Evangeline Winifred Clark

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Character Name: Evangeline Winifred Clark

Name Meaning: good tidings & holy reconciliation

Alias: The Seer, Bright Lady

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human (Through a Life Bond with Gabriel, she is now considered an “Immortal”. One that will not die from growing old.)

Age: 26 and looks her age.

B-Day: February 14th

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Place of Birth: London, England

Current Residence: New York, Usa

Occupation: Newbie Trainer at Oracle. Psychic and Jeweler.

Gemstone: Aquamarine. Birthstone: Amethyst

Theme Song: Miley Cyrus – The Climb; representing Evangeline as a whole! Tonic – If You Could Only See; I like how it’s fitting for either Evangeline or Gabriel. XD Mariah Carey – Whenever You Call; Definitely an Evangeline/Gabriel song!


Height: 5’2″

Weight: 118lbs

Hair: Dark brown, just past shoulder length, with wavy curls. Bangs cut to the tip of her nose. She normally wears it down and clipped out of her face. Soft and fluffy!

Eyes: Clear Sky Blue

Distinguishing Marks: Old scars from her accident at 16. Several Recent Scars from a few kidnapping incidents. Scar on her shoulder from being shot. Gabriel’s Brand (a vampire’s marking of his property, and in this case done purely by accident!) Binding Mark on her left hand from the life-bond ritual with Gabriel.

General Appearance: Medium frame. Reasonable bust, wider hips. Heart shaped face. Clear smooth complexion with a natural glow and lighter skin tone.

Strengths: Usually very healthy, she rarely gets sick and has no issues with her health. She is quick and light on her feet, with a fair amount of balance.

Weaknesses: Evangeline is blind! She relies heavily on her paranormal senses to make up for it, but there are still unavoidable issues with not being able to see.


Current Goal/Purpose: Help anyone than asks for her help. Show Gabriel how wonderful life can be. …Save the world!

Aspirations: Having a life filled with love and good friends.

Hobbies: Making jewelry. Paper-machete/origami architecture

Talents: Swing Dancing, Listening, Teaching

Inabilities: Singing, Not spilling the beans about visions. Talking about her own fears/problems. (She tends to pretend they don’t exist.) Managing her money.

General Personality: Quirky, sunny, cheerful, empathetic! The world is meant to be enjoyed! Evangeline makes the best out of everything, doesn’t play the blame game, and gives the benefit of the doubt. Visions often provide her horrible sights, thus giving her perspective on what really matters. She knows evil when she “sees” it, but even then Evangeline has a hard time bringing serious harm to another living being. She rarely ever loses her temper, but when she does SOME one is in trouble. Her emotions rarely run extreme and she keeps a nice mellow profile a majority of the time. She is always a pleasure to be around, unless you’re sickened by nice people. Often one might assume she’s not-so-bright or ‘insane’, with the way she’ll walk in to trouble or ask questions. But she always seems to have a good idea of what she’s doing.
Inner Personality: Evangeline hides her fear and worry very well. She has many insecurities that she keeps to herself. She will also try hiding when she’s upset, not wanting to concern others. Evangeline has been able to control her fears fairly well, but it’s now becoming more difficult with the more danger she’s in!

Self Perception: Evangeline feels she is a very ordinary person. She’s never considered herself special (despite her gifts), nor has she thought she was entitled to anything. Occasionally she’ll feel moments of insecurity, but they are usually triggered by someone else’s comments towards her.

Fondest Memory: Most of her fond memories involve silly little things with Gabriel and spending time with Brutus.

Painful Memory: That evening Anthony killed the two hunters and the priest that was with her at the church while she was purifying stones. Despite Gabriel’s reassurances she still considers their deaths her fault. 041

Biggest Regret: There are moments she wishes she could still see, but she tries not to make it a real regret.

Secret: Evangeline is very good at hiding her fears behind a sunny smile. If she were upset or hurt, it would be hard to tell. (Yet Gabriel seems to have a flawless judgment of her moods!)


Fears: Michael. He is much like a living nightmare to Evangeline! Anthony to the same extent, especially after murdering those people in the church.

Likes: Chocolate, Fuzzy Animals, Teaching, Dancing, Helping, and learning new things!

Dislikes: Eating Frogs, Snakes; She’s not really AFRAID of them, but that doesn’t mean she likes them, either! Thunderstorms; With recent events, a lot of really bad things seem to happen when it’s storming. Now she gets nervous during storms. Deep water; She can swim fine, but it’s hard to tell which direction she’s going. Wraiths.

