King of Fools 016: New York Charity

[Leslie has not worn a dress in a really, really, long time and is not so sure this was a good idea.] -06:44 Dec 28
[Damion is ready for an unromantic night of business, even if he’s dressed to the nines in a talored suit and professionally styled hair.] -06:45 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie had to hand it to his designer. The dress was so exquisite, she really didn’t think she did it justice. Her hair was pulled back and to the side in a clever side bun, with just enough of her bangs swished so no one was going to see what she didn’t want them to see. In fact, the whole dressed was cut just right. One shoulder bare and the other covered with a black laced sleeve. Dark purple fabric that Leslie suspected was silk, and fell just to the knees. Maybe no one would look at her legs. She was second guessing trying to be brave and wear something short. HIM on the other hand… There was something timelessly attractive about a man in a nice suit, and Leslie was dumbstruck staring for a few moments. -06:51 Dec 28
Damion: "If you keep staring we’ll be late." he said deadpan as he offered her a hand. "And I like what he didto the dress, but I think I prefer you without it but we’ll get to that later." he shot her a grin. "Now are you ready to face the worst barbarian hoard you will ever see: New York high society?" the grin lingered but became less lecherous. "Just remind yourself, you’re with one of the most dangerous people in the room." -06:56 Dec 28
Leslie: SHe shook her head to clear her thoughts and took his hand with ease. Leslie had no doubt they would be late. She had spent almost every day with him for nearly a month and almost missed her first day of work for it. Now they were on the other side of the country, and she was wearing a dress that cost more than everything she owned. "Maybe if you didn’t look so handsome in a suit, I wouldn’t be speechless. Luckily, you’ll hold my hand while you wade me through the evil hoard?" Leslie was more nervous about the whole thing than she wanted to let on. But this was his life, and she wanted to be a part of it. -07:01 Dec 28
Damion: "I though modern girls looked after tenselves. I was just going to set you an axe and myself a maritini and assume you’d be fine." He leaned over and took her hand since she didn’t take his and walked her towards the hotel lobby. "The driver will be waiting for us. Did you leave your phone in the room like I asked?" -07:05 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie nodded. She hadn’t questioned why he wanted her to leave the phone. She just assumed it would be rude to have it ringing all during the event. And if Jade realized she left the state with Damion Rubrum, that could be a possibility! She walked with him and grinned. "I don’t want to get blood all over such an expensive dress! So I’ll let you handle all the barbarians and jump in to save you when you need it." -07:08 Dec 28
Damion: He was gently tugging her arm to get the infatuated woman moving. "They’re my people, I don’t need saving from then, except maybe Elisa Dawton… she’s never liked me, but then you have to be a little off to become an enviromental lawyer. Kind of like a guardian demon." -07:17 Dec 28
Leslie: "I can’t imagine why anyone would dislike you, Mr. Rubrum." she responded with humor. He was difficult in every possible way, and everyone that seemed to interact with him was intimidated or terrified. She had been once… and now? Now Leslie was fairly certain she was in love. It was just a little bit too soon to tell him, that though… "Are there topics I should avoid talking about? I don’t want to embarass you in…" -07:25 Dec 28
Damion: Just seem interested in what they are saying, unless it’s WLisa Dawton, then appear disinterested. She’s just anti big bussiness, how she ever became a congress woman…" he sighed. "She assumes all COEs literally rape the earth." he stepped into the elevator adn kept an eye on her, wondering if her phobia would affect her. "She’ll most likely ask how you could make an appearence with me assuming I hired you." -07:35 Dec 28
[(Timeout) Leslie was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:42 Dec 28
Leslie: "Then I’ll enjoy stating I’m your girlfriend and watching her jaw drop to the floor." This was the first time they were going out together in public with people they (or at least he) knew, and she still hadn’t even officially told Jade yet. Once stepped in to the elevator, she squeezed his hand. Leslie was holding her breath, but there was a tinge of pink to her cheeks. It was hard to be worried about confined elevator spaces when the memory of him sexing her in one was now the first thing she thought of. "Interested in all conversations except with the Demon Guardian. Check!" -07:42 Dec 28
Damion: He squeezed her hand back and smiles reasuringly at her mistaking her color for embarresment at her claustaphobia. "And what will you call me when we’re there?" his eyes latched onto hers in the searching gaze. "In front of the people who got rich by being smarter, or more opotunistic but most importantly more ruthless than the next man…" there was a wolfish smile that promised a kiss if she got it right, or a reminder in the bedroom if she got it wrong… -08:22 Dec 28
