King of Fools 015: Stay Right There

[Damion Is enjoying an afternoon nap with his girlfriend, the AAC keeping the room just cool enough so that it’s comfortable over of under the sheets. As usual though, he isn’t facing her.] -01:46 Sep 24
[Leslie doesn’t usually nap so much… but apparently Mr Rubrum is an exhausting boyfriend!] -01:47 Sep 24
Leslie: This time Leslie was waking up of her own accord. Lazily rolling over until she was peering at the man’s back. He liked crazy sex and didn’t snuggle. She wasn’t sure if she was going to be upset by that later… but for the time being, she was curiously reaching out to brush her fingers over his back. -01:52 Sep 24
[Leslie enters.] -01:56 Sep 24
Damion: He was still asleep and didn’t act until she touched him, then he was rolling forwards and away from her onto his stomach, but didn’t open his eyes. He brew a deep breath and sighed before nuzzling into his pillow. He was not the snuggling in his sleep kind of guy. -01:56 Sep 24
Leslie: And of course she thought this was cute! Why wouldn’t it be? Seeing mister control freak suit guy sleeping and cuddling a pillow… Leslie bit her bottom lip, scooting closer almost until their bodies were touching. Taking full advantage of him being asleep, she brushed her fingers through his hair softly. -02:00 Sep 24
Damion: A second intake of breath and a snore. Then rolling awa from her again and ending up facing her right on the edge of the bed and brawing up his legs to his stomach and his arms folding across his chest almost protectivly. -02:04 Sep 24
Leslie: Even more curious still! Of course, he was going to fall off the bed at this rate. Clearly this man never did anything normal, even while he was sleeping… Again she was inching close, this time resting her hand gently over his cheek. She leaned, pressing a brief kiss to his forehead before tilting and letting her lips brush over his. -02:09 Sep 24
Damion: He sat up suddenly, catching himself from falling by grabiing hold of the table and putting his feel on the floor. He blinked in confusion then caught sight of Leslie and relaxed. "You shouldn’g wake a man when he’s sleeping." He said climbing over her and taking the bigger half of the bed and letting his head hit the pillow. Good to see you’re still here though. -02:13 Sep 24
Leslie: "I seem to recall you waking me in a similar fashion, though…" Leslie was eyeing him carefully. This time she was a little more hesitant about scooting close, but didn’t refrain from leaning over him. "Why wouldn’t I still be here? You are good company, Mr. Rubrum." -02:17 Sep 24
Damion: "Because I might scare you off Leslie. I don’t want to do that, of course, but it’s a posibility I have to concider." -02:20 Sep 24
[(Timeout) Leslie was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:27 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie moved until she was resting on an elbow, but was resisting the urge to throw an arm around him. Was he really so wound up about that? If she hadn’t ran after earlier, she doubt she was going to do it now! "Hrm. Unless you have a deep dark secret about stabbing people in dark alleys, I think we’ll be okay." She leaned again, nuzzling against his cheek. "Maybe it’ll be me that scares you, anyway?" -02:27 Sep 24
Damion: The hand that moved to her shoulder sugested he was thinking of pushing her away, bet no force was aplied. -02:28 Sep 24
Damion: The hand that moved to her shoulder sugested he was thinking of pushing her away, bet no force was aplied. "What do you have to scare me with Lelie? Other than feelings I feel like I shouldn’t have, and my own reluctance to treat you roughly. "What I fear most from you is you leaving. And you should have something to drink. Your lips are dry." -02:30 Sep 24
Leslie: This made him uncomfortable, the touching… Which gave her that brief, small twinge of sadness for him. But! If she can learn to deal with her own little quirks, she could ease his worries too. Leslie licked her lips quickly. "Fixed." Then she leaned and gave him a soft kiss. "What feelings do you think you shouldn’t have? Do you want to be rough with me?" -02:36 Sep 24
Damion: He gave her a look before moving off of the bed andsliding open the door and wiithout a word descending the staircase. He hadn’t teld her to follow but knowing her she would anyway. He was after a tray, two glasses and a jug of water to take back upstairs. Her situation was not ‘fixed’. -02:39 Sep 24
Leslie: He effectively didn’t answer her question, and for a brief moment Leslie worried that maybe she really had scared him. Committing to a relationship obviously wasn’t going to make him less confusing! Leslie slipped out of bed, snatching up his discarded shirt to pull on. And just like he expected her to, she was trailing after him, her mouth twisted up in a half frown. -02:43 Sep 24
