One Life Stand 019: Ignoring an Offer

[D is sleeping with next a girl he can call his girlfriend. This hasn’t happened before…] -04:15 Jul 18
[Tessa has a boyfriend! That ISN’T a big dirtbag!] -04:18 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was quite happily in a giant fluffy hotel bed curled up with an actual boyfriend and not just a kinda-like boyfriend that steals her sheets. Which made snuggling much less guilty, and lent to a girl forgetting she had a business meeting. -04:21 Jul 18
D: Half waking up to kiss the girl next to you and londing yourself to her form (with your hand on her ass) and then drifting off again was nice, nicer still was knowing she was your girlfriend and so would be there the next night. Still trying to wake her up with kisses for morning sex might not be the best thing to do when she had a meeting coming up. -04:28 Jul 18
Tessa: Puuuurrring and stretching. And curling an arm around him. Because she was totally allowed to! No more pretending she was still asleep and didn’t know she did it. …But she did need to get up. A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt. She could skip the shower! -04:33 Jul 18
D: With her arm around him as slid in closer and purred agaisnt her lips as he tangled his legs with hers. Then he nipped her lip playfully and rubbed his hand against her hip. “You know I don’t think I’ve been happier just after waking up.” -04:40 Jul 18
Tessa: “You’re exagerating. Why are we even awake?” Resisting the urge to kiss him back, Tessa just nuzzled against his cheek. He was already distracting enough as it was, and she was going to have to pull away to get dressed. …in a few more minutes. -04:44 Jul 18
D: “Because we are…” he said giving up on pulling her closer and instead lifted himself off of the matress and rolled on top of her nuzzling into her neck with a chuckle. “The question is what are we going to do now that we are awake?” he teased her again with a nip to the side of ehr neck then sit up and facing away from her looked around the room. “And what are we going to eat?” -04:49 Jul 18
Tessa: Hands reaching unseen as if to pull him back… Tessa gave in to that stupid need to be a professional to sit up and sleepily rub her head. “I don’t think I have time for snuggles and breakfast. I forgot to set the alarm again.” she eyed the clock with a huff. Tessa seriously needed to stop doing that! -04:53 Jul 18
D: “I think you do that on purpose.” he said standing and looking at her. “If you had though we could have had shower sex… might still be able to..” he shook his head out of the gutter and sat back down on the bed. “Remember that for next time.” -04:56 Jul 18
Tessa: I do not do it on purpose! You’re distracting!” Sex in the shower that would be really aw-… No! Work first, fun after! Huffing and shoving his shoulder as she rolled out of bed, Tessa skitted over to the closet where she had hung up her nice businessy suit. The one that -didn’t- have the ‘please the boss’ short skirt. -05:02 Jul 18
D: He lay back and looked at the cieling. “And what am I meant to do while I wait for you to get back and gent into the shower? You didn’t save time for breakfast did you? He pulled a shirt out of his bag on the floor. “Guess I’m eating alone.. or going with you>’ -05:06 Jul 18
Tessa: “You already threatened to go with me yesterday, of which I argued wasn’t necessary!” Tessa didn’t have time to be shy about getting undressed, and felt kinda silly that she was still self concious about it. She had the closet door blocking his view as she tugged off her gown and tossed it aside. Then pulling her clothes out of the closet to rush in to. For a few moments she got distracted with the idea of him waiting there in the hotel room for her, undressed and playing his guitar in bed. Which nearly sent her in to a fit of giggling before she curbed it under control. -05:09 Jul 18
D: He make a non-ceomental noise and grabbed a pair of jeanes as well. “You’re the boss, boss.” he sighed and pulled on his pants before looking at the time. “Call me if you want to meet for lunch though. I think one of us owes the other a date. We’ll deicde who owes who later.” -05:13 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was buttoning her shirt when she kicked the closet door closed. “I do want to go to lunch with my boyfriend. I don’t think this meeting will take very long, anyway. Unless I agree to some sort of deal and have to sign a lot of contracts.” There were a lot of reason a rival company wanted to meet and set you up with a suite and lots of bribes. Top of the list was trying to steal your talent! Second would be stealing you, and Tessa had no intentions of working for someone else ever again! -05:20 Jul 18
D: “Its a date then. Stand me up and I’ll go back to sleeping on the couch.” he was teasing, of course and moving to pick up his jacket. “In the meantime I’ll take a walk and see what I can find. Mayeb a nice out fo thr way bistro, or a bar with an open mic.” he was looking at her, one way or another she would sing. -05:25 Jul 18
Tessa: “Not gonna haaap-peeeeen!” She knew exactly what he was getting at. Tessa stuck her tongue out at him as she slipped on her shoes. Then it was just a matter of snatching up her bag and making sure her paperwork was in it. Just in case! “Later, just you and me and boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. Okay?” -05:33 Jul 18
D: He almost shot ‘Well if you don’t want to hear me sing…’ at her but resuisted. “Sounds sexy, see you then.” he caught her arm before she left and pulled her into a quick kiss before she left. “Kick as in your meeting. Don’t sell me for les than a million.” -05:36 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa laughed and playfully shoved him. “I’m NEVER selling you now! You’re stuck with me forever! Even when music goes out of style and demons take over the planet!” …one more kiss! Tessa pounced him with her arms thrown around his neck. Kissed him hard and quick… then she was letting go and skipping off to the elevators. She was definitely going to kick ass at this meeting. In fact, Tessa felt like she was going to kick ass for the rest of the week at this rate. -05:40 Jul 18
D: HE watched her leave a grin on his face then closed the door with himself on the outside and went to catch the next elevator to the ground floor. So hewas stuck on his own for a couple of hours instead of having how sex in a warm shower… worse things had happened. -05:44 Jul 18
