want to." he pressed the button for the garrage and rocked back on his heels as the doors closed and then glaned at her suddenly not knowing what to say. He had had sex with this girl and had not given her what he would concider a command, has shared breakfast and shared his bed with her. And now he was at a loss for words, but what he wasn’t at a loss for was pushing her against the back of the elevator and pushing his lips into hers, and barely had he thought that than he was doing it. -06:11 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie had a great joke about sharing his bed! She really did! That was gone in an instant, though, along with all the rest of her thoughts when he kissed her. The more surprising part was her instant response! The instant desire to touch him and kiss him back, despite still beaming from the morning. -06:34 Aug 30
Damion: He put let his fingers play over the back of her neck as he nibbled her lip and pressed her body against the back of the elevator with his. Then he was pulling away and pulling her hith him to hold her in the middle of the elevator his hands crablng her. "Couldn’t resist." he whispered fixing her hair with his fingers. "I blame you." -06:38 Aug 30
Leslie: There was a small sound of complaint when he pulled away, but then she was placated by curling her arms around his waist. That grin of hers was gone, replaced by that very frustrated but very wanting half frown. "You shouldn’t start what you can’t finish right away… You’re a tease." She was already curling her fingers in to his shirt and debating how much time they had before hitting the bottom floor… not enough! -06:43 Aug 30
Damion: She wasn’t grinnign but he was and he rubbed that back of her neck softly. "Good to know you can take more today." he said before moving his hand to rub her lower hack through her shirt. "I think you’re ready for the next step. Thats where I don’t make love to you. I fuck you, hard, like I would anyone else. Still no bondage, still no room. Well maybe a little bondage." he moved his hand to lift her chin and kiss her lips. "If you do stay all week who knows where we’ll be by the end."" -06:48 Aug 30
Leslie: If anyone else had said something like that to her, she might’ve slapped the hell out of them. But from him, while he was holding her and stealing kisses, it was surprisingly sexy. Even if a little part of her was annoyed that he was treating her like she couldn’t handle it! "You don’t have to be so careful with me. I think I can tell you when I don’t want something." -06:54 Aug 30
Damion: "You say that." he said without missing a beat. "And really mean it, but trust me this is as much for me as it is for you. I never had this. This growing closer and finding things out slowly. Its better this way." he kissed her again softly. "Everything we do, is ultimately for ourselves in some way, or that is how I see things." the doors opened but he didn’t move. "I don’t want you to feel the way I did." -06:58 Aug 30
Leslie: She looked a little surprised, giving him a slight examining look. Leslie wouldn’t have noticed the doors opening at all if they hadn’t dinged. She took his hands to pull him out, but she was still watching his face. "What do you mean? By feel the way you did?" -07:03 Aug 30
Damion: He looked at her turning her head. "I was 14 my first time." he said watching like he always did when revealing something about himself. "She was 23 and in colledge. And waited for me outside school saying she needed help with unloading a truck and that I looked hansom enough for the job." he was still heading for the car as he got inside. "I should have known bit I was a different man then and instead of to a truck she took me to a store room at the school and put me in one of the play costumes and then tied my wrists together and undressed. I don’t hace to go into detail on what happened next but that was how I lost my virginity, and I hated her for it but still went to see hes whenever she demanded I do so." he looked at her and started the engine. "I don’t want you to hate me or resent me in any way." -07:10 Aug 30
Leslie: It felt so surreal for him to be telling her something that at least she felt was a very personal and monumental thing, and just be going through the motions of climbing in the car. There was a click of her seat belt as she chewed on her lip. Leslie doubted he wanted or even needed her sympathy, but now she wanted to hold him and this wasn’t an ample space to do so in! "There is a difference, though, between you an me. I care about you and I’m not naive. I won’t hate or resent you." -07:17 Aug 30
Damion: He put the car in first and pulled out of the parking space. "Maybe this helps me get over baggage." he said. "But if you really want the nine yards then tell me, what are your limits? What are the absolute nos with what I can and cannot do to you, and how many hours can you put into a gym every week?" He was pulling out of the garage and out into the city, waiting for the trafic then pulling out into the street. -07:21 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie made a face at the thought of exercising, despite the fact only minutes ago she was debating it. The rest though… she turned in her seat to watch him as he drove. Was this why he was such a control freak? Because of that woman and his experience with his parents… it made a great deal of sense! "I don’t know what my limits are. You’re the first person I’ve been with… I know what I like the idea of and what bothers me. I won’t know until I try it?" -07:25 Aug 30
Damion: He frowned. "Without clearly befined limits how will I know what not to do?" he asked "I can to many things some of which other girls said no to. But fine, we will try it without limits until you’ve experienced it. That doesn’t change this afternoon though, unless you give me a no." He stopped at a traffic light and leaned over to pull her into a kiss by her chin. "Not lets get you fitted, that will be two birds down." -07:31 Aug 30
Leslie: "I think we’ve already had the conversation where I explained how I like trying things, and you nearly had a fit about my unplanned future." she smiled, though. Wide and unchecked. Then there was the pursing of her mouth and the narrowing of her eyes. He let the secret slip! "A fitting, you say? A fitting for what exactly, Mr Rubrum?" -07:34 Aug 30
