Good doesn’t always win. Sometimes, evil gets the upper hand. Myridian was once a lush and prosperous land filled with joy and laughter, but in the final battles against Lord Xendor good failed. The staff of Myridian taken, the Savior captured, and the parties of heroes slain. Lord Xendor used his power gained from taking the sacred staff to become king of the world, making the Savior his queen and all of Myridian his slaves. For five long years Xendor has corrupted the world in to his sick image.

Until he suddenly died. Leading a life of decadence ultimately lead to Xendor’s doom as he died suddenly in his dark palace. Now the Savior has been named queen of Myridian by the minions of the castle. She must now unite and revive the world!

But, where one evil dies another is born. Myridian may not be safe just yet…

Brief History

Lord Xendor was a half demon/human that has been seeking revenge on the people of Myridian. He created legions of monsters for his army, a dark citadel, and made it his life’s work to control the world. He finally succeeded in his plans when he successfully beat the party formed by the Rukian Order to the Staff of Myridian. Using the staff, he absorbed the power of the Savior then mowed down the last remaining aligned forces that were against him. To bind the Savior’s power to him permanently, he married her. For five years he has been laying waste to the lands of Myridian, seeking out members of the Rukian Order to slay, and basking in the glory of his success. His death game suddenly, and as a great shock to all – right in the middle of one of his famed public executions. He just dropped dead. His minions deemed the Savior as the heir and true Queen after his death. She now has the staff of Myridian and her power returned.

Many see the Queen’s succession as the prophesied rescue of Myridian – others believe the Queen is corrupted by years of matrimony to Lord Xendor. The Queen herself is lost at what to do, but knows that the most important thing is to unite Myridian before another evil tries to take control.

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