Damion: He was placing the jub on the tray when she arived and picking it up. "Back to my bedroom." he said heading back in it’s direction with the tray in hand. "We need to talk." he mounted the stairs and headed up. "It’s time you learned what you have gotten yourself into." -02:47 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie turned on a heel and follow, but not without a roll of her eyes. He had a flare for the dramatics, and she was sure they had this conversation several times already. It’s almost as if he was trying his hardest to talk her out of it, not educate her! "What more is there? You’ve already given me an interesting introduction…" Of course, thinking about it again had her face turning red. Leslie still wasn’t sure if it was her sort of thing, but there was no denying the enjoyment of it… -02:50 Sep 24
Damion: "You experienced the good side of it, but not the bad. Now Leslie. I don’t want you to speak unless spoken to, and you will either say ‘Yes Mr. Rubrum. Yes Sir. Or give me a very good reason for not saying that." He entered the bedroom and set the tray down. "Now poar a glass of water and then sit on the bed." -02:54 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie rest her hands on her hips. It wasn’t that she wanted to be belligerant, but she couldn’t help it! "Or what? Will you punish me?" She couldn’t help but have that amused tone, either. Still, she crossed the room and poured a glass of water. Then she had a seat on the edge of the bed. -02:57 Sep 24
Damion: A sharp backhand to her cheek, then taking her hair in an iron grip and pulling her hair back and taking her chin in his hands. "You catch on fast. Now." he brushed a thumb over her lips "You lips are dry, but since you don’t want to do anything about it. Clasp your hands behind your back and I’ll do it for you." -03:01 Sep 24
Leslie: That caught her by surprise, enough that she gave a soft yelp! Her first instinct was to hit him right back. But… she caught on quick. She did say she wanted to know, and Leslie had every intention of sticking it out. …This time, with a lot less humor and much more waryness, Leslie clasped her hands behind her back. "Yes sir." she mumbled. -03:05 Sep 24
Damion: He picked up the glass and put it to her lips before slowly tilting it to poar the cold liquid into her mouth he wouldn’t stop until the glass was empty either, if she wanted to breath she could either drink quickly or her her chest wet. Do you know what it’s like to be treated like a sex toy?" he asked before taking the glass away and pushing a finger into her mouth. "Suck it… show me you can so I can fuck your mouth." -03:09 Sep 24
Leslie: Oh hell! Maybe he still had surprises for her after all. Her face was red again, and her cheek stung… but Leslie drank the water to keep from getting wet and when he pushed his finger in to her mouth, she refrained from biting him out of spite. He didn’t think she could handle this. Well, she could rise to any challenge! Leslie ran her tongue against his finger and sucked! -03:12 Sep 24
Damion: Slowly he pushed and pulled his finger in and and out of her mouth before he pulled her off the bed adn pushed her down onto her knees to that his dick was right in front of her face. Then he took himself in his hand and his other hand still gripping the back of her head placed his tip against her lip. "Lick the tip and then take it in, then rememberto keep your hands clasped." he was grinning, "And try not to think what I have for you to do afterwards." -03:17 Sep 24
Leslie: Try not to think of what now? She had never done this before… and for some reason it felt so much more intimidating to be on her knees with his manhood in her face, than it was having sex itself. Or maybe it was the fact he slapped her and was gripping her hair. Leslie gave a small huff, stilling that sudden rush of nerves. Then she was licking the tip, deliberately slow before taking him in to her mouth. -03:24 Sep 24
Damion: He held her head still by her hair and pushed in slowly, as far as he could before she started showing signs of discomfort. "Keep your ahnds clasped." he said before pullin out just as slowly, then pushing in again. -03:26 Sep 24
Leslie: Her grip tightened again on her hands. This was hard…! She wanted to brace her hands against him, or just have something to hold on to. Leslie seemed to have no problem taking him in, and most of her discomfort seemed to just be from staying still. Whether he asked for it or not she ran her tongue against his length, both a test of taste and to peer up and see how he responded. -03:33 Sep 24
Damion: He grinned wider and moved faster, so she could take this, and he had the feeling she was almost ready for his room. One hands staying in her hair he reached over to take the jug with the other and slowly poared some of the water into her hair so that it ran down the back of her hair, not a lot, but just enough. -03:36 Sep 24
Leslie: The sudden coolness had her jumping. Making a muffled squeak as she released her hands and pressed them against his legs. She wasn’t pushing him away, but it definitely confused her! -03:39 Sep 24