Leslie: "A girlfriend would call you Damion, but I like the way your mouth quirks up when I say Mister Rubrum." This was supposed to be business for him, and was important, she knew. But if he didn’t stop smiling like that, she was going to end up spending the entire night trying to make him do it again. -08:26 Dec 28
Damion: "You will call me Damion. Or if I’m not around you will refer to be as Damion Rubrum, or Damion. Shows you’re comfortable around me and even a trained escort would use my first name until I tell them otherwise. Just don’t overuse it, otherwise it’s name dropping." the doors opened and he palced a hand on her cheek and kissed her other as to not smear her lipstick before he stepped out. "Now, let’s show those on top the ice king has a queen." -08:34 Dec 28
Leslie: "Yessir, Mister Rubrum." she mumbled soft with a smile. He needed everything to be planned and in control, and he this this entire business made her nervous. Leslie could handle that. Tonight she’d be what he needed and more! "Oh, by the way!" She tugged him down to whisper in his ear. "What if I told you I wasn’t wearing any panties tonight?" Despite the fact he had tied her up, spanked her and more, somehow going without panties at a public event seemed the most devious. It was impossible for her to hide the impish grin. -08:45 Dec 28
Damion: "I would say that mean you can’t sit down and you have to be careful while getting out of the limo since the press will be there." he said shooting her a look. "I would also say you’re a deviously whimsical girl and I like that in you. And in I wasn’t afraid of staining your dress I’d take funn advantage of it in the car before we got to there." he stepped out into the night and down the step to the waiting car as the driver opened the for for them. "After you." -08:54 Dec 28
Leslie: Pleased with his response, Leslie was all smiles now. She took the advice to heart though, knowing exactly how to scoot herself inside the vehicle to keep her legs close and bits unflashed. He could spend the entire night thinking of it, and now she wouldn’t be the only one with her thoughts straying. "The skirt is not quite that short, I can sit down just fine." she reassured him with a grin once she was good and situated. "I promise to behave, though. I know this is important for you." -08:59 Dec 28
Damion: He got in after her and smiled. "You can misbehave as much as you like once the night is over." he said with a smile. "And if Jade kills me because pictures of your cooch ended up on the news I’m going to be a very unhappy ghost." he settled in as the driver got in and the car pulled away. "Thank you for coming tonight." -09:15 Dec 28
Leslie: "You’ll be dead and unhappy, and I’ll be mirtified… I will be careful." she laughed, linking her fingers through his. Leslie would have loved to rest her head on his shoulder, but she wasn’t going to risk messing up her hair. "You know I wanted to come since the second you mentioned it. And I have a feeling you expected me to say yes." Leslie leaned with the intention to kiss his cheek, but stopped herself. Blasted lipstick! How was she supposed to go the evening without kissing him? -09:21 Dec 28
Damion: "I did, I do not like being said no to in general." he said "But then you know that." the look he gave her this time was meaningful. "I have no idea how you get away with it." -09:35 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie looked a little surprised. "I’m sure you’re exagerating a little bit… There’s got to be plenty of people that say no to you. You couldn’t get you way all the time…" Then again, she couldn’t really recall anyone denying him anything. …not that she was paying attention to much outside of the intoxing little bubble they were in. She looked thoughtful. -09:38 Dec 28
Damion: They do, then I make them change thier minds, it’s how business goes. You may see some of that tonight." he checkled and ran a tongue against his canine under his lip. "The other side of Damion Rubrum. I hope you don’t run." -09:42 Dec 28
Leslie: "I haven’t run yet, Damion…" He often said said. Sometimes she wondered if he was trying to make her run. But lately he was saying it less and less, and was growing more and more used to her being… just her! Now she really was itching to confess she loved him. Would it ease his worries or just be too much for him tonight..? Leslie held it back. "Besides, I’m kinda looking forward to seeing this infamous dangerous Rubrum I have heard so much about! Men swooing, ladies slayn. Maybe I’ll learn something new." -09:46 Dec 28
Damion: A sidelone glance this time. "You want to see the kind of behevious that got me my reputation? The same reputation that had you shaking like a leaf when you forst met me? The same reputation that makes some companies not want to deal with me simple because they’re afraid I’ll forse them into a deal that will leave them bankrupt and then buy thier own companies out from under them?" there was a long thin smile. "Then you’re in for a treat, because that is the Damion who will have you in his arm tonight." -09:52 Dec 28
