Bane of Shades

Genre: Fantasy in Semi Modern time period?
Feel: Feudal Asia warfare and battle mixed with Fantasy style ruling systems?

Kingdoms have a “heart” that justify them as ruling kingdoms. The heart is a semi living thing.

Small country ____, with majestic mountains and valley villages. Cooler climate, lots of forests and green trees. King and Princess ruling.

A special celebration is being held in one of the villages. It’s being visited by the ruling family who have also brought a long the Heart of the Country. (A very important celebration.) Everything is very joyous, but Warlord King attacks by surprise. Not only does he have warriors, but he has monster beasts as well (giant scorpions). Villagers are unable to defend, as they’re not fighters. Many are killed, and even the King and Princess are wounded while trying to fight. Warlord King captures the Heart and as final act of insult, he squeezes it over her like a sponge. (Its a squishy gooey thing so it squeezes out a goopey-waterey light pink stuff. Possibly it’s “blood”.)

Warlord King leaves with his prize and army. It is the princess that is first to stand, and with steely determination demands for everyone to get up. There’s wounded to care for and family to bury. Though this earns respect, without the Heart the kingdom will die off.

(beginnings of plot here.)

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