One Life Stand 013: The Ex of Mooching

[Tessa did not hear her alarm clock and has no idea that she’s slept in. ] -06:12 Jun 10
[D again had his hands where they shouldn’t be. But au least they’re on top of her clothesthis time.] -06:13 Jun 10
Tessa: At least this time she hadn’t passed out drunk. But Tessa had a really late night of working after spending a little too much time playing with a camera, a rock star and a panther. She moved to throw an arm over her eyes to block out the sun. Really, shouldn’t her alarm have gone off by now? Tessa really didn’t feel like rolling over to check the time! -06:16 Jun 10
D: He went with his furst instincts which was to pull the warm, moving away from him thing, puch to his and nuzzle into is, sigh softly and his open his eyes as the panther on the other side of him strethced and raised it’s head. Right, when they had finished which the shoot it had been too late to take her back.. Not that Chaya was complaining. -06:21 Jun 10
Tessa: So comfortable. Why did work even have to exist? Oh right. To pay the bills. Still, Tessa was grinning and snuggling comfortably until… Wait. The sun really wasn’t supposed to be up before her alarm went off. Tessa sat up quickly, fumbling for the clock on her nightstand. 10am. "….damn it! Dammitdammitdammit!" Tessa nearly fell out of the bed trying to get out of it. -06:25 Jun 10
D: D stretched and petted Chaya before sitting up and hopping out of bed. "I’ll get the coffee, and the breakfast.. You get the working things… he said heading to the kitchen still shirtless as he has slept after Chaya had drooled on his shirt. -06:29 Jun 10
Tessa: "Why didn’t someone think to set my alarm..!" As if the panther could do with those giant paws. Tessa shuffled around her room looking for her clean clothes and a towel. She needed a shower for sure, then she would need to download all those pictures, make some phonecalls, and maybe reschedule a meeting for the afternoon. -06:33 Jun 10
D: Pot… filled, machine, on, pan, on stove, bacon, eggs, sausage, tamato, onion, all about to be fried, bread out and ready to be buttered, breakfast was going to be great -06:35 Jun 10

Well Tessa was in the shower, the front door gave a little rattle and then swung open! In walked some shoddily dressed dude in ripped jeans and dirty shirt. The first placed he wandered to was one of Tessa’s cash hidey spots, without even looking around to see if someone was there. “Tessssaiiiee! Are you hoooome?” He didn’t call out very loud, he obviously didn’t expect her to be there. -Tessa

D: "I’m here, sorry to disapoint." D said movin gout of the kitchen and crossing his arms. "Because unless I’de grown a dick recently I’m pretty sure I’m not ‘Tesaie’ " -06:42 Jun 10

“Whoa, new dude?” He looked mildly surprised, but unconcerned. He counted a bit of money out of the stash, only leaving a couple dollars before hiding it back in it’s spot. Then he was sniffing the air. “Hey! Something smells good. Tessaie here? Yeah. no? I’mma need her bed for awhile…” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa just finished running the blow dryer through her hair and paused while flicking a brush through it. Voices? D could be talking to Chaya, but there was another that sounded familiar. Annoyingly familiar. Tessa held back a groan, shifting to the door to go out and rescue…. one of them. But hesitated. She really didn’t want to deal with an exboyfriend friend today and last time D pulled his stitches out! Tessa leaned an ear to the door. -06:48 Jun 10
D: "No you’re not." D said slowly "Its taken, by me. The couch is also taken, by me." he didn’t comment on the taken money but that was a black mark against the man and there would be no holding back abd no compromise. "Because I’m not sharing." -06:49 Jun 10

“C’mon man, you can’t sleep on both at the same time.” he laughed, looking around again either for another money spot or something else useful. He finally stopped over at a table near a window, shifted a vase and …yep! Another bit of hidden cash. He syphoned some of that off too. “Seriously, though? She home? I’m tired as fuck and need a place to hide out for a couple days. Tessaie understands.” -Tessa

D: Hand to the wrist and twist the hand behind the man’s back almosy straining the wrist and take the money back. "I said I don’t share." he said letting go and stuffing the money into his pocket. "Its not polite to just walk in, take what you want and expect to be put up. I sometimes wonder what happened to manners." -06:57 Jun 10

