One Life Stand 022: The Hit

[D is staying behind but like hell he’s going to let Tessa to into town alone with assassins threatening her, in fact he’s sending insurence.] -10:02 Aug 02
[D is now known as: Chatya] -10:02 Aug 02
[Chatya is now known as: Chaya] -10:02 Aug 02
[Tessa is a savvy music producer, who can freaking go in to town on her own! What is D so worked up about?] -10:03 Aug 02
Tessa: In fact, D had been a little… straaaange ever since she shot down that company trying to buy him off her. Ha! As if she’d let her star get away. But that wasn’t today’s issue. Today she was back at the apartment, packing up the last of her boxes to send to D’s "cabin" in the woods. She was totally going to claim a room for her official office! -10:05 Aug 02

in the alley outside her window there was activity. Hanging from a rope above her window, and when he heard her ender he swung out and crashed through the glass handing in his feet hard enough to make the floor shake. He was huge, large enough for his head to almost touch the celing and in fact his enterence had taken out fart of the window frame too. But he didn’t even blink, getting in between her and the door he grinned. “Well isn’t this a surprise?” -Chaya

Tessa: "Hey! Goddammit, I have to pay for that!" Crap, did he have any idea how much windows cost? There was already wall damages she was going to have to take out of her depo- And then it registered that it was probably some kind of break in and Tessa nearly laughed. "…if you’re trying to steal stuff, you’re a little bit late. Not that I had any valuable stuff in the first place. …and you are NOT getting my coat." Hold on, she had a can of hair spray in this box, that’d take care of him. -10:13 Aug 02

the man chuckled. “Just my luck, I break in when everything’s already cleaned out AND the owner is home. There is still one thing here I could want…” his eyes wondered down her coat to the V forned by the cut of her pants and a smirk spread across his face. “If you don’t fight… I might let you go afterwards.” he wouldn’t… and he would fight but that would just make it more fun. -Chaya

Tessa: "And I bet that works on all the ladies, huh." Sick! Tessa thought thieves had more class than that. Usually it was the drunk assholes behind the bars. She managed to find that bottle of hair spray and stood, digging her phone out of her coat pocket to call the police. He was blocking the door now, but she could probably jump out on to the fire escape. "Well, if you’re going to get all attacky come and get me. I have a meeting this afternoon an I don’t want to spend all day talking to cops so– Oh, Hi! I need to report a robbery!" She mumbled in to the phone when a voice picked up. -10:25 Aug 02

BAM! As she was distracted with her phone a meaty fist pounded into her face, the phone was grabbed and crushed like an empty can. “Bad move.” he growled and there was a flash of steel and a second later blood sprayed the walls. “Oops, sorry about the coat. Guess I’m going to have to take it off of you.” there was a guffaw and his hand took hold of her coat and tugged, popping a couple of buttons off of the bloodied fabric. -Chaya

Tessa: That wasn’t the first time she took a punch, but it was definitely the first time someone hit her hard enough to be considered struck stupid. Nor realize what was happening until bits of her very expensive phone and shiny buttons were hitting the floor. "..sonofafuck..!!" The phrase came out more like a squeaky gasp as she flailed, finally thinking to aim for the eyes and fire off her hairspray in his face. Then it was an immediate bolt the window- door- window- No, definitely door! -10:35 Aug 02
Chaya: As Tessa passed through the door a black bullet with green eyes thendered past her and leapt with a ssnarl and that was followed by a screa as claws dug into flesh and teech into neck. Then Chaya dropped to the floor and bit and ankle, pulling it out from under the man and making him fall to the floor and when she let go bone was visible. -10:38 Aug 02
Tessa: She hit the wall in the hallway, with every intention of running her way right out the building. But black fuzzball? "Chaya? Aw, nooo! My deposit…" Urg, the hallway was spinning. And earthquake on top of everything else? What bad luck… and where did all this blood come from? Chaya was a messy eater. Tessa tried to smooth her coat as she slid to the floor, looking a bit confused at the blood on her hand. -10:43 Aug 02
