One Life Stand 020: Sing

[D i]has just been kidnapped from fangirls and escaped, then rescues Tessa from then as she was trying to rescue her. Now he wants his date.] -06:04 Oct 05
[Tessa wishes she didn’t fail karate cause she totally could have used it on those girls. But who has a date with D now, witches? Bwahaha!] -06:05 Oct 05
Tessa: A date with D. An actual, boyfriend-girlfriend for real and official date. …y’know without that whole accidentally married secret she had hanging over her head! Didn’t matter. Tessa was thrilled, but trying to contain it. Maintain business-like expression. Be cooool. No squealing… When she stepped out of the bathroom perfectly dressed, she managed to get just the right smile! -06:15 Oct 05
D: He was sitting on the bed having just gotten done lacing up his boots and grinned at her all to wide to contain any pretence of innocence. "So does my girlfriend know where we’re going?" he asked using the title on purpose and standing to hold out his hand towards her. Just because he hadn’t been on that many actual non drunket tailchasing dates didn’t mean he didn’t know how to tread a girl. "That outfit is going to make it hard to heave the hotel room, we should do it quicly before we get distracted." -06:20 Oct 05
Tessa: "Let me guess, where would soon to be famous rockstar D take a date… Strip club bar?" Tessa was teasing, and it was obvious by the way she couldn’t hold the expression. In an instant she was grinning wide and taking his hand. She could actually hold his hand and not pretend like she didn’t want to! -06:27 Oct 05
D: He squeezed her hand and opened the door. "If you want to go somewhere like that and get a lapdance I can’t guarentee I wouldn’t rip a stripped from your lap and take that bombo’s place." he teased back before closing the door and heading for the evit keeping an eye out for any more crazy girls. -06:29 Oct 05
Tessa: "I have the worse image of you in a stripper’s bikini with little sparklie stars over your boobs, thanks." It was horrible, but making her grin wider all the same. Tessa had completely forgotten about the rabid girls now. …well, maybe not completely. Once they neared the elevator she suddenly remembered. Yeah, maybe she should get a weapon for future fangirl incidents… "Do -you- have better ideas, then? There is always the hotel lobby. This place is ridiculously posh…" -06:35 Oct 05
D: "I have a table resurved at a place nearby." he said sticking his tongue our at her. "And please don’t ever think of me with boobs again. This is not the 70s." he pressed the elevator call button and stepped in with her pressing the button foer the lobbym then he wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss in her cheek. "It’s nice being able to do this." -06:38 Oct 05
Tessa: "Yeah…" The word came out like an over-pleased sigh. That same one she had everytime he made dessert. Tessa ended up curling her arms around his waist and burying her face at his shoulder. He smelled so good! "I think I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I heard you singing…" -06:47 Oct 05
D: He grinned. "Then you’re in luck." he said kissing the side of her neck and puliing an arm away to hold the door as it chimed open. "Come on Tessa, we have a date to get to, and afterwards you can get all the snuggling you want." -06:50 Oct 05
Tessa: "It’s so weird to hear you say that…" Eek. The hand holding the elevator door open had the ring. Tessa was quickly untangling herself from him and grabbing that hand to pull him along. He couldn’t spot it if she had his hand! And then maybe they could have one perfect date before it all blew up! "Sowherearewegoing…!" -06:54 Oct 05
D: He squeezed her hand and looked at her with an enigmatic grin. "I don’t know what the place is called by the decor is nice and the food at least smelled good." he twisted the hand out of hers and plsed it on her side oposide him his arm around her back. "I might gove you a preview from my upcoming album since we’re there. World premier so I need my manager there, I’ll ask her if it’s okay." -06:58 Oct 05
Tessa: "A live practice from D himself. That doesn’t happen everyday." Despite the fact she was being sarcastic, if she grinned any wider her face would be sore. Another company was trying to buy his contract from her AND she was getting a song. She must have picked up a lucky charm somewhere! -07:01 Oct 05
D: He kissed her forehead quickly and then grinned back. "You have to give me a little song first though, a duet with me." he kept walking until the place came into view and stopped to admire it. "So that’s what it’s called. Miley’s…" -07:07 Oct 05
Tessa: He could have said there was a two headed dragon headed straight for them and she still wouldn’t have looked as shocked as she did right then! Tessa was almost rooted to the spot, eying HIM like he might be a dragon and suddenly shaking her head. "No way…! I don’t sing! How many times do I have to tell you that?" -07:10 Oct 05
D: He pulled her along unpreturbed. "I’m going to let you in on a secret." he said heading straif for the doorless stairs that lead to the outdoor bar that was the entirety of the resturant. "I have heard a recording of you, adn you’re amazing Tessa. So forget what greasy hair said ane sing, for me, and I’ll let you make me do anything, in or out of the bedroom." It was a lie, peiced togetehr from havingjust enough information to make it believable. -07:13 Oct 05
Tessa: "Where the hell did you get something like that?!" she squeaked! There might of been something she had stashed at the apartment but… Tessa couldn’t quite remember if any of that still even existed. "I can’t… you just don’t understand." Even if having him to anything she wanted -was- kind of tempting. "…but this place is nice! I’ve never seen an outdoor place like this before." Tessa changed the subject. Divert and conquer! -07:18 Oct 05