Leslie: "I wasn’t shaking, I was nervous I’d screw up the interview and let my friend down! I’m not exactly the person you call when you want witty banter and gung-ho conversation." Except maybe with him. He seemed to irk her in all the right ways that really made her want to rise to an occasion. Like now. He was trying to sound frightening and intimidating again, and it was almost working. "You make business men quake, but you are still the same man who came to pick up a stupidly drunk woman in the middle of the night. They don’t know that side of you." Leslie cast him a cheeky grin. -09:57 Dec 28
Damion: "Because I don’t want them to. I find my reputation very useful and I like being the big bad wolf. I enjoy watching grown men squirm almost as much as I like to watch grown women squirm for very different reasons. Must be the control and feeling of empowerment…" he planted a kiss on her forehead. "And you are my little bundle of chaos, arn’t you…" -10:02 Dec 28
Leslie: So he called her a little bundle of chaos. He also said my little bundle of chaos, which gave her that oddly warm feeling. Leslie did love the idea of being his. And him being hers… Damnit. He was making it REALLY hard not to kiss him. "You are going to wind up with lipstick all over your face at this rate, and then I’m going to feel terrible…" she mumbled. -10:06 Dec 28
Damion: That DID give him pause. He didn’t want to have to take the time to clean up and end up deing late. "And I don’t want to mess up yor hair pulling you back." he said. "Good thing we’re almost there…" another look, one that burned in his eyes. "Taking you without disturbing your dress, makeup, or hair sounds like an intersesting challenge though…" -10:13 Dec 28
Leslie: That made her face flush red and she was hoping that driver wasn’t listening in to the conversation as she shifted in her seat and tried not to smile. "A very difficult challenge, Mister Rubrum. One I’m not so sure could be completed in time or in such a small space." Oh but, boy could she imagine them trying. Her face flushed a bit redder. -10:17 Dec 28
Damion: He leaned close and cuffed his ahnd to her ear. "Later." As he moved his hand away he storked it downwards against her ear and have her earlobe a light tug bevore running the ridges of his fingerprints against her earing making to vibrate. There was something for HER to think about all night. "Since we’re already here." -10:20 Dec 28
Leslie: There was a hitch of her breath and that familiar twinge that had her shifting her legs again. Her mouth was dry, and thank goodness they had arrived because she could definitely use the fresh air to cool her burning cheeks. "That’s um… That’s good. Battle ready, Mister Rubrum?" Hopefully she’d sound less breathless when they got out of the car. -10:26 Dec 28
Damion: "Always." he replaied as the door opened and he stepped out to the flash of cameras and he held out his hand to help her out. Maybe one day if his phone rang and he didn’t leave the room before answering and she was naked in his bed she would know how quickly he could change. The red carpet was long and looked more like the oscars than a fancy party, the press was there too, tabloids and legitilate groups alike. "Now, smile like you mean it." he squeezed his hand. "And you’re welcome to as much of my arm as you want." -10:32 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie was out of the car with all the grace of a queen. Her smile, though, was a little nervous and painfully shy. She hadn’t expected there to be this much of a fuss. Leslie kept a hold of his hand, and took his arm with her free one, but managed to keep her wits enough not to cling. "I’ll feel a little less like a bug under a microscope once we’re inside." she mumbled with a faint grin. -10:37 Dec 28
Damion: "Your nervousness is cute." the word felt foriegn on his tongue and he blinked before repeating it. "Cute?" did he even use that word? "But you’re right." he started walking. "I recomend you try the shrimp, it’s always excelent. Though if you’re nervous maybe a pastry first." He was trying to distract her now as they got closer to the doors. "Frankly though, I just want to eat you." -10:45 Dec 28
Leslie: She laughed out loud, louder than she meant to, which had her clamping her mouth shut and grinning with sheepish embarrassment. "I am never nervous about trying food." She wisely didn’t make a comment about him eating her. That was a slipperly slope, and a game she was definitely out classed in! "I’m just glad everyone is going to be focused on you. I’m not used to having people staring at me…" -10:49 Dec 28
Damion: "You’ll get your share of attnetion. No one knows you and you’re ariving with me that means everyone will WANT to know who you are. You don’t look like a professional nor do you act like one so you obviously have a purpose coming here with me. Rumors will abound and people will want to know if you’re mine, and in exactly what way. Isn’t the first time I’ve brought a sub with me, but you don’t look or act like one of those either, and you’re really not one." -10:55 Dec 28
