King of Fools 014: Now About That Contract

[Damion almost didn’t untie leslie before going to sleep, but its her first time and he wanted snuggles.] -03:45 Sep 11
[Leslie thankfully fell asleep almost immediately! That was a very intense, very… shocking experience!] -03:53 Sep 11
Leslie: Tired, sore and exhausted. Leslie may not have ever slept so deep in her life. At least… not since the unconcious drunk episode! But this was far more restful. Warm and comfortable and snugglie. She had every intention of sleeping the rest of the afternoon away. -03:58 Sep 11
Damion: He was awake and brushing the hair hack from her face and smiling softly. While she had been asleep he had already taken belivery of his package and lay there waitingg for her to wake up. Buy his smile was turning into a grin as he thought about what they had done most of the weekend. Gently he placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her onto her back and slowly leaned over to kiss her. -04:05 Sep 11
Leslie: There was a soft sound of protest when she was moved. Her warm comfy spot…! Tilting her head away had her missing a kiss. And now that she wasn’t curled in to something, she was shifting to stretch. Mumbling something about not being finished with her thesis yet! -04:11 Sep 11
Damion: He grinned and placed his hand on her chin to move her head and get his kiss before he lat his hand slide down and holde her shoulder down his other gliding over her stomach. She had no idea how happy it made him to have her willing to be completely naked next to him. But she was about to find out. -04:14 Sep 11
Leslie: A sigh escape her, and with a sleepy unawareness she responded. “Hmm…?” she mumbled against his mouth, her brows furrowing with eyes still closed. As she seemed to be debating whether or not she was still asleep or waking up. Leslie decided on still asleep, and was now trying to curl back up against him where it was warmest! -04:24 Sep 11
Damion: He held her down and brushed his lips against her again rolling to rest on top of her and kiss the side of her neck as his hand gently rubbed her breast. She wasn’t fully awake yet but she was responding, and he’d soon have her dreaming baout somehting other than a thesis! -04:28 Sep 11
Leslie: This was definitely not a thesis. Leslie was either having one hella sexy dream, or… Oooh… She was covered with a blanket. …a heavy blanket that smelled really, really good. Leslie shifted, sliding an arm around his shoulder and running her hand up in to his hair the same moment she was tilting her face to nuzzle in to his cheek. She liked this blanket. -04:34 Sep 11
Damion: He was grinning and gently massaging her breast when he pushed in his hips meeting hers and he head leaning down to nip her ear. “Good afternoon.” he whispered before pushing again, slowly. -04:37 Sep 11
Leslie: “Oh…!” There was a quick intake of breath as her arm tightened around him. Her other arm came around him to hold tight, her body tense for a moment as awareness seemed to register, but slowly eased off bit by bit… Leaving a red faced Leslie tilting to look up at him with a surprised but very enchanted expression. “Afternoon, Mr Rubrum…?” she muttered softly. -04:43 Sep 11
Damion: “I still like it when you call me that.” he said pushing in and placing his lips on hers and kissing her. “Sleep well?” -04:50 Sep 11
Leslie: “I was…” The kiss she responded to with another soft sigh. Her hand squeezing the back of his neck. Was he going to have a conversation with her while he was…! “Hum…! Did you…?” She squirmed beneath him, chewing on her bottom lip and trying to focus on something other than the building warmth between her legs. Who knew you could just wake up ready to go! -04:54 Sep 11
Damion: He chuckled, amused. “I didn’t sleep.” he said nipping her lip. “I had a sexy body next to me and that very distracting.” expecually when he was inside her and pushing, harder and faster now. “I… did get a quick nap though, and I think I dreamed of you, or maybe I just had my eyes open.” -04:59 Sep 11
Leslie: If only she could give that witty rapport back. Ask him who he was snuggling up against while she was out. But this was just… another soft sound escaped her as her knees drew up. Even through being sore and a little stiff, it was impossible not to revel in that soaring sensation. Her arms tightened again, pulling him closer until she was capturing his mouth in a now, fulley awake, very wanting kiss. “Can’t speak… you’re distracting me now, Mr Rubrum…” -05:08 Sep 11
Damion: “If you want to be distracted. All you have to do is ask.” he sped up his hand moving to hold her shoulder and his lips pressing back into hers. Yes, distracting, she was too more than he’d ever know. And it was around about then that he felt the will to speak ebbing away too. -05:11 Sep 11
Leslie: The heady rush was enough to have her dizzy. And kissing him so hard and long, with her tongue teasing his mouth until she couldn’t breathe wasn’t helping. Leslie pulled away with a gasp, running the fingers of both hands through his hair as she gazed at his face. How did he make it so easy to get lost like this? -05:17 Sep 11
Damion: HE looked at her, namely into her eyes, he had never done that during sex before and it made him smile as he continued to push and grind and the combination was almost enough to make him finish, well at least suck in his breath with the rush and place his hand on her chest. Which was insane, he never did that. -05:19 Sep 11