Damion: He pulled out and then shook his head slowly at her. "I told you to keep gripping behind your back. What do you have to say for yourself?" a well trained girl would say she was sorry, but Leslie definately wasn’t, her responses were definately more.. interesting. -03:42 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie took a gasp of breath, she hadn’t even realized she was holding it! Then she was licking her lips, that contemplative look across her face. "I’d say be more careful where you spill your water. …Sir." …and then despite being a little miffed with him, she grinned. -03:46 Sep 24
Damion: He pushed her away and turned to the bed and impasive look on his face, thne he was fishing her panties and the pair of cuffs out of the bed clothes. "Stand." he commanded, "Unless you want you other cheek to sting." it was time to get creative with her punishent. -03:49 Sep 24
Leslie: "If you slap me again, Mr. Rubrum, I can’t promise I won’t slap you back." Well. At least she discovered at least one thing she wouldn’t tolorate. Leslie stood slowly, kind of rubbing her cheek as an after thought. She was eyeing him warily again. -03:54 Sep 24
Damion: He knelt to take hold of her ankle and lift her foot to slip her panties on, then repeated the process with the other ankle. The he pulled her panties upto her waist. "You think so?" he asked taking hold of her wrist and placing the cuff over it and then looping the chain under her panties to take her other wrist and secure it in the cuffs too. "Now are we going to try this again, or do I really need to punish you?" -03:58 Sep 24
Leslie: Okay, so slapping him back wouldn’t be so easy like this! Still, Leslie was frowning, but there might of been a hint of that amused look behind it. "That is so, sir. But yes, lets try this again!" -04:02 Sep 24
Damion: He slapped her again then pushed her down to her knees. "You’re too defiant Leslie, if you ever want everything I have to offer you will need to change that." He put his tip against her lips. "Now, start again." -04:05 Sep 24
Leslie: Again! Whether it was lucky for him or for her that her hands were bound, was undecided. And for a moment she debated flat out telling him no! But if he wanted obedient… So it’s exactly what she did. Mouth parting just a bit, her tongue flicked out to lick him. And the look she gave him was almost smolderingly wicked. Leslie was mad, but oh she would be obedient! This time she took him in to her mouth with now hesitation whatsoever. -04:13 Sep 24
Damion: He pushing in and prigged her hair, going just as slowly as before. "Better." he said grinning nad slowly speeding up. "Now show me what you can do when your mouth is being fucked and I might let you into my room." -04:16 Sep 24
Leslie: It didn’t matter than she had no idea what she was doing, and now it wasn’t curiosity over his room that was her ultimate goal. This was to prove a point. Leslie made delicate work with her mouth and tongue. A flicker of moment here and a hard suck there. She didn’t seem to have a gag reflex at all, which made it all the easier to take as much as she could while running her tongue around the length of his shaft. -04:23 Sep 24
Damion: At the lack of a gag reflex he pushed in deeper, giving her every inch he had to give, faster and faster his hands gripping tighter, he wasn’t trying to make this last, and she was doing a good gob. -04:25 Sep 24
Leslie: Ever so often she would give a soft sound, his grip and the speed making it hard for her to keep still. And the cuffs not giving any leeway to keeping her balance! And perhaps his expression melted her temper just a bit… Leslie loved the thought she could do this to him with just her mouth alone. So she kept on, watching his face with that heavy lidded interest, humming softly as she took him. -04:29 Sep 24
Damion: The vibrations of her mouth made it all the sweeter and the look on her face made him wonder what she was thinking, but he couldn’t think of anything, adn all too soon he was painting the back of her throat with his seed, then slowly pulling out and letting go of her hair. "Now you need to cum, show me how you make yourself do so." he didn’t move to uncuff her, her hands were at her front so she could reach. He lifted her by her shoulder and dumped her on her back on the bed, adn then was massaging her breast gently. "I want to see how you do it." -04:33 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie had swallowed and now she was licking her lips against. That was a taste she couldn’t quite describe…! And now she was dumped on the bed again asked to do what? Her anger was temporarily forgotten in the wave of flushing embarassment that washed over her. She shook her head gently, giving him a wide-eyed look. "Um… I don’t really…" -04:37 Sep 24
Damion: "It’s not hard." he sais taking hold of her hand and pushing it under her panties placing it on her lips and then with pressure for his hand grindinf her hand against her lips as his other hand kept massaging her. "I want you to do this when you’re at home and think about me." -04:39 Sep 24
