Snow White and The Dwarves

Genre: Modern

Eira White was a blessing to her parents as the baby they tried for years to have. Yet, when her mother died in childbirth it left her father broken hearted and lonely. While Eira was still a child he re-married. A beautiful younger woman in the modeling business that could bring in lots of connections to the entertainment world and help him run his nightclub. But, never quite getting over the death of his beloved, he cared little for his health. He too died, leaving his estate in the care of his wife until his daughter was old enough to inherit it.

The Wife didn’t mind this at all at first. The girl was barely five and easily passed off to nannies. For 15 years ran The Castle Club, making it the most elite and hottest nightclub in the city.

But… now Eira is almost 20 and that means everything will soon be HERS. She just doesn’t know yet! The Wife can’t stand it! She had a nasty fight with the girl, and she ran away. But the wife intends to make sure the girl doesn’t live long enough to claim her inheritance.

Meanwhile, Eira becomes the newest roomie to a 7 member band called The Dwarves. They have super rad adorable adventures!

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