One Life Stand 024: The Final Wish

[D has an arm around Tessa but is slipping awa towards his guitar case.] -08:11 Mar 07
[Tessa is working at home. Not that she wants to! There’s tons of things to do outside of the house, but SOMEone insisted on her staying home, and worse, that SOMEone isn’t even there to keep her company.] -08:15 Mar 07
Tessa: She already finished every phone call she needed to make, designed several ad poster ideas, and had a walk with Chaya. A panther was cuddlie and fun to have around, but Chaya wasn’t D. Chaya couldn’t make lunch. And Chaya kisses smelled a lot like catfood. Tessa was presently prowling around the kitchen looking for something to both feed herself with and entertain herself. -08:18 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He came up behind her to put an around her. "Don’t worry I won’t take long." he said before he moved away. "Just a little work." he reached down to pick up his guitar case and started sowards the door. "Save some dinner for me." -08:39 Mar 07 D
Tessa: Tessa was making a scene about the whole thing, and she knew it. After all, she had a big secret herself so who was she to have a hissy fit? …except her secret didn’t involve taking off at random and coming back stabbed, shot, or covered in mud. "If I don’t burn down this whole house trying to make dinner! Why don’t you just staaaaay? Please? You keep saying you want to quit that job." -08:42 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He paused, the handle of the case gripped loosely in his hand as he turned his head and looked at her. "These are not the kind of men you say no to twice." he said is his usual casual manner but his eyes showed a glimmer of worry before they managed to assune their usual expression. He was doing this for her, if it was just him he’d kill them all. "I wont be late this time, I promise." then he was heading for the door. Better to get the elaving over with. -08:59 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "All the more reason to quit?" He was so stubborn. So was she! Tessa followed him all the way to the door, debating whether or not she was going to jump on his back and MAKE him stay. But she didn’t want to cling on to him and admit just how much she hated being left behind in his big creepy ‘cabin’ out in the middle of nowhere. "Fine, go ahead and go. But then you owe me a backrub and… lasagna in the bathtub!" -09:04 Mar 07 Tessa
D: "No food in the bath." he said quickly. "You’ll get cramps." then he gave her the glimmr of a smile and opened his arms in a casual gestue. "You trust me right? Then let me do what I think is best." -09:45 Mar 07 D
Tessa: Trust. If he asked a few months ago, she would have shouted a big NO at him and tied him to a chair. But back then he was always late to shows, and now he always made an effort to come back on time. He made a lot of efforts for her. Tessa huffed, stealing the opportunity to hug him, and for a moment it seemed like she wasn’t going to let go. "Okay. I trust you. Just don’t come back half dead again." -09:50 Mar 07 Tessa
D: There was a checkle and his body moved against ehr with the sound. "I’ll do a proper job of it then this time. Try not to miss me too much when I’m gone." then his hand ran through her hair and he was moving away, a black streak moving to catch up. "No Chaya, you stay with Tessa this time. She needs someone to look after her." -09:53 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "I don’t need anyone to look after me." she pulled, but pulled away anyway. She was visibly sulking and making no pretenses to hide it. "Goodbye, D. ….C’mon Chaya, we’ll have something tasty and send dirty pictures to his phone while he’s gone." -09:57 Mar 07 Tessa
Tessa: Tessa tried to be patient, she really did. She tried all sorts of things to keep herself busy and distracted for several hours. From work, to playing with Chaya, to reading a book. The problem was that she just couldn’t concentrate. He was gone on another one of his mystery jobs, and she couldn’t help but worry if he was getting in to more trouble again. Would it be like that trip he had a bar fight and landed in jail? Or was she going to go downstairs and find him bleeding to death on the couch? "….UGH! I can’t do this!" She tossed her book aside and went stomping back downstairs. There was ONE way to find out. -10:13 Mar 07 Tessa
D: The guitar case lay open next to him as the sun set behind him. The target was there… finally. He hadn’t meant to take this long. The riflr in his hand was painted dark and matte. THe target was talkign on a phone and zoomed in D could see ever blemish of his skin. He held his creath to steady his aim. One more second and… -10:24 Mar 07 D
Tessa: Out of the cuppard it game. Wisely after the marriage-wish, she tucked it away where she wouldn’t accidentally wish for something else and make life a million times more awkward. THIS time she knew exactly what to use that wish for. She shook the damned thing without remorse. "I wish I knew where he was and what he does on his stupid secret jobs!" Tessa squeezed her eyes shut, expecting to wind up back in bed with D while he was in some cheesy uniform. …that isn’t what she got! "What on earth…" -10:30 Mar 07 Tessa
D: The shot rangs out and the target’s head exploded in a pink mist… then there was movement to his right. In an instant he has pulled the knife from his guitar andhad the intruder’s hair in a vice like grip and the blade against thier throat… "Fuck.." he didn’t think. Tessa wa here and there was only one thing to do. The dart was fire at point blank range onto her thigh adn then she was lifted over his shouder. All the evidence collected he fled the scene… he had enough time to get back to the mansion before Tessa woke up. -10:38 Mar 07 D