Chaya: The large shape of the man limped past Tessa swearing and collapsing several times as the panther padded abck into the hallway and butter her head into Tessa, pushing her to get up. There was a whine and another nudge. The panther had attacked someone and couldn’t wait around for the authorities. -10:49 Aug 02
Tessa: "Hold on, I got it…" It being her phone. Tessa was patting her coat again, this time looking for her phone until she slowly, too slowly realized that was a crushed bunch of wires and screws. "….you should have ripped his head off! All my contacts!" Tessa fussed at the cat, but shifted on to her feet and shuffled back in to the apartment. "Phone, where is that other phone, Chaya." -10:52 Aug 02
Chaya: The panther padded after her placing herself under her hand to steady her as she moved adn then seeing the phone pushed it with a paw before nudginf Tessa into a chair and then sitting nearby, ready to escape down the fire escape. -11:01 Aug 02
Tessa: Chairs were just appearing out of nowhere! When did she sit down? Baaahh… Tessa was cursing to herself as she tried to dial the numbers. She was meaning to call the cops or maybe an ambulance, but clearly her subconcious thought speedialing D was a better idea. She looked confused at his voice, but wait, this was good! "Oh no hum.. meant to call teh ambulance, but you are good. Uuuum… I need to cancel my appoint with whasshissname and my phone is on the floor over there. Over here. This is ridiculous I can’t think likes this, Chaaaayaaaaa I need a bandaid…" Tessa didn’t even remember getting stabbed but this blood was clearly hers cause everything was spinning and that was bloodloss right? The phone fell away from her ear and she might have dropped it on the floor while she fussed with taking her coat off. Where the hell was she bleeding..? -11:08 Aug 02
[D enters.] -11:12 Aug 02
D: It was a couple hours later in the hospital that D was sitting his his hand on Tessa’s he had made the calls he had needed to and now no one was going to try adn kill Tessa. He had given in, submitted and taken back his second job, even if he didn’t need the money of the thrill he needed her. -11:13 Aug 02
Tessa: Where was that bandaid and why did Chaya sound like a beepy thing. It felt like only a split second had passed, but when she opened her eyes she wasn’t in the apartment. Instead it was the pale walls of a hospital room and she was tugged away in bed. And there was D! Plenty enough reason for her to sigh and close her eyes again. "Chaya over did the bandaids I guess. I only needed one…" -11:15 Aug 02
D: He squeeze her hand. "You had a three inch deep stab wound." he said. "You would have bled to deat if I hadn’t have called the hostital." he wouldn’t even tell her it had been poisoned, that wouls only worry her. "I’m glad you’re okay now though. You’ll be able to come home with me." -11:21 Aug 02
Tessa: "What a pervbags… only freaks get off on dying girls." she muttered, not seeming concerned about it at all. Everything felt a bit in slow motion and she didn’t feel hurty, so it must have been some pretty awesome painkillers. …he looked so worried! Tessa smiled at him. "Takes more than that to kill me, no one’s succeeded yet. Missed my appointments though…" -11:26 Aug 02
[(Timeout) Chaya got too distracted for their own good…] -11:33 Aug 02
D: "I rescheduled them from your new office." he said entwining his fingers with hers. "Day after tomorrow, same times, and band rehersal is moved to Saterday." -11:37 Aug 02
Tessa: "-After- tomorrow? I don’t think we need to delay everything an extra day." She squeezed his hand to reassure him and then she was fussing to sit up. "In fact, I feel totally fine. If it’s not too late I can probably get some stuff done today. Ugh… like buy a new phone! That guy had crazy giant hands." OOh! Tessa winced. She couldn’t feel everything before, but she sure as hell felt it now. Her other hand reached up to gently poke at her cheek. That had to be a bruuuiiise. -11:41 Aug 02
