One Life Stand 023: Old Habits

[D missed his concert, and for good reason. The coucks it covered with equal parts of drugged assassin and blood.] -09:09 Aug 29
[Tessa is furious. And worried. And furious for being worried! With an equally as edgy panther in tow!] -09:10 Aug 29
Tessa: Tessa ranted the entire way home from the cancelled concert. The poor man driving the van with both her and Chaya in the back had to listen the whole way. It contained quite a bit of cursing mixed in with "He always does this." and a little "But he was doing so good.." along with a few breaks of her pondering why he let loose Chaya again, when that could have been utter chaos at a concert. Still, even when she let herself and Chaya inside the house, Tessa was still ranting. "I might kill him! I’m sorry Chaya, no, I won’t kill him. I’ll just take his legs off and make him perform in a wheel chair. That should be great for publicity." -09:13 Aug 29 Tessa
D: It was like being drunk, but without the pleasantness, and then there was a bounding panther surging agead of Tessa and gently putting her front paws on the couch and lick D’s neck. A hand fell on Chaya’s shoulder and there was a groan. "Hey Chaya… feel like taking me to the doctor? I think I might actually need it this time." There was what could only be a gunshot wound in D’s shoulder. The jacket Tessa had made for the concert was ruined and the only thing D could think about where the lights dancing in his vision. "Did you bring Tessa?" -09:23 Aug 29 D
Tessa: This was not what she expected to walk in on. Maybe him passed out drunk, but… not bleeding all over the place! The corner of her mouth twitched as she moved silently to the couch, and as she sat down next to him, leaning to take a look at his shoulder, she was probably about as pale as death. Tessa was awful with blood, just awful, and here he was covered in the stuff and-"Bring TESSA? You should have sent her for a doctor or called an ambulance or something, you idiot!" Her oversized pursed was now in her lap and with shakey hands she was digging around in it. There was always something in here for an emergency. In this case she needed a first aid kit, something to beat him with, and her phone to call somebody! -09:27 Aug 29 Tessa
D: A hand came up to leave a bloody handprint on Tessa’s shoulder. "Home phone upstairs… speed dial 9… have I tld you how pretty you are?" the hand left her shoulder to swat at some of the lights, they were blocking Tessa’s face, his head turned as he swatted at the couch and then tried to use his other hand to pull himself up. "Chaya… you’re back…" the panther was headbutting D to push him back down. "Did you bring Tessa?" -09:35 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "Do you have ANY sense at all!" Tessa was straining to keep from shouting, it seemed he’d really not know the difference anyway! "Don’t let him move." She ordered the cat, then she was hopping up and climbing the stairs as quickly as she could. Calling for help first, then she’d find out what he got in to. Tessa snatched up the phone and hit the speed dial. It was no surprise to hear his special doctor’s voice on the other end. The Doctor was surprised to hear HERS though. "He’s SHOT, at least I’m pretty sure! What am I even supposed to do about that, I should be calling a hospital!" The Doctor, at least, was perfectly calm. "I am sure he’s dug the bullet out, but it seems to me that poison is the most likely culprit. You’ll need t-" "Poison! Why the hell would he be poisoned?!" "Likely because I bullet alone never does much good, now you need to-" "Who would even want to shoot him! No never mind, I want to shoot him right now myself but I don’t-" The Doctor finally just had to talk OVER Tessa’s rammbling. "MAKE SURE THE BULLET IS OUT… If it isn’t, take it out. Carefully, mind you. In the fridge there should be a hidden compartment in the back, just give it a press and you’ll find some vials or some such. You’ll want the one with the green label and make him drink that down. Clean and dress the wound, etcetera, etcetera. I should arrive in a few hours." Tessa was STILL raving even when the doctor hung up. Poison! Bullets? She trotted back down the stairs, feeling a bit like she was going to be sick! -09:51 Aug 29 Tessa
D: The bullet was NOT out. It was deep and D had tried but most of his strength was gone. Chaya was pying on top of him with her large paws on his chest and D was swiveling his head left and right truing to follow the dots. "I don’t feel so good." he said softly trying to see though the darkness shrowding his vision. I’m going to be sick…" and with a panther not allowing him to move there was nowhere for it to go but all over the couch, and him. -10:00 Aug 29 D