Leslie: "Oh great! I feel world’s better!" Easing her nerves in one minute, and then pulling the rug out from under her the next. Yep, that was the Damion Rubrum she knew and was in love with. She was insane. Still, she gave him a curious glance, and once they walked inside she was making sure her voice was low enough for only him to hear. "When you brought your… subs, how did you tell -them- to behave?" -11:00 Dec 28
Damion: "I told then not to speak unless spoken to, to remain withing six feet of me at all times and to never stop smiling. I also had one wear a discreet vidrator under her panties and kept the remote in my pocket. It was part of her training. Since you’re not wearing any you’re exempt." -11:12 Dec 28
Leslie: "…they have things like that?" That sounded… interesting. And dangerous. And why was she imagining herself wearing one, and Mister Damion Rubrum flipping a button on her at random with that wolfish grin. Her face was red again. "Am I the first genuine girlfriend you have taken to one of these?" She had to take her eyes off him, he could say these things with such a deadpan face. Leslie peered at all the people in attendance instead… So many people just as curiously looking their way! -11:18 Dec 28
Damion: "You are the first ‘genuine’ girlfriend I have had, in the sence you mean." he said reaching for a glass of campagne. "I told you I don’t do girlfriends." he took note of the people filling the room and smiled. "Not if you want to show them you’re not a sub… I’ll meet you at the buffet in five minutes." -11:24 Dec 28
Leslie: "I thought that part of your life was a secret, Damion.." she smiled, though. An affectionate smile that was impossible to keep to herself. He trusted her. …or at least he was beginning to! "Five minutes. I’ll scream for you if I run in to any barbarians." Her smile turned cheeky. -11:27 Dec 28
Damion: He coughed. "They will only know as much as we tell them, I want to see how they react." he moved across the floor. "Five minutes, if you et questions tell them Damion is waiting for you and escape." he smiled at her a hint of warmth showing through. "Now, I’ve been waiting all year for this hotel’s buffet. I’m going to sample some and rub elbows there. See you n five." -11:37 Dec 28
Leslie: Leslie had the feeling it was just as much of a test of her, than it was a business opportunity for Damion. She watched him walk away with that ridiculously confident gait as she chewed on her inner lip. Five minutes in the middle of a shark pool. She could do this. She lived with Jade! Taking a glass of champagne from a passing waitor with a thank you, she ticked off the moments in her head. Ever so often making sure she could see him across the room. -11:40 Dec 28
Damion: He didn’t look at her. He didn’t need to, and doing so would ruin the excersize. Insead he greeted and shook ahnds with an enderly man who smiled at him, and he smiled back, although the smiles never spread past thier lips. Then there was an animated conversation that from far away looked like and argument. Then they parted, the man heading away and Damion taking a deep drink from his glass, and still not touching the food. -11:48 Dec 28
Leslie: That looked painfully intense. Leslie wasn’t sure what it was that grabbed her attention about it. Maybe it was the way Damion was standing. Once the older gentleman walked away, she almost crossed the room to him. …but it hadn’t been five minutes yet! Blast it, could she not spend five minutes in a room with him without wanting to be with him? …That thought made her smile! Just in time for a woman to approach wearing so much gold that she looked like an award statue. "Why, I don’t believe we’ve met. I am Godiva Ventiglio. We’re you… invited?" The question was feigned, since she had been very aware of who the woman walked through the door with! "No, actually, I am here with my boyfriend Damion." Leslie responded, a bit curious about the woman. He face reminded Leslie of a peacock… "Damion? You couldn’t possibly mean Damion Rubrum… Oh. You do. You poor little thing." She tut-tutted, and now Leslie’s interest was definitely piqued. "Oh, what do you mean…?" If the woman started spouting off the same things Jade did, Leslie was going to laugh! -11:57 Dec 28
Damion: He placed the drained glass down and then picked up another, but didn’t sip from it, then he checked his watch and started putting small cakes and other snacks on a plate. Then he was greeted abck another man. "Damion Rubrum, strange to see you alone, trouble in the home?" "No things are better than ever." he said with a thin smile, "Did you think over the proposal, I see nothing but profit for both sides if you want I could have another copy sent to your legal department." "About that… I was wondering if we can delay the deal until march." "I doubt it, the Shiek isn’t a very pacient man. I ocould set up the infrastucture myself before then. Just think it over and give me a call." -12:09 Dec 29
