Nocturne Reverie

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Location: Kozas


___ visits family/friends at an Antarctica scientist laboratory. An experiment goes wrong, destroying and flash freezing everyone on base. ___ considered herself a dead, or least going to die, being encased in ice unable to move. Slowly she seems to gain motion, when suddenly, something slams against the ice and she goes tumbling down an icy slope. The base is gone, she’s outside in the elements on what seems like a snow covered mountain. Fighting nearby is one shabby looking pirate and a very strange looking person-creature.

Shabby pirate defeats his enemy, and then approaches her to grant his wish. (Calling her goddess.) ___ says she’s no goddess. Shabby pirate snorts, looking disappointed, but shrugs it off saying the crew was going to be disappointed! He says he’ll just put her back where he found her (with some protest) but Creature-person isn’t dead! Shabby Pirate and ____ end up falling/sliding down a huge slope to escape, landing in a net on board the Pirate ship.

Breakdown: __ is in a new world, where “the one in the ice”, was rumored to be a goddess of the old world. Of course, she isn’t, but now she’s in this place and has no idea how she’s going to get back to earth. Or even if anyone else from the base also ended up in this place. She ends up with pirates that are looking for the ultimate treasure & world renowned fame by finding a way to return the sun.


Welcome to Kozas, where night has become eternal. The moon and stars being the only light that shines in the skies. A world that is blanketed in snow, ice, and tundra. The oceans are so large that most spend their life on or near the sea. Island nations scattered around the world. 500 years ago, there was once sun. Green lush lands, and warmth. Legend says the sun fell from the sky and was extinguished by the sea. That somewhere at the bottom of the ocean it still lies, waiting for the day someone will find it and return it to the sky.

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