Tessa: Normally before a meeting she would be running all the things she needed to say and accomplish through her head at least a dozen times. Even taking notes on her notepad so she could look at it and keep herself on point. But now here she was practically skipped out of the hotel and down the street over to the rival company’s main building, smiling like some sort of crazy fiend and thinking about D. It was something she did a lot of lately, but now she had the freedom of him as a boyfriend. ….just wait until he found out they were accidentally married. THAT made her smitten smile disappear in to a more thoughtful one. Just in time for her to arrive at her destination. Blast it, business first, D later! -05:48 Jul 18
D: D went in the oposite direction, looking for romantic spots for thier date. There didn’t seem to be many but still there usually was near big hotels. He even picked up a map for the area and went exploring. He did find a nice little place with an open mic, and a guitar for him to use. Now all he had to do was wait. -05:52 Jul 18
Tessa: The record label was expecting her, so after speaking with a very perky secretary and spending a few minutes being waited on and offered all kinds of drinks and snacks, Tessa was sent in to a board meeting room. Lots of high backed chairs and several older gentleman, who… at least to Tessa’s opinion, really didn’t look like they worked in the Music business. “Have a seat please! Lets get straight to the point. You’ve recently stolen a very valuable piece of Label, props to you. WE would like to have him. Allow us to purchase his contract, and you will see more money in a day than you have ever seen in your life.” Tessa tried not to look smug. She would never have sold D, even -before- he wanted to be her boyfriend. This was a nice ego boost, though. “That does sound like an amazing offer, but I am going to have to decline. My client is quite happy under my label and I aim to take him places. Better places, no offense. And I have no issues with slaying our competition.” The men at the table all gave each other pointed looks. That seemed to make an impact on them. Tessa decided she was doing pretty well on improve. “Let us rephrase the offer. Sell us his contract and we will -allow- you to continue working. Refuse and the cost will be your life.” Tessa wasn’t sure how she felt about the dramatics, but she heard threats like that from her old boss all the time. This was nothing new. With her hands on her hips she just shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not going to sell. You can pry him out of my cold dead hands. …but thank you for the offer! I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.” A sunny smile! -06:09 Jul 18
[D enters.] -06:21 Jul 18
[(Timeout) D has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:26 Jul 18
D: D was strolling back towards the hotel checking his watch then he decided he was bored enough to think of other date-like things he could do that didn’t involve a huitar and a blowjob at the same time because he’d break a string doing that… still he wondered what Tessa was up to. Probably refusing outright instead of getting a quote first. I mean tehre was no need for her to workif she was working with him adn she dould do with her own money, a nice tidy sum… but another label would get in the way of his -other- job. While he wasn’t dating Tessa because she was his boss it did work out rather ncely.. if only he could quit that other job then it would be perfect… -06:28 Jul 18
Tessa: As far as Tessa was concerned, the meeting went really well. ….D was going to complain about her not listening to quotes or offers, but she really didn’t have any intention on trading him. MAYBE if they wanted to do a partnership she might have listened to a few suggestions. As it stood, a couple threats from another record label just meant they thought she was a really big threat. Great competition! She was as pleased as could be when she left the building, pulling out her phone to text D. “This is the first time someone has threatened to kill me cause I’m doing a GOOD job! That’s pretty cool! But you are safely staying with MY company. Where will you take your awesome boss?” -06:40 Jul 18
[D enters.] -06:54 Jul 18
D: HE was walking down the street humming to himself when suddenly he was surrounded and pressed in on from all directions. He looked up and saw estatic faces and almos groaned.. he knew these girls, he knew thier shrieks and he knew thier faces.. and he knew that one’s bedroom… great.. the fangirl brigade! “Alright I’ll sign..” he said exasperated and holding out his hand, but they were whispering among themselves and not wolding out any panties to be autographed.. which was out of character for them. “Oh don’t worry they’re not here for autographs.. they’re here for you..” the voice was behind him, and so was the bat that hit his skull and sent hiim tot he pavement. -06:59 Jul 18
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:07 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa fully expected to get a response right away. ….which was probably stupid, because D rarely responded to her texts right away even -before- he was her boyfriend, so why would she expect any different now? Still, this was a special case. After a few minutes and when the hotel was in sight, she sent him another text. Her usual frownie face, he was more than used to getting. And when that didn’t get a response, Tessa tried not to have a sulky fit about it. -07:07 Jul 18
D: He didn’t know how long he was out, but he did know when he woke up he was tied up with no idea hwere he was.. no wait he did know, it was exactly the same dacore as his and Tessa’s room so it had to be in the hotel. Still using underwear as a gag was a bit much.. why was he being kidnapped by fangirls again?” -07:11 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was staring at her phone, waiting for a message like a lost puppy even as she walked in to the hotel. This was ridiculous. Suddenly he is her boyfriend and she needs instant affirmation of her existance? Bah! She was being insane. …maybe if she were lucky he would be in the room, naked in bed with his guitar. At least that thought made her grin. Enough that she quickly had to put on a more neutral expression when she stepped in to the elevator. She could think about him naked -after- they have lunch. -07:15 Jul 18

