Scorpion Heart

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Fantasy with Modern Blend
Location: World of Lorenthu

It has been said in ancient texts that during the Dawn of the World, there was not one god, but many that helped create it. When man came to be, the gods divided amongst their favorites and the empires of old were formed. Axion, Isis, Jaxion and Prak amongst others. They were real and true, ruling their people as they pleased. But like man, gods have the same faults. The drive for power and control over everything beyond their domain. Axion, though respected in his tribes, craved for something more than just a mere piece of land to lord over. He desired the world. Despite his desire for power, Axion was not an evil god. Instead of waging war he suggested to his brethren that there should be a lord over all the gods. A king much like the empires of man. This suggestion was met with laughter and scorn. But a seed was planted that night. Each god finding the idea of ruler of everything more and more pleasing. Again they held council about this idea… and bickering came about. No one could agree who the King of Gods should be, as all wanted the power for themselves. Axion began to see the error of his idea, but by now it was too late. A war began, what came to be known as the War of the Gods, and by the end of it all the gods were no more.

Life went on in the lands of Lorenthu, as the humans had no true idea what become of their gods. Where once gods were known to be physical beings, soon their concept became purely spiritual. Centuries past, even millennia. Races began to doubt the gods even existed. As the world reached it’s peek during the Modern age, such things were laughable and called children’s tales.

It was like a cold rush of blizzard wind blowing over the entire land… The stories about the ‘End of the World’ all seemed to differ in the details of each telling, though the ending always remained the same. There would come a day when the gods of Lorenthu would be reborn in human vessels, awaiting the time when their power would be reclaimed and they would rule once more. At the time such prophecies were laughed over. There was always some priest or crackpot that said they could read the stars and the end of the world was coming. Tomorrow… or maybe next week. When the skies rained fire, and something shook the entire world, they stopped laughing. A dark gray mist covered the skies above and for years the rays of the sun were blocked from the lands. The skies finally cleared giving light once again revealing a world in ruins. Sadly it wasn’t even the disaster that destroyed it, but the panic over the end of the world.

These days though the lands are alive again, it’s been thrown back several hundreds of years in terms of culture and technologies. “Modern” things are near impossible to come by and would hardly be useful in today’s society. They are more of valuable antiquities than anything else. People are once again relying on the old ways.

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