One Life Stand 026: Insecurities

[D is back in the sunlight, in a car, and hates driving.] -10:00 Sep 01
[Tessa had a very bad week, and is sure her husband- er BOYFRIEND is just making nice with her so he can feed her to a panther.] -10:01 Sep 01
Tessa: She was very tired and it was all from anxiety. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she had the guts to actually ask questions and demand answers, like she noooormally would have. But she was feeling guilty and stupid. …and trying to figure out how she was going to stage the biggest concert ever at the same time! "We’re not going to the house?" she finally asked, turning in her seat to glance out the rear window. -10:06 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "We are." he said driving along a very familair road in his unassuming two decde old but perfectly maintained sedan. If there was one thing about the car that clashed violently with the rest of the assassin it’s that is was very understated. "Just not the house you expect." he stopped the car outside Tessa’s old appartment builting and got out before moving to the trunk and openign it to grab his guitar case and a suitcase. "I think you know the way." he said tossing a set of keys at the girl, not the same keys as before. D has upgraded the locks. -10:12 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "The apartment?" Tessa nearly dropped the keys as she fumbled them. This was worse than being fed to a panther. This was her getting kicked out! That was even her suitcase he was dragging out. Of course, she wasn’t thinking of why he had his guitar too, as she entered the building and wandered in to the elevator. Just that she was right back to her apartment, getting dumped by another boyfriend. And this time she really really loved him and it was hooooorrible. "D… I know you are pretty mad at me for what I did. And since there is no fixing it now, I have something to tell you…" -10:18 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I’m mad?" he asked with a shrug. "Just open the door. I had a little work done to the place. It was hard to convince the owner but I eventually persuaded me to let me remodel a bit, tear down the wall to the next appartment, put in an office and a room for Chaya. You know… things we need. And wait until you wee the breakfast nook. It has a mini bar." -10:25 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "I pissed off the Boss and then spent a week with Jayce, who wouldn’t be mad?" Now she was completely bewildered. But once they were out of the elevator, she used the keys and pushed the door open. …he hadn’t been kidding about remodeling! The place didn’t look anything like her apartment anymore. It actually looked nice. "It’s going to be me and you and Chaya?" -10:28 Sep 01 Tessa
D: He threw the suitcase onto a brand new squishy sofa and set his guitar case down gently before rubbing his hands together. "Yup! Speak any louder and she’ll wake up and pounce you. She’s missed you… tea?" he was heading for the kitchenette shrugging off his jacket as he did so. "Best palce for us with the mansion gone. Speaking of, through that door is your new office. An entire appartment converted… well most of one, I had some of it used to make this one bigger." -10:32 Sep 01 D
Tessa: She followed, like a puppy on his heels. He wasn’t angry? She wasn’t getting kicked out? He made them a new home, and her a new office. And he always did these things so casually, like it was just another day, another thing, and not a big deal at all. When she caught up with him, she grabbed on to his sleeve to tug. "D..! What if I told you I did something pretty terrible? Not on purpose! But that I have a secret and I haven’t told you because I thought you would be upset with me, but you’re not upset with me over THIS so maybe I could tell you…" -10:37 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I’d remind you I’ve been an assassin and killed people ever since we’ve met. I’m not exactly innocent enugh to be casting stones at glass houses." he crossed his arms and leaned against the counter squinting at her. "This is obviously important enough for you not to react over the manshion being gone so get it off your chest." -10:40 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "Because the house is not as important to me as you are, and I was really way more worried that you were going to leave me and just go. And maybe you might still, because this was a big deal too." She was blabbering and stalling. Tessa let out a small huff before she grabbed his arms to uncross them and held up his left hand. She tugged his ring finger. "I made a wiiiiish. And you wear too much jewelry and never notice these things!" -10:45 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "I also get drunk a lot and fing things on me I don’t remember all the time." he said. "Well I did before you became a thing. Then you’ve woken up in a bra, panties, gown, and tiara then you stop questioning what you find on you after a night out. But now I’m curious… What did you wish for?" -11:08 Sep 01 D
