Quest for Drymera

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Calliad
Timeline: 1 year after the end of the war.

The war between Calliad and Isova has finally ended after eleven years of strife between both countries. A truce had been called, treaties signed, and warriors allowed to return home to their families.

Yet, not all soldiers return home alive. Such as in the case of Lady Aubrielle’s dear men. Her father died early in the war and now she has been brought the bones of her brother. The only other heir besides herself. Unfortunately, what did not return home was Drymera, a sword which has been a family heirloom for centuries. It had never left family hands until now. The Lady Aubrielle cannot let the family legacy be lost after she has lost so much already. With the war over, she has hired a search party to send on a quest to find Drymera and bring it back home.

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