D: "There was an old recoring in the studio, I had a crush so I listened. You’ve got tallent Tessa. If I had my way you’d be lead singer and I’d just play guitar." He did enjoy playing more than he did singing but he would never outright say it. "From another of your career attempts." -07:23 Oct 05
Tessa: "No I don’t. Or somebody would have gotten back to me and even the Label didn’t want to hire me for singing!" He didn’t take her subject change bait. Fine, they’ll talk about this! "Besides, I really like being a manager. I’m awesome at it and I get to do all that cool stuff behind the scenes." -07:29 Oct 05
D: He stopped and pulled her close to him, envoloping her in his arms and kissing her nose. "I’m not telling you to change careers again, I like you where you are. Watching you take charge and get things done is sexy as hell. But I want you to sing for me, even if it’s just one song." he ran his fingers though her hair and pressed a smile against her lips. "I have since he first met." -07:37 Oct 05
Tessa: "Really?" Tessa was pretty sure he just handled her. Like, straight up just pulled the rug out from under her and pounced like… like Chaya! How was she supposed to say no when he was asking so sweetly? "I don’t know… maybe one… but did it have to be here? With a bunch of people staring?" -07:40 Oct 05
D: "This kind of place only get bust in the evening." he said. "And karaoke is fun. It’s liek dancing. If you’re good or bad it doesn’t matter, just let go and have fun." he walked her into the bar arm still around her and looked aorund, it was exactly the way he remembered it. "They have a ton of places like this in asia. The hotter parts. A ton! I’ll have to take you there for our honeymoon. Or you could take me on tour." -07:46 Oct 05
Tessa: Honeymoon? Tessa nearly tripped over her own feet. Of course he didn’t know they were married. Which meant… Hell and damnit, if he wanted her to strip naked and dance on the bar, at that moment she probably would have! "A honeymoon tour maybe. Two birds with one stone." How did she say that without bursting in to a fit of giggling? "Fine, I’ll sing for you. But if everybody starts crying I’m spending the night on the hotel couch…" -07:51 Oct 05
D: "Mmmmmmm couch sex." he said in a deep voice. "Something we should do." He unwound his arm from around her and gave her a slap on the ass and a wink. "What do you want to drink?" he was grinning so hide if he did any wider his head would split in two. "Also, pick a song." -07:55 Oct 05
Tessa: She jumped and huffed, swatting at his arm a few times for the slap. "I think I need wine if I’m gonna do this." she muttered. A song… she already committed to it. So what on earth would she sing? "I could mangle one of your songs if you’re brave, or something I’ve sang before… which one did you hear me do?" she was curious. Hells, she hoped it wasn’t one she wrote that would be the worst! -07:58 Oct 05
D: "Never caught the name, it was filled with passion though, part of the reason I fell for you." he was still grinning like a manic and signalling for a bottle of wine and then taking a seat. "Maybe you pick a song, then I’ll sing the same song. Seem fair?" -08:01 Oct 05
Tessa: "On the bright side, you’ll sound so awesome in comparison everyone in the place would buy your music." Tessa dropped in to the seat. Despite the fact the back of her mind was now bustling about in a frantic blizzard of nerves, she really did like this place. There was fresh air and the sounds of the city and sweet twinkle lights! -08:07 Oct 05
D: He rolled his eyes. "You’re a good singer Tessa. Greasy McSleeze was just threatened by you. Trust me I’ve known him for years." he winked and then thanked the waitress. "You might put me out of a job, won’t be easy though…" his voice dropped to a low whisper. "…I think my boss has a crush on me." -08:10 Oct 05
Tessa: "That ‘greasy mcsleeze’ is the current top rated artist… And he’s a huge jackass, but he knows his music." Irresistable low whispering. Tessa couldn’t help but lean closer to him, her smile soft despite the fact her thoughts were probably much more wicked. "I don’t blame your boss. You’re kinda foxy in your own, couch ornament sorta way.." -08:14 Oct 05
D: "We’re not talkign about Scuzzball McHairgell on out hirst date." he said poking the tip of her nose. "And I though I was upgraded to bed ornament. Since it’s my bed and all. Or Chaya’s bed according to her." he followed up the poke with a kiss to the same spot. "You still haven’t chosen a song." -08:18 Oct 05
Tessa: "If it’s your bed, I guess that makes me the bed ornament." Tessa wanted to crawl on to his lap and forget this whole singing business. She just leaned closer instead. "I’m still thinking. If I’m going to make a fool of myself, I wanna do it with style." -08:21 Oct 05
D: He leaned over to nip the side of her neck. "You’re no ornament Tessa." he teased before standing up. "I get a lot of use out of you." he chuckled at his own extremely terrible joke. "I’ll be right back, bathroom." -08:23 Oct 05
Tessa: "Hey…!" Being a boyfriend definitely didn’t change D at all! Tessa crumpled up a napkin to throw at him. …she was glad though. She loved him even when she wanted to shake him to death. Now if she could think of the right song! -08:26 Oct 05
D: He headed into the one room he was safe from paper projectiles in and shook his head. When she had become his girlfriend it had been like handing him a licence to misbehane, not that D ever needed a licence. When he emerged he looked at the stage half expecting to herr her there. -08:32 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa was still at the table, if only because she needed that wine something fierce! The minute the waitress set it down on the table, the glass was up and she was gulping it down as quickly as she could. She couldn’t sing if she was shaking with nerves. When he made his way back to the table, Tessa fumbled to her feet, gripped his arms and took a deep breath. "Now before I chicken out and there better be more wine waiting for me. I’m going to need it. I haven’t sang in a really long time, so don’t cringe where I can see you, okay?" -08:44 Oct 05
