Category: Settings: Realistic Fantasy

  • Ylnova Renewed

    Ylnova Renewed

    A huge disaster has killed the entire royal family and upperclass of Ylnova. There’s not a blue-blooded person left of high society. At first the peasants rejoice. Without the rule of a King, that means they are free to do what ever they want. But soon they realize, without a ruler to keep law and…

  • Return of the Twilight King

    Return of the Twilight King

    Genre: SciFi Location: Galaxy Timeline: Future The Galaxy of Tomel is steep with deep history. In the days space travel was born, planets were ravaged by savagery and warfare. One man rose above the rest with a dream in mind. To unite Tomel and bring peace to all solar systems. His success has labeled him…

  • Royal Academy

    Royal Academy

    Location: Qelandria A royal figure is not born knowing all there is to know about being a good ruler. They spend most of their young lives building important skills to mold them in to powerful yet wise monarchs. When they are youngest, they are taught in the castle all the normal things a child learns.…

  • Prince of Thieves

    Prince of Thieves

    Genre: Fantasy Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Location: Plot Breakdown: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Only, you’re not Robin Hood, you’re someone else! This is an alternate storyline borrowing the essential idea from the Robin Hood Legends. Once a prince, a young man returns home from his escapades for the kingdom…

  • The Impoverished Prince

    The Impoverished Prince

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: A prince that loses his wealth, his riches and his title… but still remains noble and dignified!

  • For the Sake of Tradition

    For the Sake of Tradition

    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Timeline: Present A very small country keeps strictly to it’s old traditions, no matter how completely bizarre they are. The princesses are coming of age where it’s time for their guardian/future husband is to be chosen. The tradition? Jumping off the top of the castle in an oddly made parachute and…

  • Epitaph


    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: Lady is going to new country for blahblahblah reason. On the way she sees lots of desolation and poverty. Woman on the side of the street crying for her dead child and no one bothering to help. Someone getting killed, knights abusing people, etc, etc. Becomes a goal to change the…

  • The Devil’s Right Hand

    The Devil’s Right Hand

    Gunslingers and mercenaries work for a special organization to take out big-bad problems. …but not always legal or moral. [b]Genre:[/b] Fantasy Western [b]Location:[/b] Denmoria [b]Basic Setting:[/b] A fantasy world with all the fantasy-land type races and magic, but in a western time period. So magic + cowboys! Plot centers around the recent upset within a…

  • Ashes Asunder

    Ashes Asunder

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: ___ as well as several other land owning knights and nobles were sent away on a most important mission. The reality was that the mission was a fake – they were being sent to their deaths. BadDude had them killed so he could confiscate their lands, using them in a secret…