Leslie: Leslie wasn’t so sure she had ever seen him smile like that! It was a heart stopping gesture, and she was so sure he’d be able to feel it. Leslie grinned in response, curling around him with an almost loving affection. Her needy kiss softening against his lips, drawing down to nip her teeth at his jaw and nuzzle against his cheek. “Distract me more…” she whispered in to his ear, almost with a giggle. -05:34 Sep 11
Damion: He leaned down and pueshed ehr against the bed as he sped up to oblidge. Pushed harder adn fasted and feeling it more intensly he working his lips against hers and roaned against her. He wasn’t going to last much longer.. what had she done? -05:38 Sep 11
Leslie: He hadn’t lied… all she had to do was ask, and it was as easy as that! Her breathing quickened, until she had nothing left but whimpering gasps. She swallowed his groans with kisses like it was life water, until she was nearly writhing beneath him. It seemed like forever and an instant all at once, and when she did come she was embracing him with a shocked gasp of his name. Digging her fingers in to his hair and nails in to the back of his neck as she tightened and shivered. -05:44 Sep 11
Damion: He spilled hsi seed into her. He that didn’t do it justice. I rushed out of him and int ehr before he knew what was happening and he could swear there were dancing lights on the edges of his vision. “MMmmmmmm..” that hum came after his gasp as his shuddering body realaxed against her and he closed his eyes to lie on top of her. “If I didn’t know better I’d call that ‘making love’.” -05:48 Sep 11
Leslie: “Gods, I hope so…” Breathless. Infatuated… and if she wasn’t careful she was going to murmur that she loved him. The thought alarmed her a little, that she could have fallen that fast and that hard… but for now, Leslie just held him tight, savoring that well-used feeling and the feeling of him on top of her. -05:52 Sep 11
Damion: He absently ran his ningers through her hair and rested against her. “You do know this means that you’ll be spending the night in my bed again right?” he teased. “I’m having your clothes laundered, but if you really need to go I could order something for you to wear.” -05:55 Sep 11
Leslie: “Was that an excuse to have me wandering around your home naked…?” she was grinning. Nuzzling against his cheek, and finding no harm in spending oooone more night there. For the time being, there wasn’t anyone else in her world. “One more night. After that, I do have to start a new job and be a responsible adult…” -05:59 Sep 11
Damion: “I have a world to get bakc to too, but I’ll see you soon enough.” he kissed her lightly and opened his eyes. “Maybe not soon enough. You’ve kept me fro my world monger than anyone else, you should be proud.” -06:00 Sep 11
Leslie: “I think you like me Mr Rubrum. I can’t imagine why…” And that wasn’t even a tease. Leslie really couldn’t figure out why he did! He probably had the world in his hands, and she didn’t have anything new to offer. It was with a pensive, thoughtful look that she brushed her fingers against his cheek. He had a lot to offer her, though… she was suddenly so glad she took that risk. -06:04 Sep 11
[Damion enters.] -06:24 Sep 11
Damion: “If I didn’t you would never ahve seen the inside of me car, my helmet, my condo, and definately not my bedroom.” he needed to give her her pill but didn’t want to move. “You are something special Leslie, I knew that the moment you walked into my office, not how about some ice cold apple cider?.” -06:28 Sep 11
[(Timeout) Damion has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:33 Sep 11
Leslie: He made her so nervous that first time meeting him in his office! And now… now he still made her a little nervous, but it was in completely different ways. Her thumb brushed over his mouth and she leaned to kiss the corner of it. “Is that apple cider going to magically appear in here? Otherwise…” -06:33 Sep 11
Damion: “The magic of me getting a tray.” he said sitting up and taking the time to tickle her buttock with his fingers before getting off the bed. “I’ll be right back.” he opened the door and headed down the stars to ther the box, the cider, and tray of imported chocolates. Girls liked those right? -06:40 Sep 11
Leslie: She was left alone in bed and stretched. Wincing, finding she was sore in places she never even knew existed! But she felt so… pleased! More than just after-sex glow. Mr Damion Rubrum was something amazing. Maybe she was in love. And Leslie had no problem being swept away by that thought. -06:44 Sep 11
Damion: He walked in adn set the tray down and placed the box on the bed as he started poaring the cider licking his lips in anticipation. Then he was opening the box and placing a bottle of morning after pills in front of her and holding out a glass of cider. “I need you to take one of those. I’ve been riding bareback since the elevator.” -06:48 Sep 11
Leslie: Leslie sat up, pulling the sheet up around her and inquisitively eyed the bottle. It took a second for it to register what they were actually for and then her face was burning red all over again! She hadn’t exactly been worried about protection and babies while he was…! “Sorry.” she mumbled, popping open the bottle to take one of the pills and with an almost shaking hand took the glass from him. What if she did get pregnent? It was a little soon for that…! -06:55 Sep 11
Damion: “It was my slip.” he said placing the box in front of her and then openign the chocolates and offering her one of those too pleased that Jayden took the pill without a fuss. “We should plan the day of your fitting, I’m going to want you for all of it.” -06:59 Sep 11
