One Life Stand 014: The Ex of Trophies

[Tessa is dressed to the nines. It cost her everything out of her candy jar stash, but for an invitation straight from the Label, she wanted to make a “screw you guys I’m doing GREAT” appearance. >:[] -10:01 Jun 10
[D Is dressed as he always dresses with only the addition of a new leather jacket and a scowl. He kept saying he didn’t want to go but would it Tessa did.] -10:06 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa was pretty sure record labels didn’t curse you and leave your body in ditches…. at least, if they haven’t done it already, Tessa doubt they’d do it now. But it didn’t mean she wasn’t a little suspicious about the invitation. Obviously they had heard about her new company and bands by now, and it was most likely a plot to intimidate her by inviting her to a big fancy party and trying to make her look like she had no idea what she was doing. D thought it was a bad idea to go, but Tessa was ready for the challenge. A classy dress in yellow was her attire, no jewelry… and she really needed to do something about D’s scowling. She scowled back at him. "You don’t have to worry, I’ve got this." -10:11 Jun 10
D: "I don’t think this is about what you think its about." he said "But in the stirit of having a good time I’ll leave the knuckbusters behind." the shirt under the jacket had the large, snarling face of a panther on it, not the thing people wore to formal parties. -10:14 Jun 10
D: "I don’t think this is about what you think its about." he said "But in the stirit of having a good time I’ll leave the knuckbusters behind." the shirt under the jacket had the large, snarling face of a panther on it, not the thing people wore to formal parties. -10:15 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa didn’t have a word of complaint about what he was wearing. A rockstar would wear what he wore, and really… she kinda liked that look. He looked all fiesty and ready to hit somebody, which was pretty understandable seeing they were fired before. Plus it was too late! They were already THERE at the Label’s main building. Tessa hesitating just a bit before pulling a door open to go inside. "All you have to do is be the typical pain in the ass D we all know and love, and I will do all the potential cut-throat business stuff, okay?" -10:20 Jun 10
D: "You forget who the dispute resolution consultant is" he said entering after her… his hand NOT copping a feel of her thigh as he pushed past her into the room. "And if you want a pain in the ass I can give you one. Its what I do best." He grinned not even noticing the double meaning. -10:27 Jun 10
Tessa: "I don’t even know what that means, D." …either of the comments, though by his grin she decided she probably didn’t want to know! The main lobby was mostly empty, save for a few straggling guests and former co-workers. Ones that didn’t seem all that surprised to see them. The party must be held on one of the upper floors. "Sometimes you’re just weird." she muttered, finally pointing over to the elevators. -10:31 Jun 10
D: "It means I know hor CEOs REALLY settle thier differences." he said grinning wider. "They hire people like me to do it for them." he walked towards the elevators and stuck his hands in his jacket pockets. "Though your way would be better… this time." Yesm right now there were a few people he wouldn’t ming killing. The label was one of them. Tessa was seeing d in a murderous mood. -10:37 Jun 10
Tessa: "I don’t know why you’ve even come if you’re going to be toothy and bitey tonight." Tessa eyed him when they stepped inside, leaning for a second to hit the floor button. "This is the perfect opportunity to show how well we’re doing. I haven’t even started major advertising yet, and we’re close to selling out even the larger shows. And this is only a few months! I’m sure they’re scared as hell!" -10:43 Jun 10
D: "And let my boss come alone? That wouldn’t be fair. Besides you stole me from under his nose, maybe hes trying to steal me back. Or re-hire you. I’m here to resolve any conflics that arise." -10:46 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa laughed and flashed him a wide grin. A rare, completely confident, not bullshitted grin. "It’s you and me now, D. There’s no going back. …and you totally sound like you’re some sort of bodyguard or bouncer! -I’m- supposed to be worrying about that stuff." -10:49 Jun 10
