Collete Craven

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Character Name: Collete Craven
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Navigator & Captain
Age: Young 30s?

General Appearance: Collete sports a toned body after years of sea-faring labor. She is lean and well sculpted with sun bronzed skin, pitch black hair and dark brown eyes. She doesn’t bother to wear clothing to make her stand out, and is happy as long as she can move and work without it being an inconvenience.
Current Goal/Purpose: Lacking any long term goals, Collete lives life one day at a time. Making money is always good, so is staying alive.
General Personality: Collete is strong, stoic, confident. Had she been a man she would have been a great success in the world, widely respected for her gusto and commanding nature. But since she’s a woman, she’s considered a bitch. The ice queen. A conniving seductive scorpion who pulls you in and gives a fatal sting. Collete does not make friends or allies easily. Her honor and integrity are greatly important to her, and despite her less than legal habits, Collete still holds herself to a strict code of virtue. Never betray a friend. Do not harm the innocent. Too bad for the world, there are few she finds innocent or a friend. As a rule she keeps people at arm’s length – not because she is afraid of being hurt, but because she finds most people beneath her. To Collete, the human race in general is filled with stupid weak people. If you can’t run with the big dogs, you need to stay home. And Collete considers herself a big dog. On the rare occasions that Collete connects with someone on a real level, she is fiercely loyal. To earn Collete’s respect is a very powerful thing.
General History:
Just another poor homeless child in the cold cruel world. Collete’s family weren’t any better than other street scum. Her mother was a opium addicted whore, and her father was – well, Collete has no idea who that could be. At a painfully young age Collete discovered that her mother’s profession was sad existence. Once she realized she was getting old enough to be “recruited”, Collete ran away to see if she could make a life on her own.

Life isn’t easy for a homeless girl on the streets. A lot of people try to take advantage, and Collete learned that you can’t survive unless you get real nasty. Anyone that tried to harm or cheat her was rewarded with a surprise blade in the gullet. Knowing how to spare herself from unsavory types helped greatly as Collete tried many jobs here and there to support herself.

All of these odd jobs eventually led to a life on the sea. Collete found that she took very well to the ocean, and her first experience with sailing was a good one. During her years of sailing with various vessels Collete found herself on the The Harbinger, Navigator for Captain Kessing. She and Kessing had a frivolous affair. Nothing too serious, and she didn’t expect anything more. Kessing was a known flirt.

But when Collete realized she was pregnant… this changed everything. It complicated her feelings about Kessing, about her life, about everything. Collete left the ship without explanation. She knew that Pirates had no business raising kids, and there had to be a better left for the kid. Going back to land, she spent her pregnancy with a family out in the country, claiming to be “the victim of an abusive marriage”. Once her child was born – a son – Collete knew that she could never raise a child the way he needed to be raised. She left a note for the family asking them to care for her son, and not to ever mention his true mother. She left in the night and has since never returned.

It had been two years since she left Kessing’s ship and when she found it again, she discovered that one of the crew members, Godric Scarblade, had mutinied and Kessing was dead along with a vast majority of the former crew. Collete, though itching for a little vengeance, found it futile and joined up with another crew.

Becoming navigator on the Deathrunner under the Captainship of Maria, by coincidence Collete found that Kessing was very much alive… only without any memory of his former life! Deciding he was better of not knowing, Collete never brought their past up, but remained crew on the ship to keep an eye on him.

Meanwhile they discover that Maria was once a slave to Godric Scarblade, and by a little bit of luck and good timing had stolen his ship along with his mutinous crew. When he came seeking Maria for revenge he discovered Collete was on her crew… Collete of whom he very much wanted as his pet ever since he admired her on Kessing’s crew! He also discovered Kessing was still alive… The man he had grown to hate with severe jealousy!

During the escape (and coincidentally stealing some treasure) Maria was shot and killed. Collete became the new captain of the Deathrunner. Now Collete is mixed between keeping Kessing away from Godric, or finally helping him regain his memories and getting some good old fashioned vengeance.

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