Return of the Twilight King

Genre: SciFi
Location: Galaxy
Timeline: Future

The Galaxy of Tomel is steep with deep history. In the days space travel was born, planets were ravaged by savagery and warfare. One man rose above the rest with a dream in mind. To unite Tomel and bring peace to all solar systems. His success has labeled him as the one True King. The Savior of Tomel. He took a wife and prepared to live a long life as a King and Father. Yet, all was not a happily ever after for the True King. He died young, too young. Without giving his wife anything to hold on to. In her sorrow, the Queen preserved his body, taking his seed to have his children. As she could not bare to marry another man.

Legends say, that when Tomel is once again in need, the True King will rise again and take his throne. Because only the True King has the fire and the passion to unite the galaxy.

[color=dodgerblue][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN[/b][/color]
It a thousand years since the age of the True King and Tomel is in trouble. The current King has just passed away, and the Regents are seeking the next heir in line to take the throne. Only… the heirs are more often than not ending up dead. Be it accident or blatant murder! It is clear that someone out there is trying to destroy the entire royal line, and the Regents are DESPERATE to put a True Heir on the throne before the solar systems of Tomel erupt in to chaos.

They have contracted a small group to acquire every known blood heir to the True King and have them returned so they might choose the most suitable to be the next Ruler of Tomel.

But one of the Heirs has a different idea in mind. Find the body of the True King and have him do the damn job himself.

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