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -09:11 Oct 05
[D enters.] -09:12 Oct 05
D: He took her hand and in an uncharateristic moment raised it to his lips and kissed it softly before holding it in both hands and smiling down at her. "I won’t not if you do what I know you can do. You manage bands, oranise venues, budgets, location, catering, a lavy guitarist who never shows up for practice. You can do a tiny thing like sing, I know you can Tessa." -09:24 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa rolled her eyes, despite the fact she was melting inside! "You make it all sound so easy." How did he talk her in to this? Probably with those kisses and that blasted devil smile. Charming evil devil smile. Tessa pulled away and she may as well have been walking towards a firing squad as she approached the humble little stage and had a brief, nerve-wracking chat. There was no turning back now! -09:30 Oct 05
D: "It’s what I do for a living babe." he said smoothly. "And what you used to do for fun, so relax and have fun. I’ll still love you even if you sound like a crow being strangled, though I’m sure you sound lore like a chorus of angels standing in honey." that last line was designed to make her smile. "Now come on. Wow your boyfriend." -09:39 Oct 05
Tessa: That was so stupid… too stupid for her to crack a grin at, but she did. And had to immediately swallow it. Tessa was stiff when she stepped up on stage and pulled a chair. Adjusted the microphone and sat… the last time she sung in front of anybody, it was Jayce and it was a disaster. She had to squeeze her eyes shut and pretend like no one was there, and when the music started and it was her cue, she sang. A little soft and shakey at first, and if everybody there died, it was his fault! -09:45 Oct 05
D: He stepped onto stage with her and stood behind her chair to put his arms around ehr and lean down close to her. "Just you and me here." he whispered looking over her shoulder at the words. "Show me what the great Tessa can do." he then whispered the words nect to her, so that she wasn’t singing alone. But only she could hear. -09:50 Oct 05
Tessa: She hadn’t expected him to be up on stage with her. Tessa wasn’t sure if that was good or bad…! She almost silenced, almost…! Tessa pulled his arms tighter around her and sang. Better! Because damned if he wasn’t so amazingly sweet that she really wanted to, just for him. -09:56 Oct 05
D: He smiled and kissed her ear letting her sing and hugged her tightly. He knew hshe had it in her and if it was something she enjoyed she should do it no questions asked. And he would help her do it, what elve were boyfriends for? -09:59 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa missed this…! Sure she sang along at his concerts or at home when nobody was around, but this was different. There was something special about a stage and feeling the vibration of the music and getting lost with the song. And even better getting to sing for someone and really mean it. Especially when he was holding her and she could feel his breath at her ear. -10:07 Oct 05
D: He nuzzled into her and kissed just behind her ear before stopping the distraction for the sent of the song, then he whispered "I knew you were good, but you blew me away." and he meant it. Maybe he was biased, heavily so, but his Tessa was a good singer, "You’ve easner your ‘able to do anything to D’ that I promised. I feel like I’m underpayig you." -10:13 Oct 05
Tessa: "Sssshush." Tessa felt like she was floating. That was very nearly almost better than sex. …close! Tessa turned away from the mic right in to his arms, though, and off the stage so she could cling to him without an audience staring from their tables. "Would you stop exagerating? You’re smitten and impossibly sweet. I did miss it, though…" -10:22 Oct 05
D: He grabbed her chin and turned her head to kiss her and then nipped the tip of her nose. "You sung for me, and I enjoyed it. I call that a success. Stop confoundign the issue." he said. "I’m glad you enjoyed it tooo though. Now what are you going to do with me? Other than have a meal, what do you want to order?" -10:35 Oct 05
Tessa: He was confounding. But Tessa was smiling wide. All of the boyfriends she had, none of them treated her the way D did. Even before he was her boyfriend. SHE was smitten. "You surpise me with something you think I will like. Something new. …and I mean the food! My super awesome request for you requires lots and lots of thought. It’s gotta be good…" -10:42 Oct 05
D: He smiled wolfishly. "I wouldn’t have it anyother way." he said before standign again. "I’ll have the Tom Yum Gung." he said before stepping away from his seat, "Now with my manager’s permition I have a world premier to perform, I way some guitars backstage when I was here earlier." -10:47 Oct 05
Tessa: "So singing in my hear wasn’t your big performance of the night?" That smile… it would have dropped her to the floor had she been standing. Thank goodness for chairs. "By all means, your manager has been breathing down your neck for weeks about a new song." -10:52 Oct 05
D: He stepped onto the stage and paled to the back adn foinf a beat up old accoustic six string that ooked much loved and much abused, like it had a story behind in. Slinging the stap over his shoulder he checked the tun then sat down. "Good afternoon." he said leaning close into the microphone. "I have been working on a very special song, for a very special girl in my life." he said. "This is not that song, that song will be played in concert, if you want to fear it talk to my manager." he gave a smirt ofter the misdirection. "This is however a teaser for my upcoming album, world premier right here, I am D, formally of Knights of discord and this is Desire." -11:05 Oct 05