Color: Evangeline loves all colors! Except now she can’t see them, so it doesn’t make much of a difference any more!

Music: Any kind of music she can dance to!

Food: Fruit flavored chocolates (cherry and raspberry). Donuts. Black Tea. Spaghetti with meat sauce. Hates peas.


Clothing: A red and gold striped scarf. A fuzzy white cashmere sweater. Her wedding dress.


Special Items: A scrying crystal. A folding walking cane. A leyline stone. (From Gabriel.) A talisman that senses when a spell is being cast. (From Gabriel.)

Weapons: Her cane, usually!

– Has always been able to see “lines of magic”, specifically anything that uses sigils or seals. She can touch a seal to attempt to unravel or crack it; As in 012 and later in 027
– Influenced by Gabriel she has started to attempt to make a physical barrier or “wall” to help shield from harm. 027.
– She has started to pick up a talent for casting of accidental spells, as in 034. Later after a few more accidents, she convinces Gabriel to teach her proper spell casting. 048
– She shares an unrealized telepathic bond with Gabriel that start in 012 when he shared his wall with her, and continued to get stronger as time passed. After the Life Bond, their thoughts are directly connected at will.

– Constant “minor” visions of immediate present and company. (Ex; A fight with boyfriends, flat tires, etc.)
– Occasional visions of major life-altering events. (Ex; Accidents, Injuries, Trouble)
– Rare instances of important visions that compel her to act on them. (Ex; Seeking out Gabriel or “saving the world”.)
– Has only seen herself in a vision twice. Once when 16 and seeing a “duel outcome” where her choice would result in the death or herself or someone else. Then a second time in 041 where she saw her own death.
– Her visions come more frequently and clearer with the influence of Gabriel. (She explains it as him lending her his strength.)
– Visions can be tampered with or even faked if her mind isn’t protected from outside attack. Learned in 012 when Anthony was testing to see if she were helping Gabriel.

Aura & Impression Reading:
– Reading of people’s Auras to sense their mood, actions, feelings & vague personality.
– Feeling the aura and vibrations of locations & objects to get an atmosphere of her surroundings. This is what she uses to “cheat” around being blind. She can’t see what she’s doing, but she can feel the vibration of most objects.
– Her senses can be tampered with by use of heavy magical masking. She can’t decipher most illusions without physically touching the person/object.


Family: Parents; Geoffrey Clark, Patrice Clark. No siblings or other living relatives.

Allies: Gabriel, Brutus, Ciara Grey & her family. Dark & Caroline. London Friend, Melissa & her husband.

Enemies: Anthony Carnatelli, Michael Carnatelli, Werepuppy Smugglers!

Parents: Both of her parents considered her a freak and an inconvenience. Evangeline tried hard to win their affection until after she graduated from High School, where she just fell out of contact. After her parents turned her over to Anthony Carnatelli, she disowned them for the betrayal. (A rare moment where Evangeline was actually very VERY upset.)

Brutus: Brutus is her wonderful puppy, no matter how big he gets or how much trouble he causes! He found her and she’ll love him forever!

Gabriel: Evangeline is very fond of Gabriel. In fact she loves him! It comes as no surprise to her and seems perfectly natural. It was all of those little things he does for her, that made her really appreciate him!

Ciara Grey: Ciara is a bit intimidating, but Evangeline knows a good soul when she sees one. She hopes to make sure Ciara Grey has a good life as she feels it’s “good for the world”.

Leon Santos: She very much likes Leon and enjoys his company, despite the fact Ms. Grey is always jealous of their friendship!

Lily Grey: Evangeline feels for Lily and hopes to help her find her path in life. Moreso now after having her own experience with Michael.

Conrad: Not very much contact with Conrad yet!

Anthony Carnatelli: She fears what Anthony can do and what he can become. But can still managed that fear to be defiant and attempt to fight him off when he tries to pry in to her mind, hurt Brutus or Gabriel. (Ex: Trying to block Anthony from taking Gabriel at risk of herself both at the College, and again when he trapped her in her mind.)

Michael Carnatelli: Unlike Anthony, Michael is very unpredictable, chaotic, and plain disturbing. He was frightening enough the first time she had contact with him, but after Wareham she is trying not to think about him and [hopefully] won’t run in to him again. (Ex: When Michael appeared at Lily’s college, she didn’t go with Gabriel. Normally she wants to go and help, especially when the Greys are concerned.)

