One Life Stand 017: One Wish from Forever

[Tessa feels a little strange about waking up in a new place, now. But… she could definitely get used to this!] -04:34 Jun 13
[D left kessa dreakfast and a note next to the bed, maybe the rose drawn on the note was too much but he effectivly kidnapped her so… food and flowers, those always forked on girls.. right?] -04:37 Jun 13
Tessa: Her one day off work. …not even because she -wanted- a day off, but because D had insisted she didn’t go anywhere today and since he seemed so urget about it, she kinda caved… Ooh, food! After rolling a bit in the giant bed just for the amusement of it, she finally reached to snatch up the note to read. And where was he, exactly when he asked her not to go anywhere? This was clearly a bribe! -04:40 Jun 13
D: D was in fact getting her office things, and coordingating the men and van that would bring it all to where they were now staying. At least there there wouldn’t be stupid exes coming to visit, and if there were Chaya would be eating well. He did feel bad though for leaving her and so.. finally caved. He dialed her number and sighed. “Hey Tess.. Yeah I’m at the appartment, just wondering if theres anythign you want me to bring over. I have three big men with me who have been told they’ll be fed to tigers if they damage your desk as they load it into thier van. Figured since you’re moving into my place I’d set you up with your own office and papers. And before I forget you can use thiis number to reach me anytime, except when I’m working..” -04:46 Jun 13
D: D was in fact getting her office things, and coordingating the men and van that would bring it all to where they were now staying. At least there there wouldn’t be stupid exes coming to visit, and if there were Chaya would be eating well. He did feel bad though for leaving her and so.. finally caved. He dialed her number and sighed. “Hey Tess.. Yeah I’m at the appartment, just wondering if theres anythign you want me to bring over. I have three big men with me who have been told they’ll be fed to tigers if they damage your desk as they load it into thier van. Figured since you’re moving into my place I’d set you up with your own office and papers. And before I forget you can use thiis number to reach me anytime, except when I’m working..” -04:46 Jun 13
Tessa: “Now how am I going to know when you’re working and when you’re just being weird?” she teasingly asked, taking a sip of coffee. In bed even! This was nice… but knowing he was moving her stuff, when it really should have been her task to do, she was itching to do something. “I could have moved my stuff myself, you know. In fact, I’ll get dressed and meet you there?” -04:50 Jun 13
D: “No you won’t. Today is Tessa day. You need to relax and eat. I have things to do that don’t involve moving so I won’t be here anyway.” he did have things to do, contacts to call and tell he was working again. “You make yourself at home, and try not to get too attached and fall in love with the place, or we’ll be living together forever.” -04:55 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa very nearly said she’d love to and caught herself in time. “Fine… but you should be here for dinner! You shouldn’t get lazy about cooking for me just because there’s someone else here that cooks.” He staff in that house. Staff, a house, and a secret job he kept from her… and now he was moving her in there within just a few days of her finding out! Tessa was still debating if it was a good thing or kidnapping… -05:00 Jun 13
D: “I’ll cook, don’t worry.” he said “And I’ll be home before noon.” he was meanign against the car procrastonating on hanging up. “ANd if you get married I’m not sharing my bed with whoever it is, or driving them around… or cooking for them. Unless its someone I like. Now I need to go, so, I’ll talk to you soon.” -05:05 Jun 13
Tessa: “Goodbye D…” Tessa hung up, frowning at the phone. Grumbling to herself, she finally crawled out of bed and moved to get dressed. “…I don’t have any clean clothes here! Baah!” How did he always consider these things before she did? She was the manger! Another huff and she was going to snatch up her bag. Somewhere in there she’d have some emergency clothes. She pulled out a work folder, a bunch of flyers, some notebooks, her teapot lamp, random fabric. Marriage again… he was bringing that up a lot lately! Not that she minded, but… It put thoughts in to her head, and how he mentioned it was always confusing. He’d do one thing and say another. “Why do you have to go and act like a boyfriend.” she muttered to herself. “I really wish I knew what you really thought, so I wouldn’t have to ask and look like an idiot.” Now she was just complaining, and there was no emergency clothes in here! -05:22 Jun 13
D: Suddenly he wasn’t on the street anymore, he was back home and in bed… with someone. Someone he had been in bed with a lot lately. “Tessa?” again? did she make a wish again? She wasn’t in stripper clothes.. in hact she was in a very elegant and simple short white dress… “Wha… I..” he settled for just looking at her… “Are you wearing underwear this time?” -05:27 Jun 13
