Prisoners in Paradise

Genre: Modern SciFi Fantasy Blend
Location: Uthlav Dulanc and the surrounding Savage World


A modern society behind a great wall. Uthlav Dulanc is run by it’s Dulanc Council, to help keep peace and prosperity in it’s humble city. The outside world is filled with dangers, poisons, and savages. But Uthlav Dulanc is a paradise. There is no war, no crime, no sickness. All is perfect.

The Horrible Truth of Uthlav Dulanc
To keep a place running “perfect” it requires a heavy hand. Anyone that breaks a rule or shows signs of illness is “removed”. Elders and people with signs of illness are taken to fuel the massive shield that’s protecting the city. Criminals are treated the same, if not expelled to the “Savage World” outside of the wall. Everyone is told and believes that these people/prisoners are being taken to a happy lala place.

The rules and laws of the city are strict. Everyone wears the same colors and styles, you do the job you are given, you live by curfews. You do not speak out against the council or cause any sort of unrest to the people.

Outside the Walls
The Savage World outside the walls is a wild uninhabited wilderness. Giant beasts, from mammals to dinosaurs. There are cannibal tribes of humans, but also tribes of people dispelled from the City. Still, no one in their right mind wants to be back inside the walls, unless they are freedom fighters or “terrorists” determined to open the eyes of the denizens inside.

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