There was lots and LOTS of giggling as a door opened and several girls poured in to the room. Most of which wear wearing band tshirts, sleazy dresses and far too much makeup. One girl bounced on to the bed, boobs nearly jumping out of her top as she leaned over D. “Hiiii!” A giggle. “Sorry about hitting you. Cause you know… you always run and stuff, and we totally didn’t want you to get away this time!” -Tessa

D: He tested the ropes binding his hands as he spat out the gag and frowned. This had to happen when he had someone he really cared about. “I’m usually coming from a concert and have places to go.” he pointed out. “What is so important you could ask me not to run?” he wanted to know what was going on, these girls were dumb enough to kidnap but not smart enough to work together. -07:25 Jul 18

A second girl hopped on the bed, teasing his hair with her fingers and also giggling. “What do you think we want sweetie? I’m SOOOO going to have your babies! I don’t even need child support!” The other girl on the bed slapped her hand away. “Cool it, Debs! If anyone is gonna have his first kid it’s ME! Besides, we voted on it and we all agreed we’re gonna draw straws!” -Tessa

D: He looked at them and rested his head against the headboard. “Drawing straws? I guess thats alright..” he said “though it doesn’t really proove whose best does it? Who should have my babies…” he didn’t know what he was doing but he was winging it. All he knew eh could actually sleep with any of them.. not while he was with Tessa. -07:35 Jul 18

That seemed to perk the interest of all the girls in the room. One leaned on the footboard with a wide grin. “Oh that’s easy baby! I’m the hottest chick in here AND I can make you jizz your pants just with my tongue!” Another shoved her out of the way. “Slut! Maybe he dun want no skanky bitch, he’ll prefer a class lady!” The room was very quickly decending to a bunch of bickering as they discussed who was the biggest slut and who he’d like best! -Tessa

D: He shook his head and got ready to see if he had a silver tongue ot just a good singing voice. “Hey I have an idea. Untie me and I’ll see whose best. And maybe second best. You all look good to me.” he could strangle himself. “Maybe you’ll all get a little of me but we’ll never knwo unless I get untied.” -07:45 Jul 18

A girl moved to untie him before her hair was pulled. “Don’t untie him, it’s a trick!” “Uh -hello- how is he gonna decide if he can’t cop a feel! You’re just afraid he’s gonna skip your tinyass boobs!” “Whore!” “Bitch!” Those two ended up in the floor, hair pulling and slapping with others trying to break it up. While another got busy untying D. “Looks like it’s me first, sweetie!” -Tessa