Leslie: "Honey, really. It is painfully obvious that you don’t belong here. Not a single person in this room seems to know your name and your posture is just…" The golden lady smirked as she moved to stand besides Leslie and gesture towards the man. "Everyone knows he brings his simpering little charity cases to these events to look good for pictures. Let me give you some advice, sweetie, you are supposed to just smile, nod and not say word. We classy individuals will eat you alive." Leslie blinked at the moment for a moment. "Hmm, I see. If I happen to run in to a classy individual, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for the advice, though." Unlike the golden lady, Leslie’s smile was pretty wide. -12:17 Dec 29
Damion: [color=green]"I will have my legal department waiting for you propsal."[/url] and with that he was alone again and he glances at Leslie only catching her smile before he picked up and plate and started heading her way. -12:26 Dec 29
Leslie: "Why you, presumptuous littl- Ah! Damion, darling! It is so good to see you again!" The golden woman changed her tone very quickly, holding ringed her hand out to him immediately. "I was just introducing myself to your… guest… But what ever happened to Grace? She was such a sweet and CHARMING little thing." Leslie didn’t say a word at first. Mostly because she was biting her tongue and resisting the urge to kick the woman in the shin and storm her way out. "She was giving me some very good advice about posture and smiling." she finally responded. -12:35 Dec 29
Damion: "Godiva.: he said with the same thin smile while indicating his hands were full of glass and plate, a tactical move on his part. "Grace had other things to do, she’s in Canada now." He took a sip from his glass before he continued. "Please don’t polish Leslie too much, I like her rough edges, she makes a perfect change from those born with silver spoons in thier mouths. He were just going to take a seat." -12:43 Dec 29
Leslie: "Rough isn’t quite the word I would use, dear." Retrieving her hand, she gave Leslie quite the wicked little smirk again. Which had Leslie raising and eyebrow. "But what a shame, dear Leslie, you aren’t used to these sort of events. I’m sure you feel so out of place having to force conversation with people outside your level." There it went again, this woman was like some sort of goldskinned viper with a birdface. "Actually, I am a little relieved that it’s unlikely I’ll have to lower my standards and speak with unpleasant people again. But thank you for your concern, I’m glad to see you have so much compassion for us, oh… what was the word you used again? Right, simpering charity cases. You have a heart of gold, Madam Godiva." She turned to Damion, giving that wide smile again. "You mentioned seats?" -01:00 Dec 29
Damion: "Who started the conversation?" he asked innocently as they left and headed for the tables with the load of food. "That was your first shark, you’ll be fine -01:41 Dec 29
[Leslie is pretty damned mad, but she’s hiding it well. She thinks.] -08:03 Dec 29
[Damion is amused by Leslie’s conversation.] -08:04 Dec 29
Damion: "Who started the conversation?" he asked innocently as they left and headed for the tables with the load of food. "That was your first shark, you’ll be fine." he placed the plate on the table and looked at her, reading her expression carefully. "How are you doing?" -08:07 Dec 29
Leslie: "I am so sorry…" Leslie really did look apologetic, but damned if she didn’t want kick that woman or something. She was mad enough she had to set her glass down and fidget with her fingers. Maybe to keep from hitting someone. "But ten minutes in and I’m being verbally assaulted by Quetzalcoatl? She doesn’t even know me! No one has the right to talk to me that way, I don’t care how much damn money they donate to charity…" -08:12 Dec 29
Damion: "Of course they don’t have the right, but treat it like a game, a verbal dance, without consequence. Though honestly I think wanted to get a closer look at your dress, it’s very obvious who’s mind designed it to anyone that knows fasion." -08:17 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie took a deep breath. …and a second one. Then let it out in a slow, conceeding exhale. She didn’t do games like this… Leslie avoided assholes and enjoyed the company of people she was actually fond of! But this was his job and- he was talking about her dress. That disarmed her from her thoughts to glance down at the dark purple fabric and black lace. "I think Jade might have been a better person for this dress." -08:23 Dec 29
Damion: "But I didn’t have it made for Jade." he pointed out. "And it’s not Jade I have with me tonight, and so long as you’re with me you’re the only one I’m taking out to functions. I think something bright for your next one?" he pulled out a seat for her and indcated she should use it. "Ever though I like the way this one highlights your curves." -08:28 Dec 29
