One Life Stand 025: Bad Stand

[Tessa has arrived at the Label for this first time in a long time. …and in secret, because D would have stopped her otherwise!] -01:02 Aug 13
[D isn’t here yet.] -01:03 Aug 13
Tessa: Tessa was dressed for success. In her very best of black secretary suits and heels. Because if you’re going to march in to the office of your former boss and apparent leader of an assassin guild, you want to look like you mean serious business. One upon a time she would have been fretting and worrying about seeing the man, but today D’s future was on the line. If he wouldn’t quit, she would resolve it all for him. SO there she was slamming her hands on the secretary’s desk in the lobby of the Boss’ office. "I want to see the boss, and if you don’t let me in there, I’m going to flip over your desk and send all of your paperwork across the room. Got it?" -01:06 Aug 13 Tessa

The secretary had a problem. Mixed up paperwork was shitty, but pissing off the Boss was even worse. “I’m sorry Miss. He’s not taking any meetings today. You will have to call and make an appointment.” -Tessa 01:10 Aug 13

Tessa: "That’s not going to work." Tessa huffed. Well, if she had to make a scene… she reached over and shoved the woman’s computer right off the desk. It hit the floor with a crash. "You tell him Tessa Thorn is here! Right now!" -01:12 Aug 13 Tessa

The secretary shrieked, pressing her comlink button quickly. “Sir, there is a Tessa Thorn here damaging the office!” -Tessa 01:12 Aug 13

[D is now known as: The Big Boss] -01:33 Aug 13
Tessa: "That wasn’t so hard was it." Tessa knocked over a cup of pens before marching to the door. There was a tempation to kick them open, but she didn’t want to break one of her heels and that height was necessary for her look more intimidating. She pushed through the doors, slamming them good and loud behind her for a grand entrance. "I’d apologize for interupting, but I’m not sorry!" she shouted first. …and that was where all her bravado left her. Actually SEEING the boss again reminded her how scary he was. "Um… I want to talk about D?" -01:43 Aug 13 Tessa
The Big Boss: "So you’ve discovered his ‘other job’, the reason why I put up with his worthless tallents in the first place and you plan was too… march in here and start makign demands? Ms. Thorn, I knew I hired you for your looks but I expected you to at least have somethign resembling intelegence." He leaned forward in his chair behind his desk and pressed the buttong. "Martha, send for Jayce, I have a present for him." he said, calmly as from within the folds of his creme suit he pulled a silver, engraved, ivory handled semi automatic and checked the load. "So Ms. Thorn, what are your demands about D?" -01:48 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: A present for Jayce? That had her turning read, and slighty furious. She forget that Jayce was apparently an assassin too. It wouldn’t change the plan, though, and maybe she’d get to punch him in the face again. "You’re not going to intimidate me, I don’t work for you any more! And now, neither does D either. He’s not your band AND he’s not your assassin anymore. You’re going to quit harassing him." -01:51 Aug 13 Tessa
The Big Boss: He sighed and fliched the safety off of the pistol before standing and circling the desk to sit on it and gesture at one of the chairs. "Take a seat, we’ll talk about it over sherry." he reached over and picjed up a decanter and poared a good measure into two glasses before holding one out to her. "So you do truly know… and you plan was to come into my office and try and make demands. Into the office of a killer… and threaten him without having a backup plan." He shook his head slowly before taking a gulp from his glass. "I have one very important question for you Tessa: What’s in it for me if I don’t just shoot you?" -01:55 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: "Um." That was pretty much the jist of her plan. She hadn’t though he’d pull out a gun, though in hindsight she should have seen that coming. Tessa slooooowly moved to ease in to a chair, but there was no way in heck she was taking a drink. Didn’t that stuff usually end up poisoned? "You underestimate me! You always have. I started a label of my own and your company is suffering. I will do the same with your whole assassin business." she bluffed. It was a good one for being made up on the spot. "If you hurt me, my assassins will take you out." -02:00 Aug 13 Tessa

The office door open and Jayce slipped in silently without saying a word. He gave a nod of acknowledgement to the boss and smiiiiiiirked in the background. -Tessa 02:01 Aug 13

