One Life Stand 018: Honeymoon Suite

[Tessa has an out of town meeting with another record label, all expenses paid! D didn’t have to come, but was glad he did… up until she saw the reservation name on the honeymoon suite?! Uh oh…] -06:40 Jun 22
[D Wouldn’t not come if his life depended on it. Its a trick by the label to get information from Tessa, hes sure of it. Now if the reception vlerk would just cave under D’s death glare he’d get to the bottom if this.] -07:06 Jun 22
Tessa: “You know, it’s just a little mistake. Not even a big deal, you’d be staying in my room anyway, right?” Poor clerk. Tessa quickly snatched the clipboard to sign her name, married name…! And pushed that back before D glared any harder. What she was really surprised about was him not noticing the ring. And she was too afraid to try and sneak it off him in case he caught her doing it! -07:13 Jun 22
D: “Mis..” he looked at her, what mi.. oh thier names.. “I’m sure they wanted up in the same room and it was better than putting Mr. and Mrs. Smith or something. Two surnames is a hassle. Right?” he shot the clerk a look and picked up his bag. “Why are you jumpy. You’ve never been afraid to travel before.” -07:18 Jun 22
Tessa: “I’m not jumpy, I’m just… a little nervous I guess! It’s the first meeting as a company with another label? Outside of that party. This is an actual -meeting- meeting…” Tessa snatched the room key and made sure her bag was snuggly over her shoulder as she led the way to the elevator. “You’ll get to hang out in a fancy hotel suite while I’m talking business. That should be fun!” -07:22 Jun 22
D: “Wrong.” he said with a grim as he followed. “Either I’m going with you or I’m looking around seeing what I can find. I have more experience with corporate types than you and have a better plan than “wear a shirt skirt and low cut shirt” for dealing with them. You forget what my job is.” -07:25 Jun 22
Tessa: “I’m not really sure what that job involves. ‘Consulting’ is kinda vague… and I am not so sure you are good with negotiations!” Tessa was pretty sure it was ‘D gets his way, or screw you guys.’ Stepping in to the elevator and pressing the floor button, she cast him a cool look. “…and I only wear the short skirts when I am in trouble with the boss. He was nicer to me when I wore the short ones…” -07:29 Jun 22
[(Timeout) Tessa was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:32 Jun 22
D: “Not a consultant, a conflict resolution specialist, or consultant whatever. I meet with people my client have differences with and negociate compromises…” he glared at her. “And I’m sur everyone is nice to you when you wear those skirts. I’d go to work shirtless if my boss were a girl.. oh right I do…” he ‘tap -07:34 Jun 22
D: “Not a consultant, a conflict resolution specialist, or consultant whatever. I meet with people my client have differences with and negociate compromises…” he glared at her. “And I’m sur everyone is nice to you when you wear those skirts. I’d go to work shirtless if my boss were a girl.. oh right I do…” he ‘tap’ he gave her on her ass was an accident.. he hadn’t meant to do that but at least they were alone in the elevator. -07:35 Jun 22
Tessa: “Then you can see why short skirts are a really good idea when making nice with label people.” Why was her face turning red? She slept with him twice now! And was accidentally married! It should be like… totally not an issue anymore! Now him running around shirtless was on her mind. Shirtless but wearing that jacket of his. That’d be nice… Tessa coughed when the doors opened up, and quickly escaped in to the hall. “Anyway, I am the record label and -you- are the talent. I know how to handle disagreements, so you don’t have to worry about anything! I will take care of you!” -07:40 Jun 22
D: “I but you will, in that skirt…” he hoped that was too soft fot her to hear but the ‘rrrawr’ that followed definitely wasn’t. Okay why was he thinking abot sexing the boss? Was it the hotel? Had to be the hotel.. still DISTRACTION TIME!! he pulled off his jacket and shirt and then picked up his guitar.. all while still in the hallway. “See coming to work shirtless, not an issue with the boss I have. nd if you don’t want me in the leeting then I’ll arange a few of my own. Either way I’m seeing you in that swirt.. maybe with those boots you genied up.. and.. ” stop it D …. “Well you get the idea….” -07:45 Jun 22