Damion: "You’ll see." he said flashing her a grin before the lights turned green. "I’ll just say Jade will either be outraged or jealous." he drover them along the street to a gallery/assion house and pulled over before getting out and tossing the keys to a vallet and turning to her holding out his hand. "Just speak a little slowly when you talk to him. Hes French and although he speaks very good english he ha s aslight tendancy to mishear with our kind of accent." -07:42 Aug 30
Leslie: Lately, Leslie had no idea what would set Jade off. It’s like the woman was going nuts! But she was taking his hand and still eying him suspiciously as she followed along. Whatever it was, he was very pleased about it. "You’ve brought me to a French designer? …this is for a dress!" she exclaimed suddenly. Leslie wasn’t a journalist type, but it wasn’t hard to put pieces together! "I am fairly certain I mentioned I could borrow a dress!" -07:46 Aug 30
Damion: "And I remember telling you you can’t, not for this party. And this one, you’re going to help design thats why I’m bringing you to the designer. You’re going to have something thats yours in every way and that suits your tastes. I insist. Besides I think there a three thousand dollar per outfit minimum at the door in New York. Where we’re going anyway. I’ll be in a tux, or itallian suit, I’m undecided." -07:50 Aug 30
Leslie: "Are you kidding? I don’t even think everything I own put together is worth that much!" He had to be joking about the outfit cost, that would just be ridiculous. There was no reason for her to flip about price tags. Leslie took a deep breath. "And what if I want to be a rebel and walk in wearing a suit made of wrapping paper? This sounds insanely expensive." -07:56 Aug 30
Damion: "Then you would be blocked at the door and have a short dress brought for you. One that shows a lot of leg." he looked at her before pushing the door open. "And don’t worry about cost, I’m not hurting for money." he was inside and waving to an eccentrif looking man in a purple jacket, messy blonde hair, lime green rimed glasses and black striped pants above red dress shoes. "Bonjour Jacque. Désolé, nous sommes en retard mais nous avons eu un peu de temps personnel à la maison. C’est la fille dont j’ai parlé." he said "Leslie, this is Jacque Dior." -08:02 Aug 30
Leslie: "I think you’re making that up…" she muttered about the short dress. He definitely had this all planned out before this morning! It irked her just a bit, but now that they were here and the fact she really -did- want to go with him… Leslie swallowed it for the time being and smiled at Mister Dior. "Hello. …wait, you speak French too?" she eyed Damion. -08:13 Aug 30
Damion: "I do a lot of business in france." he said dismisively and then allowed Jacque to introduce himself. "Oh, Leslie, good to meet you." he offered and hand and then smiled, there was definitely something ifeminite about his stance and manner. "So you’re the one I’m going to try and please? Well we’ll start with a walk around the gallery and you tell me if you see anything you like." He waved Damion away and tool Leslie’s arm to lead her along to where dresses were displayed on dolls in display cases, probably only worns once or twice on a ranway in thier entire existances. Though at least they weren’t quite as rediculous as some designes. -08:18 Aug 30
Leslie: He was a very friendly man. At least that made Leslie smile, even if she was dubious about this whole dress business! "It has to be long… and maybe long sleeves too? Um, I’m not exactly great with style, though." At least she had a good idea of what she liked and didn’t like. She could point out specifics on the examples. Even so often glancing over her shoulder to make sure Damion was nearby. -08:24 Aug 30
Damion: He was following with his hands clasped behind his back and when he noticed she was looking he smiled at her. It was a big gallery and he was taking her through the evening dress section. [color=yellow]"Wouldn’t long gloves be better?" the frenchman asked stopping and pulling her arm out to liik at it. "To here?" he places a finger on halfway up her upper arm. "Shaped like a point?" he looked at her neck and what was visible of her collarbones. "Yes, a high neckline and gloves, what colors do you like?" -08:31 Aug 30
Damion: He was following with his hands clasped behind his back and when he noticed she was looking he smiled at her. It was a big gallery and he was taking her through the evening dress section. "Wouldn’t long gloves be better?" the frenchman asked stopping and pulling her arm out to look at it. "To here?" he places a finger on halfway up her upper arm. "Shaped like a point?" he looked at her neck and what was visible of her collarbones. "Yes, a high neckline and gloves, what colors do you like?" -08:33 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie didn’t look so sure about gloves, but he was the designer! "I’m not picky about color. I love color… but I suppose I would like something with darker tones better. Nothing bright or flashy." Another quick look at Mister Rubrum. He enjoyed this, she was pretty sure. …and maybe she was interesting in seeing what a custom design just for her would be like too. She just wish she had a little more of Jade’s bossyness so she could take full advantage and not be so anxious! -08:38 Aug 30
Damion: "Darker colors." Damion repeated then nodded as Jacque tooke her arm again and pulled her towards the purples. "A dark violet maybe?" he asked, with a rose on the right collar bone and black gloves?" he looked around and then let go of her hand "Excuse me I forgot my scetchpad." he slipped between two cabinets though a door hidden there and a second latr was hact with a scetch pad and a pencil a did a quicj scetch of what he pust described from the front and sides depicting Leslie with her hair in a bun. "Like this?" -08:45 Aug 30
Leslie: Leslie grinned wide. "It looks beautiful on paper, at least! I like it." She wasn’t so sure about pulling her hair back out of her face, but it wasn’t as if Mister Jacque would be doing her hair. She turned to eye Damion again, that mischevious look on her features. "Do you like it, Mister Rubrum?" -08:53 Aug 30
Damion: He stepped up to look at it and nodded. "Magnifique, I will have it ready for a fitting in a week. The bottom.." he made three scetches, on with a narrower cut ending just below the knee, one ecactly the same ending just above the knee and a thrid with a wides cut but no slits. -09:05 Aug 30