D: He left like if he wasn’t careful he would get torn to peices. But he was free to move and gently put his ahdn over the admitedly large swelling of this girl’s shirt and felt the distinct testure of folded napkins. Moving his hand he pulled one out of her shirt and used it to wipe some of the sleep from the corner of his eye. “Thanks.” -07:56 Jul 18

Mouth agape, she was just so thrilled her touched her boob and stuck his hand in her shirt, she totally didn’t notice or care that he discovered her stuffing job! She squeeled herself in to a fit on the floor. Most of the other girls still too distracted with the fight to be paying attention! -Tessa

D: He slipped off the bed and checked to make sure all the girls were distracted before he inched tot he door and slippled out as noiselessly as possible, then he was able to pull oug his phone and check his messages. “Sorry Tessa, busyy getting kidnapped, be home soon.” was the reply he sent her before he headed for the elevator in the final leg of his daring escape. -08:06 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa had just stepped in to the hotel room when she got his messaged. Kidnapped, really? For a second she thought he might be joking but… after her meeting, she wouldn’t put it past a record label to literally try to steal him. Or gobs of females to molest him on the street. Who knows what! It figured she would have to go rescue him. Tessa was quickly out the door, leaving her things in the room as she ran back for the elevators. -08:09 Jul 18
D: He entered and started going up, yawning and leanign against the wall. Well this would make a story to tell her on thier date, so long as she didn’t go jealousezilla and decalitate anyone. -08:11 Jul 18

In the middle of their fight, one of the girls realized their toy had escaped! Shouting to the others, there was a mad dash out of the room to give chase. A few took the stairs while a couple jumped in to the elevator going down, conveniantly the one Tessa was in. “God, you’re such a bimbo! I can’t believe you let him get away!” “Shuddup Deb! You weren’t watching him either!” -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa didn’t look up at the chattering girls, she was busy sending D an angry text. “What do you mean kidnapped? Where are you now! I am coming to get you!” -08:16 Jul 18
D: He didn’t het the message until he was out of the elevator due to all the metal inside but when he did he rolled hie eyes. “Outside out room, I got jumped by a bunch of fangirls but got away while they were fighting over who was first.” maybe not the best thig to say but it amused him. -08:18 Jul 18
Tessa: Squinting at her phone and waiting for his response to actually download, Tessa was antsy. And almost missed the conversation next to her. “I wonder if they found him, do you think so? Man we might have to find out which hotel room is his!” “This is totally your fault! We had D all tied up and you had to let him loose!” Tessa was then scowling at those girls. “You had WHO tied up?” Both girls took a look at her. “Only the hottest hottie ever, D~!” they sighed in unison. “He was gonna make a baby with me first…” …and that’s when Tessa flipped! If she ever wanted to kill a fangirl, this was the moment. …and for once she wasn’t working so she could totally do it. “He’s MY boyfriend, you sparkles covered harpy! So where he is?!” And that is when the elevator got tricky. -08:26 Jul 18
D: He leaned against the wall and decided to speed things up. She was obviously done with her meeting so he could call. He did so pressign dian and putting the phone to his ear. “Come on pick up.” -08:29 Jul 18

No fangirl wants to hear another woman say their favorite muscian had a girlfriend. And neither of them believed it. [color=salmon]”OH YEAH? D never had a girlfriend, he’s been saving himself for ME.”[/color] [color=pink]”Uh no, he grabbed MY boob, okay? I’M his baby mama.”[/color] That’s when Tessa nearly pounced on the girl and popped her in the teeth. But the phone rang. D! “Yeah, and he is calling ME. His girlfriend, see!” Tessa brandished the phone like it was some sort of trophy, showing the caller name before she pressed the button to answer. …then the phone was snatched right out of her hand and Tessa was suddenly finding herself being smothered by a psycho’s fake boobs and flailing like crazy while the other girl answered the call. [color=pink]”HIIIIIIIIIII sweetie! You’re so cute when you play hard to get! Did you pick who you wanted first yet?”[/color] When Tessa broke free to try grabbing her phone back, she was shoved back out of the way. She was going to murder these bimbos! -Tessa