Tessa: She heard him growling, but hadn’t realized he was near stripping in the hall until she had the door unlocked and turned around. Tessa nearly dropped her keys and had to fumble to the catch them as she took a few steps backwards in to the room. “YOU aren’t here to work…! Now you’re just shirtless for no reason!” Shirtless and with a guitar! Any fangirl’s dream! “I am wearing a very nice pair of pants and totally professional shoes for my meeting. Short skirts and high boots are for special occasions.” …and that came out almost sleazy. Tessa dropped her bag in the room and glanced around. The room was a honeymoon romance dream come true. The company really was trying to butter her up! -07:51 Jun 22
D: “I guess sharing a bed with a rockstar just isn’t special for you anym…. wow.” he had just walked in and seem the room. “The decore is a little… romantic and..” he stepped up to a table set out for two and picked up something from the surface. “Prepaid roomservice for two… ‘by candlelight’…” he looked at the candle on the table “Did you plan this?” -07:55 Jun 22
Tessa: “Of course not…!” It was the truth! …not that she didn’t really like the idea… Wouldn’t it be grand to snuggle with that soft glow of candles and him play his guitar and she’d play with his hair and. …Dammit. “Obviously, they got a lot of things mixed up. It’s, um…. really easy to get the wrong impression about us, I guess…” For a split second she thought about telling him. …but she liked the way things were! What if everything was screwed. -08:01 Jun 22
D: “We’ve had sex, we live together, we sometimes act like we’re maried… I guess.” he put the card down. “I guess thats dinner tonight then, if they overcook the… I’m not even going to worry about that…” he sighed and looked at her. “But you know if you wanted to wear less around the place I wouldn’t mind. You’re really not bad to look at and I’ve seen you naked. You don’t have to worry about what I think.” -08:05 Jun 22
Tessa: “Maybe I will. Then you’d see what it’s like to have someone running around naked all the time!” Okay, that wasn’t much of a threat at all, really. Still, Tessa was kicking off her shoes and pulling off her coat. Her meeting wasn’t until the morning, she could spend the night in an amazing hotel room as comfortable and as naked as she pleased. …and totally not because he had to sound so casual about sex that she was a little insulted. -08:09 Jun 22
D: “Naked?” there was a rattle and his belt hit the floor and he eyes her with a cheeky grin. “Not quite.” he sat on the bed and put his guitar in his knee. “You know I’m surprised we don’t just have sex all the time.” he said picking a few notes and adjusting the strings. “It would seem easier that way.” he wasn’t even looking at her and seemed very intent on his work. “There we goo.. I might need to change these strings soon. I need a heavier gauge if I don’t want them to break as much…” -08:13 Jun 22
Tessa: “Easier!” It would! But she wasn’t going to admit that to him, especially when it sounded like such an everyday thing. Tessa didn’t think sex with him had been so everyday. Half the time all she could think about was doing it again and it was driving her nuts! Huffing, she snatched up her bag to drag over to the closet and hang some things up. In the process she pulled off her dress to hang up too. She’d put on pajamas in a few minutes, then she would sleep and not snuggle him. It would serve him right. “It’s probably better not to, anyway! You get distracted enough as it is!” -08:20 Jun 22
D: There was a sour note and he stopped playing. “Alright if thats what you want. I just think you’re pretty amazing thats all.” he said putting down his guitar. “But you’re right, we work together and guys like me don’t get girls like you. You’re the boss.” he stood and looked at the table “We’ll just have a cable lit dinner and call it that.” he stritched and took a few steps towards the bathroom. “Stupid idea anyway.” -08:25 Jun 22
Tessa: He missed a note, which was enough to make her pause and tilt to peer around the door at him. He never missed notes. “Who said you couldn’t get me? I didn’t say it was stupid! I said you would get distracted!” Tessa scowled, closing the closet door and dragging her bag to the bed to dig around for pajamas. ” A guy isn’t so casual about amazing girls…” she muttered under her breath when she thought he was out of ear shot. If she had more charisma she’d stomp after him and seduce him. He wouldn’t be so calm then! Tessa held out her hand to look at her wedding band. He -had- been thinking about marriage, though… but then maybe he thought of them like a boring old married couple… -08:34 Jun 22
