For the Sake of Tradition

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Timeline: Present

A very small country keeps strictly to it’s old traditions, no matter how completely bizarre they are. The princesses are coming of age where it’s time for their guardian/future husband is to be chosen. The tradition? Jumping off the top of the castle in an oddly made parachute and landing in the arms of your destined betrothed! The Eldest Princess lands right where she wants, but her unlucky cousin ends up tripping off the roof and landing on a unfortunate gentleman. And according to tradition, even though it wasn’t the Cousin’s ceremony, she is now betrothed to the stranger whether she likes it or not!

The Guardianship
A Princesses’ husband is to be her guardian and protector. The Royal Family has the very unique job of making “healing potions” for magical poisonings, something used by supernatural entities from all over the world. This talent is only passed down through the daughters and Tradition decrees that these daughters must have a protector as a Husband. These special potions can only be made by the Princesses of ____, thus making their safety very important.

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