The Devil’s Right Hand

Gunslingers and mercenaries work for a special organization to take out big-bad problems. …but not always legal or moral.

[b]Genre:[/b] Fantasy Western
[b]Location:[/b] Denmoria
[b]Basic Setting:[/b] A fantasy world with all the fantasy-land type races and magic, but in a western time period. So magic + cowboys! Plot centers around the recent upset within a guild of Assassins.
[b]Joining:[/b] [b]ACCEPTING CHARACTERS[/b]


With a snap of his fingers a fire lit. Not from matches or a lighter, but just from magical will. That was the benefit of being a devil. Cigarette lit, he splayed the poker cards in his hands. Casting an examining gaze at the several men around his table. A devil could cheat in other ways as well. But tonight his interest wasn’t in the cards…

“Have you chosen the candidates for your successor? You’ll be reachin’ the big 50 soon here, eh?” croaked one of his companions from across the table.

The Devil’s expression didn’t change. His eyes just moved from face to face. “I intend to circumvent the vote. Make Michelle the next Guildmaster. Who better than my own heir…”

A lot of surprised looks across the table and several angry growls from the crowd around them. Finally someone slammed a fist down on the table next to the Devil, lowering his head to snarl. “Bullshit. That is not the way the Assassin’s Guild works. We’ve voted on candidates for two hundred years.”

“Now is a good time to change old fashioned creeds.” Replied the Devil, a slow smirk drawing across his face. He dropped his cards to the table. “I fold. Good eve, gentlemen.”

Those were the last words heard from Haligon DeLaroche. Two nights later he was found dead.

For 200 years the Right Hand has been the most successful and feared Assassin’s Guild of Denmoria. It’s mercenaries coming from every walk of life, every race, every station. To be an Assassin of the Right Hand would make you one of the most dangerous people in the world.

Yet, the Right Hand has it’s creeds. You do not betray the Right Hand. You do not shame the Right Hand’s reputation. You do not cause needless damages or slaughter. And thought their methods are not always moral, righteous, legal or scrupulous, what they do is intended for the Greater Good.

When a Guildmaster’s term comes to an end he chooses several candidates to take his place. The Guild puts it to a vote. But now, Haligon DeLaroche is dead and has only named one choice for Guildmaster. This disregard for their creeds has caused an uproar. With his death and only one candidate, Michelle DeLaroche could be Guildmaster by default. Many are now trying to fight this, demanding more candidates be chosen, or to bypass the vote all together. Worse, Haligon DeLaroche was killed by one of their own. No new choice of candidates or a vote can take place until the Assassin is found.

Something must be done, or the guild and everything it has worked for will fall apart.

You get to play one of the assassin’s or any other character you desire. :D Since this is a FANTASY world, you can also be any sort of fantasy-world race. There -is- magic. Keep in mind that this roleplay is Western styled, so you can also use any kind of Old West styled weapons!

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