D: “I didn’t get as in sex.” he called from the bathroom. Just forget it I’d make a crappy… anything.” he closed the bathroom door maybe a little too hardgrowled at himself. “It was a stupid idea.” he sat on the thone of his fortress of solitude and scowled. ‘D ruins everything by mentioning things.’ Such an idiot. Maybe he should just go out. -08:39 Jun 22
Tessa: This was exactly why she couldn’t tell him…! He was going to be so mad! Everything had been perfectly fine before she had to start making wishes and getting everything all messed up. Huffing, she pulled on a nightgown something silly and covered in fluffy sheep print. It was the least sexy thing she had, which meant she wouldn’t try to go all vixen on him and do things to him. Tessa stopped and leaned on the bathroom door, tapping gently with a nail. “Then what do you mean..? Because right now sex is pretty high on the list of things Tessa is thinking about and shouldn’t….” -08:51 Jun 22
D: “Relationship crap.” he yelled back “Boyfriend, girlfriend with the feelings nad the words. I’m terrible with that.” he was sitting on the shitter with his pants pulled up and yelling at her in the other room adn it dawned on his how ridiculous that was and he pulled open the bathroom door “So I should go back to the couch… in the meantime I need a drink.” -08:57 Jun 22
Tessa: Tessa blocked the door with both her arms, her eyes wide. There was no way she was moving and letting him flee to the couch! “A real relationship…? And everything that comes with it? ….do you want that?” Tessa was so afraid he would say no, she almost didn’t ask. -09:02 Jun 22
D: He looked at her and folded his arm. It was unfair for her to ask peircing questins while he was half naked and he did try to cover himself up without appearing to. “Everyone wants that. But you’re a professional, smart, beatiful woman whose going to be really really siccessful and I’m a guy who was bumming on your couch with a guitar. You’ve had enough crappy boyfriends.” -09:07 Jun 22
Tessa: “That’s not what I asked you, D…!” she moved to step forward and swat at him. But she wasn’t getting out of the way. He was acting like a total girl about it! “Do you want to be my boyfriend…? You have to tell me. …and if you don’t tell me, I’ll fire you!” -09:09 Jun 22
D: He uncrossed his arms and put his hands on her shoulders. “If I give the answer I want to then you’ll have to fore me so I’m screwed either way.” his eyes met hers “Yes I do, and not I don’t have a job… Isn’t sharing esciting?” -09:12 Jun 22
Tessa: Tessa grinned, and had she known how stupid smitten it was, she might have wiped that silly look off her face. “Who said I can’t represent my own boyfriend? It’s MY company. You don’t have to be so dramatic about it…” Boyfriend..! Not just a wish and ending up married, but the words right out of his mouth. He wanted to be her boyfriend. She’d have descending in to a fit of giggles had she not still been grinning so wide! -09:15 Jun 22
D: He pulled her agaist his bare chest so she wouldn’t see his face. “You’re the boss, you can d what you want.” he said trying to sound casual. “Unless you sell, then things get difficult.” he was pulling her towards the bed to sot down. “So now that I’ve said it can we forget it?” -09:18 Jun 22
Tessa: “You’re my boyfriend.” she repeated, so elated that now it was impossible to stop smiling or not to giggle. “I’d never sell my boyfriend! Watch you walk away with another label during the day? My boyfriend belongs with me..!” She was never going to stop chirping it! Tessa decided it was the word of the night. -09:24 Jun 22
D: “So you’re alright with having me as you boyfriend -09:25 Jun 22
D: “So you’re alright with having me as you boyfriend?” he asked looking down at her, but her deathgrip on him it certainly seemed she didn’t. “And that mans no other dowfriends, no other girlfriends, no runnimg off to marry tallentless pop idols, no going hom with fangirls and waking up next to eachother as much as possible.” -09:28 Jun 22