Tessa: “…what?” Suddenly being ploofed somewhere else was always disorienting, but being asked about her underwear was a little more confusing than having D on top of her again. Again…! Blast it, she forgot all about that lamp teapot! But nothing about her wish involved this so… “Did you make a wish?” -05:38 Jun 13
D: He shook his head slowly as he thought back making sure. “Thats a nice dress thoughI…” he brought his hand up to scratch his chin nervoust a ring glinting on his finger. “Its just a nice dress….” he looked down at her, tellinf himself it wasn’t his fault his ahdn was in her hair, it needed to fo somewhere as he rested on his elbow. -05:44 Jun 13
Tessa: It was hard not to notice the ring, not that he didn’t occasionally wear them, but…! Trying to be subtle about it, she braced her left hand on his shoulder. Another ring… wedding ring! Exact same style and…! She wished to know what he thought about her, and this is what she got…! “What on earth were you thinking about!” Tessa was a little bewildered, and just a tiny, tiny bit guilty. -05:51 Jun 13
D: “Me?” he looked at her… “IWas thinkign about getting a bagel, and maybe coming home with enough cheese to make macaroni…” he said looking at her… “What were YOU thinking? What… are.. I really like that dress.” -05:54 Jun 13
Tessa: “I was thinking about you…” she confessed. It was the truth… and she was kinda thinking about this too. Well, not this specifically, but being married and. She wanted to know what HE thought though! Tessa shifted up on to her elbows, which really didn’t do anything more than bring her closer to him. Close enough to lean and kiss him if she wanted to. …and she really did want to. “You were only thinking about food? Not anything else?” -05:59 Jun 13
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:35 Jun 13
[D enters.] -06:36 Jun 13
D: He looked at her his lips parting uncertainly then frowning. “I was thinking about you too, about having you here and that that means. I don’t bring just anyone to my secret house in the hills you know. My stuff is here, my memories are here, in fact you’re the first.” -06:39 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa didn’t think he thought about it all, he was so instantaneously ready to move her in the moment she knew the house existed. …which made her very worried that now he was having seconds thoughts. Worse if she had wished them married by accident and he was keen on the idea. “I don’t have to live here. I can stay at my apartment and not be in your space.” -06:44 Jun 13
D: He looked at her. “I like you in my space.” he said “I like you in my memories.” he scewed his mough in an awkward thinking face. “I guess I should ask you what you want to do. But either way I’m sleeping in the same bed as you. But I know Chaya would be lonely if we didn’t stay.” -06:51 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa doubted he ever realized when he said something sweet. Just like a boyfriend. …but a good boyfriend. Not like those assholes that claimed they wanted to share her bed, and took off the first moment they found something better. Tessa leaned again, brushing s kiss against his cheek. “I want to live here. Though it’s nice being asked too.” Now she couldn’t stop grinning. It was stupid, and he was sweet.. and she was going to get in so much trouble later. But for the moment all she could do was smile. -07:00 Jun 13
D: She was being affectionate and he was weak to it. “Is that what you wished for? To know if I wanted you here.. or for..” he leaned down and pushes his lips into hers, he wanted to do ti softly but it bame out as what could only be called hard and a little bit needy as he nipped her lower lip and let out an involintary sigh before he managed to pull back. -07:04 Jun 13
Tessa: “Almost…?” There was a ridiculously wistful look on her face, and she was trying to wipe that grin away. It just wasn’t working at all when he was so close, and it was so easy to brush her fingers over his neck and flick them through his hair. “I wanted to know what you thought about me, and now we’re bed.” …she shouldn’t have left out the rings part. But if she mentioned it, he might not be so willing to stay there like this… and she really, really liked this. -07:11 Jun 13
D: “If you had asked I would not have said I wanted you in my bed. Though I do, I put you there.. here..” he trailed off and kissed her again, softly but the need was still there. “I should stop doing that.” he said softly life he really didn’t want to say it. “It might lead to something…” -07:15 Jun 13
Tessa: “And if it does…?” she shouldn’t have asked. Definitely not all breathy and hopeful. And surely not following it with a kiss of her own, brushed softly at the corner of his mouth. With a nuzzle against his cheek, or another kiss less soft and much more coaxing for him to respond. -07:19 Jun 13
D: He put his hand on the back of her head and held it up as he niddled in her lips with his. “We’re two adults, we’ll figure something out.” he whispered. He shouldn’t want this so much, he was projecting and it sounded like she did too. “If you want to…” it was almost a plea as he rensted his forehead agaist hers and holding a handful of her hair. -07:26 Jun 13
