Feudal Gothic; The Blood Moon Saga

Genre: Supernatural Feudal Era Japan
Location: Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids), Japan
Timeline: Edo Period

The city of Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids) during the Tokugawa (Edo) period. Far from the influence of Kyoto, the Daimyo and his people live a relatively peaceful life, if one could ignore the fact that the kami seem to still be very much involved in the lands surrounding this city. What secrets is hiding in the daimyo’s castle? Who is hiding their true being? Friends and enemies hiding in plain sight.

There has been a murder in the Daimyo’s castle, and the mystery is unsolved. The body was found dead, with no blood and no wounds. Since the murder many odd things have been happening in the village. Kami and demons that have remained docile for ages are suddenly stirring up trouble. Characters must deal with these restless spirits in between dealing with their own problems and agendas!

You will be able to have supernatural elements if you desire. We are not going to be strictly historical accurate. This game will be a lot like the Inuyasha or Rurouni Kenshin anime series, (Inuyasha especially) so if you keep those in mind, you should be fine! Check out the wiki about the Edo Period is good if you really want to do research.

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