Leslie: This was tricky! Her first instinct was to go for the last, but shouldn’t she try to be a little bit more daring? …at least daring for her! If she was going to be trying all these new things, might as well keep at it. Leslie pointed to the middle one, the cut above the knee. "That’ll do." -09:08 Aug 30
Damion: Both od the men were smiling, Damion’s far mor inscrutable and he was lookign at Leslie sideways his smile fast turnign into a wicked grin. "A client that goes for the first design? This has never happened before, but I promise you you will not be disappointed." though it was Damion’s turn to lean close to her. "If I didn’t know you better I’d think you went with the first just to get out of here and onto our date faster." then he was reclaiming her arm and shakign Jaque’s hand. "One week." -09:13 Aug 30
Leslie: "If I wanted to get out of here faster, I would have just let you pick out the entire thing." she muttered back at him. His wicked grin was… well. Apparently one night and morning of sex and now any look he made somehow equaled wanting to sex him up. Leslie turned her smile at Jacque instead. "Thank you very much, Mister Dior. I look forward to seeing it." -09:19 Aug 30
Damion: Walked with them back to the door and waved as then left which left Damion to show the vallet his ticket and then they waited. "Another first." he said looking up at the buildings above them. "I like this. Now what do you want to eat? The entire city is ours to choose from." -09:24 Aug 30
Leslie: "If you don’t quit letting me pick, one of these days I am going to take advantage and drag you all over the place." Leslie held his hand, gently swinging it back and forth. If she were really honest, she wasn’t thinking about lunch! More like sleezy hotel rooms or the seats of his car. It was almost impossible to surpress that wicked look. "Greek. I think Greek would be good…" -09:31 Aug 30
Damion: "If it were up to me it woulf be my place, naked and ordering in." he said. "Greek it is." he was watching his car come ut of th eunderground parking and then walking around the the driver’s side. "I know just the place. They’re greek but they also have pizza. Though I think I’ll be going for.. well whatever I’m having I’m getting an order of baklava." -09:33 Aug 30
Leslie: As soon as they were both seated in the car, she was grabbing his head to pull him to her for a kiss. She only meant for it to be a quick one, and then maybe a small linger… but then she wasn’t pulling away or willing to let him go. Moving her mouth over his with a nearly impatient fervor. -09:37 Aug 30
Damion: Well this was a small surprise but he was kissing her back almost instantly and pulling her in purther with a hand to the back of her head his lips ravaging hers before he pulled away by a fraction of an inch holding her in place by her hair. "So, ordering in for Greek??" -09:40 Aug 30
[Damion Enjoyed the food almost as much as he enjoyed rubbing his foot against Leslie’s leg, and higher.] -03:38 Sep 01
[Leslie didn’t know what she was missing skipping out on dating like this. This is nice!] -03:42 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie was happy. Happier than she had been in a long while! Which was surprising, considering when she first met him she had absolutely no intentions of ever seeing him again. Now she was holding his hand and at least -trying- supress that smitten look she wore. -03:48 Sep 01
Damion: He was leadign her back to the car and opening her door for her, then brushiing his lips against her hand before letting it go and closing her door. Then he was walking around to his side and letting himself in and immediatly with his door still open leaning over to kiss her. "Its a pitty these windows are darker, or we’d stay right here and…" he put his hand on her leg before closing his door and grinning. "How do you do this to me?" -03:52 Sep 01
Leslie: "If I knew I don’t think I would tell you anyway. Ruins the mystery?" She clicked her seat belt, but what she really wanted -was- to crawl on to his lap and stay there. Strange how just a few encounters was leaving her feeling insatiable and enchanted by this man! Then again, she didn’t have any problems living in the moment and enjoying the ride. -03:57 Sep 01
Damion: He took hold of her teatbelt at her shoulder and using it he held her agaisnt the back of her chair as he leaned closer and let his hand move to rub her through her clothes and a grin slowly spread across his face. "Maybe I though have gone for bucket seats and racign harneses." he mused rubbing harder lis lips hovering just out of her reach. "They’re much more.. constricting…" he kept his hand hete for a few minutes and then moved away to fasten his seatbelt and start the engine. -04:01 Sep 01
Damion: He took hold of her seatbelt at her shoulder and using it he held her agaisnt the back of her chair as he leaned closer and let his hand move to rub her through her clothes and a grin slowly spread across his face. "Maybe I should have gone for bucket seats and racing harneses." he mused rubbing harder lis lips hovering just out of her reach. "They’re much more.. constricting…" he kept his hand hete for almost a minute and then moved away to fasten his seatbelt and start the engine. -04:03 Sep 01
Leslie: "Constricting..?" she mirrored the word, her voice coming out in a breathless squeak and her face flushed. How did he make the simplest things sound so dirty? Jade would of had a field day! The thought had her grinning as she focused her attention to looking out the window instead of at him. Her libido would be out of control at this rate! "Did you know that you are a very interesting man, Mister Rubrum?" -04:06 Sep 01
Damion: "I could say that same for you but then you’d slap me for calling you a man." he didn’t slime at his own joke, instead he put the car in gear and indicated before pulling off. "But you are very interesting Leslie. And I liek it when you call me Mr. Rubrum, you’re one of few people who said it correctly first time who hadn’t read up in me." -04:16 Sep 01
Leslie: That had her turning again to eye him curiously. "Really? I thought it was kind of obvious… how do most people stumble over it?" She was thinking of a few ways. Not that it mattered. Leslie liked calling him Mr Rubrum, it seemed to suit his very controlled personality. -04:19 Sep 01