D: He placed a hand on her chest and pushed her back into hed. "You need the rest, trust me I’ve been stabbed plenty of times." he gave her a grin and then stood. "Going to grab a sandwich from the machine, do you want anything or….?" he paused at the door glancing back at her. "If you’re not lying back when I get back I’m going to strap you down… and not in the fun way." -11:45 Aug 02
Tessa: "There’s a FUN way to strap someone down?" Intested piqued… but she didn’t look too happy about having to stay in bed. "It’s not one of your sandwiches, it’s not worth it. Can’t we just head home now? I just need my clothes and-" Oh crap…! She wasn’t wearing that ring! Did the nurses take it when they took her clothes? -11:48 Aug 02
[D is in a hospital, he hates hospitals.] -10:36 Aug 06
[Tessa also hates hospitals. If only because she’s been stuck in a bed for TWO WHOLE DAYS and ALL THE WORK SHE COULD BE DOING! ;__; This is tooooooortuuuuuuure!] -10:37 Aug 06
Tessa: "I’m dyyyyyyyiiiiiiiing…." It might have been the five thousandth time she’s said it. Sulking because there was so much she should be doing around town, and none of it was getting done there in a bed. Her only solace was the fact D somehow always found a way back in to the room even when nurses were fussing him away, and she hadn’t quite figured out how he was getting in through the window! -10:39 Aug 06
D: Think of the devil, D rounded the door frame with a half eaten sandwich in his hand and a still wrapped one i his other hand which he tossed one Tessa’s bed. "Fresh from home." he said chewing on the corned beef. "Speaking of, that’s where you’re going. Get up." he swallowed and grinned. "I convinced the doctors that you would be better off away from the stress of being away from work… speaking of…" he reached into his pocked and pulled out a brand new phone, with all Tessa’s old contachs salvaged from the memory of the old one. "Catch." -10:44 Aug 06
Tessa: Tessa didn’t even try to catch the sandwhich. That landed on the bed with a thump, followed by her long over dramatic sigh of aaaaanguish. The phone on the other hand, had her jumping up like a rabbit to catch it, and that game with a hiss of pain and immediate regret! Of course, SHE thought she was plenty fine, but stitches were awful things. "You are my love and my heaven and my everything!" Phoooone, she was already flipping through the contacts to make sure everything was there like it should be. She might have even been talking to the phone. -10:47 Aug 06
D: D sat on the corner of the bed and took another bite of sandwich. "Good thing I’m not the jealous type." he comemnted shooting the phone a glare before grinning slightly to let the girl know he was teasing. "Come on, I know you in a hospital gown gives me easy access but you need decent food, and you need to get back to the panther. She misses you." -11:01 Aug 06
Tessa: "Just Chaya, huh, mister hang around here twenty four hours a day?" Oh no, he wasn’t allowed to sit, he said she could leave! Tessa was already trying to ease her way out of bed without jostling those stupid stitches too much. And since he mentioned it, she was trying to make sure he didn’t get a peep of her backside either. Just out of spite. "I just have to get dressed and make sure nobody lost my… stuff." -11:08 Aug 06
D: He reached into his jacket and pulled out a plastic-wrapped shirt for Tessa since her old one had been ruined by the blood. "You stuff should already be next to your bed in the cabinet." He was grinning wide now, Tessa would have to furn away from him and bend over to retrieve them. -11:23 Aug 06
Tessa: "Thaaaank you." Hrmph… She was so caught up thinking about how she was going to pull out that ring and slip it back on her finger, she forgot about her behind. She was already leaning carefully over to dig her things out, caaaarefully looking through it and keeping her back to him so she could stuff the ring back on her finger without him seeing. "You should wipe that look off your face! I’m surprised you didn’t take me to your special doctor lady." -11:26 Aug 06
D: "I wouldn’t have gotten to you in time." he said shrugging. "I called an ambulance as soon as you called me and told them where to find you. Besides she doesn’t like people staying for extended treatement." there was no way in hell he was wiping the look off his face. In face Tessa was lucky she didn’t get a slap on the ass, in fact she wasn’t lucky. The sound on hand hitting skin filled the room! -11:31 Aug 06