Leslie: "Something bright? You are trying to get me noticed on purpose..?" This time she gave a teasing smile, and slipped in to the chair he pulled out for her. Now that she was sitting, she felt a little less exposed and relaxed just a bit. "I am sorry. She just.. rattled me a little bit. I’ll try the smile and nod method with the next shark." She grinned. -08:32 Dec 29
Damion: "They say if you kiss a shark it goes docile in your hands." he said flashing her a grin and sitting oposite her. "Though the though of you running around kissing everyone here if only amusing in my head." he was trying to get her to relax, she was being too hard on herself for no reason. "Now, I order you to try one of these pastries." -08:37 Dec 29
Leslie: "Yes sir." she mumbled with a grin. Kissing sharks was probably the last thing any sane person would do. Unless he was the shark. Leslie would have loved to slide in to his lap and kiss him. Instead she reached for one of the pastries and took a bite. She couldn’t hold back that soft pleased sound. The sharks might be worth it if everything tasted that good! "You had an intense conversation yourself before. Was that business?" she asked curiously. -08:41 Dec 29
Damion: "The second one was." he said eying her carefully, taking note of every subtle expression. "The first was my abotive father." his eyes remained on hers and his expression unchanged. "The one man here you have to worry about meeting." -08:46 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie coughed, thankfully having swallowed before choking anything. She did have to lean and take a sip of champange, though, before giving him a surprised expression. "Is it normal to run in to him at places like this? Did you know he would be here tonight?" There were a million and one questions in her head, and Leslie wasn’t even sure if she should ask any of them. Now it was her examining his expression. "You’ve never talked about him before…" -08:50 Dec 29
Damion: "I did know he would be here, he is here every year." he eyed her more closely as he continued. "He doesn’t approve of the way I do business, or the way I treat women, not that he knows half of what I do to women…" he smirked at her and took a sip from his glass. "I’m sure he’d be surprised if he spoke to you." -08:57 Dec 29
Leslie: "You have the reputation of a ruthless man, Damion Rubrum, so I am not surprised… It does make me wonder what a little you was like." Just as brooding? Leslie had a feeling he might have been devious. She remembered the tidbit about his birth parents being murdered, and her expression softened a bit. "Do you want me to meet him, Damion?" -09:01 Dec 29
Damion: "I don’t think that is a good idea, not yet." he said. "He also has issue with the type of woman I usually bring I’d rather he met you under better circonstances." And but that he meant was controlled ones, "But we’re not really here to talk about my family, we’re here for pretending like we’re important and taking up seats." -09:08 Dec 29
Leslie: She grinned and slipped out of her chair, and whether it was appropriate or not, she shifted it so it was next to him instead of across the table. Then it was right back to sitting down, this time with him close enough so she could lean towards and speak softer. "And what to important people talk about during these long charity events when they are not doing business, snapping at dragonfaced aztec gods, or listening to long boring speeches, Mister Rubrum?" -09:14 Dec 29
Damion: "That talk about how important they are, obviously, me, I’m pretty important, so are you. There, we’re done, time to go back ot the hotel and have very important sex." he looked at her wondering if she knew that people would be asuuming was happening under the table. -09:16 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie laughed and straightened in her seat. "That’s it, then? Didn’t we just get here? Here I thought you had much more self restraint than I did…" Leslie didn’t reach under the table and touch him, though she really wanted to. She just doubt she could pull it off with any sort of subtly. She reached to pick up her champagne glass and take another sip. Casting him another small smile. "If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were a little uncomfortable…" -09:21 Dec 29
Damion: "And here -I- thought humor would be welcomed." he said swirling his glass and looking down in it. "Instead you question my resolve and ability to coap with public eventy and inuendo at the same time. I’m flattered." -09:25 Dec 29
Leslie: That took her back a bit, and she was once again examining his face for some hint to what he was thinking. Sometimes it was so hard to tell when he was kidding with her, and when he was actually offended. Leslie was getting better though. Whether it was managing him or managing her own reaction to him, she wasn’t sure yet… "You forget that I’m not very talented with verbal warfare. I’d rather be kissing than dueling. Or anywhere alone with you somewhere quiet… you know, it’s my turn to pick a place for our next date." -09:30 Dec 29