Leslie: Her head was swimming with thoughts of a little tiny Damion! Which was way too easy. She always loved kids. Thank goodness he distracted her again! Leslie very carefully picked out a piece of chocolate after she took the pill with a quick swallow. “Another date already? And we haven’t even finished this one yet…” Forget her worries, she was grinning again. How many people had a two-day first date? -07:07 Sep 11
Damion: “Its never too early to plan another date is it?” he asked leaning agains th headboard with his glass of cider adn popping a chocolate into his mouth. Toffee, yum. “Unless we just stay in here and sex for the rest of the day. Which is a plan too.” -07:10 Sep 11
Leslie: Leslie laughed, scooting on the bed until she was situated next to him and resting her head against his shoulder. “I think I have lost track… I almost believe you want to send me home battered and aching…” -07:14 Sep 11
Damion: “Is that such a terrible thing?” he asked. “Though if you really wanted to be battered and aching I could always get some some things from the other room.” he leanind over to kiss her before taking another sip of cider. “Though you still didn’t tell me what you thought of you first experience of light bondage.” -07:16 Sep 11
Leslie: Oh yes, that! A piece of chocolate was popped in her mouth quick, and her glass was being held so perfectly near her mouth like a shield. She hoped she was keeping that tinge of color under control now. …but just remember how she felt and what he did. Leslie squirmed in her seat. “Overwhelming…? But interesting. I would try it again.” Honesty was always her approach, and that was definitely one of those things that required more… research. -07:21 Sep 11
Damion: “Then you’ll look it up, as well as things like ‘Dominant’ and ‘Submisive’ and ‘BDSM’ and work on the list of limits for me? I can’t allow you into that room until you do.” he poked the tip of her nose and then smiled turning his head away and covering by taking a sip of cider. “What anm I going to do with you?” -07:29 Sep 11
Leslie: “You could show me what you do in that room anyway? I’m not afraid to try things, and I am sure I can tell you when I don’t like something…” It wasn’t the challenge so much as it was… just pure and simple curiosity! He made love to her and it was amazing. The tying her up stuff was a little freaky, but it wasn’t any less stunning. …Leslie just wanted to know! -07:33 Sep 11
Damion: “You won’t always be able to talk.” he said. “There are gags, I may have your fave pressed against something or I might just be fucking your mouth. I need to know the limits of the game before I can concider playing it.” it was a simple fact. “So you need to do your homework if you want to play in my room. I could give you a list of my limits and what I’m willing to negotiate on so you have a list of things to look up?” -07:38 Sep 11
Leslie: “Um… yes, that might be a good idea.” And there it was again, that tiny little worry that she may be in over her head. Of course, now she was stuck on the mental image of him fucking her mouth! Which was leaving Leslie setting her glass aside to sink under the sheets where he wasn’t going to see her face turn red. He tied her up and screwed her near unconcious earlier today, she really needed to stop getting flustered by this! “Is this what all of your paperwork agreements are for? The limits and negotiations of sex…?” -07:43 Sep 11
Damion: “Not entirely, tehre is also availability for functions, clothing budgest, expectations of availability for sex and expectation for personal conduct and maintenance of wellbeing. I will have everything printed out for you and ready before you leave tomorow.” -07:47 Sep 11
Leslie: “Wait.” The sheet came away from her head and she was sitting up again. Turning to examine his face. …this was getting too far now! “We are supposed to be doing the relationship thing. Boyfriend and girlfriend. ….You don’t need a contract for all of that. You don’t negotiate and sign contracts for time with your girlfriend.” -07:51 Sep 11
Damion: “You were asking What I ususlly did and what I usually do for paperwork, this is what I usually do. You have no idea what my usual, for lack of a better word, relationship is like. I could show you, but then you would have a very different opinion of me.” -07:54 Sep 11
Leslie: “I was asking out of curiosity, but I really don’t have any intentions of signing stuff like that.” Now how did she explain this to him without insulting him… because it was pretty obvious he was afraid of what she would think. Her expression softened a bit. “…first of all, if you want to know when I am available for something, all you have to do is ask. And second… what on earth do you mean by personal conduct and well being? Like me not being a psycho or a cheater? I wouldn’t do that and I don’t believe you would either. That’s where trust comes in!” -08:00 Sep 11
Damion: He took a deep blreath. “This contract is usually for people I do not want to see except at times of my choosing, for people who I have on call for sexual release and public appearences. For proplr I feel a fondness and attraction for but nothing else. What I’m saying does not nessiserally apply to you so stop taking things personally.” he looked at her his brow furrowed. “You would not like an arangement like that, I can tell. Its more for women like Jade.” -08:04 Sep 11

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