Tessa: No fangirl wants to hear another woman say their favorite muscian had a girlfriend. And neither of them believed it. “OH YEAH? D never had a girlfriend, he’s been saving himself for ME.” “Uh no, he grabbed MY boob, okay? I’M his baby mama.” That’s when Tessa nearly pounced on the girl and popped her in the teeth. But the phone rang. D! “Yeah, and he is calling ME. His girlfriend, see!” Tessa brandished the phone like it was some sort of trophy, showing the caller name before she pressed the button to answer. …then the phone was snatched right out of her hand and Tessa was suddenly finding herself being smothered by a psycho’s fake boobs and flailing like crazy while the other girl answered the call. “HIIIIIIIIIII sweetie! You’re so cute when you play hard to get! Did you pick who you wanted first yet?” When Tessa broke free to try grabbing her phone back, she was shoved back out of the way. She was going to murder these bimbos! -08:37 Jul 18
D: She was in trouble… great. He would have to take a risk in that they were too distracted fighting to notice they reached the ground floor so with a push of a buttomg from him and they would come right up to him. “Wait in the elevator and when the doors open you’ll see who I pick.” he said “I guarentee you won’t know what hit you. You are after all the one who got the phone, you must be good with your hands. Now talk and show me how goot you are with your tongue.” he wouldn’t normally hit on, or hit girls but today seemed to be a day of exceptions. -08:43 Jul 18
Tessa: On the phone the girl giggled. “Oooh, so much for him being your boyfriend! Sooooooo, D I -am- really good with my hands and my tongue. And I’ll totally show you!” “No fair, I’m doing all the wo-OW! SHE BIT ME!” Tessa bit hard enough to draw blood too, and it wasn’t the only blood she was gonna get! “Give me that!” Launching herself at the other girl, there was shoving, swatting, kicking scuffle for the phone! Complete with Tessa cursing, the girl squealing, and her friend finally getting over being bitten to help flip Tessa to the floor and sit on her. “GODS woman take a chill pill!” -08:51 Jul 18
D: D could hear the fighting as he watched the floor number grow. “I think your friend will try to take the phone from you.” he said “Don’t let her, You should keep an eye n her. I wouldn’t want to be stuck choosing her lobsided boobs.” he was stalling. “I don’t think she wants to let you have my babies, and we want lots of babies right?” it was getting so close just a couple more floors… -08:55 Jul 18
Tessa: “How much do you weigh?!” gasped Tessa, who was pretty sure that woman had her boobs filled with rocks to be able to sit on her and keep her from crawling away. At she was was trying to grab at the phone-stealer’s legs. “I take kickboxing! I could break all your arms and legs. Less see you take my D away then!” The first girl then kicked at her friend. “-I- am his top choice! You’re not going to steal him from me!” “OH? Then you can defend him from this one all by yourself and I’LL take the phone!” More shrill bickering, with brief interjections from Tessa asking if she could at least BREATHE! -09:01 Jul 18
D: Ding! the door opened and D shoved the girl over and then grabbed Tessa’s arm adn pulled with everything he had , pushed a random floor button and then the door close and hoped his second shover was enough to dislodge the second girl and pull Tessa out of there. -09:05 Jul 18

“WAIT WAIT WAIT!” came the squeals of both girls when the doors closed on them before they could jump through. That’s okay, they’d be back up in a minute! -Tessa