Damion: "Most seem to say ‘Rub-rum’ rather than ‘Ru-brum’ and it gets on my nerves so much I automatically correct them -before- shaking thier hands…" he planced at her. "You still havn’t read up on me, have you?" he seemed amused by that fact. "Not even wikipedia? Theres an amusing section in there about speculation of my sexual preferences, and by that I mean that I like men, not that I like my women… well you’ve seen my room." -04:24 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie cast a wide smile, having to surpress a laugh. "No, I haven’t looked you up… I can just ask you about yourself in person." His sexual prefferences… that had her turning red again, remembering how he managed to spy at the notes she was writing for Jade. That was embarrassing. "…and for the record, I never actually thought you were gay, I was just taking thurough notes!" -04:27 Sep 01
Damion: "Oh yes, university papers need to know speculation about my intimate personal details." he kept hie eyes on the traffic and concentrated on driving. "Or did Jade send you to scout me out for her personal reasons?" -04:29 Sep 01
Leslie: "Knowing Jade, it was probably both. …oh blast it! Jade!" Leslie was suddenly fumbling through her pockets looking for her phone. She didn’t have her purse on her either for that matter! Left at his apartment. Leslie huffed to herself and crossed her arms, looking very much like a child who knew she was in trouble. "She’s going to kill me. I never left her a message last night…" -04:32 Sep 01
Damion: "Should of doen that before anythign else." he said. "But I seriously doubt we’re going to give eachother enough time to look for it when we get back." he glanced at her before turning into his street. "Though you could always say ‘no’, or ‘wait’ or some other agreed upon safe word." -04:49 Sep 01
Leslie: "Hmph… no, it’s okay. Jade isn’t my keeper. She just worries too much sometimes." Leslie was a grown woman, she didn’t need to keep tabs with a babysitter. Of course she knew she would get hell from Jade later, but that girl was already weird enough lately! Maybe this would do her some good! …Then Leslie was eying him curiously again, trying to supress another flush. "…safe word? We will need safe words?" -04:52 Sep 01
Damion: "If you ever enter my den od pleasure we will." he said. "I’ll tell you them if you get that far." They were sooo close now bug he was waiting for the car in front of them to move. "To make sure you have some measure of control. Enough so that I don’t break my end of the deal." -05:05 Sep 01
Leslie: His playroom. He had alluded to it often, and every time it piqued her interest, if only because she was so curious. Everything about him was curious! …but it was also a little terrifying sounding when he brought up safe words and made it seem like something so above her level! Or maybe it was because she felt a little insulted and challenged? That was likely why she was tapping her arms and giving him an almost cool look. "IF I get that far? Going to test me, Mr. Rubrum?" -05:08 Sep 01
Damion: "Every step of the way, starting…" he pulles into the garages and before they were even parked slapped her thigh. "" he pulled into the parking space and put on the break then unclipped his seatbelt and then was on her an arm across her chest holdong her in place and his lips against hers, pressing, biting pushing, then his tongue was in her mouth as his knee pushed into her crotch. -05:20 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie didn’t even have a chance to get free of her seatbelt and he almost startled her! Almost. The sound of surprise that escape her was swiftly silenced and like she had all morning, she was swept away, returning the kiss as she squirmed in her seat. Pulling up her hands to grip at the collar of his shirt. -05:23 Sep 01
Damion: He pushed harder with his knee and then puelld away, opening her door and getting out her side. "You may release yourself." he said before turning and glrinning at her. "Come on Leslie, the elevator and all we’ll do in there is waiting." -05:30 Sep 01
Leslie: She may release herself. …well she will as soon as she catches her breath! Leslie pressed her hands to her burning cheeks for a moment, then off went the seat belt and she was sliding out of the car to follow. Her knees felt like jelly! Composure, she needed that back. Leslie smoothed her hands over her pants. "Waiting in an elevator. You know how to make a date exciting." she couldn’t help herself, she was grinning back at him! -05:35 Sep 01
Damion: "Who said anything about waiting?" his face was deadly serious. "I certainly don’t plan on it." he was staying out of her reach, strolling casually to the elevator to open it and hold it open for her flashing her another grin. "I’m not going to give you time to be nervous in this trip upwards." -05:40 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie didn’t know if that was a promise or a threat! But it did successfully make her forget all about the elevator as she stepped inside and beside him, crossing her arms and leaning to the side as she gave him a dubious stare. There was something about that sudden, almost wicked grin. Like being trapped in a box with a predator! "What did you have in mind, Mr Rubrum?" -05:46 Sep 01
Damion: He didn’t answer, hot in words. Instead he stepped forwards and grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt and pull up upwards pully intedndign to pull it all the way off. "I plan to fuck you Leslie. Hard, like I’ve been wanting to since I kissed you on a dance floor.. no, before then." he grabbed her shoulders and pushed hr roughly against the wall of the elevator and then bent to ravage her lips with his, -05:52 Sep 01
Leslie: Since before then? Of course that question died just as quickly as the protest about her stolen shirt. The cool wall of the elevator made her gasp and her hands were once again curling in to his shirt. Leslie always thought she was a sweet romance sort of girl, but this spur of the moment shoving had her senses swimming. Meeting his kiss with needy abandon. -05:59 Sep 01
[Damion enters.] -06:15 Sep 01