“Whoa, whoa dude…! Don’t have to get all handsy. Your cash, no big.” He looked pretty disppointed about having his funds taken, but he was pretty quick to shake it off. To the kitchen he wandered, followed what smelled so great. Up went a fork in his hands, and food in his mouth. “Hey! This is pretty good. Make this yerself? Tessaie couldn’t cook for shit but, boy she always had breakfast from someplace before noon. Man I miss Tessaie… isn’t she here?” He had himself a plate now and was contentedly eating in the kitchen. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was still listening, now frowning. Misses her! Ha… Wait, was he snatching money out of her stashes? Damnit! No wonder her savings never went anywhere! -07:03 Jun 10
D: D was getting irritated but didn’t show it, instad he got out more food and started cooking it to make up for the missapropriated prtion. "Why don’t you tell me who you are, walking in here and taking my food without even knowing if ‘tessie’ even still lives here. Or if she did why theres a man shirtless and cooking in her appartment who has said twice now he doesn’t share, espesially not someone like Tessa." -07:07 Jun 10

Still unapologetic, he sat on a table thumbing a finger over his shoulder. “Tessaie’s stuff is everywhere.” He grinned pretty wide. “I’m her boyfriend! Sorta not anymore, but Tessaie’s pretty cool about the whole ex thing. Best girlfriend I ever had! Minus that whole boring lay thing, but eh, that’s what new girls are for.” -Tessa

D: "So walk into your ex’s place and find a half-naked man and don’t bat an eye. What if I’m her boyfriend?" D was covering a plate for Tessa and standing in front of it and leaning against a counter. "And then you talk of her like shes there to be convenient. I don’t know what it is with her exes and talking like that but the last two to do that did not leave here happy. Shes also not crappy in bed." -07:16 Jun 10

“What can I say? A guy needs a lil help, Tessaie is there! Never leaves a guy hanging. Kinda like a hooker, only she’s paying you!” He laughed at his own joke, leaving the plate on the table and wiping his mouth with his sleeve. “You wanna be the big bad boyfriend, whatever, that’s cool. I’ve already been there and done that. Buuuuuut it IS Tessaie’s place and Tessaie ain’t gonna turn me out. You know what I’m saying? She in the bedroom, dude?” -Tessa

D: Well this would be entertaining, all he had to do was sound angry not and Chaya would be alerted. "Lousy hooker is she?" he snapped hearing the bedsprings move slightly. "ou may call tessa that but in there you’ll only find one sexy cat." -07:26 Jun 10

“Haha, c’mon guy… Don’t gotta get all pissy about it. I’m sure she’s giving you something worth it!” He hopped off the table and cross the room to the bedroom door. He knew the place real well. Fully expecting to find Tessa in there, what he found was pretty much the last thing he ever expected to see in her bed. “….WHAT TH-!” -Tessa

D: "Surprizing, in’t it?" D asked from RIGHT behind him in a low whisper. "I’ve alwasy though them to be the most aluring creatures. Look at the way her yellow eyes watch you. She hears the tone of my voice, she understands what I want and crouched lot like that she’d be on you before you could blink. Go on, say hi before she gets angry." -07:32 Jun 10
Tessa: She was almost going to save him. Almost. Then he went and compared her to a hooker, and any sympathy she might’ve had for the guy was totally gone. Tessa almost hoped that Chaya bit his face off… but seeing as there would be a bloody carcass in her apartment, it was probably a good idea for her to stop hiding in the bathroom. She finally stepped out, justing having a towel wrapped around her, and really didn’t look all that pleased. Or happy. At all. "You guys are blocking my doorway." she grumbled at them. -07:33 Jun 10

“Tessaie!” He was about to piss his pants! Thank god Tessa appeared. It gave him the courage to finally move. Easing his way around D, taking Tessa by the arms and putting her in between him, D and the panther like a shield. “I uh… was gonna ask for a bed to sleep in and a little cash…!” He didn’t seem so sure about asking now. -Tessa

Tessa: Using her as a shield from a crazy guy as his giant cat too! That really placed her on the priority list! "Sure! I hope you like panthers, though. She’s claimed the apartment so you would have to sleep with her…" -07:38 Jun 10
D: The panther moved up next to D who put his hand on her neck as if to hold her back. "Can’t really stop them once they’ve decided to do somehting. They’re dangerous like that." -07:40 Jun 10