Tessa: “My boyfriend is pretty demanding, but I think these rules are very acceptable.” Tessa tried to abolish that smile, if only because it made her face hurt…! Her arms curled tight around his waist, she wasn’t ever going to let go. Boyfriend…! of course, later the marriage thing might be a problem… but… if he fell in love with her, they might get married. Then it would solve itself? She tilted back to examine his face. “…you’re not just my boyfriend because you think I’ll fire you, do you? Because I wouldn’t really do that…” -09:34 Jun 22
D: “You said you’d fire me if you didn’t get an answer.” he said “Not if you didn’t get that answer, besides would I lie about this, think about it I…” they really were in a relationship now. “If people think we’re together anyway why can’t we be happy too?” -09:36 Jun 22
Tessa: “And now I don’t have to pretend like I am not looking when you wander around naked…” There was her grin again. Tessa let go of him long enough to throw her arms around his neck instead. She nuzzled his cheek. “But I will still beat the hell out of you if you turn off my alarm clock. Boyfriend or not…” -09:42 Jun 22
D: “I said you could look.” he reminded her “And its you not turning it on… though… I don’t have to hide that I want to do this…” he loved her hair out of the way to kiss behind her ear. “Or this…” he rubed his hand up and down her back. “Sex.. or even just holding you is always a special occasion.: -09:48 Jun 22
Tessa: “Sex with my boyfriend D.” Guilt free sex! Aside from…. one little secret. Still, all the touching and cuddling and snuggling she wants, without wondering if it was the smart or right thing to do. “And how often did you want to do that..?” She didn’t have to feel bad about that teasing tone of voice now either. Or giving him those sly grins, that really were a lot less wicked looking than she was hoping. Tessa brushed her fingers over the nap of his neck. She could do that too! In public! And no one could stop her! With that thought, she accidentally laughed out loud. -09:54 Jun 22
D: She was laughing now… like it was all a joke… was it all a joke on her part? He would find out. Grabbing her shoulders he pushed her down onto the bed and falling on top of her pressed his lips into hers his hand coming up to grip either side of her head as he nipped her lower lip. Did that seem like a joke? How about his hand sliding up under her shirt to softly run her stomach, was that a joke? -09:58 Jun 22
Tessa: A soft exclamation of surprise escaped her and just in reflex she gripped his arms. He had her reeling in an instant, a sigh following the tilt of her head as she rose just a bit off the bed to return the kiss. That laughter was long! -10:05 Jun 22
D: He pulled back and brushed his fingers agaist her cheek. “Does that answer your question?” it didn’t but he had forgotten the question in the rush he had felt from kissing her, and now he was tracing the nickline of her nightie with his finger. “And does this?” he leaned down again to kiss her neck, softer, slower, gentler.” Or do I have to repeat myself? -10:09 Jun 22
Tessa: “I… hum…. yes?” Tessa really didn’t care which response she was answering yes to. Her breath quickened, and everywhere his mouth touched was left tingling. Her fingers curled in to his hair to pet, and she really couldn’t help but purr in to his ear. “Can we just answer every question with this..?” -10:21 Jun 22
[D is having strangly nice getting naked times after being bullied into making Tessa his girlfriend.] -12:46 Jun 23
[Tessa bullied her husband in to being her boyfriend. She’s working backwards!] -12:47 Jun 23
D: "Every question? Whats your middle name?" kiss nip in her neck "how do you get your skin so soft?" kiss nip, slide his lip against her skin in a half nuzzle. "Is this really a good idea?" Plant a kiss on her lips and run his fengers though her hair letting out a soft, slow sigh.. "Mmmhh…" he laughed softly. "You know I think it i…" there was a knock on the door and D turned to look.. another knock and he stood up rebuttonging his pants that had somehow gotten unbuttoned and grabbing his jacket from the floor and headign tot he door. "Keep your hair on… Better cover up Luv.. I’ll deal with this and we’ll answer some more questions." -12:53 Jun 23
Tessa: Giggling bliss! If she ever wanted to open a door and throw something, that was definitely one of those moments. Tessa sat up with a disappointed huff, leaning over the bed to snatch up a robe from her bag. Not that she cared if anyone saw her in a nightgown, but she didn’t want to accidentally flash those record people either if they showed up! -12:57 Jun 23
