One Life Stand 021: Homecoming

[D is getting home and is in a strange mood. A strange mood tha can only end one way.] -01:45 Oct 26
[Tessa loves to travel, but is kind of glad to be back home in a familiar place. Even if that place is new and doesn’t have all her stuff in it yet. What the hell does D DO to afford this place?] -01:46 Oct 26
Tessa: The moment Tessa was through the door, she was pulling off her shoes and dropping them aside. Off went her jacket on to a chair and her giant purse dropped in to the seat. The same habits she had in her apartment, only this time the house was too big and was likely going to forget where she left those things. And despite being back from a business trip, she was thinking about work… and how her desk and most of ther things were still at the apartment. "Hmm… blast it, I need my shoes back on…" -01:54 Oct 26
D: He entered after her and without saying a word dumped his bag and guitar down and scooped her up in his arms brodal style and started walking. "No you don’t." he corrected and started heading up the stairs. "We just got home and…" he had to put her down quckly before a black blur collided with then and they were greeted my a very happy panther that once they were almost knocked voer wenyt bounding off in the opposite direction all legs and flailing tail. -02:00 Oct 26
Tessa: "Hey! Wait..!" It wasn’t clear if she were talking to him, or the giant ball of fluff that collided with them. She was not going to get used to a toothy affectionate panther! Now derailed with momentary snuggles, Tessa was trying to remember what she was after. "I miss you too, Chaya… oh right, I know we did, but my computer and most of my paperwork and the rest of my clothes are at the apartment. A boss needs her stuff!" -02:06 Oct 26
D: You’re not a boss today." he said. "You’re a girlfriend." he took her hand and started back up the stairs. "We need to talk. And I want a little time with you before the world finds out we’re back." -02:09 Oct 26
Tessa: She couldn’t help the grin that popped out. Girlfriend…! One little trip and now they were an actual item. No more Tessa-wishes of awkward ill-timed moments. "And what’s so important that we need to talk about it straight away? Going to tell me your inner secrets, D?" -02:13 Oct 26
D: "Not just yet." he said with a chuckle leading her into the main bedroom and letting go of her hand and quickly closig the door to panther proof the room. "I jast wanted to get you alone." he pulled off one bohen the other before taking her hand and walking over to sit on the edge of the bed. "I’just want to bask in that you’re my girlfriend." -02:18 Oct 26
Tessa: "Oh…!" Tessa almost asked him if this was a trap. Some sneaky way to distract her from something. Or maybe push her out a window, or hide another woman in his closet. But that wasn’t D. And she had no idea why he made her so flustered when she had gone through the boyfriend motions a dozen times already! Wait, did -any- or her exboyfriends say nice things like that? "If you’re not careful I’m going to get all crazy ego goddess girlfriend or something!" -02:26 Oct 26
D: "Then I’ll ask you to sing and see you clush all over again." he grinned and pulled her down to sit next next to him and put an arm around her. "You shouldn’t keep that hidden. Well, not form me anyway." he leaned in and kissed her cheek. "I’ll kill anyone else who hears it if that makes you feel better." -02:31 Oct 26
Tessa: "It’s really not that great, D. One of a billion things Tessa Thorn is not a genius at." She was trying to imagine him attempting to kill anyone that heard her sing. The whole image of ridiculous and made her loud out loud. Tessa finally just threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled his cheek. "I’ll settle for one dead person, and I pick Jayce oooor one of my old bosses!" -02:35 Oct 26
D: "Careful who you make deals with Tessa. I may be the devil in disguise." He kissd the tip of her nose before simplifying things and pulling her into his lap. "But I would kill Jayce for free if it were that easy." -02:40 Oct 26
Tessa: "So I guess D stands for Devil, then? Maybe I should reconsider moving in to your big fancy house…" This was way too comfortable, and he was nice and warm. He was too good at distracting her from stuff she needed to get done. …and she was doing a terrible job of being firm about it! "I really should get my stuff and turn in my key. No sense in paying for the place when I can put that money in to your shows." -02:44 Oct 26
D: "Tomorow." he said. "We already got back late and I’m very comfortable." he kissed the corner of her mouth softly. "Tomorow and you can bring your worldly posessions into my secluses mannor and I can have you all to myself to do whatever I please." he was grinning and nuzzling into her. "I’ve already set aside and office havn’t I? And you can get the band to help load." -02:48 Oct 26
Tessa: "I won’t need any help, I’ll just rent a truck." So much for being insistant. Tessa was smiling as she closed her eyes and caved. She curled her arms tighter around him and buried her face at his neck. He always smelled so good! "Okay, tomorrow. If you tell me what the master of the house pleases himself to do?" That didn’t come out right, and she giggled. -02:53 Oct 26
D: He slowly brushed the hair away form her ear letting his fingers trail against her skin and whispered. "I love how you made that sound." he leaned in closer. "And I love you." he ran his hand though her hair and then kissed the corner of her mouth again. "I think I’ll just do what boyfriends a girlfriends do then they’re alone in the bedroom together." -03:02 Oct 26
