King of Fools 018: The Special Room, No Contract Required (TBC)

[Damion IS asleep on the wall side of the narrow bed.] -07:14 Jan 30
[Leslie fell asleep after a confession of love and looking at the stars. You really don’t get any better than that! Well… except for getting the confession back in return!] -07:15 Jan 30
Leslie: Something had woken her, maybe the morning sun through the window. Being curled up against him was her favorite spot to be on those nights she got to spend over with him, and this morning snuggling up to him was no exception. Over the past few weeks she had at least gotten him used to sleeping with a body in his bed, to the point where he didn’t roll or shirk away from her. …at least half of the time! -07:19 Jan 30
Damion: He woke up slowlu, firsts stretching, then shifting uncomfortable in response to sharing the narrow bed adn not havong space to move. then an eye crached open and he yawned. "Leslie." he said as if reminding himself she was there and then running a hand through her hair. "Morning…" he thought back over to how the nigth had ended, them coming down and getting into bed, no sex… that seemed slightly odd to him, spending the nigth together on a date without sex, but that had both beed exhausted. "We should head back, get food, I need to make sure you have a good breakfast… then maybe I’ll let you into my room, that is if you love me." -07:25 Jan 30
Leslie: She made a soft sound and grinned. Turning in to him and hugging him as she responded with a laugh. "No contracts necessary then? Just a affirmation of love?" The room. Suddenly waking up was a whole lot easier, and her curiosity had been piqued. "We could skip breakfast…" -07:30 Jan 30
Damion: He sat up and placed his hand with on the curve of her hip. "No, breakfast first. And you can’t sign anything without bias if you love me, and if you do that means you trust me, which is the important part. Come on we’ll grab something to eat on the way." He was still dressed so he just had to step over her and pull his shoes towards himself. "Sloppy Joes?" -07:35 Jan 30
Leslie: "I am pretty sure I could sign a contract without bias. I’ve been doing the research." Leslie sat up, stretching her arms over her head to ease her stiffness. "…but it’s trust that I’d rather not. Because I do trust you. No reason for a contract." She leaned to give him a kiss on the cheek, before she was shifting to grab her shoes and slide them on. "Sloppy joes for breakfast… you always have the best ideas!" -07:40 Jan 30
Damion: He grinned at her before tying his laces and standing to retrieve the basket and bag with the telescope. "I hope you’ll still be saying that at the end of the day." he looked at her, gauging her reaction before he jingles the key in his hand and started striding towards the door. "Come along, we’ll soon find out." -07:51 Jan 30
Leslie: Leslie followed, trying to contain that sudden energetic hop in her step. She had been wanting to see more of that room since she found it, and whether he realized it or not this was… kind of like the next step of their relationship! A sign of his trust. Almost as good as saying he loved her too. "I’m sure it’ll be interesting. And you’re sure we can’t just skip breakfast all together?" -07:55 Jan 30
Damion: "You’ll need your energy. You’ll be having sweet tea when we get there on top of the protien and carbs from breakfast. If you trust me you’ll do as I say and not question it, so long as it’s related to what goes on in that room my word is law. You will obey eagerly and to the best of your ability and you will not question it. That is the first rule." he closed the door behind them and locked it before heading for the car and unlocking it to put the bagage in the back and close it up before getting into the driver’s seat. "Ready?" -08:05 Jan 30
Leslie: There was a click of her seat belt, and despite the fact he sounded so serious, Leslie was grinning wide. "Yes sir." Her agreement didn’t mean she wouldn’t question, or argue… but she was pretty eager to give it all a try. Jade would flip if she knew Leslie had spend her evenings researching all the little rules about being an obediant, kinky little fiend for a very bossy man. "I’ll try anyway. I apologize in advance if I bite back?" -08:11 Jan 30
Damion: "Don’t do that, if you bite back I’ll make you apologize then." he started the engine and turned the suv around to head back towards the road. "Are you sure you’re up for this?" -08:25 Jan 30

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