D: "Room service." tame a voice from the otehr side of the door and D groaned. He had been about to stick his hand on Tessa’s ….. "Coming!" he said before opening the door and accepting the trolley and pulling it into the room. "The set menu for newlyweds as payed for by your benefactors, enjoy." D just closed the door and looked down at the food. "Perfect timeing.. Tessa! Foods here!" -01:04 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa was still thinking about throwing something at the room service guy. Did he have to say newly weds? She just got D to say he was her boyfriend, she didn’t want that ruined now! "…food is good! Hmm… does this mean we get to enjoy candles now?" She might not have planned it, but Tessa definitely wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. It would be a real romancy evening with D and that would be a first! -01:07 Jun 23
D: He looked at her, the table, the food and then pushed the trolley towards the table. "Candlelit dinner in the honeymoon suite and this is a business trip?" it wasn’t making sense, the label wouldn’t be this nice to them even if he was pretending to be. "Well lets eat, I’m sure…" He stopped talking and grabbed the bottle that was on the trolley… "Do you know what this is?" he asked Tessa. "This is ten thousand dollars a bottle… Whoa re these people?" -01:16 Jun 23
Tessa: "Is it really?" she looked pretty surprised. Stopping at the table to open up one of the platters and sneak a quick bite. She sighed! "Hmm… A rival company of the Label, I know for sure. But they didn’t mention what they wanted to discuss other than the business and future of my bands. If anything it’s proof I am being taken seriously!" Tessa was very pleased about that. Enough to be rocking on her heels and grinning about it. -01:19 Jun 23
D: D was fishing in his packets for a lighter to light the cadles and then lighting then. "Well at least someones happy. Its good to see you like this." he bent down to grab the plates from the bottom and put them on the table. "ANything you want to try second?" yes he had seen her sneak a taste. -01:24 Jun 23
Tessa: "I have been like this a lot lately." Tessa never would have thought the more time she spent with him the happier she’d be. Definetely not when she found him on her couch. She leaned to steal something else, eying him as he lit the candles. She really did like that jacket and no shirt look… -03:54 Jun 23
D: He sat down and looked at her over the table. "Going to dish up for that or are we going to eat strait out of the dished with our fingers?" he leaned back in his chair hooking his arm on the back eying her. "While you to that.. I’ll get the wine." -03:59 Jun 23
D: He sat down and looked at her over the table. "Going to dish up for that or are we going to eat strait out of the dished with our fingers?" he leaned back in his chair hooking his arm on the back eying her. "While you to that.. I’ll get the wine." -03:59 Jun 23
Tessa: Deliberately she leaned a hand on the table, plucked out a bite, popped it in her mouth and licked her fingers. "When did you become mister manners? And I dunno about that ten thousand dollar wine… last time you got me liquered up I had the worst headache…" -04:04 Jun 23
D: "And it was the best birthday I’d had in years." he said not taking his eyes off of her as he leaned forwards and piccke up the bottle and removed the foil a picked up a corkscrew. "This is out first meal as a couple isn’t it? " he said watching her carfully. "So we should do it right, or very very wrong. All this food ends up on the floor and you get on the table wrong." -04:08 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa was finding it very hard to be a big tease, when she was grinning so wide. First meal as a couple, and first time flirting with every intention of it going somewhere serious. "It’s not like you to let good food go to waste. What about all that huffing over me getting enough to eat?" She could have easily sat in a chair, but instead she sat on the edge of the table. Picking up a fork to eat just like that. -04:14 Jun 23
D: "How am I meant to know if its good or not if you won’t give me any one a plate?" he teased back popping the cork and ploarign out two full glasses and handing one to her. "Or feelingme some with your fingers is also an option if you don’t mind a little licking." he looked up at her on the table as he sipped the wine to hide his smile. -04:18 Jun 23