Tessa: Oh boo! Not her special song? She should have known. If they had been alone, she would have booed at him. …but she could never resist an acoustic guitar and that soft tenor of his voice. He never needed a band, all he needed was a guitar! Before long she was resting her elbows on the table and her chin in her hands, grinning like a maniac. -11:09 Oct 05
D: He sung foftly, slowly and using every ounce of practice he had been getting when Tessa wasn’t around. He did glance at her from time to time though to grin. This wasn’t her song, because that was waiting to be perfect. It was his baby, and we wanted Tessa to love it as much as he felt for her. -11:16 Oct 05
Tessa: Tessa was swaying slightly in her seat, eventually just closing her eyes to listen. It was a good song… good enough to make him sing it to her again when they were alone. Part of her special request, maybe? She was starting to get some ideas! Bed, a guitar and…. no clothes! -11:21 Oct 05
D: He finished the song and stood taking a small bow and placed the guitar down back behind the drum set and left the stage without another word sliding into his seat. "There, now word of mouth will spread. All you have to do is get me a concert." -11:27 Oct 05
Tessa: "A piece of cake!" And he was the dish. …and for the only time ever, she was going to give in to her inner fangirl. Tessa threw her arms around his neck, nearly toppling herself out of her seat and him out of his. Then planted a kiss on his mouth. Quick but sweet, and every bit of it he deserved. "You make me happy. Really, honestly, happy…" -11:33 Oct 05
D: He smiled, placed a hand ont the back of her head and pulled her into adnother, slower kiss. "That’s exactly what you do to me." he said releasign her but keeping his arm around her and rubbing the tip of his nose against hers. "You know some people might look down on me for dating my boss." -11:40 Oct 05
Tessa: "They can go jump in a river." Blasted being out in public. She would have loved to be in his lap and getting those snuggles. Instead she just rested her head against his shoulder for a moment, until she had the will to pull away. They had to eat, after all. "You boss me just as much anyway. It’s mutual bossing." -11:44 Oct 05
D: "Did you order?" a pertinant question. The sooner they ate the sooner they could get back to privacy. "And tonight you’re doing the bossing, remember. Anything you want. Once we’ve eaten." -11:48 Oct 05
Tessa: "I think I might have mumbled something at the waitress when she tried to interupt my happy music time." She was completely unconcerned about that, though. Tessa was casting him an almost wicked playful grin. The sort of look Chaya might have if she were going to pounce on someone. "And I’m trying to decided what to make you do… Playing guitar in bed sounds nice. But a hot bath with lots of bubbles and champange is good too. Or rolling around on that plush sofa. Or sneaking around the hotel and getting in to trouble…" -11:53 Oct 05
D: "Sounds like a fun evening." he said. "Decide what order and we’ll get started, rocks stars have a reputation for trashing rooms and hotels, I’d hate to dissapoint." he grinned right back at her his eyes narrowing. "And after all that there is always sex." -11:59 Oct 05
Tessa: "There you go again, the casual sex…" Nothing was casual about D and sex… and she liked that narrow-eyed look… As soon as she caught the attention of the waitress, she made sure she hadn’t muttered something evil to the woman and that she indeed actually ordered something! Tessa had every intention of ending their date with a bang, and she’d need the energy! -12:03 Oct 06
D: "And here I thought we had a serious relationship." he teased. "If all you want is casual sex then we don’t need to do the boyfriend girlfriend thing." he swooped in and pushed his lips against hers. "I’m glad we are though." -12:16 Oct 06
Tessa: "If I wanted casual sex, Mister Rockstar, we would have been having lots of sex since the second I saw you… boyfriend or not." Having these quick sudden kisses was kind of like torture, when she really wanted to be all over him. And not even just for sex, it was for the snuggles, or just the joy of getting to touch him! Normally she was not so eager to be touchy feely out in public where people would stare. Tessa was scooting closer to him anyway. -12:26 Oct 06
D: He put his arms back around her and pulled her to lean against him and picked up his glass of wine and held it up. "To Tessa and D, a couple at last." -12:31 Oct 06
Tessa: Settling against him like she had being so all her life, Tessa was grinning like crazy. Taking her glass to clink against his and then a sip of warm. She already felt a little warm and fuzzy, and it wasn’t the drink. "At last and forever? I could do forever." -12:37 Oct 06
D: "So could I." he said before sighing happily. "We’ll see how it goes, but I really like the sounds of forever." he drained his glass in one go and put it down resting his head against her and placing the glass down. "How are you do… great?" -12:43 Oct 06
Tessa: If she drank as fast as he did, she’d be drunk in two seconds! And now that the singing part was over and she was settled with him, she wasn’t so worried about needing to be relaxed. Tessa set her glass aside so she could wrap her arms around him. Public spaces be damned, she wanted to touch and cuddle! "Great. When we get back, I can move the rest of my stuff out of the apartment and over to your place?" -12:49 Oct 06
D: "Moving in with me?" he asked with a grin. "I think I’m the happiest man in the world." he was feeling warm and happy inside and if he wasn’t careful would be vomiting words all over her ears. Not a good thing for a man with secrets. "I’ve half a mind to skip food and god abck for bedtime cuddling. But, we need food." -12:53 Oct 06