The Big Boss: "Not if you’re not around." He said with a smirk. "Without you your label and any plans you have to corner the market in killing is gone. I see the solution to all the trouble you’ve cause right in front of me and since you now know too much you’re more trouble than you’re worth as a tool for controling D. Jayce…she’s all yours. You don’t have to play nice anymore. I don’t care what you do so long as she never escapes. Concider this a bonus for the Toronto job." -02:06 Aug 13 The Big Boss
Tessa: Tessa glanced over her shoulder and then quickly stood up. "Don’t you ever dare try anything. I swear to all the gods, I’ll make you regret it. If you don’t let D go, I’ll ruin your entire organization." -02:14 Aug 13 Tessa

Jayce shrugged his shoulders. “This is why you were such a terrible manager, Tess. You just don’t know how to make a convincing threat.” In a split second he had out a gun and fired, hitting Tessa with a tranq dart. As she hit the floor he tucked it back away again. “It’s worth keeping her alive just to watch D suffer. That’ll be entertaining. I’ll make sure she’s tucked away where no one will ever find her, Boss.” -Tessa 02:14 Aug 13

[Tessa is being held captive at Jayce’s beach house. AKA The Palace of Porn. He’s got an irritating amount of security being a Pop Star, and house full of weapons. ] -11:36 Aug 20
[D is silent when he needs to be.] -11:37 Aug 20

The man of the house was presently sitting at the breakfast table, charmingly reading a newspaper out loud to his brand new wife. “And Star Magazine says my voice could make the angels fall and the devil sing. A little over the top, I think, but who could complain about good press? You should eat, Tessa. A few pounds lost is fine, but no one wants one of those sickly wives. It’ll look terrible in photographs.” -Tessa 11:44 Aug 20