Damion: "Take it off. Take my shirt off." the words were growled against her lips and he was unding her pants and pusing then down adn kicking off his shoes. He couldn’t wait to press her agaisnt the the wall and… No, every time Leslie was in an elevator he’d make her think of this and not her past. -06:18 Sep 01
Leslie: They couldn’t do this in an elevator! It was crazy! Impossible. …impossible to refuse anyway. Despite the fact her hands were a little shakey, be it from nerves or the unfamiliar ferocity of feelings, she fumbled at the buttons of his shirt until the last was undone. Then pushing the shirt off his shoulders, with her hands lingering over his skin as she chewed on her lip. It was amazing to see him this way! -06:23 Sep 01
[(Timeout) Damion has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:27 Sep 01
Damion: Once his shirt was gone he was pushing her pants down "Pants, I want them gone." he grabbed her hair to hold her in place as he pushed her up against the wall his pacience at zero as his ahdn already invaded her panties and he thrust a finger inside. -06:27 Sep 01
Leslie: Another surprised gasp as she squirmed between him and the wall. From reflex she was grabbing his arm, trying to at least stay focused enough to respond. "I- I can’t exactly take them off without moving…?" she murmured. Ooooh, this was insane. How could she want something so much. -06:34 Sep 01
Damion: He let her go and looping an arm around her legs to lift her and his other arm grabbing her shoulder put her on her back on the floor, then he was pulling off her socks nad shes followed bu her pants and panties then he did away with his own and looked down af her breathing hard. "You are not to make a sound." he said slowly as he leaned down to nip her right nipple. "If you do I will punish you." -06:37 Sep 01
Leslie: "Punish me?" That was supposed to come out with a lot more inquisitive force to it, but it sounded more like a sighing squeek! He could so easily pick her up and sling her around, Leslie was barely keeping up! Her hands gripped his shoulders, half pushing half squeezing as she squirmed to sit up. -06:45 Sep 01
Damion: "Thats a sound." he said dipping his finger again and rudding the front inner wall of her vagina and pushed her back down. "You’re staying right there until you’ve been punished." -06:47 Sep 01
Leslie: "Oh…!" What was she asking again? Leslie shifted her hips, pulling her legs together if only because staying still was impossible. Her whole body was tingling. "What do you mean punished?" He couldn’t spring stuff on her without her asking the details! -06:52 Sep 01
Damion: "Thats another." he ground his fingers harder against the wall though carefull not to press hard enough to danage it as his other hands pressed down on her chest and she he left her tensed he slowed, when he felt her relax her quickened. "I’f you make a noice I’ll make sure its you begging me to let you cum." -06:55 Sep 01
Leslie: "Hrmm..!" Another dirty promise, and she didn’t know if it scared her or if she would look forward to it! But she was biting her lip again as her eyes squeezed shut, at least -trying- to keep from groaning out loud. This was rough and all of her senses were burning in response. Leslie ran her hands down his arm, her grip tightening every moment he hit just the right nerve. -07:01 Sep 01
Damion: He loved this, the wet feeling of her on his fingers and when she was wet enough he lifted his hand from her chest and he pulled his hand out of her the grab her arms and pull her up with him as he stood. "Good Leslie, Now…" he pushed her back against the wall and his hand dropped to lift her leg and curl around her thigh to guide him as he pushed in. -07:08 Sep 01
Leslie: It was good he had a grip on her, cause Leslie wasn’t so sure she could stand. He had her head in such a rush, that she barely knew up from down. Another gasp slipped out, but this time she clamped her mouth shut. Her eyes were on him again with such a strange mixed expression of question and desire. If this was punishment, it sure didn’t feel like it! -07:13 Sep 01
Damion: He pushed her hard agaist the wall his entire body working immediatly. "You can make a sound now." he said in her ear. "I want to hear how much you love being fucked." he held her to him and bet her back against the wall. "From now on when you’re in an elevator, you’ll get wet for me instead of scared." -07:17 Sep 01
Leslie: Is that…? "Damion…" Oooh, he had no idea what that meant. It didn’t matter if it worked or not, he was doing this to help her and that was more sexy than any words or dirty things he did to her! Almost in an instant Leslie was throwing her arms around his neck, digging a hand in to his hair to drag his face to her. Capturing his mouth for an intense ravishing kiss. -07:22 Sep 01
Damion: He kissed her back pushing her head abck agaisnt the wall and pushing harder. She was so wet it was easy to push in and out and he parted his lips and teased hars with his tongue as he grunted. She was his… and he had been wanting this for what felt like too long. -07:27 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie responded so readily, opening her mouth to great him entrance and meeting his tongue with a flick of hers. Her fingers teased the back of his neck, ever so often clinging tight when a jolt of feeling would rush up her spine. Despite being pressed up agaist the wall, she didn’t feel close enough to him. It only took a hop to brace all her weight at her arms and wrap both her legs around his hips. -07:33 Sep 01
Damion: He responded to her being braced against him with an increase in pace and by grabbing her hair to pull her closer as his tongue slid against her and explored her mouth. He responded so willingly he just wanted to do more to her, make her his in every way. He was going to… "Oohhh yes.." he was. Right after… this… -07:38 Sep 01
Leslie: She was so gone, all that was left was feeling! That vibrating needy churning deep in her stomach that she just couldn’t seem to sate. Leslie drank him in, her touch being surprising gentle despite her rush to touch every part of him. And just when she was hoping it could last forever, she was gasping against his mouth. Dropping her head against his shoulder in an almost plaintive moan as her muscles tensed and her body seized and shuddered. -07:44 Sep 01