Tessa: When Tessa finally came around, her head was swimming and she was a bit groggy. She didn’t remember being in bed… She had been reading and getting frustrated. And she made a wish! Right? Tessa sat up quickly rubbing the top of her head, and feeling more than a little alarmed. She did make a wish, and was pretty sure there was a gun and D trying to knife her! -10:46 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He was sitting at the foot of the bed with a tray next to him. Then she started to move he handed her a steaming mug with a cookie on the saicer. "Drink, eat, it will take away the grogyness." his eyes didn’t leave her and this time he couldn’t hide the worry. -10:50 Mar 07 D
Tessa: She took it, only because she was too dumbfounded to leap off the bed screaming in hysterics. Holding the saucer, she opened and shut her mouth three time before she finnaly managed to spit out the words. "You SHOT somebody. …and the you shot me!" Oh yes, she definitely remembered that part because her thigh was sore as hell. "You were going to cut my throat..!" None of this was quite registering in her brain. -10:54 Mar 07 Tessa
D: "Not your throat." he said calmly. "Anyone else sneaking up on me, yes." he picked up his own mug and took a sip. "What were you doing following me? How long had you been watching?" -10:57 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "I wasn’t following you. You don’t get to ask the questions here! You just killed someone!" How could he just sit there calmly sipping chocolate? Murder was a federal offense. People didn’t just go around shooting people. …she took a sip from her own mug. If she didn’t she was going to throw it and start running, and that wasn’t going to answer her questions. "Why? Is that your other job? What kind of job is that..!" -11:02 Mar 07 Tessa
D: "It’s a job that if I don’t do then they will go after you. They proved that when you went to hospital." He didn’t take his eyes off her, his muscles tense and ready to react if she tried anything dumb and as added insurence he whistled makign Chaya jump on thr bad and try to be a lap cat for Tessa, pinning her down. -11:07 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "Chaya…" This wasn’t fair, she was being held captive by a panther. Huffing she shifted as best she could to set her mug and saucer down on the bedside table. Then she was trying to push Chaya off. When you discovered the person you love kills people you don’t want to be pinned to a bed by a giant housecat. "WHO would go after me? That guy was a burgler! Did you think I was never going to find out? You’ve been lying to me this whole time..!" -11:11 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He shook his head. "We used to be in a band together, he’s in the same line of work I am for the same people. They were setting an example." he cut himsef short. "I tried to quit, you know that. If they know you know they’ll try to kill you again so I couldn’t tell you. I don’t expect you to understand…" -11:31 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "Of course I don’t understand! All you had to do was tell me the truth, and we could fix it together. Didn’t you think I could protect you?" What a stupid stubborn idiot. Tessa managed to shove Chaya off her lap, then she crawled across the bed to the foot, where she proceeded to swat the hell out of D. "I’m not AFRAID of your stupid bosses, I don’t care who they are! You want to quit, so you’re going to quit. And if we have to kill them to do it then…. then that is just what we’re going to have to do!" Maybe it sounded a lot crazier when she said it out loud, but Tessa meant it. No one had ever treated her the way he had, or took care of her before. He was hers and no one was going to screw that up and get him killed. -11:45 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He grabbed her wrists and gently pushed her back. "Against assassins, yes, and youare afraid of them you just don’t know it’s them…" he bit his lips and thought. "Could you kill your own father?" he asked giving her a look. "The only parent you’ve ever known… maybe that’s why I don’t see anything wrong with the job… until you showed up." -11:51 Mar 07 D
Tessa: "I don’t care if they are assassins or mercenaries or bounty hunters or dragons. I’m not afraid of them." Father..? That gave her pause, though. Tessa examined his face, slowly relaxing her posture and stopping her struggling. "Your father, really? This is a family business?" She frowned and shook her head. "What did I do to make you stop?" -11:58 Mar 07 Tessa
D: He let g of her arms and shrugged. "If it’s just me I can go out and get knocked around no problem. I can take a bullet and sleep peacfully afterwards… with the right painkillers. Chaya is a big girl and can look after herself if I die, she knows to go to the doc where she’ll have a home but with you. If I die you’ll cry, and I alwasy hate seeing you cry." -12:07 Mar 08 D
Tessa: "Have you even seen me cry?" Tessa was sure she made sure no one had ever seen that! …he was kind of making her want to cry now. She scooted forward until she was crawling in to his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Well, I know now. And we know I can’t let you keep doing it because one day you won’t come back. And we know that if they know that I know then you are going to be afraid I’ll go out one day and never come back. We have to make it stop. …do you trust me?" -12:12 Mar 08 Tessa
