One Life Stand 023: Back to Work

[Tessa was fiiiiinally home! Weaaaaving around like she was drunk thanks to those silly pain meds. And eek! No poucing, Chaya, nooo!] -01:35 Aug 18
Tessa: Apparently she had been missed by a panther. Thankfully a quick squeak and her hands thrown up protected Tessa from getting knocked to the floor. Then D would have to carry her torn and bloody to bed. Tessa diiiiiid take a moment to clumsily kneel and give the kitty all the attention she wanted. "I’m sorry it took so long, Chaya. Your big papa was all paranoid about me bleeding to death…" -01:37 Aug 18 Tessa
[D caught Tessa and saved the day… or saves her fro,m nmore blood loss.] -01:40 Aug 18
D: "Big pappa had ever right to be worried." he said hooking a hand under Tessa’s ard and pulling her up to her feet to walk with her towards the kitched where he sat her down and opened a secret compartment behind a wall tile to pull out a bottle of pills that would clear her head like no tomorrow, then taking a glass and filling it with water he placed both in front of her. "Here ,take, drink, you’ll feel better." -01:43 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "And what is this…? I already took my pain meds, y’know, you go mixing these pills up and all kinds of crazy things happen. I should I know, I was that idiot mixing them up…" She took them anyway, though. He got banged up way more often than she did! Tessa sipped her water, occasionally leaning to give Chaya more pettings. "I’m sooooo glad to be back home, though. Now I can get back to work. Maybe it’s not too late to make some appointments.." The wheels in her head were already turning. She’d have to work twice as hard to make up for the days lost. -01:45 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Drink the water and follow me, I have something to show you." he moved out of the kitchen and towards the stairs before mounting them and turning left away from the bedrooms and then stopped at a door outside of which a bench say like a waiting aries in a clinic, only make of carved wood and padded leather. "Tessa, for your concideration, you new office." he pushed open the door and waited, fully intenting to grab her butt as she moved past him. -01:50 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "I’M the boss around here." So bossy! It was cuuuuuute, but she kept the comment to herself. Her empty water glass was left on the counter and she trailed after him, too curious to really complain or put up a fuss. "I hope you didn’t scuff up my de-Ooooooohhh…!" Neeeew deeeeeesk. Hands out reaching, she was moving towards the desk like a moth to it’s doom. It actually LOOKED like an office! Not just everything shoved up in a corner with piles of paperwork everywhere! "This is mine…!" -01:54 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Yes, it is." he said after getting his grope and following her in. That cabinet is actually a filing cabinet, all your information is in the computer and if you lean back the chair recines so you can relax…. and there is a basket for Chaya in the corner." he was happy with it, the room used to be a guest bedroom but this was Tessa’s coming home present. "Welcome home." -02:02 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "This chair isn’t being held together with duct tape…!" Tessa didn’t even notice a groping, she was so infatuated with the room. Hands first on the chair to twist and turn it. Swivels…! And the desk… that was real solid wood! "I have an office…" Ooooh, forget the desk. Tessa was across the floor as quickly as she could shuffle, grabbing his shirt and tugging him down hard for a kiss! -02:06 Aug 18 Tessa
D: The kiss surprised him and he gasped, there was not a girl alive that had gotten that reaction from him until now, but he recovered quickly and with a hand going to grip the hair in the bakc of her head he kissed back with bruising force perhaps trying to regain points lost by being surprised. "I’m glad you like it." he said, his lips still pressed against hers and curling into a smile. -02:20 Aug 18 D
Tessa: Kiiiiss, that was almost as good as her brand new, real and actual office. Tessa couldn’t help but grin, and was now bouncing slightly on her feet. Even if that met pecking kisses inbetween her pleased chirping. "I’ve never had a real office before… This is like… a real pro’s home office! An actual real music producer and manager…" Another kiss, yes, he deserved that! She’d forget all about him making her stay at the hospital a few days. -02:27 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He slid the hand down from her head to her shoulders and kissed her back. "Well you are a real professional and a pretty good one too." he wasn’t going to just sit there and take kisses either, so he nipped her lip and gave it a slight tug. "You should seriously try the seat though." he said, maybe because he wanted her opinion on it, and maybe because she was still medicated and hurt, and the tablet he had given her wouldn’t fight the drowsiness forever. -02:32 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "Best chair I will ever sit in right?" A giddy giggle slipped out, one she would blame on medication later! Tessa pulled herself away and gliiiided over to her new chair. She slooooowly sat down with all the regalness of a queen. It lasted about two seconds before she was leaning back and spinning in the damned thing. "Eeeeee…! And it actually feels good too! I could sit in this all day and not have to complain about my sore ass..!" -02:38 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "I guess I’ll have to make it sting then." he said stepping over and sitting in one of two chairs opposite her with a grin. Maybe he was asking to be chased out but he was happy she was back. -02:55 Aug 18 D