Tessa: "Read books and sleep?" she was teasing, and not doing such a great job at it. He always had her toes curling when he spoke so softly and throwing love in the mix… she was done in! Tessa leaned in to steal a kiss, brushing her mouth over his with a soft sigh. -03:10 Oct 26
D: He snaked an arm around her and stood to dump her onto the bed on her back and kissed her from above running a hand down her side and then back up pushing her shirt up as it went, then he pulled away. "If that’s what you want to do, fine by me." -03:14 Oct 26
Tessa: Tessa laughed, leaning up on her elbows to cast him a wide, almost wicked grin. "I don’t have a book at the moment! Maybe you have something else I can pretend to read?" -03:16 Oct 26
D: "My mind." h answered quickly. "Tell me what I’m thinking." he ran a hand down the side of her face and kissed her cheek settling on his side next to her and tangling his legs with hers. -03:20 Oct 26
Tessa: "Wait, I’m good at this game, kinda." She reached out to pluck at his shirt, glancing up towards the ceiling as she pretending to give it some serious consideration. "You are thinking… about giving me a sneak peak of your song. That’s definitely it." -03:29 Oct 26
D: He chuckled. "If you get me Wedley Stadium sold out for a concert, then maybe…" he nipped her lip and ran his hand though her hair "A song before it’s done is fragile. Sharing inly a part of it before it’s done would affect the final form it takes. You’ll hear it soon though." he pushed her onto her back and brushed his lips against hers. "Even if I’ve been working on it longer than we’ve been living in the sane appartment." -03:46 Oct 26
Tessa: That gave her a look of surprise. Curiously, she plucked at his shirt again. "You’ve been working on a song for me that long…?" She was impatient to hear the song, and he’d been working on it that long? -03:50 Oct 26
D: He grinned and kissed her forehead before placing his hand on her side under her top and sliding it slowly up and down. "Yes, that long. I wanted it to be perfect, and to play it when he was there to get up his nose, but we don’t need to do that part anymore." it was actually ready but he was still waiting for the right moment, when she wasn’t expecting it. "The perfect song, for the girl who I wasn’t expecting." -03:54 Oct 26
Tessa: Warm hands, and even better, a man’s plot to piss off a girl’s boyfriend. Tessa laughed all over again! "You’re weird… you surprise me. Not like anybody I’ve ever met… I do really love you, D." -03:59 Oct 26
D: That decleration hearned her a long slow kiss and his hands sliding around to pull her top up to her armpits and then slide down her chest and over her stomach to pull on her waistline. "Maybe one day you’ll find out just how wierd I am Tessa." -04:02 Oct 26
Tessa: She squirmed a bit and her breath caught when he ran over a ticklish spot. But she had that under control and was tugging at his shirt again. It was only fair if she got a little skin too. "I’m not sure how you’re gonna top keeping a panther like a house cat… that’s pretty weird." -04:07 Oct 26
D: "Chaya is adorable." he said caving and pullin off his shirt, then relieving her of hers completely. "And maybe I will." he leaned over t kiss slowly across her collarbone his hand moving in small circles over her stomach. "I’m more interested in you right now anyway." -04:12 Oct 26
Tessa: Better. Now she was running her hands over his chest, exploring his skin and ever so often brushing her fingers over the scars. He had so many of them… instead of asking about those, though, she brushed her fingers over his tattoo. "What did you get this for? I never did ask…" -04:15 Oct 26
D: "It’s a decition, a promise." he said "And will remain a mystery for now since it’s a long story and will break the mood." he brushed his lips against her agains before pushing then home and sliding his ahnd from her stomach up to kneed her breast. "And I like this mood he wave going." -04:18 Oct 26
Tessa: "I have a mysterious boyfriend…" He had no idea how curious she could get about these things. …but he was lucky that for the moment she was thuroughly distracted from asking any further questions about it. Her back bent, pressing her hips up in to his, and she was digging a hand in to his hair and capture his head to pull him back down for another kiss. A nip of her teeth was his reward. She liked where this mood was headed too! -04:24 Oct 26
D: He poped open her putton and slid the zip down to pull the cloth down and expose her hip to trail his fingers along it. "I have a wonderfly sweet girlfriend." he ran the tip of his tongue over her bottom lip and sighed pushign her pants further down her legs leaving her in her underwear. -04:29 Oct 26
Tessa: She giggled again, almost asking him to say more sweet things. …but then she wouldn’t be able to kiss him! Softly running her fingertips through the hair at the nap of his neck, she was capturing his mouth in deep kiss. Nibbling on his lip before sucking on it gently. She could feel the heat of his skin even where they weren’t touching, and it was divine…! -04:39 Oct 26
[(Timeout) Tessa doesn’t post enough.] -04:56 Oct 26
D: He undid his own pants and slid then down too, tit for tat. Tilting his head he slipped his tongue between her lips and slid it across the inside of her lip As he moved to press their chests and sides together resting his wieght on top of her. His hand slid up her thing and hip glising softly over her thigh and then disappeared into her hair. Then he was pulling away and smiling. "You really do make this special, you know that." -04:56 Oct 26

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