Tessa: If…! How much more obvious could she be! Tessa would have laughed if she weren’t so needily frustrated. She’d show him if. Tessa circled her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. It was kinda like deja vu, being like this again. She teased his mouth with a slip of her tongue, and later she might feel a little bad, but for now just to kiss him was exquisite! -07:32 Jun 13
D: He kissed her back pressing her agaist the bed and pulling her dress up to run a hand up her hip. She WAS wearing underwear. It would be harder to go back but he didn’t care, we wanted her, needed her. “Fuck…” he grabbed her hai arnd pulled her harder agaist himscrewing his eyes shut and just KISSSING HER. He’d deal with consequences later. -07:36 Jun 13
Tessa: Her muffled sigh was definitely not a complaint. And for something she was worried about not having earlier, clothes were now a vexation when she wanted to feel skin. Her hands were already digging at the fabric at his back, tugging it upwards so she could weasel it off him. She had her eyes on him, half opened to watch his expression and ever so often making her grin against his mouth. -07:45 Jun 13
D: He pulled away long enough to get rid of the shirt he was wearing and lay his hand on her cheek in what might have been sweet pesture it not for a blatant hunger in his eyes. He put his hand on her shoulder and puleld her away from the bed to pull the zip on her back down along her spine and pull her dress down. How had he knows the sip was there? -07:50 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa didn’t even know how that dress worked, but it was the last thing on her mind. Even that awkward shyness hadn’t occured to her. They did it once before, what was there to be shy about? Tessa was chewing on her bottom lip as she traced over his tattoo with a fingertip and grazed her hands down his stomach. -07:59 Jun 13
D: He pulled the dress from her and tossed it to the floor and was then reaching around to undo the black lacey bra underneath and letting that join the dress. then he was leaning down and giving her neck a teasing nip before finding her lips in a kiss. How long would it be before she wished for this again? How long before her last wish and then no more? He didn’t want this to be the second last time. He’d offer to be her genie but that would lead to awful lines about ‘rubbing the lamp’ and he couldn’t think to talk right now. -08:04 Jun 13
Tessa: Less clothes, and it still wasn’t enough. Tessa braced her hands at the side of his head, returning his kiss with an eager infatuation. They could do this forever if they were married…! if she told him and he didn’t hate her for it! She didn’t want to think about how it could go wrong. Tessa pushed at his shoulder until he was up enough and she shifted to her knees. Never breaking away from kissing him, but slipping her hands down his sides until she was tugging at his pants to pull them off. -08:18 Jun 13
D: He took over the tasy or holding her head to keep their licks locked his tongue dancing over her lip as he swayed his hips leping her push his pants down before he moved his hand down to do the sane to her panties. He wanted every inch of him to be touching every inch of her, he ached for it like he never had before… “I think I kindof love you..” he whispered breatlessly before pulling her agaist him and kissing her again. -08:26 Jun 13
Tessa: There was a widening of her eyes, and it was spoken so softly and so quickly, Tessa wasn’t so sure she heard it at all! …and it didn’t matter even if she made it up, she was melting against him. She loved the feel of his skin, the way he kissed her, and him. She could show him even… Once his pants were good and gone, there was a little bit of hesitation before she reached down. Her fingers gently circling his shaft while her eyes watched his expression. -08:41 Jun 13
D: His eyes dafted open and he looked at her his hand wondering down to rub her ass, slowly and his a look of anticipation and lust shining in his eyes. He could have proposed to her in they moment, but instead he sent a hand sliding up her breast, chest, neck and to her cheek before he nipped her lip once more, then twice, then caught it in a kiss. -08:45 Jun 13
Tessa: She could get lost in that kiss and his touch, then never have the senses to show him how she felt. Tessa ran her tongue over his mouth, dipping her head to nuzzle against his neck. Her breath falling over his collar bone when she grazed her teeth over his skin. All the while letting her hand stroke him with a tempting grip. -08:55 Jun 13
D: He pushed closed to her waiting softness. He wanted her and the fact that he did resonated though every fibre of his being, every tendon aching for her. He pushed his hips closer to hers until they toutched a needy whimper coming to his throat. -09:01 Jun 13
