Soul Society

Genre: Alternate Reality Modern Earth

Since the beginning of time they have been amongst us. Angels and Demons. Not biblical or mythical creatures. Real tangible – and dangerous beings. This is their world. They rule it, they war on it. We are nothing more but the pawns and source of their powers. Nothing is more valuable than human souls.

In this modern society humans know their place. They live their lives and go on about their business. But they know that one day their soul will be claimed and they will be gone. Be it because they died naturally or by accident, or because one of the Supreme has decided their soul is ripe for the taking.

The Supreme Beings
Angels and Demons are known as The Supreme. They are eternally at war with each other. Having warred for so long they even they don’t remember the cause. There is legend that perhaps they were human themselves once, from far across the universe. That at some point they learned how to use the Soul and became something more.

Though at present date they live together amongst the humans they collect, and there is some semblance of peace, the war is just as strong now as ever. All the time fights and combat breaks out between them. With little care to time, place, and who is stuck in between. The goal of both races is to eradicate the other. All they need is enough souls and enough power…

The Soul Society
Not all humans are content to be sheep waiting for their ultimate day. Recently there is a group calling themselves the Soul Society who are trying to figure out the secrets of Soul. Human souls are so valuable to the Supreme, what is stopping a human from learning how to use this power too? Though their skill cannot compare to the Supreme, these humans are slowly starting to develop soul magics. One day they might learn enough to free the human race…

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