Tessa: There was an idea. AND she didn’t have to hide the expression on her face from where her thoughts were going either. Glass in one hand and fork in the other, she shifted on the table until she was bracing a foot on his knee. Then leaned forward to offer him a bite of food on the fork. "It figures a rising rockstar would want to be fed too. Kinda shameless, I think." -04:23 Jun 23
D: He chewed and swallowed, it was good, though might be better with a little less sauce. "Hey I have one girl, who I do things with exclusivly. When I have multiple girls draped over my lap and another feeding me while another is sucking then you can call me a nacisistical rock star, but thats never going to happen so long as I have someone I want to hold onto and maybe one day marry." he took another sip of wine to stop himself grining. Or saying he loved her… that would be worse than grining. -04:36 Jun 23
Tessa: One day marry! If only he knew… Tessa drank her wine, the entire glass! She hadn’t meant to drink it so fast, but she was two seconds from blurting out her secret, and she really, really wanted at least one night of boyfriend-girlfriend happiness before everything blew up. Tessa set her empty glass aside, the fork aside… leaned to take HIS glass, then she was straddling his lap to sit down. A faint frown on her face. "It is exclusive isn’t it? I can tell everyone?" -04:41 Jun 23
D: He put his arms about her waiste and looked up at her. "You don’t see me sneaking off at night do you?" he tilted his head up at her "And the only person who might be angry is my other boss, but screw him, shout it from the rooftops, or better yet, sing it." he leaned forwards to kiss her chest. "Who else am I going to date when we sleep together every night?" -04:45 Jun 23
Tessa: "I kind of worry that being my boyfriend turns guys in to jerks, but I really like the idea of you singing that you’re my boyfriend!" Tessa ran both her hands through his hair and kissed the top of his head. She was so glad they could do this now! -04:53 Jun 23
D: He nuzzled into her chest before looking up at her. "I meant you sing it, but I could. But we both should. And it I turn into the jerk then fire me. You do have that power you know. Or tell me to sleep on the couch, or demand somethign extra special to be cooked… Or that I go down on you.." -04:59 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa slapped her hand over his mouth! Apparently being officially a couple didn’t spare her from turning three shades of red at some comments. Grinning, she just shook her head. "I’m never going to sing. Besides you shouldn’t go saying I can make unbosslike demands on you. I can barely boss you around as it is." -05:06 Jun 23
D: "You are going to sing." he said defiantly. "At least once for me before this trip is over. I’ll even play while you do. No one will hear but me. And I’ll kiss you afterwards and then you can make one unbosslike demand of me that I have to follow." -05:09 Jun 23
Tessa: "I can’t sing, D…" Why did she think that sudden defiance was cute? It must have been the promise of a kiss and a demand. Tessa almost considered it as she brushed her hands over his cheeks. "I think all my demands are work related, anyway. I couldn’t think of something unbosslike." -05:13 Jun 23
D: He kissed her hand softly not moving his arms from around her "Nothing? You can’t think of anything you want me to do thats not work related?" He looked up as her and smiled before tilting his head. "I have one.. Kiss me, any way you want to." -05:20 Jun 23
Tessa: "Any way -I- want to?" That was an odd request and she looked a bit dubious. Still, she leaned forward and brushed her lips over his. A soft and gentle test of pressure to see if there was some trick to it, before applying more confident pressure with a sigh. -05:25 Jun 23
D: He tilted his head back returning her kiss tatching her lip betwen his gently before letting go. "Theres a lot you can tell from a kiss." he said "And a lot you can say with one." he grinned wide and put his hadn on her cheek. "And I like the way you speak." -05:31 Jun 23
Tessa: She was blushing again, and trying to refrain from giggling when she hid her face at his neck. "I’m already your girlfriend now, you don’t have to keep sneaking in charming things on me." she mumbled against his skin, taking the opportunity to nuzzle against it. "So what do I say with a kiss, anyway?" Now that she was curious, she had to ask! -05:34 Jun 23
