Silver Tear

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Location: Tariv

Plot Breakdown: Long ago Tariv legend came true when the Dragon Lady conquered the lands and a small girl from another world was summoned to save them all. Tariv was saved, and the Dragon Lady defeated, but once the child was sent back to her own world, the Dragon Lady somehow revived. Without the child’s blood to activate the key, the Dragon lady enslaved the lands… It’s been 50 years since Tariv was conquered, and the ones that helped the human girl have finally escaped the dungeons of their imprisonment and have stolen the Silver Tear to summon the child again. …Only now the child is all grown up… and summoning her back may have been a grave mistake…


Jetta: At six years old, Jetta was an extraordinarily bright child. She could play three instruments, read four languages, but the wee ebony haired girl never spoke a word. The sisters at Christian’s Orphanage did not think this too strange, however. Jetta was always like that, since the day they found the sleeping little baby on thier doorstep. Her artwork was another story. Jetta draw the most fascinatingly real looking images of dragons, faeries; each one seeming to tell a story. There came one day where Jetta disappeared, and little did the nuns know she was summoned to another world to get involved in the very magical story she was drawing in her pictures. A few weeks later she showed up once again on their doorstep, just as silent as ever. Her silence didn’t last long… Jetta began acting out. No more sitting still for studies, not more practicing her reading. The only thing Jetta continued to do was her artwork, and even that started to dark a darker turn. … Years later, Jetta is now 21 years old in her last year of college. She keeps to herself and is generally unsociable, and again she’s being summoned to that other world…

Ananta: The Black Dragon Lady

Dovaryn: Elf Boy


The Silver Tear: One of the most revered items in Tariv. It is rumored that the last of the unicorn race gave up it’s horn to make this simple tear shaped pendant and granted it’s use to the Ivory Empress to protect Tariv from a prophesied danger. The Silver Tear is a limitless magical item with a great power. Only those pure of heart can use the Silver Tear without fear of repercussion. Otherwise the price to pay for it’s use may be great.

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