Tessa: There was a very loud squeal, a groan that continued even as she fell on to the bed clutching her side… and then some very angry growling! "You aaassssss! Why would I- even want mar- you big jerk-!" Every few words she smacked him with her pants and he deserved every hit! -11:40 Aug 06
D: He stepped back out of her reach a shit eating grin. "It was there, I went for it. It’s how I say I missed you." he winked at her and then pushed the last of his snadwich into his mouth and started chewing. "I got you a phone, and all your old contacts. Be grateful." -11:49 Aug 06
Tessa: "That’s the worst excuse ever, D." She was still scowling at him, scooting across the bed to the opposite site so she could shimmy in to her pants. The shirt wasn’t so easy to put on, and she stood there wrestling with it for several moments, unable to lift her arms too high before she huffed in defeat. "I can’t get my shirt on…" -11:56 Aug 06
D: "I don’t really need an excuse though." he said with another grin before reaching out and helping her pull her arms through the shirt holes one at a time before leaning over and kissing her cheek. "It’s okay, I’ve been stabbed quite a few times. I know what it’s like." then he reached out and picked up her sandwich. "Want this or can I have round 2?" -12:13 Aug 07
Tessa: She reached out and snatched that sandwhich out of his hand. The only thing almost as precious as a new phone was his home made food. This sandwich was hers! "Mine. And why have you been stabbed so often? Or is it that big dumb mouth of yours getting you in trouble? I have every intention of eating it, I just want to get home and be in our own bed without nosey nurses and beepy things…" -12:16 Aug 07
D: He just grinned at her. "You can’t just jump into the middle of my life and expect to know everything Tessa." he said. "Is it really that unbelievable with all the fights I get into?" he looked at the sandwich and frowned. ‘If you’re going to eat it at home anyway I could make you a fresh one, or two…" -12:23 Aug 07
Tessa: "I’ll eat it on the way home, if you’ll stop teasing me long enough to get me oooout of here." Clothes, check! Tessa had already mourned her shirt and very nice coat. Shoes! With the sandwich in one hand and her new phone in the other, she tried to slip on her shoes just by balancing. That too ended with a huff. "This week is going to be impossible… I might actually have to not go anywhere. How am I supposed to managed your next concert like this?" -12:28 Aug 07
D: He sat her down and put her shoes on her feet before standign again and heading for the door. "By being you. I’m pretty sure loving both your legs and arms and tongue wouldn’t stop you doing what you like doing. Which is why for your safety and the safety of this hospital it’s time to get you home." -12:32 Aug 07
Tessa: "My safety and the health of this hospital…" That made her grin. It was for the best, cause she was definitely going to go insane if they didn’t. It’d be her climbing out of windows instead of him in to them. Tessa was up and following him, latching on to his hand and subtly checking to see if his ring was still there. He had to be the most unobservant guy in the universe… Tessa wondered what they said about her name when they checked her in! "I’m glad you’re taking me home, regardless. I miss our bed and your giant kitchen…" -12:36 Aug 07
D: "You make it sound like you wanted to wreck the hospital in your bordom." he said before he puther the elevator call button and then stepped in as the doors chimed open. "I have a suprise for you when we get there too." -12:43 Aug 07
Tessa: "Miiiight have wrecked the hospital. When I was a volunteer at one, there were a few.. uhm… Nevermind that! What is the surprise?" Tessa hooked her arm with his, now taking the time to unwrap her sandwich and take a bite. Sooooo much better than hospital food. She was so glad to be going home. -12:48 Aug 07
D: "A suprise." he said glancing at her. Of course he wasn’t going to tell her, he was going to let her wonder. "Here, I payed this cab to wait for us, won’t be long until I get my second sandwich." -12:55 Aug 07
Tessa: "And how are you getting the money to pay for all of this anyway? Hrmm… I don’t even have insurance to cover hospital bills." That had her pausing to think on it a minute, how she was going to re-route money to pay those off. She couldn’t take money out of his concert funding, she needed that to book the venus and get new equiptment! Another bite of the sammich. -01:00 Aug 07
