Since the beginning of time singular people have been “Catalysts of Change”. Simply by existing, their lives can change the course of fate. History books are filled with these stories… where one single action created a butterfly effect, setting the world on a whole new path.

___ has discovered a way to peek in to the future, and his future looks grim. His plans of conquest over galaxies will be ruined by one of these Catalysts. Deciding to take fate in to his own hands, he chooses to destroy this Catalyst before they change the course of history.

Using his resources, he bombs planet Earth with a barrage of asteroids. Intending to destroy everything on the planet. One dead planet means nothing in the grand scheme of things. But… a Guardian manages to save the Catalyst. Taking them off Earth before the surface is destroyed and escaping out in to space…

Now it is a matter of surviving, not knowing what that singular event of change will be… but just needing to live!

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