Tessa: "Then use your man charm to make it come out faster so we can rush through the eaty part of this date and get to the good stuff." And by good stuff, she gave the perfect example of leaning to nuzzle his cheek, kiss his jaw and give a small nibble to his ear. He’d be okay for dinner too! -12:56 Oct 06
D: He turned hsi head to lick up from her neck to hear ear and then glanse towards the kitchen. "I don’t think that’s needed, though they’re looking very amused. I think we’ve overdone it. Not that I mind." he nipped her before moving away to get ready to eat. -01:02 Oct 06
Tessa: Eeee..! She squeaked loud enough that several people had turned to see what that sudden shriek was. He gave her the shivers and now she was leaning backwards to swat him a couple of times. That was bad…! Very very good… But bad! "You are so lucky you’re not on tabloid radar yet, that was positively wicked! Even Chaya knows I am not a Tessa snack." -01:05 Oct 06
D: "You are my snack." he whispered just before the food was put on the table and he started pretending to be good but with that same predatory grin smeared across his face. -01:10 Oct 06
Tessa: That look on his face was pure deviousness. Tessa didn’t know if she wanted to laugh, flee, or pounce on him. At least her sense of being in public was stronger than his. She suspected he’d be rolling with her under the table if she let him get away with. A fork in hand and taking a few bites, she was still casting him an amused but suspicious expression. Ever so often rubbing her foot up against his leg. -01:13 Oct 06
D: He ate quickly possibly because it was good and possibly because he wanted to get out of there. He still took the time to put his hand on her leg and squeeze it every time her foot touched his leg and grinning at his food. -01:17 Oct 06
Tessa: He could say so much just with expressions. Eating silence, and only speaking with subtle movements and touches. That was nearly as fun as watching him sing. But she could play too, and was more than happy to give him flirting smiles or better… suggestive and promising smirks with every bite. -01:21 Oct 06
D: He shook his head slightly at thier game and then he raised his hand, index and middle fingers pressed together, then he parted them slightly, pit them to his lips and stuch his tongue in between them, then quickly went back to eating. What the fingers reprisented he left to her imagination. -01:24 Oct 06
Tessa: Oh hell! Tessa choked on that one, both with embarrassment and laughing. She had to still her coughing with a big gulp of wine, and rewarded him with a kick from under the table! "D! Really!" -01:27 Oct 06
D: "Really, if you want it." he said smirking. "It your night after all." he raised an eyebrow at her and grinned. "I’m just here for your entertainment." he couldn’t suppress a cackle before he filled his mouth with more food. His plate was getting empty, and he wanted another glass of wine. -01:30 Oct 06
Tessa: "That is so not what I meant! I take wicked back, you might just be evil." So she was being a little overdramatic. But he -was- cackling! And he was making her squirm in her seat and she wasn’t even a blushing virgin. Would she want it? Dangit! How was she supposed to get through dinner thinking about that. Tessa attempted to focus on eating instead of him. -01:35 Oct 06
D: "If only you knew." he said before placing the last forkful in his mouth and chewed slowly before fixing himself another glass of wine and leaned back to sip it. "I blame you." -01:41 Oct 06
Tessa: "Me! And what do I do to bring out the evil in you?" she asked with suspicion again. With only a couple bites left, she took her time. Just in case he threw out something else that was going to shock her. She really should have been used to this by now. Tessa decided there was something about when he was sweet that always disarmed her! -01:47 Oct 06
D: "You… get through to me." he said pretending to examine his empty fork to avoid looking into her eyes. It was a songle truth that left him feeling lulnerable. "And let my evil spill out though the hole you leave in my defences." he was back to grinning at her. "And when you ise the flirtly smile it maes me want to bite that lip." -01:52 Oct 06
Tessa: There he went again. The sweet thing that had her melting… followed up with that sneaky thing, which in this case had her blushing. Her plate was clean and now she was emptying out her glass with a few quick swallows. "So I’m in danger every time I try to flirt with you? I dunno if that sounds scary or fun…" …Probably both! -02:00 Oct 06
D: "We’ll find out." he said with another grin and he brained his glass iin one go again and then pulled out his wallet to place a little too much on the table amd then look at Tessa. "Anything else keeping us here?" -02:02 Oct 06
Tessa: "Nope!" Empty glass back on the table, she at least -tried- not to look like she was in a rush as she got up. Maybe she did have a little too much wine, the rush was enough to have her swaying on her feet a bit. But it was still all him that had her feeling warm and fuzzy. This time by accident she was giving him the smile, and very quickly was slapping her hands over her mouth when she realized it! -02:09 Oct 06
D: He grinned back and rose to his feet, put fis arm aorund her and headed for the stairs. "So where to firt on our afternoon of What Tessa Says goes?" he had all sorst of ideas but he did promise and they would be leaving in the morning, and maybe he was a little buzzed… -02:14 Oct 06
[Tessa and D were making a zig-zag and kind of sloppy trek back to the hotel!] -08:18 Oct 06
[C is officially tipsy and probably chuckling too much for mo reason and wanting to eat Tesaa up.] -08:29 Oct 06
[D is officially tipsy and probably chuckling too much for mo reason and wanting to eat Tesaa up.] -08:31 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa wasn’t sure if it was her or him that was doing the leading, either way they were walking back to the hotel and she had her arms wrapped around her waist. She loved to hear him laughing, especially when he sounded like he was up to something. "We’ll go back to the room, that’s for sure… from there, um…. I don’t know yet!" -08:35 Oct 06
