Silver Star Eclipse

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG13/R –
Location: Earth & “Other” world
Timeline: Present Date – Fantasy timeline

Rejar finds himself on the strange world “Disney Land” that his brother Lorgin had travel to and met his wife. Still being weak from his travels through the time/space tunnels, he remains in cat form, keeping his true self secret. He is taken in by Faith and her fairy guide and they unknowingly nurse a familiar back to health! When a bunch of scary golems shop up to retrieve Faith, Rejar is forced to reveal his true form (naked that it is!) and save the day! In return for their kind services, Rejar proclaims himself as official protector!

When Rejar realizes Faith wears the Shimilee and the evil sonofacatfish Mael plans to grab it, he must take Faith to his own universe and seek the help of Yaniff and the Magi Guild!


The Mystic Council – The Council of Magic on earth. Started by the great wizard Merlin centuries ago when people started to disbelieve the existence of magic and mystical beings. The Mystic Council once consisted of 6 of the most powerful earth mages including Merlin and the Queen of the Fae. They try to pull in those with magical gifts when they are young and try to teach them to control their powers and keep them hidden from the world.

The Shimilee – A Shimilee is an item of power that can create, alter and move time/space portals. It is usually one stone, or several stones forming a pattern or matrix in a necklace, bracelet or other jewelry type thing. Shimilee are very rare to come across. Almost impossible! Rejar was caught in the space/time tunnels while he was trying to loose the Shimilee time.

The Charl – The Charl are a guild of magical knights that exist in Rejar’s universe. They have great skill in both the physical and the magical, and are bound by the honor and morale that they keep!

The Magi Guild – The Guild of Magic in Rejar’s universe. The numbers of it’s council are unknown, but they seem to make all the important decisions that have to deal with the Charl, and often meddle in the destinies of others.

Tan-Shi – Celibate priestess that have dedicated their life to serving the gods. Much like the nuns of earth. Once a woman becomes Tan-Shi, all family ties must be severed. A Tan-Shi can never become pregnant, for with the birth of their child, their own life force will leave their body and they will die!


Faith – A human on earth. Faith is a talented writer and secret student of the Mystic Council! After getting canned from her job, and having a horrible week, she is hiding out in the old family cottage until things blow over! At least until she finds a poor injured cat in the woods…

Ninth – Faith’s fairy guide, there to help guide her away from trouble and into trouble! Ninth has been with Faith since Faith was a wee child.

Rejar – A Familiar from another time, universe and world! Rejar was in the time/space tunnels trying to be rid of a magical item that could destroy the fabric of the time/space tunnels… but when he tossed it into oblivion, a shock wave wracked the tunnels and he was send spiraling into a new world! His brother Lorgin was the first to travel to earth, finding the Shimilee that aided them in their quest against Theardar.

Traed – Rejar’s cousin, though by Charl law he is considered a half-brother and direct son of Krue. (Rejar’s father) He is a reluctant Knight of the Charl, being trained under Yaniff, after being involved in the last Shimilee deal that resulted in the death of his father. His father was the last person to try and use the Shimilee to alter time.

Maelkavich – A former student of earth’s Mystics. Mael was jealous of others that were acknowledged for their skills and promoted above him. In a fit of rage, during a ceremony he killed the student that was being proclaimed to the next level of mystics. The council then banished him from the mystics, feeling they had to right to order his death. With a vengeance he studied magic in private surpassing levels much quicker than he should. For his revenge he first killed Merlin, the eldest of the Mystic council… causing the councils fall at the death of it’s creator. His sights are now set on Merlin’s one student who also wears the Shimilee, a tool he can use to increase his power.

Merlin – (Deceased) Merlin the ancient wizard of fairy tale, no normal person ever believed he truly existed, but he did! Merlin was actually from Rejar’s universe. The first appointed to be rid of the Shilimee so corrupt powers couldn’t abuse it. He too was lost while tossing it away, finding himself on earth! He created the magi council, only taking on the most promising for his own students. Merlin was killed in an unfair battle with Mael.

Theardar – (Deceased) A once powerful Knight of the Charl who slipped into madness. The women he loved didn’t return his feelings, so he kidnapped her and took her against her will. Marilan became pregnant with their son Tread. But because she was a priestess of the Tan-Shi, when she had her child, her life force was sacrificed for the life of the child. She died in childbirth. This sent Theardar into a deeper madness, and he blamed his son for Marilan’s death. He would barely even acknowledge his son’s existent save for a few fleeting moments when he left him in the care of the Krue household. The Guild saw this mistreatment of his son as a lack of honor and he was disbarred from the knighthood. Yaniff warned the council that this would come back to haunt them.. and sure enough it did when Thaerdar sought out the power to alter time-space to make sure Marilan never died… In the last battle, Thaerdar sent a blast to kill the wearer of the Shimilee (Lorgin’s wife) but Traed jumped in the way to protect her. Having a fleeting moment of regret, Theardar called his blast back, but it being too powerful to control it killed him.

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