Tessa: Tessa was still trying to catch her breath, and definitely looked like she had been in a fight with her hair all mussed and a pissy scowl. “Blech…! All I can taste is sparkles and lotion! I told you fangirls were dangerous!” ….and blast it, that harpy still had her phone. “My phone! I gotta go get it back before she copies all my numbers!” -09:09 Jul 18
D: “Not without me you’re not.” he said “And I’ve always known they’re dangerous, why do you think I’ve never dated any of them?” he shook his head and then pulled ehr away from the elevator. “And you’re not fighting them again. You’re my girlfriend and I’m not letting you get more hurt then you already are.” he pulled her into the room adn closed and locked ther door becore turning off the light and waiting. “We’re not here.. I lift the stairwell door open to lead them that way.. if they’re smart enought to see it. -09:14 Jul 18
Tessa: “I’m not hurt.” she muttered in defense. “I could have taken them, if we weren’t in an elevator!” Huffing in the dark, she leaned against the door next to him to listen and see if any of them were going to return. “Besides, you are the one that got kidnapped by them.” -09:16 Jul 18
D: He gripped her shoulders and looked at her. “You didn’t need to fight them, I was out but its nice to know you’d fight for me.” he put his arms around her and held her against him. “But they are not worth it.” -09:23 Jul 18
Tessa: Tessa was still grumbling, but at least now she was burying her face against his chest. “Always throwing their underwear at you and sending you dirty pictures. I can deal with that, but no stupid girl is going to try and kidnap MY boyfriend and me not do anything about it.” -09:25 Jul 18
D: He rubbed the side of her neck and rusted his cheek against the other side of her neck. “I can hangle them. You are the one I chose, to have, to hold, to make love to. And if it happens to have babies with.” -09:29 Jul 18
Tessa: Babies! That had her turning red again, and forgetting all about being mad about fangirls. One thing at a time! “…okay… but I see either of those two again, I’m going to ruin their nose jobs.” she muttered. Tessa tugged at his jacket. “Now what I was -trying- to tell you, before you got yourself grabbed by floozies… They wanted to buy your contract from me.” -09:36 Jul 18
D: “I’m not surprized.” he said. “And you didn’t hear thier offer did you?” he scolded. “I guess thats what makes you the best boss ever. And I’m not saying that because I’m biased, even though I am.” he poked her stomach and kissed her neck. “Though if you got kidnapped by a bunch of guys wanting to jusp your bones I want to you know I’d kille every last one of them.” -09:40 Jul 18
Tessa: She swatted his poking hand, then laughed! “Me getting kidnapped is probably the last thing that’ll ever happen! Especially by a bunch of randy guys.” Didn’t stop her from being pleased, though. Not that she thought he was actually going to kill them either. “There’s nothing I’d trade for you. They were pretty mad about it too. I think they’re pretty threatened by my company!” -09:48 Jul 18
D: “I know a guy with a gun if they try anything.” he said still seasing her and poking her with his other hand. “Not that that will be out first resort. Our first resort should be a big concert, with all your hands in a stadium.” -09:50 Jul 18
Tessa: More swatting and giggling, and she was backing away to escape and bumping in to a chair in the dark. “A very, very big concert! A really awesome concert where you are going to sing a song for me. I hope you’ve been working on it, I might have to fire you if you get all distracted…” she was smirking. -09:52 Jul 18
D: “Whats here to distract me?” he asked reaching out and hitting something sift with his hand which he quickly withdrew. “Other than my sexy sexy girlfriend who hasn’t showered yet today and who smelt a lot like sex last night. -09:56 Jul 18
Tessa: “I do not!” Although she did turn around to adjust her clothes and sniff herself to see if she really did. That would not have been a good impression. Even if she -was- turning down the offers anyway. “Wicked… I am taking a shower then! And I’m not letting you in it unless you have some lyrics to a new song.” -10:00 Jul 18
D: “If I did I wouldn’t tell them to you since its a surprise.” he teased “Even if it costs me hot steamy shower sex.. but how about this, you make a concert happen, a bid one in a stadium and make it sell out. I’ll sing it as the last song of the show. Right before you get to come on stage and drag me off in front of every fangirl there.” -10:03 Jul 18
Tessa: “I had every intention of doing that anyway, how is that a fair deal?” She stopped in the bathroom doorway and turned on the light. All that could really be seen was her sillouette slowly pulling off some of her clothes. “You’re gonna have to think of something else.” -10:08 Jul 18
D: He folded his arms and leaned against the doorframe. “Singing you song in front of a stadium not enough? With dedications and the whole shebang? You’re a tough one to please you know that? I guess its back to never showing up for me…” -10:13 Jul 18
Tessa: “Singing on stage is your job, and you have to show up!” Tessa tugged off her pants and threw them at him. “You have to do something that is just for Tessa the girlfriend who saved you from fangirls, not Tessa the boss who will yell at you for days if you don’t show up.” -10:19 Jul 18
