Astra Teegan

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Character Name: Astra Teegan (She has a strong disliking for her first name. She usually goes by variations of her last name.)
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 28
Birthplace/World: New Sherridan Colony on Kapta III
Occupation: Zoologist (Studying Alien Primitive Animal Creatures.)
Theme Songs: Poets of the Fall – Miss Impossible


General Appearance:
Strengths: In having to deal with the occasional large creature, Teegan keeps her body fit and in shape.
Weaknesses: Teegan’s bad habit of getting immersed in her work can leave her without sleep for days and prone to exhaustion.


Current Goal/Purpose: Documenting Alien creatures and publishing a book about them.
Talents: Communicating with animals, remembering obscure data.
Inabilities: Having “normal” chit chat conversations. Knowing when to stop talking. Understanding more human modes of communication.
Fears: “Sinking ship”. Getting sucked out in to the vacuum of space freaks her out. If there’s a risk of the ship getting damaged or destroyed, she’ll panic. Teegan can’t stand smaller transport ships and refuses to even look out at space unless she’s planet-side on solid ground.
General Personality: Quirky. Teegan enjoys her work so much, her entire life is consumed about it. All she ever likes to talk about is her creatures. This can often exasperate the people she’s with. She’s pretty dense when it comes to having normal non-work related conversations with other human or sentient beings. If you can ignore her off habits, she is pleasant to be around.
Inner Personality: There’s not a lot to Teegan that isn’t out in the open. She’s not a very complex person. She’s very “present moment” oriented, only thinking about the here and now. Things in the past remain there, and plans for the future don’t go too far ahead. She LOVES her work – perhaps too much. There is the possibility that she spends all her time with animals, because she’s afraid of dealing with weird people.
Secret: None, for the moment.


General History:
Teegan’s childhood was fairly normal – if you consider growing up in a kitschy retro “aliens” diner with a pair of kooky parents obsessed with Old Earth alien culture a normal childhood. They had even named their oldest son “Buzz” and daughter “Astra”. She insisted everyone call her Teegan as soon as she was old enough to protest. Being surrounded by the cheesy representations of what humans used to think aliens were like, Teegan spent most of her young years wanting to do anything BUT thinking about other species.

During her college years, Teegan’s opinion changed to a different tune. She found interest in animals and lower life form species. The ones that can’t talk and say stupid things. She focused her study on Zoology, and upon graduating signed up with Colony ships to explore the lifeforms of newly discovered planets.

Present Life:
Teegan was recently expelled from further educations and due to her “reputation”

Teegan now lives on the Junomedra as one of the Zoologists.

Special Historic Notes:

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