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Ylnova Renewed

A huge disaster has killed the entire royal family and upperclass of Ylnova. There’s not a blue-blooded person left of high society. At first the peasants rejoice. Without the rule of a King, that means they are free to do what ever they want. But soon they realize, without a ruler to keep law and order means they have no protection from invading countries, bands of thugs, or even themselves. Ylnova has erupted in to chaos. Now a group of people have decided that a new Ruler must be found and put on the throne. …but is there a fair and just person left in the land?

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Return of the Twilight King

Genre: SciFi
Location: Galaxy
Timeline: Future

The Galaxy of Tomel is steep with deep history. In the days space travel was born, planets were ravaged by savagery and warfare. One man rose above the rest with a dream in mind. To unite Tomel and bring peace to all solar systems. His success has labeled him as the one True King. The Savior of Tomel. He took a wife and prepared to live a long life as a King and Father. Yet, all was not a happily ever after for the True King. He died young, too young. Without giving his wife anything to hold on to. In her sorrow, the Queen preserved his body, taking his seed to have his children. As she could not bare to marry another man.

Legends say, that when Tomel is once again in need, the True King will rise again and take his throne. Because only the True King has the fire and the passion to unite the galaxy.

[color=dodgerblue][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN[/b][/color]
It a thousand years since the age of the True King and Tomel is in trouble. The current King has just passed away, and the Regents are seeking the next heir in line to take the throne. Only… the heirs are more often than not ending up dead. Be it accident or blatant murder! It is clear that someone out there is trying to destroy the entire royal line, and the Regents are DESPERATE to put a True Heir on the throne before the solar systems of Tomel erupt in to chaos.

They have contracted a small group to acquire every known blood heir to the True King and have them returned so they might choose the most suitable to be the next Ruler of Tomel.

But one of the Heirs has a different idea in mind. Find the body of the True King and have him do the damn job himself.

Settings: Realistic Fantasy

Royal Academy

Location: Qelandria

A royal figure is not born knowing all there is to know about being a good ruler. They spend most of their young lives building important skills to mold them in to powerful yet wise monarchs. When they are youngest, they are taught in the castle all the normal things a child learns. Arithmetic, Sciences, History… but once they reach 18 they have come of age to truly take their place in their kingdoms. Young royals are sent to the highly esteemed Royal Academy where they are taught the fine arts of social grace, public relations, and all the important details that make them royalty.

The Academy is much like a modern day college, but for rich spoiled members of the world’s royal families. Children from Lords and Ladies to the Kings and Queens of the empires are sent here to learn valuable lessons in being a leader and build relationships with the other royal houses. From 18 until 25, these royals spend their time in a wide array of classes and socializing events. Returning home only for holidays or official business.


All general classes may include: World History, Public Relations, Leadership, Languages (Written and Spoken), Dancing, Fencing, The Arts, Accounting and a very large array of other important things.

Ladies Learn: Cooking, sewing, and other girly things.

Lordies Learn: Different forms of combat, talking to girls, and other manly things.

Sometimes you’ll have those naughty few that insist for equality amongst genders and choose to have the other’s classes. Scholars can’t seem to refuse them… they are the future rulers, after all.


Welcome to the Royal Academy of Qelandria! You can be a Royal, ages 18-25. A scholar/teacher of some sort from the various classes, a family member of said royals, a servant of the Academy, or even a banana! It doesn’t matter as long as you have a character that fits in with a high fantasy universe. <3 Anything goes in terms of characters or plots! Rules are simple: Don't be rude or inconsiderate to other players. And make sure you proofread your posts so they are readable!

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Prince of Thieves

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.

Plot Breakdown:
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Only, you’re not Robin Hood, you’re someone else! This is an alternate storyline borrowing the essential idea from the Robin Hood Legends. Once a prince, a young man returns home from his escapades for the kingdom to find out that his lands have been sold and he is a fugitive of the kingdom. He now resides with other outlaws in the forest, robbing carriages and homes of the rich to help feed the poor misbegotten souls of the over taxed villages. The brother of the King has currently taken over the thrown while his brother is missing and running the kingdom in to ruins.

Settings: Realistic Fantasy

The Impoverished Prince

Genre: Fantasy

A prince that loses his wealth, his riches and his title… but still remains noble and dignified!

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For the Sake of Tradition

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Timeline: Present

A very small country keeps strictly to it’s old traditions, no matter how completely bizarre they are. The princesses are coming of age where it’s time for their guardian/future husband is to be chosen. The tradition? Jumping off the top of the castle in an oddly made parachute and landing in the arms of your destined betrothed! The Eldest Princess lands right where she wants, but her unlucky cousin ends up tripping off the roof and landing on a unfortunate gentleman. And according to tradition, even though it wasn’t the Cousin’s ceremony, she is now betrothed to the stranger whether she likes it or not!