Tessa: Imagine her surprise to have found a secret stash of medical supplies right there in the fridge in a hidden compartment. Tessa didn’t have much time to ponder more on it. Which she returned to the couch he was bloody, vomitty mess. She was dying! She didn’t know what to do, her kind of handling emergencies was shaking a fist at assholes and throwing stuff! Tessa had to run back to the kitchen to fetch a wet towel, and resumed her bitching at him. It was the only way she could keep herself focused and not running around screaming. "You should have gone straight to a hospital. I am going to give you this stuff, like the doctor said, and if you throw it all up I’m going to hit you." Hrrm… First she dragged him to sit up and made with getting his coat and shirt off. She was going to have to check his shoulder for bullets anyway! Urg… so much blood. She was gonna be sick at this rate too! -10:09 Aug 29 Tessa
D: Suddenly he was sitting and his head flopped back against the couch, the vual had to be put to his lips and he swallowed before his head rose and he looked at her. "Tessa… sorry I can’t have sex now, my shoulder feels funny." he looked at her hands where they were on his shoulder. "Are you bleeding?" he was definately not very aware of what was going on. "You know it you’re hurt I know a doctor… want to have sex?" -10:14 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "Nobody is having any sex! Your stupid doctor is out of town and told me to perform SURGERY!" This is exactly why she didn’t take to nursing, being an EMT, or even volunteering. There was so much blood and she’d probably faint or something equally as dumb, and then he’d die and it’d be all her fault. Tessa was not very gentle at probing his shoulder, her hands were shaking too bad. Uuurg! Groooss! There was definitely something still in there… "How do you go and get yourself shot?! I mean seriously? On a concert day, too!" Tessa released him to snatch her kit out of her pure. She had some tweezers and scissors, and as long as he didn’t go squirming and she didn’t throw up, it could come out easy enough. -10:19 Aug 29 Tessa
D: D was smiling at her and a bloody hand moved up to her cheek. "I started it." he said. "But don’t worry… I’m still… you look nice when you’re worried, IIIIiiiiAAAH." there was a sharp pain in his shoulder as Tessa worked. "Remember when you were at the hospital… and I put the antidote in your sandwich… I want a sandwich." -10:24 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "…You put a what in my sammich?" Why the hell did she think this was cute. Or did think this was cute! She was terrified! Luckily he was too dumb-stupid-poisoned to see she was tearing up and near about to cry. Getting that bullet out was a little trickier than she anticipated. The blood was all slick and she couldn’t keep her hands steady. Tessa ended up having to press against his skin and pull at the same time, muttering "Sorry!Sorry!Sorry!" until she finally popped it out and quickly pressed a towel to the open wound. …she was really, really dizzy. And really pissed off. -10:29 Aug 29 Tessa
D: There was a scream as it came out and D’s head flopped back before he fell sideways back onto the couch. "I think I’m just going to sleep a while." he said closing his eyes. "My shoulder hurts…" his voice was barely a mumble. "I didn’t want to go tonight." -10:35 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "Where did you go? Something for your new job?" Tessa didn’t even know why she was asking, it wasn’t like he could answer her with anything understandable. She had no idea if this wound needed stitches… the doctor didn’t say anything about that, at least. She just used a wet towel to clean away the blood, and got busy laying down enough gauze and tape to keep it there. "Don’t sleep yet, I need to get you upstairs and clean." -10:39 Aug 29 Tessa
D: He took a deep breath and swallowed with his eyes closed. "Work… I don’t want this job." he put a hand on Chaya’s head who was tuggin at his shirt to try adn get him to move, or what was left of it anyway. "Chaya…" he said. "Go get Tessa… I need need… Tessa." he swallowed again before allowing himself to be pulled up, his eyes still closed. -10:50 Aug 29 D
Tessa: "If this is the kind of shit that happens at this job, I don’t think you need it that bad…" Tessa wasn’t sure why he took it back in the first place… Things were actually going very well for them! She was building a business and he was doing concerts, and really… it seemed that dumb job was where all the trouble came from! Tessa pulled his arm around her neck so she could bare his weight and help shuffle him up the stairs. Hopefully Chaya would catch them if they went tumbling backwards. "I’m right here, open your eyes before you trip the both of us!" -10:53 Aug 29 Tessa