D: "I’m the one with the scars, the muscles, the leather. I should be the bouncer. I’m not sure if you’re tall enough." he slouched agaist the wall of the elevator. "You don’t believe I’m a consultant, do you?" -10:55 Jun 10
Tessa: "I haven’t quite figured out what people would consult you for aside from music and making dinner…" Of course she didn’t believe him. Tessa figured he was more likely doing something really embarassing or really illegal for him to keep it so secretive. But as long as it didn’t wind up with him dead or in prison, she really didn’t feel too pressed to ask him beyond sneaky questions. She reached over to fix the collar on his jacket. "…I’m plenty tall enough. You don’t have to be tall for that stuff." -11:01 Jun 10
D: He stuck hos tongue out at her. "I went to univercity you know. Can’t jump into the middle of my life and expect to know everything. and the skew collar is part of the look…" he kissed her cheek for no reason other then he could then turned towards the doors. "I’m here to look out for you. Thats all." -11:04 Jun 10
Tessa: Tessa pressed a hand against her cheek and tried to supress that sudden giddy feeling. Stupid..! So not the time and place for that. She had to be serious manager tonight. "I’m the manager, you’re the talent. I look out for -you-. Now…" Once the doors were open she was gently pushing him out. There was the whole floor full of people and a party in full swing. Not the rowdy parties like for the clients, but the fancy kinda boring business people parties. She had been to a few of these before working for the Label… and now it was the first time she was there as her own boss. Suddenly, Tessa was no so sure she had this at all. But she sucked it up, put on the smile and was ready to do it anyway. …after she grabbed D’s hand to keep herself from chickening out like a dumbass. -11:09 Jun 10
D: "Why couldn’t there be drinking, or danding… or at least chair throwing. That I CAN do." he looked down at his hand and squeezes hers. "But we’ll get though this. I’m the man, I look after you." -11:19 Jun 10
Tessa: "We’re not going in to a battle, D…" Still, she was grinning anyway. It was that thing he did, slipping something really nice in. When she finally let go of his hand, she took the lead to entering the crowd. Now when she introduced herself she got to say Tessa Thorn of Calico Production! Why yes, I -do- have two bands signed. and she was almost looking forward to running in to the ex-boss. And whenever she was worried she’d just talk to D for a few minutes and fuss at his jacket. -11:27 Jun 10
D: She was fussing with his jacket a lot. Always when he had just gotten his collar just wrong enough to be right. But hey.. ther was a buffet and D pulled Tessa over to it only to look disappointed and poke at what was trying to be lasanga with a fork. "I’ll say one thing about the old boss, he has terrible taste in caterers…" he sighed and began filling a plate anyway before handing it to tessa and getting another one. "And terrible taste in wine.. or maybe this is what he gives his guests.. I should break into his stores adn see if he doesn’t just keep the good stuff to himself." -11:32 Jun 10
Tessa: "We’re not here for the food anyway." It was weird feeling more confident and less confident at the same time. The head of the Label was nowhere to be seen, which really made her wonder whether or not he was all that concerned about it! And then mid-drink from her glass of wine, she choked and turned her back quickly to the crowd. Of all the times for him to get back in town. How many exboyfriends was she going to run in to in a month?! -11:36 Jun 10
D: D just the splutter and turned. "I said I’d swipe up some decent wine to have when he get home its… Oh its that douche." he grinned some more. "Hold on I’m going to have some fun. Its better than risking food poisoning with this crap." he put his plate down and started pushing through the crowd. Time to party.. D STYLE! -11:43 Jun 10
Tessa: "Wait, where are y-" Oh no. Even worse. He was apparently going to go harass the one person she didn’t want to talk to. …had she accidentally mentioned the guy was her most recent ex? Tessa couldn’t remember. And there was -no- way she was going over there to stop him and risk having to see the guy! Tessa quickly swallowed the rest of the wine in her glass. -11:46 Jun 10