“Sleep with th-” Heeeeell no. He let go of Tessa and was already backing away. Carefully. Not too quick as to make himself look like fleeing prey. “You know what…! It’s a little crowded here. I can, uh… seethatwouldbeaproblemseeyoulatertessaie!” He almost tripped over the rug when he spun around to leave, but it was out the door faster than lighter and with a slam hard enough to jangle stuff on the walls. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa winced when the door slammed, but let out a breath. She looked like she couldn’t decide whether or not she was really pissed off or just going to cry. But she waved a hand to gesture D to step out of the way so she could enter her room. -07:44 Jun 10
D: HE didn’t, not right away, instead he hugged her and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Breakfast is on the counter and…" he reached into his pocket and took out the money that had alost been stolen and put it in her hand. "I wish we could keep Chaya here." -07:46 Jun 10
Tessa: "That’d be nice…" Why’d he have to go and hug her! She couldn’t avoid the teary stuff if there wasn’t anything to be pissy at! Tessa looked down at the money for a moment, before she was stepping to him and clonking her head against his shoulder. Another big sigh. "…so I’m not even a GOOD hooker? What kinda stupid insult is that anyway! He never can keep a job either, so I was being supportive, and so i am like a dumb whore for helping people? What the hell!" It was probably the first time she had ever ranted about it! -07:52 Jun 10
D: "If you were a dumb whore you wouldn’t be managing your own bands and putting togetehr a music label." he said holding onto her. "So ignore what he was and just keep being Tessa, I like Tessa and wouldn;t want her to change." -07:54 Jun 10
Tessa: "I shoulda stayed in the bathroom and let Chaya eat him." she muttered. Having a panther around really WOULD be useful. Stupid small apartment. "Maybe in a few months I can buy us a house and a big yard." Tessa finally stood straight again, realizing she was still standing there in that towel, and this so wasn’t helping her don’t molest the client resolution she had tried to burden herself with days ago. "Thank you. …and I need to get dressed." -07:59 Jun 10
D: He was looking down at her… well.. towel and the region of her chest when he let her go and beaded back towards the kitchen. "Maybe I’ll show you my place." he said with a laugh. "Its not your bed but we’ll adjust." -08:01 Jun 10
Tessa: "I’m seriously doubting you even have a place!" Tessa made sure he wasn’t lurking nearby, but left the door cracked open so she could talk to him and Chaya could move in and out freely. Tessa tossed off her towel and fussed about getting dressed. "I’m going to need a new bed at this rate though… this one is barely big enough for the two of us. And worse when there is an extra lady in it." She found his shirt on the floor covering up her shoes. Tessa picked it up to shake it out, and sniffed it. Blech… as great as HE smelled, it wasn’t so good mixed with panther slobber. "When is the last time you’ve washed your clothes!" -08:08 Jun 10
D: "Hey I’m not bringing anyone back here." he said sounding offended… "Oh.. Chayas going back today. She has to." he was titting on the counter with his food and looking at the door. "And Wednesday." -08:10 Jun 10
Tessa: "Not sure if I believe that either." Could she account for his wereabouts on Wednesday? Sometimes he -did- sneak away for a couple hours. Tessa stepped out of the room dressed sharply in one of secretary suits. Today she was going to have to be serious about work. No more photos for fun, walking around town, or playing with panthers. "And are you going to vanish for another one of those ‘Never tell Tessa’ jobs today too?" -08:14 Jun 10
D: "he looked at her… her secretary outfits always turned him on but… "No.. I.." sip of coffee "No jobs, just taking Chaya back, then coming back." -08:21 Jun 10
Tessa: "Suddenly speechless, that sounds like guilt to me!" Tessa was teasing. Nudging him slightly out of the way so she could get her own coffee. Ooh! And breakfast! That jerkass never did thank her for bringing him breakfast. Now D was making it for her every morning. Tessa shifted on her toes to lean and kiss his cheek. "Thank you for breakfast. -08:25 Jun 10
D: She was being sweet and and… oooh to leand over and grab her as right now.. "Thank you for being you." he said putting his plate down and sliding the car keps from the counter into his hand. He needed to get away, get out before he bent her over the counter and made her not work all day. "I’ll be back in a couple hours." -08:28 Jun 10
Tessa: Taking a quick bite of her food she bounced to give the furry panther a hug, a pet and a good scratch behind the ear. "Goodbye Chaya! I would have loved to keep you! You’re a good girl. Enjoy your nice big home for me." -08:32 Jun 10
D: He put the panther’s lead on and opened the door. "No need to looks so sad, you’ll see her again." who he was talking to was up to debate but e was already out the door and heading for the car. Sleeping with tessa might have been a mistake, she was too sexy for her own good… but it was good. -08:44 Jun 10

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