Stolen Best Friend

My bestest Friend Matilda,

The Summer Camp was SO much fun! I almost wish the summer wouldn’t have ended. All of the knights were very handsome.

Of course, I want to apologize for stealing the knight you claimed. I know I promised I wouldn’t, but on the way back I just couldn’t resist. Sir Stephan was just TOO CUTE! But I left you his equally handsome friend, so you’ll forgive me, won’t you?

Please Forgive your bestest friend,


Dear Avaria of Kendragon,

I am writing to inform you of my intentions to invade your country and take over. When we met this summer, I am sure you didn’t realize I was the son of the late great villain, Horatio Certani. Nor did I have any intentions of following in his footsteps of pillaging and conquering. However, you have stolen something valuable to me and I intend to take it back.

Sir Stephan’s Best Friend,
Dimitri Certani

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