Tessa: Tessa had her hands cuffed, which meant she couldn’t cross her arms and huff like she really wanted to. So she settled for glaring, and occasionally glancing down at her silverware and wondering how hard she would have to stab to get a spoon through his neck. "Sitting here every day isn’t going to suddenly make me believe I’m your stupid wife!" -11:44 Aug 20 Tessa
D: D appeared in the doorway behind the kidnapper and quickly raised a finger to his lips before picking up a granite pestel from the counter and edging forwards fingers till over his lips. "That’s very interesting, and I’m going to let you finish…" as soon as the singer’s head lifted D swung, with his left hand knowing full well any quick block attempts or dodging would assume he was using his right. He gave a lobsided grin as the body slumped to the floor and then plopped down into his seat and picked up a ptice of toast and bit a buttery bite of it. "G’day Tess. How’ve you been?" -11:49 Aug 20 D
Tessa: Tessa had no idea how he managed to get in there, she hadn’t been able to find a way OUT without running in to a dozen goods. But he was the best vision in the universe. Even if she was painfully aware she was in a whole lot of trouble. Tessa shook her handcuffs. "Thiiiiis! I am stupidly this! Oh, don’t sit in that chair and eat his toast, it’s probably filled with ecstacy! We should get out of here…" Except she wasn’t leaping out of her seat yet. What if he was angry enough to leave her there? -11:55 Aug 20 Tessa
D: "Tessa, if I have one rule in life it’s to never pass up free bacon." he said picking up a strip and takinga bite from it. Then from his picket he pulled a set of lickpicks to slide across to Tessa. "Have you learned your lesson?" he asked before taking another bite. "These people are dangerous and the only person more dangerous is me. If I take you back then they’ll probbaly come after us. So… you’re the plan person… do you have one?" -12:02 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Her hands fumbled on the case of lockpicks, and fumbled more with trying to pick open the cuffs. She wasn’t a skilled lock picker, but she was still a little worried he was going to let her suffer a bit longer just to prove a point. She tried to remind herself that D wasn’t like that, and had never been like that… but that was before she spent a week with an exboyfriend. "I might have maybe underestimated them just a little bit. I didn’t think they’d SHOOT me right there in the office, or that Jayce was going to be all…" she huffed. "I don’t have a plan… bribe his minions to come home with us as our army, I don’t know…" -12:08 Aug 21 Tessa
[(Timeout) D was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -12:34 Aug 21
[D ] -01:02 Aug 21
D: He holded his arms and watched for three seconds more. "Middle pick, insert, iflt towards chain, and twist." he unfolded his arms and demonstrated the correct movement. "We don’t have any money." he said bluntly. "They took it all when ypu went and started making demands. Well all that they could find." he scretched his stubble and picked up another strip of bacon before meaning back in his chair and putting his feet up on the table. "Good thing I do have a plan. I was raised by the boss… well not quite but I still know him. If he’s where he wants to be we can’t hurt him, he’s to well intrenched. We’re going to make him come to us." he bit the bacon in half and chewed smugly. "Vina. We’re going to put on the biggest concert since the PUrity of Sin tour rolled through this town." -01:18 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Ah ha! She got it, pulled those blasted cuffs off and rubbed her wrists. "I am going to need a lot of money that we apparently don’t have to throw the biggest concert ever." Tessa wanted to jump on to his lap and cling. This was pretty much what she deserved, though. He wasn’t going to forgive her for this, be even more furious about her marriage wish, probably let Chaya eat her. Tessa got out of her chair, taking the cuffs along with her to cuff them on Jayce. Then she gave him a good hard kick while he was unconcious and she could get away with it. "Did I screw things up so badly that we can’t go home?" -01:24 Aug 21 Tessa
D: "Maybe." he said almost falling backwards with the chair with her sudden wieght. "Can you do it?" he asked his face suddenly serious. "Can you put on the biggest show since the World of Sin tour? I lost my virginity to that show… right thre in the staduim… but that’s besides the point, I need a yes or no." -01:37 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "Of course I can. It’ll take time, though." She tugged at his jacket, frowning just a bit both at this plan and the extra tidbit of information. "Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about it here in the middle of Jayce’s stupid house? You’re going to take me home, aren’t you?" -01:42 Aug 21 Tessa
D: D pushed Tessa to her feet and stood, taking the last peice of bacon and sticking it between his teeth’ "I wi ekplan oo the waa." he said before reaching into his jacket pocked and pulling out a perminant marker and rollign Jayce onto his back. "Buu fiirsht." he popped the lid and started drawing a moustache on Jayce’s face, followed by a monocle and a penis on his cheek, a dotted line running from it’s tip to Jayce’s eye. Then he stood and started unzipping his pants. "You know somethign, tessa? You have terrible taste in boyfriends." -01:53 Aug 21 D
Tessa: Tessa was too stunned and confused by the marker to do anything, but once he unzipped his pants she grabbed on to his arm and starting pulling. …D!! You’re one of those boyfriends, and I want you to still be alive to be one, so pleeeeease lets go!" She tugged and pulled him away from Jayce. At this point, she was totally fine with murdering the asshole, but she didn’t want to find out what D was going to do with his pants down when someone could come in and catch him any minute. -01:57 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He pulled his arm away from her. "Come on, just a little piss?" D complained before sighing and shrugging. "Fine, even though he desurved it he gets off." he pulled up his zip, then kicked the body in the kiks to a satisfying crunch. "Now we should get out of here… miiiight want to stay close." -02:09 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "How did you even sneak in?" It wasn’t what she wanted to ask him. He was behaving too nonchalant for her tastes. This was D behavior before all the kissing started. And she really really missed the kissing. Tessa latched on to the back of his coat so she could stay close. -02:19 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He shrugged and then stopped int he middle of a hallway. "Do you know where you are?" He asked. "And more importantly… do you trust me?" he turned to look at her and tilted his head. "It’s a very important question. It may save your life." -02:25 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "I don’t know where. On the beach somewhere? He has a dozen houses." She examined his face, chewing on her lip in the process. "I trust you…" she didn’t sound so sure, though. For all she knew, SHE could have eaten and ecstacy waffle and was now having weird hallucitions. "I do trust you." she muttered. -02:32 Aug 21 Tessa
D: The punched the wall and a hidden pannel popped open, then he was climbing half into a chute and pinning her feet against the far wall. "Come joine me in here, and hold onto me tightly. It’s going to get very dark and we’re going to be in freefall. And no distracting me while we are. As sexy adn making out while falling down a pitch black rubbish chute is I don’t want to miss our stop." -02:52 Aug 21 D
Tessa: "Freefall? To where?" She didn’t even know why she was asking, she trusted him, right? Tessa wasn’t keen on climbing in to strange chutes, but she also wasn’t going to stick around waiting for Jayce to wake up and seeing if he was pissed off enough to kill her. So she climbed in and she cluuuuung, probably tighter than she should have. She really, really missed him and he hadn’t even hugged her yet. -03:02 Aug 21 Tessa
D: He put his arms around her and then they were falling, the panel closing behind them. "Three, four, five." he counted the second unver his breath, then he pushed agaust the wall and her fell into a pile of sacks placed there just for this purpose. D rolled and held onto Tessa, his grip lostening. "Don’t move…" he whispered. "I want to stay with you int he dark a little longer." -03:08 Aug 21 D

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