D: “I saved you.” he pointed out. “And if writing a song for you isn’t just for you then I don’t know what is.” he put her pants over his shoulders so that it’s legs hung down his front like an open wastcoat. “I guess I’m having an afternoon nap.” -10:25 Jul 18
Tessa: “Bah…!” she huffed, her shirt coming off next to throw at him. “You’re making it really hard for me to girlfriend boss you… So… just get in the shower!” -10:30 Jul 18
D: He bropped her pants to the floor , followed by his shirt and his pants, before stepping into the shower with her. “If I made it too easy for you I wouldn’t be me.” he teased. “I will however do somethign for you, but it will be a surprise.” he leaned forwards to bump his nose gainst her forehead. “Is that good enough?” -10:34 Jul 18
Tessa: D definitely wouldn’t be D if he wasn’t a huge pain in the ass. Tessa kept her grumpy face on, though, even when she was reaching to turn the water on. …very deliberately making sure he was the one getting hit with icy cold spray. “…That’s good enough, I suppose! I can be patient for a promise.” -10:36 Jul 18
D: He shivered and cupped his hand filling it with water to drip down her back. “You won’t have to wait long. I’ll have your surprise for you tomorow.” -10:39 Jul 18
[Tessa is bad at being both a boss AND a girlfriend! Her natural instinct is to boss, but girlfriends don’t do that!] -03:21 Jul 19
[D is both a boyfriend and an employee… employees follow order, but D doesn’t do that as either employee or boyfriend.] -03:23 Jul 19
Tessa: "I want to know what this surprise is!" she also squeaked at the cold water, inching away from it herself and shoving him in to it! -03:25 Jul 19
D: He grabbed the hot tap and twisted it and then pulled her into the stream at it heated up. "You will when you see it." he said his arms around as water ran over them both. "So ling as you don’t mind waiting for it, That the kind of things botfriend do right? Get surprises?" -03:31 Jul 19
D: He grabbed the hot tap and twisted it and then pulled her into the stream at it heated up. "You will when you see it." he said his arms around as water ran over them both. "So ling as you don’t mind waiting for it, That the kind of things botfriend do right? Get surprises?" -03:33 Jul 19
[Tessa enters.] -03:35 Jul 19
Tessa: "I’ve never gotten a surprise before, so I don’t have any practice in waiting." Which, was kind of sad when she thought about how many exboyfriends she had. "No, I take that back, I got plenty of surprises! They just weren’t very good ones." Hot water was better, even if that meant she couldn’t tease him anymore. Tessa rose on her toes to nuzzle against his neck. -03:39 Jul 19
[(Timeout) Tessa got too distracted for their own good…] -04:02 Jul 19
D: He slid his hand ovr her wet back and kissed her forehead. "Well I plomise it won’t be too long." he smiled and ran his nail up her spine as a mischevious look crossed over his face. "So do I pass well enough to finish the thoughts I was having this morning?" -04:02 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa tilted her head and looked up at the ceiling, putting on that coy, obviously pretend thoughtful look. It was incredibly hard not to smile. "Hmm… I don’t think I remember what you were thinking this morning? Was it something about lunch?" -04:04 Jul 19
D: He wasn’t going to let her off that easily. Both hands went to her thighs and gripped them lifting her from the floor and stepping forwards her pressed her against the shower wall to push his lips into hers, hard. "I think it was more along the lines of that." -04:06 Jul 19
Tessa: Cold wall…! Tessa squeeked, laughing against his mouth even while she wrapped her legs around his waist and rest her arms over his shoulder. "Are you sure, because I am pretty sure there was something about food!" Tessa was smiling, with an oddly tender expression for such a naughty moment. She brushed her hands against his cheeks before leaning to kiss him softly. "I’m glad you’re my boyfriend." -04:12 Jul 19
D: "There will be food after this." he said beofre kissing her again and nuzzling against her. "And I’m glad you’re my girlfriend, and not just because I don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to have sex with you all the time, but that is nice." -04:15 Jul 19
Tessa: "Did you want to have sex with me all the time?" she asked curiously, grinning against his skin as she nipped along his jaw. Stroking over his neck with a gentle touch of her fingertips. -04:23 Jul 19
D: He nipped her ear his cheek moving agaist hersas his arms tightened around her. "More often than you want to know." he said. "You don’t know what its like having the hots for your boss whose mad at you every other day." he kissed down her neck and moved his hips against hers teasingly. "I’m curious how I ended up on your wishlist too." -04:28 Jul 19
Tessa: "If I tell you, you’re going to get a big dumb ego about it." This was definitely a much better way to spend an afternoon than yelling at him about stuff. Tessa slipped her fingers through his hair, tugging his head back just a bit to cast him a half grin. "Did I tell you it was your fault I broke up with my last boyfriend? He was pissy because I talked about you all the time, and I said I wasn’t going to quit…" -04:35 Jul 19
