Prophecy of Faizen

Come the Star Age a 4th moon will appear in the skies. In 30 days time that moon will split in three, revealing it to be meteors heading for the world and then end will be…. No one really knows for sure. It could be nothing, it could be the destruction of the world, it could be an alteration of reality. All the people on this world know is that when the time comes they want to be ready.

When a stranger from another world appears, the countries all have their own theory of what she’s there for. Some claim it’s a goddess, some claim a witch, some claim the ultimate either. As they all scramble to prepare for the meteor fall, everyone wants to make sure they are the prepared kingdom.

A prince of Faizen, masquerading as an inept wizard might end up being the only one who truly knows what is going to happen…

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