D: He slowly closed his arms around her and sighed. The main danger seemed to be over. "Yes." he said finally. "But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you do anything stupid." he resed his chin on her shoulder and sighed again. "Besides i’mnot the only one with a secret." -12:20 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She stiffened for a split second, then forced herself to relax. He hadn’t noticed for this long, he couldn’t possible know. Tessa buried her face at his neck for a moment to get her expression under control, before she finally tilted back to frown at him. "I don’t have any secrets. I tell you everything you want to know all the time." -12:26 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "But not everythign I should know." he pointed out meeting her gaze. "I knew when someone is keeping something from me, it should show you how much I trust you that I havn’t asked what it is…" I big blac hre was shoved between them demanding attention and D sighed. "I think she’s hungry." -12:30 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She chewed on her bottom lip. Chaya provided the perfect distraction, which result in her petting Chaya’s massive head and avoiding eye contact. "Maybe it’s not something that needs to be known yet, because if it’s known you’ll change your mind. …and you shouldn’t change the subject!" -12:36 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "When chaya gets hungry it IS the subject. You should know that by now." he rolled his eyes and petted the creature. "And I’m stubborn, my mind doesnt change easily… now I think there’s a pork rump that is thawed enough for the hunger monsted before she decides we’re soft and tasty… Come on Chaya…" he stood. Tessa and all and started towards the kitchen, carrying her. -12:43 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She didn’t expect to be carried off too, which was good, because she probably would have tried to stomp after him and she didn’t trust herself to walk. Tessa wrapped her arms around his neck, half frowning and half pouting. "I meant changing it away from assassins stuff! We should be talking about how to get you out of it and not about me and my nonexistant secrets." -12:46 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "They’re very existant." he insisted heaving down the main staircase before depositing her in a kitchen chair and then reachign up to pop open the secret compartment behind the time next to the fridge and toss a bottle of antidote pills at her. "Take one of those I’ll make more tea." -12:51 Mar 08 D
Tessa: She blinked at the bottle, then popped off it’s lid to take one out. In to her mouth it went and she swallowed, leaving her making an awful, awful face. Tessa coughed and rest her elbows on the kitchen counter. "If they exist, then what are they? And you are avoiding the important discussion here! If you don’t want me to do something crazy, and trust me I will, you need to talk to me about it." -12:55 Mar 08 Tessa
D: A mug was placed in front of her and he say down before reachign up and pulling open the zipper of his jacket and shedding it to place on the back of a chair before walkign over to the fridge to pull out a hunk of meat to plave in the large steel dish on the floor. "I kill people, I have sor longer than I’ve known you. It’s payed for everything you see here, my dad is the boss. I think that covers all the bases other than if I try to quit they’ll kill you and if I try and kill them they’ll kill me THEN kill you… I made a deal with them that am long as I play nice they won’t kill you. I don’t want to lose you." -01:11 Mar 08 D
Tessa: Tessa huffed, picking up her mug to sip and drink. That got the icky taste out of her mouth. "But you’re not happy. You hate doing it… Tell me who your dad is, I bet I could talk some sense in to him." As his daughter-in-law! Then again, a professional hit man probably would not care so much about his son’s wife. Tessa was just confused by the whole thing. "…and if I can’t talk sense in to him I’ll kidnap him and MAKE him listen?" -01:16 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "Your ex boss." he said looking at her while washing his hands and drying them off before takign a seat. "Why do you think he never let you kick be out of the band? Because I was working for him when I was late. Your douchebag ex singerboy is longing for the chance to kill me by the way… I think they’s send him." -01:29 Mar 08 D
Tessa: Tessa nearly dropped her cup. The Label was his boss? Mister Big, threaten to kill her every time she screwed up or the band didn’t make an event, and slapped her ass every time she wore the short skirts? And to top it off, Jayce too…! Was -everyone- an assassin?! Tessa looked a little bit pale, but played it off. "That’s all? I’ve handled him and Jayce plenty of times. I can talk to him myself and tell him you’re mine now. If I have to, I’ll run assassins too! I restarted a label, I can manage hit men." -01:33 Mar 08 Tessa
D: "And how would that get us out of the game." he asked leaning forwards "No running hit men Tessa. I don’t want to be an assassin. I signed on with you to be a rock star." he too her hand in his and squeezed it. "And because you look great in a short skirt. and tank top." -01:41 Mar 08 D
Tessa: "Okay, I won’t manage hitmen. But I am going to do something about this, so you don’t have to do it anymore. " She tugged gus hand to pull him closer and leaned to kiss the tip of his nose. "I will take care of you. I promise." -01:44 Mar 08 Tessa

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