D: He looked down at her his hair prettumuch everywhere as he tried to walk withough leaning against her too much and without dragging her into the nearest alley. "Back to he room." he said "To the bedroom for ‘Tessa says so’ things." he checkled knowing his mind was in one place nad one place only and it was a place her was stealing a glance at and grinning. "I think I’m a little too drunk." -08:40 Oct 06
D: He looked down at her his hair prettumuch everywhere as he tried to walk withough leaning against her too much and without dragging her into the nearest alley. "Back to he room." he said "To the bedroom for ‘Tessa says so’ things." he checkled knowing his mind was in one place nad one place only and it was a place her was stealing a glance at and grinning. "I think I’m a little too drunk." -08:40 Oct 06
Tessa: She grinned back at him. He was more drunk than her, that was for sure. At least she was only a little tipsy. Thank goodness for being more infatuated and distracted by him than with nervous drinking. "Too drunk for Tessa things? That’s too bad. I was thinking I could take off all my clothes and you could show me how to play guitar." -08:45 Oct 06
D: "It’s all in the figer work." he said "You need a good but soft grip on the neck, find that sound hole and work the strings down there until…" he gave a chuckle "Climax." he squeezed her shoulders with his arm. "No, not too dunk, will you be in my mak or will a guitar, either way my fingers will be busy.: -08:48 Oct 06
Tessa: He had to make playing a guitar sound like the most dirty thing she had ever heard. Tessa almost wished she was as clever with crazy innuendos, but all she could think to say was crazy mushy things. "What about me and a guitar in your lap? Do you suppose a drunken rockstar can pull that off?" Crossing the threshold in to the hotel was tricky, she didn’t want to let go of him long enough to fight with the door! -08:57 Oct 06
[(Timeout) C has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -09:01 Oct 06
D: He placed a hand on the door and pushed swinging it inwards, either he had had a loot of practice with hotel doors while drunk or he was less drunk that Tessa was obviously thinging. "You in my lap, gutar in your lap, my arms around you. I can pull that off, and your top off. And other things…" he couldn’t stop grinning, it looking at her in a far from evil way. -09:01 Oct 06
D: far from innocent* -09:01 Oct 06
Tessa: "…I am really starting to like this idea." In fact, if she wasn’t concerned about getting his guitar wet, if they did it in the bath it would be even better. But Tessa was settling for curling up in a massively fluffy bed with him and that guitar. -09:13 Oct 06
D: He presed the call button for the elevator, then was picking her up and ponlign her with his hadns on her sides under her shoulder kissed her hard. "So am I." he said putting her back down and slipping into the elevator. "Come on, your wishes awate." -09:18 Oct 06
Tessa: "My wishes! Haven’t we already seen how dangerous those can be?" she was giggling, almost laughing too loudly. And when her feet were on the ground again she was tossing her arms around his neck. "All of my wishes end up with you on top of me… I think that lamp has a theme." -09:27 Oct 06
D: "I have no problem with that." he said "Though I like to think is was you more than the lamp." he said placing his hand with the ring against the wall of the elevator to steady himself but all fo his attention was on her. "All my sishes end with me on top of you too." he put his arm arounf her and sighed. "I think you’ve gotten me smitten over you Tessa, well done." -09:31 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa had temporarily forgetten about the ring, and even about being married. For the moment, she was more concerned about keeping her arms around him and nuzzling in to his chest. "My charm is irresistable and my bed is comfy. …or was comfy. Now it’s your bed!" -09:44 Oct 06
D: "Still comfy though." he pointed out. "Even though it’s sometimes invaded by a panther, I told you somthign was sexier than a man with a panther. Except maybe…" he placed both ahnds on her rump and squeezed. "A woman who can sing…" he pushed his lips ard into hers whil rubbing her ass. "Or maybe that’s just you." -09:47 Oct 06
Tessa: "I am… trying to remember you saying something like that…" Trying, but it was hard to do while being pressed up against him and his hand squeezing her butt. That kiss, though… way more interesting to focus on! Tessa was kissing him back. Throwing conversation and elevator ettiquette out the window in favor of dragging her tongue against his mouth and nibbling on his lip. -09:52 Oct 06
D: He niped her lip then shot a hand out to hold the door open as it dinged and hgave her ass another squeeze. "You make it very tempting to just stay in here." he said. "But we should really get to our room and where no one will se us." -09:55 Oct 06
Tessa: "Yeeeaah, getting caught isn’t as fun as people think it is…" There was something she didn’t want to think about! Adventures with ex boyfriends. Tessa grabbed his shirt and was walking backwards and she dragged him along with her down the hallway. "I like having you to myself anyway! Living together was the best idea ever." -09:58 Oct 06
D: "Sex wasn’t what I was after when I moved in." he objected. "But it was really really nice and I’m glad we’re not pretetending we don’t want it anymore." he was tertainly grinnign and getting his hands on her shoulders to massage them as they walked. "I know I do." -10:01 Oct 06