Damion: He thrust in harder his ahdns gripping her tight enough to bruise her skin and he groaned into her mouth his hips pushing hers agaisnt the wall hard enough for the metal to warp with a banging sound adn then he was done his lips clamped against hers…. What ws he planning to do next? Nuzzle her cheek? Can do… -07:48 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie winced just a bit, but that small ounce of pain was nothing compared to the euphoria washing through her. It was with nothing but affection that she brushed her hairs through his hair and kissed him again. A brilliant smile was on her face, but she couldn’t seem to find the right words. There was no way she’d step in to an elevator now and not think of this. -07:53 Sep 01
Damion: He let go of her hair and just mussing it up before he pulled away. He had cum inside her without a condom and that made him tilt his head, he’d order up a pill. "Now Leslie, I have something for you to do. Take out clothes, third buttom on the pannel just inside the door I will unlock for you will close all blinds inthe appartment, take our clothes up to ou.. my room and wait for me there, I need to get somethings…" -07:58 Sep 01
Leslie: "Do you want me to do all this naked…?" It was a fair question, but at the moment she was so light and pleased, Leslie was ready to do almost anything he asked her do. She was still smiling. -08:01 Sep 01
Damion: "Yes." he said. "Though I’d understand if you couldn’t, but I added that first step because I imagined you being naked when you did it." he moved away from her. "It saves me having to undress you a second time. Because you just prooved to me you can take a lot more than what I’ve been giving you. So I’ll be getting some things from my other room." -08:04 Sep 01
Leslie: "So business-like, Mr Rubrum." As business-like as it could be with him imagining her naked. She was flushing again and wanting to kick herself for it. They just made love in an elevator, there no sense in blushing now! Leslie quickly picked up all of their clothes. -08:07 Sep 01
Damion: "Then you’re my personal secretary." he teased. "I’ll be testing your oral skill next time you’re under review, and remember I like it when you kell me Mr. Rubrum, now get on your desk and get ready for some dicktation… overused I know but give me some credit. I just had great sex." he moved pasth her and out of the elevator and then waited at the door to punch in the code for her. -08:10 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie stared at him, appalled, for at least five seconds before she started laughing! "…no, nevermind! That was terrible." Terrible but amusing. She was next to him immediately, leaning up on her toes to kiss his cheek and grin at him. She was definitely looking forward to curling up in bed with him. -08:13 Sep 01
Damion: "It was meant to be." he said before kissing her back. and punching in the code. "Now third button, from the left ont he right wall, and to the bedroom. I won’t be five minutes." -08:14 Sep 01
Leslie: "As you wish." she teased, stepping away to do exactly what he asked. Prowling around someone else’s home naked was a little strange but she didn’t mind. At least until she was wondering if his staff had returned already. That’s when Leslie stopped taking her time to float around like a love-sick cloud, and very quickly hit the blinds button before escaping to his room. When she dropped their clothes on to a chair she was facscinated watching the close. Through the whole place with one button? That was kind of amazing! -08:19 Sep 01
Damion: He slipped out after her, watching her as he made his way in the opposite riredtion and disappeared into the other door closing it behind him and slipping into his office and dialing a number. "Yes, Rubrum. Mornign after pill and a course of regulars for a lady friend. This afrernoon. A pleasure, see you then." That was business down, naked, felt odd but suited tha nature of the business and discression was guarenteed. Then he was slipping out of the offive to get a spreader bar, a pair of fabric-strap cuffs, a strip or cloth and a short soft baton similar to a riding crop. Yes Lesie, time to see what you could take. -08:29 Sep 01
Leslie: The room was dim now, save for a bedside lamp. It wasn’t exactly the most homey of places, but when she pounced in to bed and curled up with a pillow it smelled like him. When Jade came to mind again, Leslie was quickly scrambling out of bed to grab for her phone. She wasn’t sure when she left it in there, but misplacing things was something she did often. Ugh…! Leslie groaned at the few messages Jade already left. Moving her fingers quickly she sent Jade a quick text. I’M FINE! Having the best date ever! Tell you about it when I get home! There! Conscience cleared! -08:34 Sep 01
Damion: He slid open the door and walked insid the metal of the spreader bar tapping against his thigh. "Leslie." he said with a smile. "Are you ready for round two?" he was grinning wide as he seperated the spreader from the rest and held it up. "Do you know what this is?" -08:38 Sep 01
Leslie: Round two! So soon? And here Leslie thought a nap was in order. She set down her phone, curling her arms around herself as she eyed the bar dubiously. "No, not really…" Curiosity killed the cat… Leslie was really hoping that phrase wasn’t true! -08:42 Sep 01
Damion: He took it in both hands putting the other thinsg aside and leaning close to her. Its a spreader bar." he lifted one of the straps on the ends. "Thos goes arounf one arm or leg, asn the other on the other side goes on the other. I want you to kneel with your legs apart so I can put it on you." -08:46 Sep 01
Leslie: …this she wasn’t so sure about. Being restrained. Trapped. Her fingers tapped against her arm as she chewed on her lip with indecision. This was one of those control and trust things, wasn’t it? "And if I don’t like it, I can tell you to stop and you will stop?" -09:00 Sep 01
Damion: He placed it down on the bed and leaned in close to kiss her softly. "Yes, you can trust me Leslie." he rubbed the back of her neck. "Just say the word and I’ll stop and release you, no questions asked, no punishment given." -09:03 Sep 01
Leslie: Trust was fine for everything else, but this felt almost too far! ….yet there was that wicked, unexplored part of her that really, really wanted to try that out. Even her imagination was going in to over-drive trying to picture all the interesting ways he could..! Leslie finally nodded slowly. "Okay. I trust you." -09:10 Sep 01