The Guardianship
A Princesses’ husband is to be her guardian and protector. The Royal Family has the very unique job of making “healing potions” for magical poisonings, something used by supernatural entities from all over the world. This talent is only passed down through the daughters and Tradition decrees that these daughters must have a protector as a Husband. These special potions can only be made by the Princesses of ____, thus making their safety very important.

Settings: Realistic Fantasy


Genre: Fantasy

Lady is going to new country for blahblahblah reason. On the way she sees lots of desolation and poverty. Woman on the side of the street crying for her dead child and no one bothering to help. Someone getting killed, knights abusing people, etc, etc. Becomes a goal to change the country and save the people!

Welcome to the land of tears, the country of sorrow, the territory of pain. We are the survivors of the power struggle between greed and corruption. Our children are the aftermath. In a land where hope has not died, but was buried alive, a new dawn is breaking as it claws it’s way out from it’s prison.

Settings: Realistic Fantasy

The Devil’s Right Hand

Gunslingers and mercenaries work for a special organization to take out big-bad problems. …but not always legal or moral.

[b]Genre:[/b] Fantasy Western
[b]Location:[/b] Denmoria
[b]Basic Setting:[/b] A fantasy world with all the fantasy-land type races and magic, but in a western time period. So magic + cowboys! Plot centers around the recent upset within a guild of Assassins.
[b]Joining:[/b] [b]ACCEPTING CHARACTERS[/b]


With a snap of his fingers a fire lit. Not from matches or a lighter, but just from magical will. That was the benefit of being a devil. Cigarette lit, he splayed the poker cards in his hands. Casting an examining gaze at the several men around his table. A devil could cheat in other ways as well. But tonight his interest wasn’t in the cards…

“Have you chosen the candidates for your successor? You’ll be reachin’ the big 50 soon here, eh?” croaked one of his companions from across the table.

The Devil’s expression didn’t change. His eyes just moved from face to face. “I intend to circumvent the vote. Make Michelle the next Guildmaster. Who better than my own heir…”

A lot of surprised looks across the table and several angry growls from the crowd around them. Finally someone slammed a fist down on the table next to the Devil, lowering his head to snarl. “Bullshit. That is not the way the Assassin’s Guild works. We’ve voted on candidates for two hundred years.”

“Now is a good time to change old fashioned creeds.” Replied the Devil, a slow smirk drawing across his face. He dropped his cards to the table. “I fold. Good eve, gentlemen.”

Those were the last words heard from Haligon DeLaroche. Two nights later he was found dead.

For 200 years the Right Hand has been the most successful and feared Assassin’s Guild of Denmoria. It’s mercenaries coming from every walk of life, every race, every station. To be an Assassin of the Right Hand would make you one of the most dangerous people in the world.

Yet, the Right Hand has it’s creeds. You do not betray the Right Hand. You do not shame the Right Hand’s reputation. You do not cause needless damages or slaughter. And thought their methods are not always moral, righteous, legal or scrupulous, what they do is intended for the Greater Good.

When a Guildmaster’s term comes to an end he chooses several candidates to take his place. The Guild puts it to a vote. But now, Haligon DeLaroche is dead and has only named one choice for Guildmaster. This disregard for their creeds has caused an uproar. With his death and only one candidate, Michelle DeLaroche could be Guildmaster by default. Many are now trying to fight this, demanding more candidates be chosen, or to bypass the vote all together. Worse, Haligon DeLaroche was killed by one of their own. No new choice of candidates or a vote can take place until the Assassin is found.

Something must be done, or the guild and everything it has worked for will fall apart.

You get to play one of the assassin’s or any other character you desire. :D Since this is a FANTASY world, you can also be any sort of fantasy-world race. There -is- magic. Keep in mind that this roleplay is Western styled, so you can also use any kind of Old West styled weapons!

Settings: Realistic Fantasy

Ashes Asunder

Genre: Fantasy

___ as well as several other land owning knights and nobles were sent away on a most important mission. The reality was that the mission was a fake – they were being sent to their deaths. BadDude had them killed so he could confiscate their lands, using them in a secret plan with the neighboring kingdom to take over the country. It’s been over a year – the villagers that lived on those lands are getting burned out of their homes by BadDude’s men and the invading outer kingdom. They have taken to the forests to hide and plan a way to fight BadDude and get their land returned. Help has come in the form of Lady Genevieve, BadDude’s sister.

___ and a few of the knights have returned to find their land take away.