Tessa: Tessa stuck her tongue out at him, spinning once again in her chair. "Not gonna happen! I have a week’s worth of work to catch up on, I might just stay in this chair all weekend until it’s done." She stopped spinning, scooting herself up to the desk to straight things the way she liked and try a few very boss-like poses. "Do I look more intmidating than the old boss?" -02:58 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He leaned back to look at her, "No." D knew what the old boss was capable of, Tessa would have a scar for the rest of her life and D would be out killing people for his profit. "But you’re meant to look welcoming and friendly for clients anyway." he put his feet up on the desk and fonded his hand sover his stomach. "Right?" -03:02 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "If they end up anything like you, I need to be threatening now and then- Hey! No feet on my new desk!" Perfect brand new desk, his dirty feet was not going to scuff anything up. Tessa rose from her chair and scooted around the corner to pluck his feet up and drop them to the floor. "Now that I have an office, though, next time he wants to meet with me I can totally force him to come see me now! It’d be nice to see him squirm for once and threaten to sacrifice HIM to devils…" -03:08 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "If I know him… and I’m fairly certain I do… he won’t come, not to my house." he sounded almost bitter, so many ways a man could disappear here… folding his arms he looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Why do you want to meet with him anyway?" -03:12 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "To shove my success in his stupid asshole face. Why else?" D was glaring even more than usual. Tessa plopped on to his lap and brushed her fingers through his hair. "He was a pretty shitty boss. Probably the worse I ever had, although I guess at least he didn’t try to kill me. …Anyway, I’m glad you aren’t under his label anymore. I’m going to take care of you." -03:18 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He almost said ‘yes he did’ before he stopped himself and closed his eyes. "You have no idea how much of a shitty boss he can be." he said quietly, her fingers were nice but he wasn’t in the mood to admit it. "We take care of each other, that’s the way it works…" he said openeing one eye to smile at her. "Which is why I’m not making vorned beef sandwiches right now." -03:24 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "My first night home and you wanna make sammiches? I expect so much better!" He was sweet. Put together and office for her, took care of things… and her! He had no idea she was going to keep him forever. Tessa leaned to kiss his forehead and then the corner of his mouth. "I’m not that hungry anyway, at least not for food. We haven’t had real snuggles all week and you didn’t exactly fit in the hospital bed…" -03:31 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Hey, I said I would in the taxi." he pointed out even as he rn a finger through her hair and returned her kiss by capturing her lips with his and flicking his tongue out against her lip. "You taste like moustard." he whispered. "That was a good sandwich." -03:36 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "Are sammiches all you can think about with a cute girl in your lap?" That was okay, she could be direct! Tessa was pretty sure her pain meds were going last for a few hours and she wanted to make good use of it! She leaned forward to press her mouth in to his and nibble it gently. "You could make another sammich, oooor… take off all my clothes, carry me to bed, and hmmm… do more than just grab my ass…" -03:39 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "Hey I make damn good sandwiches." he said his hand sliding down her back and pulling on her shirt. "And it makes you do wonderful things to try and distract me from them when I do so I’m just going to keep talking baout them to see what you do next." he was grinning wide and moving to trail a line of kisses down the side of her neck and then nip her shoulder. "And I prefer your cooch to your ass." -03:43 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "That might me the most romantic thing you’ve eeeeever said." Not romantic, but it made her giggle. A giggle she tried to hide by biting her lip and nuzzling in to his cheek. And now that her distraction was working, she put her hands to good use by trying to get his shirt off without breaking and kiss. -03:46 Aug 18 Tessa
D: He let her take his shirt, but at the same time pulled hers off. "I’m a regular E. A. Poe, aren’t I." he said before nibbling her bottom lip as his hand slipped down to rub her inner thigh through her pants, massaginf his finger tips in. -03:52 Aug 18 D
Tessa: "Suuuuuch a jerk, but I missed you…" And thank goodness for privacy! Tessa was grinning again as she braced her hands at either side of his head, then just buried her fingers in to his hair to tug his head back. Better. She kissed and nibbled, running her tongue over his mouth before nuzzling her nose against his jaw. "I really, really missed you…" -03:58 Aug 18 Tessa
D: "I mi…" he stopped and pulled away to look at his watch. On the face there was a symbol for a new message and he reached into his abck pocked to pull out his phone before carefully angling the screen so she couldn’t see it. "Shit, that’s work. Gotta go." he kissed her sheek and picked her up to place her on the floor then stood to pull her to him and press his lips into hers. "If you’re still awake when I get home we’ll see what happens." then with a slap on her butt her was turning to leave. -04:02 Aug 18 D

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