Tessa: Another huff slipped out, followed by her shuffling on her feet. "I wished to know what you really thought about me, and then I supposed the wish went all kinds of wrong and there was the wedding dress and the rings, and then people thinking we were married, because we are married, and if you try to leave me you’re going to have to divorce me too and I am really very sorry I never told you?" -11:12 Sep 01 Tessa
D: He laughed and pulled her against him. "I’m not going to leave you." he noogied her as punishment for her silliness before letting her go. "Now seriously: Tea?" he turned to put the kettle on before opening the fridge and pulling out a large raw slab of meat. "Hey! Chaya!" He called out before dumping the panther food into Tessa’s arms. "Come and see who’s back." -11:24 Sep 01 D
Tessa: Noogies and meat! "Are you not even going to say anything about us being married!" she tried to complain, but it was followed by a sudden yelp when a big hungry, very happy to see her panther came barreling around the corner and she wound up tackled to the floor. Chaya was too busy head butting and nuzzling to take the food and Tessa flailed trying to get free. "This is FAIR! This isn’t who I want to be kissing!" -11:29 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "And that’s your punishment for not tellign me earlier." he said stepping over the pile of panther and Tessa to get an already made egg and herb mix for french toast from the fridge. "And congradulations to us both. The honeymoon was wierd but I’m sure we’ll get over it with a little counseling. Got any wishes left? They could help with the concert." -11:32 Sep 01 D
Tessa: "No, my last one was used in finding out you were an assassin." Finally she broke herself free of Chaya, luring the furry beast away with her meaty lunch. Tessa climbed up off the floor and rushed over to the sink to clean as much as the slobber off her as she could. She was still casting D suspicious and and almost pouty expressions. "That’s it, just jokes and back to business? Are you not going to want to talk about any of it?" -11:38 Sep 01 Tessa
D: "What do you want me to say, Tessa?" He asked breaking out the spiked bread and putting a pan on, letting butter melt in it. "That I’m disappointed I didn’t get to propose? Invite you on stage and pull a ring out of the crotch of my pants? Yeah, I am a little. But I’ve bealt with djins before. You can’t be blamed for what your wish turned out to be unless you’re a lawyer. Hell there’s a guy I know who makes a killing wording people’s wished for them." -12:04 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "…would you have really hidden it there?" she asked curiously. She moved to lean on the counter next to him. "But that’s not what I mean! We’re married, and I was Jayce’s stupid pretend wife for a week, and we don’t have the house, and you did all of this with the apartment. You have gone non stop without any breaks and… and you’re acting like me! Um, before-us me." -12:11 Sep 02 Tessa
[(Timeout) Tessa has timed out.] -01:21 Sep 02
[Tessa enters.] -01:22 Sep 02
D: "It would have given a nice bulge." he said slapping an egged up slide of bread in the pan and shinly slicing a strong chedar. "But hey this saves us a trip to the courthouse, right? I don’t know if you have any family and you’ve met mine so why have a huge ceremony?" -01:22 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "You don’t want to have a wedding?" there was no hiding the pout this time, and Tessa didn’t even try to. "It would have been nice. A ceremony somewhere beautiful and a silky white dress. Chaya would wear a flower collar and you’d wear a nice suit for once. Or maybe with a leather jacket instead. But I guess maybe it’s not for us." -01:30 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He slipped the toast and gave her a glance. "If you pout any louder you’re going to have a very large cat headbutting you in comfort." he warned before slicing up more cheese. "And there’s no way I’m wearing a suit. I’m not a suit person. I’m a denim and leather person. You wouldn’t put a suit person in a silk dress would you? Same thing if you think about it. If you want a wedding with people… or privately then orginize one. But no cutting into the concert budget. I sold my mantion for that. -01:50 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "I can squeeze money out of anything! You know that. I’ll pay for it all myself if I have to." She stole a piece of the cheese to pop in her mouth, but still didn’t feel satisfied. Everything still felt strange, and if it wasn’t him upset with her it was her. Her fingers tapped against the counter. Finally she caved to all of her worry, interupting his cooking to grab his head and plant a kiss on him! -01:57 Sep 02 Tessa