Tessa: That one simple sound meant so much, and he had no idea! Tessa released him, only to slide her arms around his neck again and crush her mouth to his in a rushed kiss. She bounced, just for enough momentum to sling her legs around his hips too. When she broke the kiss she was breathless, digging her hands in to his hair and nipping at his mouth between words. “Would you… make love… to me? Please?” -09:08 Jun 13
D: “Make love…?” the distinction was important back to didn’t give her a chance to answer before he dumped her onto her back and fell ontop in her, his hand grabbing her hip as he slidid his agaist hers, locating her soft openeing and pushing… -09:16 Jun 13
Tessa: Her sudden intake of breath was followed by a quiet so very pleased mewl of approval. To kiss him and touch him had nothing on being fill by him too, and even if it did all sound like crazy romance novel babbling in her head, he made her feel like a live wire. Her legs remained gripped tight around him, drawing him to her much the same way her arms did. -09:22 Jun 13
D: HE pushed depther into her savoring the sensation as he broke the kiss and let out a needy half growl. Thrust… kiss her neck and press his body into hers… Thrust.. grig her tighter and let her name espape his lips along with the woths ‘love’… Thrust… no it wasn’t good to be this lost in her, but there was no escape, and no will to do so. -09:27 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa buried her face at his neck, every movement drawing some sound of pleasure from her. Be it a faint squeak or long breathy moan. Even when her legs losened just so she could shift with him, her arms were wrapped tight. Hands gripping and uncurling every moment she realized her nails were digging in his skin. -09:35 Jun 13
[Tessa enters.] -09:39 Jun 13
D: It was beyonds words how much he loved this, loved being with her, he heavy breathign was catchign in his throat as he tightened hsi arms around her and thrust faster a passion-laden cry eminatinf from deep within his core. it wouldn’t be long now… “Fuck.. Tessa… ” he burried his face in her hair his higs grinding into hers… “I don’t to wait for your next wish before doing this again…” -09:39 Jun 13
Tessa: Why did that make her want to laugh and hold him and not let go? Tessa smiled wide, tilting her head until she was nibbling on his ear. “We don’t have to wait. I would do this every day…” To make love to him like this everyday would be amazing…! Better than any wish could granted if he wanted it too. “Will you do this again..?” she asked against his ear in a whisper. -09:45 Jun 13
D: HE pushes harder. “Every day…” his voice was breathless and his lips found hers again before he sped abck up building himself up to the finish his chest heaving agaist hers. It was going to come quickly and the sounds in his throat made that obvious. “Hold me and don’t let go…” -09:56 Jun 13
Tessa: Every day. She could be with him every day, forever. When did that become the one thing in the world she wanted more than anything! Tessa didn’t say another word as she held him tight. Circling an arm around his shoulders and bracing a hand against his cheek and in to his hair. She kissed him hard, deep, feeding it every word she wanted to say and couldn’t. Not breaking away until she was gasping his name with an arc of his back and reveling in the delicious shivers that ran down her spine! -10:02 Jun 13
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -10:09 Jun 13
D: His name on her lips are what did it for him and he pressed into her his eyes closing as he filled her. “We should just get married…” he breathed nuzzling into her as he continued to move slowly inside her his mind numb with bliss and spent passion. Thes with a contented sigh he rested on her. “You’re the best….” -10:09 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa was humming out loud, shifting just enough to brush a kiss over his mouth and nearly purring in lascivious pleasure. She wanted to say they were married. … but… it could. For now Tessa just wanted her moment, gently nuzzling against his cheek in exhausted contenment. “I think I will love being married to you…” she murmured. -10:16 Jun 13
D: He rolled off of her and pulled her against him… “Why do you have to be so perfect?” he asked without expecting an answer his half-closed eyes on her as he ran his fingers through her hair. “You make it very hard to work for you without spending extra time backstage.” -10:20 Jun 13
Tessa: “i don’t think anyone has ever described me as perfect.” he was the first. Everything she had ever done was wrong. …until she met him. Tessa was grinning wide again. “Still perfect even after getting lost in the woods?” -10:24 Jun 13
D: “It got you here didn’t it?” he said with a grin. “To the hidden castle in the woods guarded by a fearson black monster and ruled by a panther.” -10:26 Jun 13
Tessa: Tessa giggled softly, settling against his shoulder with an arm draped over him. “Now who is the fearsome black monster and who is the panther, I wonder…?” -10:29 Jun 13
D: “Well which of us is more fearsom?” he asked with a grin letting his hand wonder down to rub her back. “And which one of us gets to kiss the lost princess in the woods?” -10:31 Jun 13

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