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -11:49 Aug 29
[D will be here soon] -01:19 Aug 30
D: One step at a time his hands against the wall, blood moving through his system. "Black vial." he said. "Second tile up directly behind the knife rack…" he breathed before heaving again almost making them fall forwards. "Doctor…? Tessa… where is the doctor?" his eyes were open and at least he seemed to be more aware of himself and his surroundings. -02:09 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "I’ve already made you drink some vial stuff the doctor told me to give you. She will be here soon enough…" How many hidden compartments did he have in this house? For the moment, Tessa couldn’t be concerned with wondering why either. She got him up to the top of the stairs and fussed him down the hall. "I need to get you undressed and cleaned up. Then you can sleep until she gets here." -02:12 Aug 30 Tessa
D: He shook his head. "I can’t sleep. Once you get me sitting go and get that vial. It’s the same stuff I gave you when you got back from the hospital." He was not concerned with keeping her suspicions down, his life was at stake. "If I sleep I could not wake up…" -02:17 Aug 30 D
Tessa: That was plenty enough to say to keep her from asking more questions. He was probably already near dead from bleeding. Once or twice with a little shove from Chaya, Tessa got him to their room and had him sit in a chair. Better to keep him from falling asleep that way. "…WHICH knife rack! Why do you have so many blasted knives?!" -02:20 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "The one next to the toaster oven." he said Gripping the side of the chair. "There will be three vials and I need the one in the middle. Knock on the tile three times to open it and it will aitomatically close when you pull your hand out…" he looked down at his wound. "Chaya, I want you to keep an ear out, go with her." -02:24 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "Let me guess, we’re all going to get shot at! Then I’m going to be picking bullets out of Chaya too!" Tessa left as instructed, right back to the kitchen. She might have stayed and complained a bit longer, but this was better. She could sniffle where he couldn’t see it. Especially now that he seemed to be coming to his senses again. In the kitchen she was opening her second secret panel for the day. Looking baffled at the new set of viles and grabbing just the one. By the time she made her way back up stairs, she had wiped tears away from her eyes, which really only managed to smudged blood everywhere. -02:27 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "And ear out for the doctor." D called out after her. "You did call, didn’t you?" He waited for her return removing his shirt and bundling it up. "I liked this shirt." he muttered to himself before holding out his hand for the vial, popping the top, and downing the entire thing before shuddering. -02:33 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "Yes, I called her! And she told me to give you a vial out of your hidden fridge box and dig a bullet out of your stupid carcass!" He had no idea how much that upset her. It wasn’t like his other injury after he got himself stabbed, he was fine enough then, if not in pain. This was… a bloody mess! Growling under her breath, she disappeared in to the bathroom, returning with a fresh wet towel. She dropped it on to his head instead of hitting him with it, like she wanted to. Then Tessa was dropping to the floor on her knees and very crossly removing his boots. -02:37 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "I think I’m slightly too messed up for you to be stripping me." he said a flicker of a grin passing over his face. "Though really… if I didn’t know any better I’d think you loved me." he wiiped the blood away as best he could and then helped Tessa as best her could. He knew she was worried…he would have to tell her… some day… what had he already said? -02:40 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "I’d think that was obvious enough, you ass!" He couldn’t give her that stupid grin when he was like this! Sure, he was patched up and maybe less rambly sounding, but who knew how bad poison could be or how much blood he lost? Tessa slapped his hands away. "Stop moving and sit still, I have it. I don’t think you should work this other job any more. If this is the kind of stuff you get in to…" His boots out of the way, she went after his pants. He