D: "Because you’re my girlfriend theres going to be more charming things." he said placing a hand on her back between her shoulders to bud solftly and hold her agaist him. "You don’t say words you say feelings, tender warm feelings I’m happy you’re willing to give me." he rested his cheek agaist her neck and sighed. "If this is what steady relationships are like I’ve really been wasting my time not looking for them." -05:41 Jun 23
Tessa: It was difficult to hide a grin when it could so easily be felt against his neck. For an evening that started with her imagining all sorts of sexy things, she really was content and sit just like this. Intimacy without urgency and without resistance. Tessa snuck her arms inside his jacket to curl around him, taking the opportunity to pet bare skin. "Next time I fall in love with you, I’ll tell you right away? That better?" -05:48 Jun 23
D: "Please do… though if you did that mean that… love?…." he stopped talking and leaned into her noticably. "You’re the first person whose staid that to me in anything but a fangirl squeal." he kissed her shoulder and sighed again. "Why are you so amazing?" -06:25 Jun 23
Tessa: Did she say that out loud? …not that she regretted it! Tessa tightened her arms around him and nuzzled against his ear. "I could squeal it too if you really me to. Might be a good idea to deafen you before you have to hear me sing." she muttered soft. -06:31 Jun 23
D: He pulled back to look at her and brush her hair out of her face. "Tessa…" looked at her eyes and hesitated. Her eyes how often had me looked into them from stage and winked? Niw he was looking at them and smiling. "Since we’re dating, and you’ve confessed I think its safe to say this…" he slid his hand down her hairline and down her neck. "I love you. When I’ve been on stage playing its been for you." -06:59 Jun 23
Tessa: "Really?" Tessa didn’t know what made her more gooey. The fact he loved her or the fact that he sang for her. Just one or the other was enough to leave her loopy, but both in combination was heaven! Tessa shifted to grasp his face in her hands, brushing her thumbs over his cheeks before giving him a quick kiss. A second kiss… one more kiss, before grinning back at him. "I love you… I don’t know when that happened. One minute I was getting in trouble because I had a crush and the next.. I didn’t want you to leave." -07:05 Jun 23
D: So many kisses for just one thing "Do you know how it is falling for your boss whose always angry at you for being late? Or that you’ve bess specifically told not to touch. And then crash on her couch and still not be meant to be touching? I think I’ve done pretty well until now." -07:56 Jun 23
Tessa: Tessa laughed out loud before swooping to kiss him again. "You were sleeping in my bed after like… five days! I don’t think that was trying very hard at all! I thought you hated me and just liked pissing me off. But then you kept making me food and hiding money in my cubbies…" Making her food, hiding money for her… and beating up exboyfriends. That one was confusing, but a pleasure. She was brushing kisses over his cheek to stop and nibble at his ear. -08:01 Jun 23
D: HE turned his head giving her better access. "I didn’t have sex with you though until later, when you wished for it and caught me off guard and we weren’t working for the label anymore. He pointed out. "And anyway whats a girl like you going to do with a guy like me? I’l only good with three.. maybe four things.. and the maybe is sex." -08:05 Jun 23
Tessa: "I am going to love you, live with you, snuggle you and probably sex you when we are not working." She whispered the last part with a small giggle before tilting back. "You’ve said that before, the things you’re good at. I’ve guessed music and cooking, and maybe sex, what is the last one?" -08:08 Jun 23
D: He put his hand on her cheek. "Sex sounds good… and the third one is my day job. Conflict resolution and compromise reaching. I don’t.. ok maybe I do enjoy it but not as much as the other three." he leaned forwards and pulled her down into a kiss. "So when you see me on stage, remember who I’m singing for is the same person I’m cooking and sexing for." -08:12 Jun 23

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