Blood Promise

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Rating: R
Location: Earth/Otherworld?

Soumra, The Blood Lands, have been the territory of the Ahalya Clan for hundreds of years. Since Soumra Talutah sacrificed herself in a blood promise to the god Thahn for prosperity of her pack. Naming the lands after The Great Mother for her selfless devotion, the Ahalya clan has since grown to be one of the most powerful were packs on the Cyria continent… Until recently.

The death of Xanthe Talutah, the Clan Lord came swiftly and suddenly, to the shock of the entire clan. His body was found in the center of the village bloodied and crucified. No one knew how he got there and no scent or hint of the murderer could be traced, even by the most skilled of hunters. Talk that the Great Mother’s blood sacrifice had run dry and Thahn’s blessing on Ahalya has run out, has started to spread outside of Soumra and to other clans. Clan Lords of other packs, and even those of other races have eagerly been waiting for the downfall of the Ahalya clan so they can claim the Soumra lands and gain Thahn’s blessing. If Ahalya can’t stop the atrocities against their clan, they might not only loose their land, but their pack as well…


Werewolf: Werewolves are several times stronger than an average human, as well as having heightened senses and abilities. Weres also have the gift of shifting in to a wolf form at will. A younger Were will not be able to hold this form longer than a few hours to a few days. Where as an older were may be able to hold it for longer periods of time.

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