Dark: She likes Dark! Evangeline can see a lot of the similarities between him and Gabriel, but the differences are uniquely fascinating!

Caroline: She views Caroline as a very elegant lady. Someone wise and talented to look up to. She puts Caroline at equal standing with Gabriel – which occasionally makes herself jealous. (She thinks Caroline and Gabriel would make a stunning and very compatible couple!) She believes there is no better teacher for Dark than Caroline!

Alistair: He is a bit of a nuisance but not so much that she can’t smile and ignore him. He’s harmless! She has no urges to help him with his enchantment either. (He must REALLY deserve it!)

Vlamerias: Evangeline took an instant liking to Meri and absolutely adores her! She treats Meri like her own daughter!


General History:
Evangeline was born to upper middle-class parents, that are very conservative. So much so, that their strange daughter constantly put them through stress and embarrassment with her odd little way of knowing things. To keep her out of their hair, they made sure she stayed in Boarding Schools for most of her young life. Evangeline didn’t seem to have a problem with this, she just took life as it happened and made the best of any situation that came her way. She got involved in a lot of activities, despite only have a small group of friends. (Not many people could get used to the way Evangeline would blurt out ominous tales of the future, and she often just freaked them out!)

Evangeline’s visions had always been simple harmless things. Little fortunes, sparing people from bad luck, nothing life altering, and never involving herself. But after turning 16, she had a vision about this women she would often pass on the street every afternoon when she was on her way home from school. This vision was unique, as it gave two outcomes rather than just one. A business sign was going to come crashing down off the building on the woman, where she would die! In the other vision, Evangeline pushed the other woman out of the way, and it was her to get crushed by the sign. For a sixteen year old girl, it was a vision she struggled with for months! When the day finally happened, Evangeline didn’t think twice… she saved the woman’s life!

Though Evangeline thought she was going to die, it was only a few months in the hospital. But it did come at the cost of her sight. When the woman came to visit her, and told her about her children, Evangeline never regretted her choice. Once released from the hospital, Evangeline spent the rest of her years trying to use her visions to make a difference in people’s lives.

Present Life:
Evangeline has taken up residence with Gabriel along with the werepup Brutus in an apartment he’s put together for her. She’s volunteered as the official psychic of the Oracle Organization under the direction of Ciara Grey. Evangeline is trying to aid Gabriel in stopping Anthony’s plot, and at the same time show Gabriel that there is more to life (and to him) than just slaying things.


16 – Evangeline has a vision about a woman dying and if she saves the woman she could die herself. She chooses to save the woman, but lost her sight as a result of the accident.
26 – A vision about Anthony Carnatelli’s gaining an ultimate power and the man who has to stop him. She flies to America to seek out Gabriel Carnatelli.
– 006 Evangeline meets Ciara Grey and Leon Santos. Succeeds in telling Gabriel about her vision after the second attempt.
– 007 An unexpected rescue from Gabriel at the airport. Evangeline realizes she can’t leave the city!
– 009 Brutus adopts Evangeline. Gabriel rescues Evangeline again. Meeting Lily.
– 012 Gabriel rescues Evangeline from trouble again, she decides to help him find Alicia. Evangeline frees Gabriel from a seal. Anthony breaks in to Evangeline’s head. Gabriel shares his wall with Evangeline.
– 014 Anthony comes after Evangeline directly. Gabriel rescues once again and takes her to his own home. She develops a liking for Gabriel!
– 016 Evangeline shows Gabriel what life can be like.
– 018 Michael becomes Evangeline’s top fear. Evangeline realizes how much she depends on Gabriel. Evangeline cuts ties with her parents because of their betrayal. Gabriel’s actions in giving her a home touches her!
– 019 Evangeline realizes how much Gabriel cares for her (even if he doesn’t).
– 023 Evangeline finds a new purpose for herself in teaching.
– 025 Gabriel shows his concern for her both when she’s shot by accident by newbies and when she’s served debt papers by a collections agent. Evangeline falls deep!
– 027 Evangeline risks herself to crack Gabriel’s seal.
– 029 Evangeline “sees” Gabriel’s lost self first hand.
– 032 Evangeline realizes she never wants to live a life without Gabriel. Evangeline tells Anthony “never again” will he break in to her mind.
– 033 Evangeline shows that she will also go to great lengths to help Gabriel when she fetches him in Alaska!

– Evangeline “life bonds” with Gabriel. Binding herself to his life force and essentially becomes his wife!

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