wasn’t getting in to bed a big bloody mess. -02:44 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "This was an accident." he said. "Some… clients got roudy and before you knew it things were point pair shaped. It won’t happen again. Besides with the extra money you can hold the biggest concert ever."" -02:50 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "You mean another great big concert you don’t show up to cause you’re DEAD?" An accident…! Tessa tugged off his pants and nearly strangled him with them. Instead she tossed them aside and snatched up that wet towel to clean up his face and the rest of him with. "If you think you need to make money to help me with the business, you don’t. I can make it work! I’m not gonna be able to make YOU work if you’re all dead somewhere!" -02:54 Aug 30 Tessa
D: He looked away. "Trust me Tessa, it’s better this way." he said quietly before looking back at her. "You do trust me right?" He caught the hand with the towel and looked into her eyes. "I need you to trust me. I know what I’m doing." he didn’t feel like he did. They knew he had been coming and it smelled of a setup. -02:57 Aug 30 D
Tessa: It was easier for her to be pissed off and shouty. At least then she was distracted from being terrified and confused about everything. But then he had to go and put the deep-eyes on her. Tessa silenced and swallowed. Having to take a deep breath before she could even speak. "I trust you. Not so much mystery bullets… What do you think I am gonna do if you end up dead somewhere? It’ll ruin my whole routine." Ruin her whole LIFE! Now she really was going to cry, apparently this could be a possibility and he wasn’t even telling her the whole story! -03:01 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "I’m not going to die." he said hooking his fingers around the back of her head and pulling her into a kiss. "Besides without me you’ll still have a kickass band, a mountain of contacts and a huge house." He kissed her again before using her shoulder to help himself stand, staggered and decided he was better off sitting. -03:06 Aug 30 D
Tessa: Kissing her was not going to fix everything! …maybe she felt slightly better. At least until he staggered and had to sit again. Tessa was back to huffing, swatting him gently with the towel and ressuming making sure there wasn’t any blood left on him. "It was fine when it was just you. Sit still, dammit! You’re not getting in to bed until you’re clean. Then -I- have to go get clean. If I have to tie you to the stupid chair to keep you out of trouble, I will." Tessa was back on her feet again, now furiously tackling his hair with the towel. What he needed was a real bath too, but she was a little worried he’d crack his head open at this rate. -03:11 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "You’re not going to get me clean this way." he complained "I have a rain in the shower I can hold onto and you hace splay me down and it will be over in seconds. Then you can fuss and snuggle as buch as you want." he was trying to stand again. "You can help me, and get more kisses, or… not" -03:15 Aug 30 D
Tessa: "You’re going to fall over and hit your head and DIE and leave me and Chaya here alone like a huge asshole!" As gently as possible she tried to keep him in the chair. …which just resulted in her sitting on him. She was already a mess anyway, she was just trying to get him cleaned up! "Stop being an ass and let me take care of you." -03:19 Aug 30 Tessa
D: An arm went across her shoulders and he closed his eyes. "It’s not that bad." he said. "Okay, fine it is. But I’m not going to die. The doctor will be here soon so we’ll do it your way until them." he sighed and lened his head on her shoulder. It would be ironic if she was out of town patching up one of the men who had done this. -03:24 Aug 30 D
Tessa: One arm around her, and all her resolve nearly broke. …well, it did, entirely broke! But at least she didn’t start sobbing like an idiot! Tessa dropped the towel and put her arms around him, careful of his patched up shoulder. She huffed again, nuzzling her nose against his head and stroking her fingers through his hair. "You’re always so difficult. You owe me so many cuddles. And dinner. A really good dinner." she mumbled. -03:29 Aug 30 Tessa
D: "With candles and music and sex afterwards. he whispered nuzzling just behind her ear. There ws no way to tell how long they had been there but in the early morning Chaya made a sound and D looked at the door, his reflexes slowed and eyes groggy again, the vial having worn off, but it was the doctor, ariving to take over. -03:34 Aug 30 D

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