Damion: "I didn’t think tonight counted, it’s after all not something I chose but something that was chosen for me." he eyed her "But if you want to choose… I’m sure we’ll be very happy in my place, good choice." he picked up a pastry and bit into it before giving her a grin and offering her a bite. -09:37 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie narrowed her eyes at him, but took the bite. Still giving him that I see what you did expression as she chewed. "Okay, I can accept this not counting as a date… But the date after, I’ll choose. And it won’t be at your apartment. It will be a surprise." -09:42 Dec 29
Damion: He remembered how the last one went and the grin faded flightly as he butted the parsty against her lips again. "Finish it." He though for a moment, then I guess I’ll have to make the one before it a surprise too. How are you with hieghts?" -09:47 Dec 29
Leslie: Demanding man. Leslie finished the pastry, waiting until she swallowed and picked up a napkin before she responded. "All right, I guess? The flight here wasn’t bad." She dabbed her mouth carefully, trying to make sure she didn’t smear her lipstick. Leslie took a lot of time in trying to make sure she looked perfect tonight, and that wasn’t something she typically did. She gave the statement a second thought."…though I guess I spent most of it deleriously medicated in case I flipped out on an inclosed plane…" Better safe than sorry. She tilted her head and eyed him curiously. -09:56 Dec 29
Damion: He jave her a comoletely innocent expression and then a thin smile. "I’ll pick you up in the first at seven PM." he said "The date is important, no rescheduling and don’t be late. He brushing his fintertip against the tip of her nose and smiled. "And I’ll show you things you’ve only seen in pictures." -10:05 Dec 29
Leslie: That made her smile wide, maybe even with a veru ridiculous lit. "Oh really? I hope you know, the majority of pictures I’ve been looking at have been concept cover art for romance novels. And those get very, very interesting." Leslie decided when he was trying to look innocent was when he was being the most devious. But she made a mental note of the date. She wouldn’t want to miss it. -10:08 Dec 29
Damion: "Well that’s completely the wrong direction." he mused, "Maybe another date." he leaned back mentally closing the book on the thread of conversation. "So do we circle the sharks or spend the entire night sitting down? Or better yet, go for a walk?" -10:18 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie gave a soft laugh and a grin, followed by a shrug of her shoulders. "Not sure if I’m ready for more sharks yet. But doing something other than sitting sounds good to me." In fact, she was already rising out of her seat and smoothing her hands down over her dress once she did. "I’m kind of curious to look around, anyway. It’s not often I get to go somewhere so sparkly glamorous." -10:21 Dec 29
Damion: His wolfish grin was back but melted into an innocent expresion as he stood and took her arm. "I know a place I want to show you." made sure to take a fresh glass with him too and licked his lips to moisen them. "I think you’ll enjoy it." -10:37 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie missed that change of expression, having glanced away to see where all the sharks were flouncing. Particularly so she could avoid the golden harpy, and maybe just a little bit of interest in seeing where his father might have been. She linked her arm with his, entwining her fingers through his. "Is this building just for public events or is it a commercial office? I don’t think I ever asked… but it’s pretty grand, isn’t it?" -10:42 Dec 29
Damion: "It’s rented for various events I think. I don’t really know what it’s used for otherwise." he wanked her along the edge of the loom keeping an eye out for poeple, then he reached the buffet table he stopped and wish a glance around he pulled her behind the devorative lwall covered in plants that was really nothign more than a slatted screen. "Not a sound." he whispered as he uncoiled his arm and grinned at her. "Time to see if you were telling the truth." -10:56 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie surpressed that sound of surprise, but glanced around the hidden little alcove with a suspicious look. If he wanted to sneak a kiss, she wasn’t going to deny him. "I am pretty sure I haven’t told a lie all night, but which truth are we speaking of?" she whispered softly, unable to resist reaching up to brush her fingers over his mouth with a grin. -11:00 Dec 29
Damion: He prabbed the bottom of her dress and slowly pulled it up, his fingers trailing up her hips and he grinned agaist her fingers when they didn’t find fabric. "Shhh…" he cooed leaning in to kiss the tip of her nose. "Consider this your training, no sound during sex or the sharks will hear you." -11:05 Dec 29
Leslie: "Sex?" That came out as an alarmed, almost audible squeak. He wasn’t serious. And she could shake herself for being so desperate just to kiss and touch him, that she was almost considering the idea. "Someone will catch us here." she whispered softly, reaching down to grab his hands with the intent to pull them away. Except she didn’t. …she wasn’t wactually considering it, was she?! -11:08 Dec 29