‘That douche’ was Jayce C. Wells. THE most top rated star of the Label. In more ways than one. He was wearing sunglasses despite the fact it was evening and they were in doors. Some slick, way too tight leather pants and a silk shirt in a woman’s cut. He didn’t seem surprised at all to see D coming, and didn’t even bother to acknowledge him as he laughed with his entourage! -Tessa

D: "Hey chump." D said cheerly pushing a glass of that awefull wine into the guy’s hand. So what if D had spat in it it didn’t look like it. "Didn’t think you’d be back from Spain for another week. The sinoritas not like the blonde hair?" -11:50 Jun 10

Without even taking a drink, he passed the glass to someone else. He had such a wide, pretty white smile that one of his lady companions started giggling. “I finished my job early. Funny how much gets accomplished when you’re good at what you do.” -Tessa

D: "But so many after parties missed out on. How could you bare to be away from off those spanish broads and thier purrrrring accents." he threw and arm around Jayce’s shoulders. "Still never go anywhere alone though I see. Gods it must be good to be you eh?" -11:56 Jun 10

“Some of us enjoy the company of beautiful women and have no problem getting them.” Another toothy smile. However, he shooed his entourage away so it was just Jayce and D. That toothy smile turned to a smirk. “Imagine my surprise to return and find out you’re on the down and outs with the Label…” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was spying from the buffet table. She was not going over there. D had no idea who he was talking to though… and it -kind of- looked like they were getting along? Damnit, that would be even worse! Tessa snatched up another glass of wine. -12:02 Jun 11
D: "Down and out is one way to look at it. I still to the, other, jobs which is all he cares about. Not all of us can be golden boys like you. Or pyrite, whatever the case may be." he put his hands back into his pockets. "So why are you slumming it down here anyway? Private rooms all taken?" -12:06 Jun 11

“Haa haa. Clever barbs coming from the man who is now clinging to a career by a thread.” Still retaining that smirk, he gestured across the room where Tessa was trying not to look over. “Tessa Thorn. I was a little dispointed she lost that job I worked so hard to get her… but hey, she was stuck with you to manage. I hope you’re not attached to her little company project, she’ll be quitting that soon.” -Tessa

D: "You only cling to what you want to keep." D said flatly. "And what do you want with her? If its for one of your stupid games then forget it. You’ll play with me instead and I set the rules. She likes her job and Im not letting you take it from her, again." -12:15 Jun 11

It was Jayce’s turn to lean, bracing an arm on D’s shoulder as he smirked all too friendly like. “I don’t have to take anything. She’ll be happy to give it up. As much as I enjoy our little spats, Tessa is something personal to me… Or did you think you first star in her life? Well… wannabe star. She seems to have a sympathy for worthless twats…” -Tessa

D: "I know, until I came along she seemed to date them exclusivly." he pointed out countrary to his point. "And shes not a possesion you can wear in your finger like that cheep jewelry you keep flashing around and relling at you reflection in. And now that I’ve seen what this party is about I’m taking her and I’m leaving." -12:29 Jun 11

“Oho, scared there? Afraid she’s going to talk to me and drop you like a bad habit? Because that’s what’s about to happen. Tessa was with me before you came in to the picture, and now that she’s had time to see what happens when I’m not around to take care of her… Lets just say she’s not going to have any more time for out of work assassins.” -Tessa

D: "Or shes seen how much better it is when some greasy haired chump isn’t trying to control every aspect of her life." D said with a grin his claws here coming out so to speak but he was enjoying himself, maybe too much. "You never could get over yourself long enough to see what other people wanted." -12:37 Jun 11

“A couple months and you think you know all about her. She needs someone pointing her where to go and what do to. Before she met me, she couldn’t even keep a job.” He might have been irked a little bit, but he was good at smirking back. This wasn’t the first time they dueled over words, and this time he had a trump card. “The Label has suggested I have a nice public marriage to reboot my image. And Tessa is going to be a perfect wife. She’ll have everything she’s ever wanted in one wrapped package.” -Tessa

D: "Oh you are going to disappoint so many fangirls." D said "The great Jayce getting hitched." he brushed imaginary dust off of Jayce’s shoulder. "If only she’d ever marry a twit like you. I’d be almost interested to hear her answer. But then you’d get grabby… and I’d put you into the dirt… again.. how many times has that happened?" -12:47 Jun 11

“Heh. Jealous, much? The Label said you were getting a little attached… here I thought they were making a joke.” That smirk he wore was dropped in an instant as he leaned forward to mutter. “Consider this a warning from the Man himself. It’s time you start reordering your priorities or you’re gonna be losing a lot more than your job.” He stood straight, that smirk back. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to get reacquainted with my fiance…” -Tessa

D: D was giving the man one of his ‘I’m imagining all the ways I could kill you right now, and theres soooo maaaany.’ looks as he cut him off. "Once she says no, you leave, try to force her ot touch her and we’ll see whose losing what." he moved back to the buffet table and leaned agaist it taking a knife and turnin git over in his hands beofre helping himself to a chicken wing. -01:00 Jun 11

He was real smug now. Waiting a moment before he crossed the room, deliberately putting a hand at Tessa’s lower back and leaning to whisper in her ear. “I am surprised to see you Tessa.” He straightened. “You look well. Not your color, but you do stand out don’t you?” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was on her third glass of wine and opening her mouth to ask D what he talked about… and then she was ambushed! It felt like ambush. Tessa didn’t smile, but at least she didn’t scowl either. "Thanks, I guess. I was invited by the Label. Started my own company even, have you heard..?" She had been making her new company speech all night, and now she suddenly couldn’t remember half of it! -01:05 Jun 11
[Tessa enters.] -01:08 Jun 11
D: D scowled looking at the meat, too much spice, not enough of the natural flavor… LAZY COOKING… also LeDouche was making his move and he was ignoring him. He’d fuck it up anyway. Tessa was not the kind if gilt he thought she was. -01:08 Jun 11