Damion: He moves away from her. "Then get up and kneel and face away from me." he said. "I’ll explain everything as I do it." he cleared a space in front of himself for her. "I won’t be doing anything too drastic for your first time." No promises for getting carried away though. -09:18 Sep 01
Leslie: Suddenly the atmosphere of the room felt so different! Her hands gripped and ran through the hair at her shoulder for a moment, before she finally slipped off the bed. If she bit her lip any harder it was going to bleed, so she wound up biting her tongue instead. She did as he asked though, feeling oddly meek as she knelt in front of him. Casting a quick look over her shoulder at him. "Okay?" -09:22 Sep 01
Damion: He placed his hands on her shoulders to feel the tention in them. "You need to relax." he said rubbing then gently before brushign her hair over her shoulder and away from her back and picking up the bar. "I’m putting it just above the knee." he said. "The keeps it far enough down so that it doesn’t get in the way bet there is no chance of it wrneching your knee." he kissed her shoulder softly, the last sign of gentle affection he’d show her until this was done as he did up the strap then moved her legs into positoin to do up the other on. "What this does Leslie, is keep your legs apart." he circles his hand around to her front to rub her softly. "So I can do what I want without you closing your legs. Are you okay with that?" -09:28 Sep 01
Leslie: Relax! Leslie took in a deep breath and tried to relax. For him to do whatever he wanted, and her to not be able to do anything back. This was an alarming thought, but she wasn’t sure if it was because it sounded scary or alluring. Leslie nodded again, biting her tongue to still her nerves. -09:35 Sep 01
Damion: His hand moved from her stomach down to her crost to grind his palm against it. "I did ask you a question." he said "You havn’t answered. -09:37 Sep 01
Damion: His hand moved from her stomach down to her crost to grind his palm against it. "I did ask you a question." he said "You havn’t answered." he moved his hand away and then moved away himself. "So this is where I would normally punish you." he smacked the batom against his hand. "But I will just carry on since you didn’t say the word. Which for tonight will be rosemary. Do not ask why." -09:40 Sep 01
Leslie: She gasped when he gripped her. Her hand dropping to grab his from reflex, but he was gone just as quick. That mix of desire and sudden need to rise to a challenge was a potent combination! This was a challenge a test of her… well, whatever he was aiming to test. And it was sexy as hell! Leslie quieted that inner doubt she had to finally take another good look at him. "What’s next?" The question was meant to sound defiant, but it mostly just came off as curious! -09:44 Sep 01
Damion: "Next…" He said. "Put your hands behind your back." He was still behind her and let a hand glide up her back. "You have a wonderful skin tone, I wish you wouldn’t hide it." -09:48 Sep 01
Leslie: "People would see." she muttered, her cheeks were burning again, though this time she was pleased with the compliment. She must have trusted him more than she thought, because she hadn’t even thought twice about her scars. Leslie put her hands behind her back. -09:52 Sep 01
Damion: He fastened the cuffs around her wrists then pressed up against her from behind a hand coming around to massage her breast, pulling on the nipple and kneeding it’s shape. "Good point, I don’t like to share." -09:56 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie tested the cuffs. Seeing how much she could move or twist, or if her hands would come free. No budging. And it was harder with her legs pushed apart! But ooh… his hands on her. She leaned back against him, her spine bending just enough to push her breast farther in to his hand. She could still move a little! -09:59 Sep 01
Damion: He smiled and moved hsi ahdn to the other breast his other hand coming around to her iiner thigh to rub there. "I like how you react." he whispered. "Now I’m going to spank you, with my hand." his voice was a whisper. "But first I need to ask you a question. I know how you are in enclosed spaces. But would you mind if I blindfolded you?" he wouldn’t normally ask since it would have been agreed to or veetoed beforehand but Leslie hadn’t doen that with anything so he had to ask." -10:03 Sep 01
Leslie: "I said I trusted you. I can try it." The thought scared the hell out of her, being immobile and in the dark. But it was about trust and she really wouldn’t know until she did it. …it was the other part that bothered her more. "Is it going to hurt? Spanking me?" -10:07 Sep 01
Damion: "Yes." he said "It will. But it maked the feelings that follow more intence and adds a little extra adrenline to your system." he dipped a finger inside her and put his lips next to her ear. "This is another think I’ve been wanting to do with you." his hands lingered for another second before they slid away from her and he reached over to pick up the blindfold and put if over her eyes and pull it into place being carely not to let her hair get caught as he tied it in place. -10:12 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie doubted she needed any more adrenaline in her system. Her heart was pounding so hard she could almost hear it. The anticipation was what killed her, and that seemed to heighten all the worse once she could no longer see. She focused on the sound of his breathing as she bit her lip again and squirmed against the restraints again. "I’m nervous… but it isn’t so bad." she mumbled, if only to comfort herself with the thought! -10:19 Sep 01
Damion: "Good." he said before movign away and takign hodl of her shoulder to bend her over forwards agaians the bed her knees still on the matress and her rear in the air. Then his hadn was on her ass rubbing it, cupping it, caressing it. "It feels good, firm, I want it firmer." he pulled his hand away and then let it slap against her cheek and then rub again. "How was that?" -10:23 Sep 01
Leslie: This position was so embarrassingly awkward! And her yelp was more from being startled from the sound than the sting itself. Leslie mulled over it, debating whether or not she would let this continue! He wanted this… "Not so bad." she repeated the phrase, still not sounding so sure about it herself. -10:27 Sep 01