D: There was a clatter and a yelp as the pan spilled hot butter in D’s hand as his head was suddenly siezed and he was kissed. But her didn’t break the kiss, instead he pulled her closer with his other hand and kissed her back. "Breakfast first. I need to make sure you’ve eaten properly. Then we’ll talk bussiness or have sex. Whichever happens first." -02:02 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "I don’t want to eat and I don’t want to talk business! Or stand around pretending like I wasn’t gone and it’s all normal! I missed you. I want to kiss you and touch you and have you hold me and not leave our room for a month." She let go of him just long enough to reach over the stove and turn it off. Then it was right back to the clinging with her arms slung around his neck and nuzzling in to his cheek. -02:08 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He still used his burnt hand to get a plate, slap the peice of french toast onto it and then put the cheese on top to melt. "Well I’m starving." he said hooking his other hand under her butt and lifting her off the floor, trusting that she would old onto him before walking towards the lounge. Plate in one hand and tessa in the other. "I’ve been worried sick. I gave it a day in case you just went out for groceries or a sudden meeting or something but it soon became obvious what you had done and what happened." he sat on the sofa and balanced the plate on his knees, arm around Tessa. "Good thing I already had that tunnel from when I stole Jayce’s vintage flag jacket patch collection or it would have taken me another month just to get to you." -02:15 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "He’s the creepiest bastard on the planet and I almost wish you would have killed him." she admitted. She also refused to detach herself or be anyway helpful in allowing him to eat. She situated herself on his lap and took over keeping his mouth busy with another kiss and a nip of his lips. -02:22 Sep 02 Tessa
D: he pushed her away bodily and stauufed half of his toast on her mouth. "Tessa U have to make sure you’re alright first." he said flatly. "I’d like nothing more than to hump like rabbits but you were kidnapped and if he hurt you…" he narrowed his eyes. "He did… didn’t he." -02:37 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "Mrrph!" she huffed and got to chewing, leaning back so she could at least eat the blasted piece without getting crumbs anywhere. Suddenly she was a lot more interested in staring at toast than him. "I AM alright. Bumps and bruises, nothing all that serious. It’s not like I haven’t had to deal with Jayce before." -02:42 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He stard into her eyes and narrowed them further. "You know what I mean Tessa. I know he’s not above forcing himself on girls. Seen it often enough." he pulled away to look up at the ceiling and cursed. ‘I’m going to kill him. I’m actually going to kill him." -02:49 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "Or I will kill him. You won’t kiss me now because of him. I can’t live without snuggles and kissing and everything else! Chaya is too furry! And I actually want to be married!" Now she was going to cry, and she had been doing a really good job of not getting over emotional! She tugged at his shirt. "You’ll be cold to me." -02:58 Sep 02 Tessa
D: He raised an eyebrow at her. "If this marriage is going to work I’m going to be doing the killing. It’s what I studied for. You’re going to make a killing in the music bussiness and who says I ain’t going to kiss you when I’m done being averwhelming happy you’re alive. In case you haven’t noticed I care by looking after." -03:13 Sep 02 D
Tessa: "You always look after me." she admitted, less teary, but still feeling unbearably stupid. After a sigh she flopped forward and buried her face in to his neck. Her voice coming out muffled. "I’m sorry. I’m used to people leaving me? And used to people like Jayce. It was a really, really, really long week and I didn’t think I would see you again. I don’t want to be weird." -03:19 Sep 02 Tessa
D: "It’sbecause you’re wierd that I like you." he said giving her a look and pulling her head into his lap where he played his fingertips against her ear. "You are you, I am me. That’s what makes us work. Doesn’t hurt that I’m super sexy and you… did you wish to sleep with me?" -03:34 Sep 02 D
Tessa: He was being sweet and she was frustrated. She shifted to curl up with her head still resting on his lap, and fingers plucking at the fabric of his shirt. "If you mean sleeping as is in sex… yes? I want you to be the last one that’s touched me, and you to be the only person I ever think about." -03:41 Sep 02 Tessa
D: "With the djin." he said lookign at her, takign her hadn in his to stop it wondering. "Did you wish to have sex with me? You and me suddenly appearing in bed together… twice… Be honest." he shifted so lean down and whisper into her ear. "Then we can go and break in your new desk with more sex you don’t have to waste a wish on." -03:45 Sep 02 D
Tessa: She giggle softly. "I did the first time… Girls were throwing their things at you, I was jealous. The second time, I was thinking about us and our future and I wanted to know how you really felt about me. I think I got what I wished for both times." -03:53 Sep 02 Tessa

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