Royal Academy

Location: Qelandria

A royal figure is not born knowing all there is to know about being a good ruler. They spend most of their young lives building important skills to mold them in to powerful yet wise monarchs. When they are youngest, they are taught in the castle all the normal things a child learns. Arithmetic, Sciences, History… but once they reach 18 they have come of age to truly take their place in their kingdoms. Young royals are sent to the highly esteemed Royal Academy where they are taught the fine arts of social grace, public relations, and all the important details that make them royalty.

The Academy is much like a modern day college, but for rich spoiled members of the world’s royal families. Children from Lords and Ladies to the Kings and Queens of the empires are sent here to learn valuable lessons in being a leader and build relationships with the other royal houses. From 18 until 25, these royals spend their time in a wide array of classes and socializing events. Returning home only for holidays or official business.


All general classes may include: World History, Public Relations, Leadership, Languages (Written and Spoken), Dancing, Fencing, The Arts, Accounting and a very large array of other important things.

Ladies Learn: Cooking, sewing, and other girly things.

Lordies Learn: Different forms of combat, talking to girls, and other manly things.

Sometimes you’ll have those naughty few that insist for equality amongst genders and choose to have the other’s classes. Scholars can’t seem to refuse them… they are the future rulers, after all.


Welcome to the Royal Academy of Qelandria! You can be a Royal, ages 18-25. A scholar/teacher of some sort from the various classes, a family member of said royals, a servant of the Academy, or even a banana! It doesn’t matter as long as you have a character that fits in with a high fantasy universe. <3 Anything goes in terms of characters or plots! Rules are simple: Don't be rude or inconsiderate to other players. And make sure you proofread your posts so they are readable!

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