Leslie: Thinking about him wouldn’t be a problem, but this was a little… strange! Leslie squirmed a bit and just barely attempted to pull her hand away. But there wasn’t far to go when she was cuffed and him holding her hand. The weirdest part was how quick it seemed to stoke that tingling feeling of desire. Leslie wiggled her hand just a bit to test the sensations, but she was still shaking her head. "Hum.. not so sure about that." she murmured softly. -04:45 Sep 24
Damion: He took her finger and pushed it between her lips and mosed it along them before pulling it out, then did it again. "Keep doing that." he said letting go of that hand and taking her other to put it on her clit and taking the fingertip slowly mover her finger in a circle. "And that. And make yourself feel good. I want you to enjoy yourself." -04:49 Sep 24
Leslie: It was both baffling and infuriating how he could twist her up like this! Have her flipping thoughts back and forth at a moments notice, and on top of it being completely unable to resist. Leslie did as instructed, her eyes not leaving his as she let one hand dip and the other circle. Her own hands feeling so different compared to his, and that warm strange feeling washing over her making her part her mouth with a surprised sound. -04:55 Sep 24
Damion: HE leaned down to nip her breast and then lick it, his hand moving to the other one. Her sound told him she was enjoying her own attention. "You will do this in your bed for me, when you’re home?" he was grinning and moving up to kiss her softly. Once she few her own pantied he’s move onto the next step. -04:57 Sep 24
Leslie: Leslie sucked in a sharp breath, unable to formulate a reply. Just thinking about it, period, was almost too much to take in. And with his mouth and his kiss, it was all too easy to be swept up. How could he hit her one minute, and then be so damned sexy the next… It was so simple to rub herself in just the right way. Press in ways that made her gasp. Maybe she would do this at home and think of him! -05:04 Sep 24
Damion: He pulled away and looked down at her hands before smiling and manuevering himsef to the top of the bed adn then gently pulling her on top os him, his legs either side of her and his hands restin gon ehr stomach. "Don’t stop." he whispered his mouth right next to her ear. "I’m right here." -05:17 Sep 24
Leslie: Ooooh… he didn’t know what his voice did to her. Or maybe he did and it was all a cleverly orchestrated plan to have her mewling at her own fingertips. His skin felt burning hot against her back, despite the fact she was sure her own body was flushed to the sizzling point. Even while her hands moved she was tilting her face towards him, now chewing on her lip and squirming as the pressure built. -05:23 Sep 24
Damion: He turned his head and caught her lips in a quick kiss. "You feel like you’re almost ready to cum." he said against her lips. "I’m going to think about you doing this when you’re gone. I’m going to remember you squirming against me lik eyou are now. Try to hold a bot longer." -05:29 Sep 24
Leslie: "Don’t think I can do that…!" she breathed out in a rush of breath! Not with him talking like that! Leslie tried, though. Slowing her probing in hopes that it would ease the tension coiling so tightly in her gut. But it wasn’t the case at all, and soon her head was dropping against his shoulder as she listlessly groaned. -05:34 Sep 24
Damion: His hand came out to rub the side of her neck as he closed his eyes, his other hand moving down to hers to feel how wet she was, and he smiled. "There. That’s wet enough.. Come Leslie, let go." he brushed hsi thumb across her lips and smiled wider. No doubt in his mind she would do thise again! -05:37 Sep 24
Leslie: The feeling of him wrapped around her and his breath falling against her neck, that really was her undoing! Leslie squeezed her legs together as she shuddered. Her teeth biting in to her tongue as hissed and sighed. Oooo, that flood of sensation was dizzying, and she could feel herself tightening around her own fingertips. It was absolutely crazy! -05:42 Sep 24
Damion: He smiled his hand coming up and and undoing one of the cuffs and then resting on her stomach as he closed his eyes. "How many times have you cum since yesterday?" he asked "I think you’re close to the record." he hugged her from behind and sighed under her. "You still defy me though." -05:45 Sep 24
Leslie: "Uh hum. …going to slap you the minute we’re out of bed too…" she murmured. Leslie meant to do it the second she had those handcuffs off, but… But, she was currently a puddle of limbs curled up on top of him. Shifting her arms to cover his and more than contently basking in the glow of post orgasm and unexpected hugs. -05:48 Sep 24
Damion: "I’ll bite back." he warned and sighed. "First though I’m not done with my nap." he grined teasingly if she could see it or not. "ANd want you to stay right where you are." he turned his head to look at her and then closed his eyes again. "Right there." -05:52 Sep 24
Leslie: "I told you I would if you slapped me again…" And she meant it. Leslie just hoped she remembered. For the time being she was happy to stay right where she was. "I’ll be here." -05:54 Sep 24

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