D: "The usual way." he said leaning back in the cab and looking out the window. "Don’t worry about it, it’s covered." That was one thing he had managed to get on the agreement. ‘Damages’ caused by the bossman’s men would be covered. Good thing the final part of the antidote that owuld let her wound head without the poison was in her sandwich. -01:06 Aug 07
Tessa: "That sounds like the D has a job way." Tessa was a bit irked by that, but not sure why. ….wait, she knew exactly why. He was going to be gone to mysterious places all the time and not hanging around her all day. Which… kind of sucked. She had gotten used to him, and he was hers… "It’s not going to interfere with things will it? Like, um, concerts, and meetings, and… dammit. With ME time? Who is going to make me dinner and curl up in bed with me? And don’t say Chaya, she’s not the same!" -01:10 Aug 07
D: "Chaya can’t cook," He teased looking at her. "You’re too clever for your own good. No it won’t interfere with concerts, or meetings, of sex with Tessa time. And I’ll always be around to cook, and if I can’t I’ll let you know ahead of time." He took her hand in his and went back to looking out the window. -01:17 Aug 07
Tessa: "And you promise? Because I have every intention of hunting you down and dragging you home by the ears if you don’t. I’m pretty sure Chaya knows how to." She squeezed his hand, nibbling on her sammich and far more intent on watching him than looking out the window. He had been weird like this since she woke up in the hospital. Maybe not completely weird, it just… something seemed weird. Tessa decided it had to be the medication making her head all fuzzy. She rest her head on his shoulder. "Better not interfere with sex with Tessa time…" -01:22 Aug 07
D: "Chaya would follow my commands over yours." he said looking at her reflecting in the window instead of looking at her directly. "And if anything inferferes with se with Tessa time it will go the same way as her exes." he glanced at her and thenran his hand over the stubble on his chin, then he glanced at her hand. -01:28 Aug 07
Tessa: "Which one? The one you beat up, the one Chaya scared away, or the one I punched in the face?" Bleh, Jayce… he was the one that kind of made her mad the most. Tessa sighed. "Maybe she won’t come with me, but I’ll definitely have a huge fit and scour the city for you. I won’t even waste time blowing up your phone." -01:32 Aug 07
D: "I think we make a good enough team to get rib of all obstacles, no matter what they are." he said, grinning. "And if I disappear, you probably shouldn’t come looking for me, and Chaya should." -01:42 Aug 07
Tessa: "See, now you’re just trying to be contrary on purpose. No Chaya hunting you down, and now yes, totally Chaya hunting you down." Tessa leaned closer until she could kiss his cheek. "How about we skip all that all together and you just stay with me. You don’t have to do that other job so long as the concerts keep going well…" -01:51 Aug 07
D: "I simply said that she would listen to me over you, not that she shouldn’t look for me." he said giving her a look. "And yes I do, trust me." he winked at her and squeezed her hand. "Don’t get pouty just because I won’t spend every second with you… you work so much you’ll hardly notice it." -01:56 Aug 07
Tessa: "It’s your own fault, you know. You’ve been with me almost every minute for days. And before that you’ve been with me all the time for months… It’s going to be weird not having you lurking around all the time. And that cabin is huge." Tessa was definitely pouting and knew it was ridiculous. She survived perfectly fine going out every day working, most of the time without him. So why would it be any different now? Aside from him randomly coming back beat up or something. "I guess I’m being over dramatic…" -01:59 Aug 07
D: "You are beign dramatic, adn I’m the one that goes on stage." he was teaasing her again. "You’ll have Chaya and y… oops, almost gave the suprise away." he grinned and then looked out the window. "We’re almost there anyway so you don’t have to wait long." -02:04 Aug 07

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