One Life Stand 015: Come Home

Tessa: Who knew it would be so hard to find a man when previously it was as simple as looking in your own apartment. It was like a few months all over again, with Tessa waiting backstage at a concert for him to appear. Only this time she wasn’t pissed off, she was just really… upset! Bad enough that he stormed out of the party, but he didn’t come back home. Not a word from him and it was driving her -insane-. -02:11 Jun 11
D: Well here he was. Opening the door to backstage and looking like a truck had hit him. She was there, of course she would be. "Boss." he said once the door was closed. "I quit my job." the words hung in the air between them for a few seconds. "Not this one, the otehr one. Well I was fired, kinda. Maybe. They’re pissed with me." he wasn’t making much sense but there were a few day-old bruises around from when they other job had expressed it’s disapproval. "Just wanted to get that out there.." -02:16 Jun 11
Tessa: "WHERE have you been? Out quitting a job the whole time?! You could have called me, or told me, or just come home. You idiot!" She socked him pretty hard in the shoulder more than once before she realized he looked beat to hell and back. "…what happened!" -02:19 Jun 11
D: So he was here and she was here so that meant he could do what he wanted to and she would poke him when it was time to do something else. Colapsing onto the coutch sounded like a good idea. "Three guys… I think I pissed someone off.. and you kicked me out.. remember." he folded his arms over his chest. -02:24 Jun 11
Tessa: The show would start late, but for the moment there was something more important for her to deal with. "I didn’t kick you out, you stupid ass! You left and didn’t come home, and I was so worried that something happened to you, and obviously it DID which makes me a shitty bodyguard, and you a big ass for leaving me sleepless for three days hoping you were drunk and stabbed in a ditch somewhere…!" Tessa might have exagerated his doom a little bit, but him showing up with bruises and scratches pretty much just confirmed her right to be worried. -02:28 Jun 11
D: He looked at her, why did she have to be to sweet and… UGH "You’re not my bodyguard." he said closing his eyes and sighing. "But no other job means I can’t sneak money into your stashes, or buy food, or that noce soap, or get fixed up.. I might have to sell my other place.." -02:38 Jun 11
Tessa: "I don’t care! I can change the budget around. We’ll rice and ramen and I’ll stop buying extra paper for flyers. We’ll work extra hard on concerts and do more shows. " Why was this man so stupid…! As if any of it was ever about money! "I just want you to come home.." -02:42 Jun 11
D: "Home?" he repeated looking at her. "Thats a term people use then they’re living together and dating, or married. Are you sure you still want me there?" she really was being stupidly surrotive and it was making D uncomfortable, guilty. "But you’re right, I need to shower and get my stage clothes on." -02:46 Jun 11
Tessa: "Yes! I want you to come home. ….after this concert! If you’ve lost your other job, we’re going to need every concert we can get…" Time! She had spent too much time yelling at him, but at least he wasn’t painfully late yet. …wait, married…? Tessa knew he hadn’t meant it like that, but there was the thought in her head… She shook that out and focused on the present. "Yes, shower fast and get on stage and afterwards we can go home!" -02:49 Jun 11
D: He forget ot get clothes and a towel as he bucked into the backstage shower and stripped quickly turning on the water. The warm wated felt good agaist his bruised but the idn’t ringer and was soon scrubbing pain or no. -02:51 Jun 11
Tessa: He hadn’t grabbed anything he needed, which left Tessa groaning. She at least made sure the stagehands knew he was there though. A little procrastinating and they’d be good to go. Tessa gathered up his fresh clothes and a towel, then linger by the shower. "Faster, faster! You can take another bath tonight! Girls love scruffy dirty men!" -02:54 Jun 11
D: He came out of the shower and grabbed the yowel and bried his hair first the rest of him dripping onto the floor. "Girls may move tham but I like to feel clean when I play.." he tried further down, then grabbed clothes and pulled them on. "How many by the way?" -02:58 Jun 11
Tessa: Tessa shouldn’t have been watching. …she blamed it on the fact she hadn’t seen him for days. "At least five hundred. Way better than playing in nightclubs!" That was almost their average now, which meant she could start booking larger venues and getting a good turn out. ….which was going to be a plus if this was the only income they had! -03:03 Jun 11
D: Clothes on and… "My guitar.." he said looking around. :It was on the couch when we left.." he groaned slightly. The large silk bed had felt strange with just Chaya to share it with. -03:10 Jun 11
Tessa: "You could sing up there naked and with a kazoo and still be amazing, you can use one of the band’s guitars!" Blast it. Had his guitar been there? Tessa couldn’t remember, she had been so wrapped up in worrying about where he was, she didn’t even think to grab his guitar for the concert. "It will be fine, I promise!" -03:19 Jun 11
D: He looked unsure. It ws his guitar, his trademark, it had all his… oh if they’ve taken it… "Alright get me a spare, I’ll take it up and we’ll make this thing happen then get home…" he put on the last peive of his costume for tonight.. a bow tie worn on the bare neck with an unbuttoened shirt? Well Tessa really did like her classic rockstar look. -03:25 Jun 11