Tessa: "What -were- you after when you kept crashing on my couch… You had that nice big house the entire time and it’s not that far out of town!" He never did explain it. …although she hadn’t exactly been trying to ask him either. Tessa’s back hit their door, and she was too busy plucking at his shirt and jacket to bother opening it. -10:04 Oct 06
D: "You had just lost a job you love, someone had to make sure you were okay." he said honestly, thouh it wasn’t depression he has been guarding her against. "All thise assholes, and moochers too, and your appartment needed music so you could tap your feet agaisnt your desk." -10:09 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa grinned. It was that ridiculous smitten look she couldn’t seem to keep under control. "No one has ever taken care of me before, D. You don’t know how much that means to me…" It meant the world and… that smile faltered just a bit. And she was keeping a pretty messy secret from him. How mad was he going to be when he found out they were married? "We should go inside." -10:12 Oct 06
D: He pus and arm around her so that she wouldn’t fall bacwards when he opened the door and walked inside with her to close it behind them. "We’re inside." he said taking a deep dreath. "And you desurve someone taking care of you, everyone needs someone to take care of them. Even me, even you." he has a smile on his face but a softer on as he turned to look at her. "I’ll find my guitar." -10:19 Oct 06
Tessa: "And take off your shirt too! And your shoes. Tessa says!" It was such a weird feeling wanted to jump on him and sex him up, while at the same time just wanting to snuggle him and sigh. He always talked about her like she was someone special and great. But here she was with him chained to her forever and he had no idea. Tessa pulled away to plop on the bed, leaning to take off her boots. And making it worse, even for all her feeling guilty, she still had every intention of taking advantage. She was soo a bad woman! -10:24 Oct 06
D: He pulled off his boots and then did awa with his shirt and puled up his guitar. HIS guitar. The one he chose above all others because it was his and then had been though a lot together. He ran a hand up it’s neck and then sat down and plucked a single string. "You said somethign about being naked?" -10:29 Oct 06
Tessa: Tessa cast him a sudden smirk. "Not too drunk to remember?" Once her shoes were off, she stood and despite the fact they had already slept together and she had done this plenty of times before, she felt a little awkward. Shy even. Why did he do this to her? "So I was thinking for my Tessa says prize, naked guitar lesson… definitely." Gripping the hem of her shirt, she was very slowly pulling it up and over her head. -10:33 Oct 06
D: He watched her smirking. "Your wish…" he sait dating his hadns off the guitar and undoing his pants to push them down and kick then off so that only the guitar covered him, then he run his thumb across the strings. "Didn’t bring one did you?" he asked with a grin. "I’m very protective of my baby." -10:37 Oct 06
Tessa: "Tessa says you have to share. Because being in your lap is part of the request!" She tossed her shirt out of the way, then she was slipping her hands under her skirt to pull down her panties. One leg, then other. And off they were tossed too, leaving her standing there in a black lacy bra and her skirt. "I promise I’ll be gentle?" -10:41 Oct 06
D: He leaned over to kiss the head of the guitar bofre lifting it for her to to slip under. "YOu look too good for me to complain about you not being naked, and it leaves something for me to do." he patted his lap. "Your seat awaits." -10:46 Oct 06
Tessa: "You have weird tastes!" Still, she was casting him that flirty grin before she crossed the floor. Ducking under, she situated herself on his lap. This was the best idea she ever had! Warm fuzzy feelings, tipsy from wine, and inappropriate lessons. -10:53 Oct 06
D: "Tell me what you know." he said resting his chin on her shoulder and pressing his chest into her back and took her hand to place it omn the neck fo the guitar and grinned. -10:58 Oct 06
Tessa: "Um…. Lets see. I know pulling strings makes sounds…" Tessa could stare at him playing the guitar all day, but that didn’t mean she a clue about what he did with his fingers. She did, however, really love the warmth of his skin against hers. "I can play twinkle twinkle little star. I think." -11:12 Oct 06
D: "Ten do it." he said takign her othe hadn and placing it above the contacts. "Tessa tessa, little dove. How I always feel this love. When you’re with me when you’re not. I’m so glad I got this shot." He kissed the side of her neck. "See, you should improv lyrics too." -11:17 Oct 06
Tessa: How could something as ridiculous as making up words to a silly song, have her insides doing flips and her heart stop beating? Tessa surpressed another giggle, very carefully trying to press her fingers over the frets and pluck out the notes. As her mouth twist up in a frown, she remembered why she didn’t take to guitars! Without callouses, it was hard to press the wires for too long. "I’m not sure if lyrics is my special skill!" -11:26 Oct 06
D: He frowned. "Any wandom collection of sylables os ‘La’s would do." he teased. "As you love to point out I do this kind of thing all the time. Ley’s try another…" he placed his fengers on the frets and hummed the opening bars mreminding himself of the chords, then ran through the progression a couple of times to warm up. "I’ll play, you say anythin you want to the tune." -11:40 Oct 06
Tessa: "This sounds like a sneaky attempt to get me to sing again…" Tessa was amused, turning her slightly just to nuzzle against his cheek. "Okay-aaay. But that means more Tessa says." -11:44 Oct 06
D: "I’m sure trying o have a little fun with my girlfried." he said kissing the side of her neck. "Playing my guitar with her in my lap. If I thought I could manage sex and keep playing I’d have your mouth doing other things while I played, but this isn’t D says day now if it." -11:47 Oct 06