Damion: He gripped her hips and moved her against the wall before he pulled her dess up purther. "That is what makes it challenging." he saidlifting her to pin her in place and slide a hand down her side toglode over her crotch. "I like it when you tell the truth." -11:14 Dec 29
Leslie: Leslie gasped and had to clamp her mouth shut. And bite her tongue. This was crazy and wrong and… maybe if they were really, really fast. She shifted against she wall and curled her hands in to his jacket. "I really, really want to kiss you…" she mumbled with a breath. -11:20 Dec 29
Damion: He openes his zip and drew himself out. "You’ll have to resist that. Lipstick looks better on you than it does me." he whispered before he pushed his tip against her folds and pushed, slowly, gently, allowing her time to get wet before he used force. -11:24 Dec 29
Leslie: The was the slight twitch of a smile at the corner of her mouth, before she was biting down on her bottom lip again to stiffle a sound. There was a tingling rush coursing through her skin so quick it was giving her goosebumps. One of her arms rest over his shoulder as she brushed her fingers in to the hair at the nape of his neck. "One wouldn’t hurt.." another soft whisper, and she was nuzzling his cheek. -11:32 Dec 29
Damion: He thust against her his hand traveling up to press agains her forehead holding her back without messing her hair. "And what would get us caught, you can give me all the kisses you want once we leave." he did kiss the corner of her mought thoughm away from the lipstick before he becan to push harder. -11:35 Dec 29
Leslie: Oh! Christ… this was hard! Having to be quiet, knowing someone could hear made it so much more intense. Like a live wire about to go off. It wasn’t fair that he seemed so in control and here she was yearning for a kiss… Her legs wrapped around his waist, locking her ankles together as she pushed away from the wall to grind in to him. Biting down on her tongue again to keep from moaning. -11:43 Dec 29
Damion: He thrust deeper with her cooperation, easing his grip on her and smiling as he pushed. They would have to be fast, and he couldn’t slowly torture her like he would love to. Getting caught would be bad. But next time… he made a sound, soft and barely there but a sound nontheless. Then he was grinning at her. "There, that was for you, so you know I’m loving this too." -11:50 Dec 29
Leslie: Arrogant man… Leslie was grinning regardless, using his slacked grip to circle both her arms around him. A hand gripping tighter in to his hair, while her other was slipping beneath his jacket to dig her nails in to his back. She tilted her head, brushing her nose against his cheek so tempted to steal a kiss anyway. But she didn’t, she just pressed her cheek against his, her mouth almost close enough to his ear to be touching. "Do you, Damion..? Maybe enough for one- ah..! Kiss?" So hard to keep her voice low, she almost cracked! -12:00 Dec 30
Damion: He pulled his face away from her and pushed his hips agaisnt her. He didn’t answer, he had told her he couldn’t and shouldn’t ask. The moment of iritation passed quickly however to be overwhelmed by the feeling spreading through him. He was dangerously close! -12:05 Dec 30
Leslie: Denied again, and Leslie had to stifle a frustrated wanting sound. She was both irritated, and so, so lost to the feeling of him that she nearly forget just where they were. Leslie gripped his hair tighter, and her other hand rose to rest against his cheek and angle his face back towards hers. "Okay… you win." the soft words came out as a gasp as she rest her forehead against his and rose against. She couldn’t have the kiss, but she had his eyes! -12:14 Dec 30
Damion: He stared into her eyes and pressed her agaist the hall. "Soon." he whispered. "Soon I’ll…" he licked his lips and left the sentence hanging. He wasn’t thinking baout kisses anymore, only about her eyes and the feeling that enraptured him. It wasn’t fait that he couldn’t have her all ti himself yet, that he’d have to wait another few hours, but this, this was good. And she was behaving beatifly. -12:19 Dec 30
Leslie: She made a small mewling sound, running her thumb over his moistened mouth. It’d be so easy to steal a kiss, he couldn’t stop her. Leslie leaned close, her mouth barely a hair’s breadth away from his. Until she gasped, body tightening around him and nails digging in to the back of his neck. She bite her tongue hard enough to taste blood to keep herself silent, even while she shivered and twist against him. Not once looking away from his eyes. -12:28 Dec 30
Damion: When she tightened he let go and his face flushed from the pure bliss of the experience. Only she made him feel like this but as it passed there was as always the curiosity of what it would be like to take her to his other room. "Well done." he whispered. "I think you desurve something special tonight once this is over." -12:32 Dec 30

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