D: He tilted his head. "You mean singer guy?" he said before kissing her lightly. "I guess that means I can call you my favorite fan." he moved his hips agaist hers again as he kissed her slowly. "Did I tell you you were the reason I decided to stay in the city and keep trying to play professionally and not your couch.. though it was a nice couch.."? -04:41 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa was almost purring, tightening her arms around his neck until she could feel as much of his skin against her as she could get. Her mouth gliding over his between mumbling. "I loved watching you on stage and singing, when it was just you and music… I didn’t know what to do with you on my couch." -04:47 Jul 19
D: "Letting me sleep was kind of you." he said nuzzling onto the side of her neck. "And I’m glad you did even if I’m all to used to snuggling before sleep now and don’t think I can go back to not…" he pressed his lips into hers again. "Though sleeping next to my sexy boss and not ebign able to…" he moved his hand down to move his tip to push into her soft skin. "… Was very hard." -04:51 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa decided not to mention all the times she had thought about just the same thing. Really, it was hard to think about anything at all with him pushing in to her. She let out a sigh against his ear, fingers curling in to his hair tight when she tensed only to relax again. "And what is like now…?" she whispered softly. -04:57 Jul 19
D: He moves his tip against her with his hand and kissed her again. "This feels perfect." he said grinning agaist her lips before he pushed in and sucked in a deep breath. "It going to be very hard to let you work." -05:00 Jul 19
Tessa: "We could… just do this all time!" Totally not practical in any way, shape, or form. But Tessa was a little wrapped up at the moment. Taking his head in to her hands and kissing him hard. Teasing his mouth with teeth and and a flick of her tongue until he opened and let her invade. Perfect was an understatement for the way he made her feel! -05:05 Jul 19
D: He ran his tongue across hers and settled his hips agaist hers hie hands still gripping her thighs as he mover his shaft agaist her. Would all the time be enough, he wanted more and now there was so little stopping his from doing it all the time, she was his girlfriend, an official couple and in a choice between her and practice … she’d win every time. -05:08 Jul 19
Tessa: Tessa locked her legs around him, her back pressing solid against the shower wall. Resting her hands on his shoulders, they’d squeeze everytime she made a soft sound. Or slide up his neck in to his hair when he made her gasp! -05:18 Jul 19
D: Every movement she made would make him shiver if there wasn’t so much chance of him slipping. If fact his hand reached up to grip a fuxture and he pushed harder a sigh excapign her as he pushed hsi mouth harder against hers. Why hadn’t he asked her out sooner? -05:22 Jul 19
Tessa: She met his force with a twist of her hips. Pushing her hands up against the low ceiling and using the wall as leverage. Even when a hand slipped and for a moment she thought they might take a tumble, she held on tight to him, errupting in to a fit of laughter between deep frenzied kisses. -05:27 Jul 19
D: Nipping her lip he continued to thrust and pushthier almost fall making him stread his legs to get a most stable footing and pushe her agaist the wall. Its was a dangerous game but he wouldn’t stop for the world, then shen her laugh make him feel floaty even as her toutch made him feel like he was on fire, in a good way. -05:30 Jul 19
Tessa: "gods, I love you.." she mumbled soft against his mouth. And it wasn’t because he could so easily make her forget her ver long to-do list or the fact every time he moved wound her tighter than a guitar string on the brink of snapping. He could make her smile and laugh and drive her crazy in a second. Her nails were starting to dig in to his skin has she pulled tighter against him. Nuzzling his ear with her nose and whisper just how much she really loved him. -05:35 Jul 19
D: She did she have to whisper it like it was the best thing in the world, he almost filled her right then and whimpered before whispering his response. "How do you make me feel like this?" it was a plaintif voice he used bridled in supressed passiona nd sheer enjoyment. -05:38 Jul 19
Tessa: …and if that didn’t affirm every reason why she loved him, nothing would! Such an honest unexpected declaration, a soft giggling was all she could seem to respond with. At least until it was interupted by her sudden gasp and quiet groan. Tessa buried her face against his neck to quiet the high pitched gasps that came with her body’s sudden siezing. Oh but it was good…! That release of pent of energy washing over her like the hot water. Making everything delightfully dizzy. -05:44 Jul 19
D: A few more thusts his body pressed agaisnt hers and nuddling her neck and he was done, his hips trembling agaist hers and a long audiable breath against her. "You really are the best girlfriend ever." he whispered kissing her just below the ear and loving his hands to let her down. -05:47 Jul 19
Tessa: Her knees felt week, which gave her an ample excuse to just keep holding on to him. For a split second, she almost asked if she were the best wife ever too, but managed to catch herself in time. Why ruin something that was so sweet and so perfect…? Tessa sighed and purred against his skin. "Now I want to sleep forever, maybe this better for the evenings when I don’t have to work…" she muttered with another soft giggle. -05:51 Jul 19
D: He kissed her asoftly and smiled against her. Does that mean out lunch plan because a dinner plan?" he asked. Because lying in bed right now sounds like heaven. -05:52 Jul 19

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