“I did hear all about you getting fired and trying to start your own label. It’s cute…” He was being ignore which gave him all the more reason to be as touchie-feely as he liked. He took Tessa’s hand to kiss it and over one of those pearly white smiles. “Not what I wanted to talk to you about though. …I know after our fight, you were a little mad… Granted, I got that job FOR your, it wasn’t kind to bite the hand that feeds, but I digress… I’ve missed you Tessa. I want you to come back with me. I’ve got a nice ring, a dress… we could have a little wedding…” -Tessa

Tessa: "You said the band I picked to manage was stupid and you hoped we crashed and burned. Wait, are you asking me to marry you?" Really? Tessa didn’t even know how to respond to that! There were too many things she wanted to say, most of them weren’t very nice, and here he was asking THAT of all things…! -01:18 Jun 11
D: He put the bone on his plate and took a glass of wine, and imagines smashing it into Jayce’s face. "You know this isn’t actually that bad, I could cook with this. Not somehting I’d drink though…." -01:21 Jun 11

“Tessaaaa…” he almost cooed. “Can you blame me? You were working all the time and all you ever talked about was him and that band. Gave your boyfriend the cold shoulder. Whatsa guy to think huh?” He made sure to turn Tessa away from D. What she couldn’t see, she wouldn’t favor. “Lets just say I was wrong for getting mad, and you were wrong for breaking us up. We’ll get married and forget all about it. You can quit your job, I’ll you a house and some nicer clothes. You’ll be happy.” -Tessa

Tessa: "I love my job. …speaking of, when is THAT going to be mentioned? No ‘Tessa, I love you.’ with that proposal? Cause getting married sounds all great and dandy, you know.. if you loved me." She was waiting for it. Expecting and challenging him to say it! Cause as far as she could remember, he never had. He hadn’t even showed it! -01:32 Jun 11
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -01:38 Jun 11
D: THUD the kife was stabbed into the table. "I can’t believe what I’m hearing." D said stepping forwards and shoving Jayce away from Tessa so he could glare at her.. and him.. and EVERYONE "So he says those three little words and you go running into his arms for your happily ever after. Well I know when I’m out-charmed. If Tessa decides to go with smiley McPerfect I’ll go and like with a panther. Because I respect her choices." -01:38 Jun 11

Just by the look of surprise on Tessa’s face, he was sure he won. “I DO love you Tessa. Come home with me right now and I will show you. I’m showing you right now.. I’m not the one making a big scene.” A smirk in D’s direction. -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa didn’t believe him. He was just saying what he thought she wanted to hear. She wished she would have realized that ages ago before they dated. But then she might not have gotten that job and met D…. who was catching her by surprise! What was HE pissed off about?! She never said she was running anywhere! "What exactly am I supposed to be choosing here? Because right now I’m just seeing a liar and jerk and I’m not too keen on going home with anybody!" -01:46 Jun 11
D: "And which am I? The liar or the jerk?" D asked "Fine if you don’t want me in your appartment anymore I’ll go." he turned to leave but not before he gave Jayce a punch full in the face. He shouldn’t have done that but damn did it feel good. ANd then he was heading for the elevators. "Gambit played people. Party is over." -01:53 Jun 11
Tessa: "That’s not even what I me-" The jackass! He was socking her ex in the face, and that wasn’t even what made her mad. He was stalking off in a pissy huff over something that wasn’t even about him! Tessa moved to follow. -02:02 Jun 11

Briefly holding what was probably a broken nose, he was quick to grab Tessa’s arm before she followed D. Mission was as good as accomplished. “Tessa wait. It’s pretty obvious he’s pissed off because he’s been using you and that’s all gonna stop if you come home with me. Let’s just go.” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa shook him off. And very nearly swung a fist to break his nose a little more. "Say all the shit about me you want, but you don’t know him or what he means to me." She was stalking away, but stopped to turn. "…and you know what…! I did pick him and his band over you! I loved him over you! Sit on that for awhile, you jerk!" And she officially made a scene at the Label. Thank god she didn’t work there anymore. -02:03 Jun 11
D: The doors slid shut before D heard any of it and he was heading downwards. So he was in the same category as the other jackasses. FINE HE DESURVED IT. Hiding things from her and living in her place without permision. HE FELT LIKE SHIT AND THEY WEREN’T EVEN GOING OUT. THEY HAD HAD SEX ONCE. Bar, drink problems away. D’s answer to everything. Everything except Tessa, when she was mad at him drinking only made it worse. But hey they weren’t going out and he wasn’t living there anymore. -02:07 Jun 11

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