Ancient Legend

Genre: Modern Fantasy or Fantasy

The Legend

“Emperor” was a great and powerful Emperor that was seeking a wife to bare his children. Ming was the greatest beauty in the land and all the makings of a fine Empress. Yet, Ming had fallen in love with another man, “Love”. The Emperor was so in love with Ming, he couldn’t bare to let her be with another. He did all that he could to breakup Ming and her Love. He even called down flaming meteors from the heavens to crush his rival. Ming’s Love decided to face the Emperor once and for all. When he returned successful, he and Ming were married. They had a long beautiful life together with many children.

Yet, one day when they were much older a man arrived claiming to be Ming’s Love. It was revealed that the Emperor had won the fight, taking Love’s face and returned to her. Only now had the Love been able to escape and wanted to be reunited with Ming again! …However, after all these years having such a wonderful live with her husband… Ming chose to stay with Emperor and Love was turned away.

Scorned and bitter, Love left. With his rage, he conquered the kingdom, gained power and nobility. He became the new Emperor. By then he was too old to seek revenge. But legends say that he sealed every ounce of his power and his consciousness away so that he might one day return to the mortal world and take back his Ming.

The Present

(Modern World or Present Fantasy World)

Present date, Meteors have begun raining from the sky. What’s strange, is that they aren’t coming from space, but the sky itself. They come randomly in largest groups, yet so often that it’s unnatural. A sect of worshipers believe it is the Emperor Love returned to find his Ming. They wish to find a woman to give him so his reign of fire on the land will cease. BUT one of the followers points out a random lady while fearing for is life, and now everyone believes she is the reincarnation of Ming.

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