Tessa: She laughed, tilting her head back to rest on his shoulder. "If it was that’d be one hell of a day. Next time! For now, plaaaay. I will sing you something silly." -11:50 Oct 06
D: He played thoguht he cords at about three quaters speed so that she could find words, he smiled like he always did when he played and even thougth the tune was worribly smiplistec it mean that he had spare attention to run his cheek against her neck and sigh contentedly. -12:07 Oct 07
Tessa: He had no idea how hard it was to even formulate words at all when she was surrounded by him like this. That sweet daydream on being on this side of the guitar was a reality, and she could have just stayed silently listening there all night and be perfectly content. But she listened for a few moments before she softly murmured out the words. "Hum… You are mine, and even though I’ve lost my mind, you’ve picked up the pieces and just in time? Maybe I’m not great enough, but I do know where to start… I will sing and then you will be, smitten with my heart..?" That was kind of silly, but she sang it anyway and it was the best he was going to get! -12:25 Oct 07
D: He smiled and kissed her soulder. "Far apart though we once were, though work our heart did stir. Feeling birthed before thier time. I am yours and you are mine." he finished with a florigh od his srtumming hand hand and then moved hsi hadn behind the guitar to rub her stomach. "Any other tunes you can play?" -12:30 Oct 07
Tessa: Tessa shook her head. He was better at making up lyrics on the spot… he was also very good at making her grin. "Nope. If I did I wouldn’t need these naked guitar lessons… I can play piano, though?" She reached a hand up behind her to caress his cheek, and turned her head again to kiss the other. -12:35 Oct 07
D: "I have one of those." he warned. "when we get home I’ll show it to you. It was my gran’s." he Took over the frets and started running slowly through a few chords. "So tell me what chords you know, maybe I can build a song out of it." -12:39 Oct 07
Tessa: "I don’t really know any… you’ll have to teach me from scratch. That’ll probably be hours of lesson time." Tessa grinned almost smugly! Maybe it had been her subconcious plan all along. A crazy fangirl daydream for excuses to touch like this. -12:45 Oct 07
D: He took her hadn in his and raised it up to look at her fingers. "You can’t play for more than a few minutes at a time though." he said kissing her bruised fingertip. "So all this is going to me is you in my lao as I play and talk. You didn’t need to sa Tessa says day for that." he flicked his tongue against her hear and then hummed as he thought of a song to play. "I do like you pantiesless in my lap though." -12:50 Oct 07
Tessa: "I can’t just order you to strip naked and play guitar so I can sit in your lap…" she mumbled. Even if it sounded like an excellent thing to do. Tessa resettled in his lap again, maybe deliberately squirming more than she should have. -12:56 Oct 07
D: "You could ask, I am your botfriend and like doing nice stuff for you." he nuzzles into his shoulder with his chin. "You remember the first song I played after signing up, in my audition adn you were there in your suit? I don’t think you liked the look of me since you were scowling your face off. But then I did learn you had no actual say being there, was that why?" odd memry to com up now, but he reembered the song and his fingers were sliding into position." -01:00 Oct 07
Tessa: "Uuum… it was the opposite problem, actually. I liked you a lot and I was trying to make sure I could be the manager, since I couldn’t do music there. But Jayce and I were fighting about it…" That entire first few months was a mess. The job, and Jayce… and then D! He ended up being a hex on both her job and her relationship… and it wound up being the best thing ever. Tessa suddenly started laughing! -01:14 Oct 07
D: He swopped a bar into the intro and then smiled. "What’s so funny?" he asked before conntinuing to play the last bar in a loop so he could speak before he would begin singing. -01:18 Oct 07
Tessa: "I loved your music so much… but you were the hugest pain in the ass, I could have killed you half the time. And then I was spending so much time chasing you down and doing stuff for the band to make up for when you were absent. Jayce was getting really pissy about it and told me to quit, but I actually really kinda loved yelling at you and chasing you down cause the music was so good when you did show. I broke up with my boyfriend for you." -01:22 Oct 07
D: "Hes a jerk anyway, you desurve better." he said playign though the rest of the song without singing along, it seemed the thing to do. "I’m not sure if I’m better but I try to be." he took his strumming hand away and took hers to place it there. "You strum I’ll fret… I felt bad for the times I was late, I really did, but not nearly as bad as when I lost you your job, that was a stupid fight I got into. I didn’t want to take away something you cherished and was happy with." -01:39 Oct 07
Tessa: "He was an asshole." Tessa tried to remember the sound, so after a few tries she was able to run her fingers over the strings at just the right moments. "It was your fault, but it wasn’t really your fault that I broke up with Jayce. I just realized I liked my job more than I did him… That nothing he did really made me happy, and worse I hated how I felt around him." Tessa was grinning again, kissing his cheek quickly. "But you… always late and being a pain and lost me my job, but you always tried to fix it. You were driving me crazy, but you have taken care of me. I didn’t have the job, but I had you." -01:49 Oct 07
D: He shook his head. "You make me sound like Saint Jerko." he said amused. "Just don’t put me on a pedestal, because I’m not a saint. I am a jerk though, just not to everyone." He kissed below her ear. "And I’m biased towards you." -01:57 Oct 07

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