Tessa: He looked unamused with her costume choices, but that just made Tessa grin wide. It only took her a moment to find another guitar for him and push it in to his hands. "Full set, and encore if you want but don’t get mad if I fall asleep. I haven’t slept for days." -03:29 Jun 11
D: "That makes two of us." he said mounting the stairs up on stage and walking into the blinding spotnights. It was time to play and play hard and for as long as he was needed to. After that, he could die. -03:37 Jun 11
Tessa: Tessa was wrong. There was no way she could ever fall asleep in the middle of one of his concerts, no matter how tired she was or how long it ran. Even if she -was- nearly a walking zombie. After wrapping up everything at the concert, she got to take him HOME. And home felt so much less empty with him in it. …she was clearly exhausted and over sentimental! -03:45 Jun 11
D: Home, no guitar… but home. And even though he was almost dead on his feet he handed Tessa a sandwedge fat with almost everything in the fridge and sat on the couch with her. "I wasn’t happy not being here." he said before sighing and taking a bite of his sandwedge, he was too tired to make anything more complicated. "I’m sorry…" -03:52 Jun 11
Tessa: Food…! Real food and not just the poor excuses for meals she was making herself while he was gone. She was eating faster than she should have and had to pause to breath more than once. Tessa even shifted to drape her legs over his, whether he liked it or not. This is what he got for being away too long. "You should be! I have a very delicate routine, and not wrestling you for covers throws off the whole balance…" -03:56 Jun 11
D: "Work oriented as usual." he said takign another bite and chewing. "But still better company than a pining panther." he swallowed that last of his food and then lay down along the back of the couch expecting for her to join him. "ANd its good to be home, married or not… Don’t marry a douche and kick me out.. ok?" -04:03 Jun 11
Tessa: Somewhere along the way she had promised snuggles, but that might have just been to herself in her head. Tessa shifted to half lay on him, grabbing the blanket off the backside of the couch to pull up. She did end up groaning at the mention of that jerk again. "Why did you even think I was even going to agree to that stupid asshole’s proposal…! Did you know he is the only guy -I- broke up first? Because of you even…" Funny how that happened. The timing of it all… Tessa frowned while she thought about it, and marriage and… She was just glad he was home. -04:09 Jun 11
D: "Now you’re just trying to make me feel better." he said sighing and pulling her closer. "If you marry anyone else I’m out of here and I really really like living here. The only way to do that and be fair on you is to marry you I guess…" he burried his face into the cussion next to him. "Not that I’m sure that would be fair on you," -04:23 Jun 11
Tessa: They were definitely exhausted. As far as she was concerned, that was an I love you away from a really sweet offer. At the very least something more than just– Bother all, she really shouldn’t let herself start thinking shit like that. She got him to come home, last thing she needed to do was complicate things. "I’m not gonna marry anyone else." Of course she didn’t have to say it like that. Tessa rest her head against him and closed her eyes. It was exhaustion. That was it. -04:29 Jun 11
D: There was a grin pressed against the cussion and he sighed again happily. Shy did that make him giddy? But still he turned his head enough to press his lips into hers and … linger a little too long … before pullign her up against him and closing his eyes. "Sleep time for me boss. we can talk more in ther morning." -04:35 Jun 11
Tessa: A kiss…! She was so done for. Tessa was not going to come back from that one. Curling up against him just to hide her smile, her voice was muffled against his neck. "What about sleeping in the bed…?" -04:43 Jun 11
D: "I’m comfortable right here." he said quietly holding her tighter and sighing deeply. "Bed is too far, and its warm here." he chewed on his lip to stop himself from trying to kiss her again. "We can move there whenever but for now I’m heppy here." -04:47 Jun 11
Tessa: That meant staying curled up in his arms, just to stay on the sofa. …Tessa didn’t have a complaint about that! Her breath was warm against his skin as she nuzzled his neck. …to get comfortable to sleep, of course! "Moving later, then. Maybe in the morning." -04:53 Jun 11
D: His hand on her back pushign her shirt up to get to the skin.. so that she didn’t fall off the couch. "Smart girl.." legs tangling with ehrs under the blanket… if he wasn’t so tides he’d probably be poking her with… better not think about that. -05:01 Jun 11
Tessa: There was that want to kiss him again. It was getting to be a popular thought, that apparently just got worse with him being missing for days. Tessa had to slide her arms around him just to keep from pawing at his clothes, and all but grumbled again his neck. "Goodnight, D." Sleep! They absolutely had to sleep! -05:08 Jun 11
D: "G’night boss." he said softly pullinf her all the way agaist him and settling down. "See you in the morning, be right where you are when I wake up and I’ll be the happiest man in the world." -05:16 Jun 11

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