Damion: He repeated the process, then moved her hand up her side as he moved closer. "You’re doing well." he said cupping her side with his and and then moving up behind her. "Leslie, looking down at you like that it worse than you messing with your hair, yes that turns me on, and I don’t think I can wait much longer." he didn’t soind very desperate or impacient but presign his tip against her spoke louder then his words. "Do you want me to stop?" -10:33 Sep 01
Leslie: The second time was a wince and she still wasn’t so sure about it. …but it wasn’t terrible! Messing with her hair turned him on? She really wanted to ask about that, but he was pressing up against her while she was so exposed. That seemed to send a jolt right through her, and she was squirming uncomfortably again. The sound that slipped past her lips was definitely not a complaint. "No… don’t stop." -10:37 Sep 01
Damion: He smiled and put a hand on her back to hold her down and then push into her his other hadn on her hit to keep it in place. "Then I won’t." the grin could be heard in his voice along with trace amounts of when it felt like to push agaist her, slowly, taking his time and davoring every sensation. -10:39 Sep 01
Leslie: Oh christ, she was going to die. Her teeth sank in to her lip, only barely muffling that slow moan. This was so…! Her thighs flexed and of course she couldn’t move her legs. Did she even want to? Immobile and unable to see, all she had was the sensation. Stroking and agonizing… and erotically amazing! And too slow! It was with a plaintiff sound that she squirmed her backside against him. -10:46 Sep 01
Damion: He grinned wider moving faster and pulling her hips closer to himself. "Make that sound again." he pushed deep into her then slowed down to grind against her, taking his time to build her up again. -10:53 Sep 01
Leslie: "Oh gods, don’t stop!" Which sound! Her complaint was definitely pouting, almost even a growl! Did he know what this did?! Leslie was gasping, opening and closing her hands in to fists, wishing she could just wrap herself around him! This was torture and she hated it, adored it… couldn’t seem to stop herself from moaning. "Damion, please…!" -10:59 Sep 01
Damion: He moved a fraction faster, almosy too small to be noticed, was in on purpose? In responce to her plea? "Please Mr. Rubrum, what?" his voice was charged and expectant, "Tell me what you want Leslie." he stratche her hip lightly with the nail of his index finger the rest of the finger still gripping her. -11:02 Sep 01
Leslie: Was he serious! How was she even supposed to think like this! Leslie growled, just barely twisting in his grip. "Faster." This time it wasn’t a pleading request, but a frustrated demand! It was too much at once, she couldn’t take much more. Every little sensation was all consuming and driving her mad! -11:08 Sep 01
Damion: He stopped, and pulled out, then checkled. "Are you making demands now?" he asked, amused grabbign her by the shoulder and turning her over. "I’m the one who get to do that." the grabbed her legs and lifted them to brace then against his chest then pushe themup furnther curling her back and brining her up to him. "Now I could do anal from this position…" he mused. "But that is outside my limits. I’ll take oral, and vaginal, but not anal." he moved his tip up to her. "Do you want to ask that again?" -11:15 Sep 01
Leslie: He stopped and Leslie could have cried…! Her face was flushed again from teh exertion, the denial… and then that small spot of irritation that seemed to fuel her need to challenge him. She wasn’t even meaning to! "I said faster." she repeated. Although this time it didn’t quite have that same force with it. She was breathless, chest heaving and just wished she could see his expression…! -11:21 Sep 01
Damion: He placed a hand on her chin. "You’re defying me." he pointed out. "So.." he rolled her legs to the side and then bent them almost all the way to her chest and pushed in with her on her side. "I’ll fuck you hard, and the next time I’m in you. You will be in my other room." Still insied her he undid the cuffe behind her back and pulled her arms roughly in fron ot her to loop the chain arougn the spreader bar and recuff her. "Now, faster." -11:26 Sep 01
Leslie: Leslie was gasping again, and these positions were really testing the stretchability of her limbs! His words both frightened and aroused her… confused her! But he was in her again and this time it was even more difficult for her to move. She wasn’t sure she could take it again! -11:34 Sep 01
Damion: He pulled her hips back up ioff the bed and pushed hard, his pelvis pounding against hers. If she wanted faster he would give her every ounch he had. Though he had to wonder how she would react to his room. -11:40 Sep 01
Leslie: This was what she asked for… maybe too much of what she asked for! It shouldn’t have felt good, but it hit her so deep and she just couldn’t hold on anymore! When it came, it was a violent rush of feeling. Shaking her and making her tighten, clench, and even cry. She cried out his name in a plea of surrender! -11:47 Sep 01
Damion: He kept going mercilessly, she wanted faster she would take faster, he didn’t climax, not yet but with a grunt of effort carried on his hold back on her hip to grip it firmly. "Again Leslie, cum aagain and scream…" he was so close… -11:50 Sep 01
Leslie: Again..! Before she begged him to keep going, now she was wanting to beg him to stop! Overwhelming and consuming, every little muscle was still throbbing. Leslie turned her face in to the sheets, biting her lip hard enough that she could almost taste blood. She strained against the cuffs as the pressure built again. Her shout coming out as a surprised gasp, when her whole body seemed to spasm. -12:00 Sep 01
Damion: He grabbed her shoulder and squeezed as he climaxed and then fell next to herhis panting breath washing over her face as he lay there. "I like it when you scream." he said his ahdn glidin up the back of her neck and tatchign the tie of the blindfold to pull it off. Then he was undoing the straps of the spreader bar and pulling that away too, and finally the cuffs came off. "Next time, my room, my rules, if this is something you want to explore further. But you’ve tired me out… that nap sounds good." -12:05 Sep 01

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