Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
Location: Post-Modern Earth
Timeline: X Months After Outbreak

Not long after making contact with an alien race, a strange virus strikes modern Earth. When infected, a human turns crazy, zombie like, their genetic structure seems to change. Yet, these infected human beings can also breed, taking bodies of the dead and growing a weird sub-human creature from the remains. No one can tell how a person becomes infected, it simply happens; sending the entire world in to global chaos.

Months/a year later the virus seems to be “controlled”. Communities of humans are hiding out in small colonies. Places like single buildings, churches, schools. They are fed supplies and promises from the government.

An unlikely person has discovered a connection between government actions and the virus outbreak (where it was previously assume alien contact did it.). The food that’s been given to these colonies has some sort of control-factor in it, either to spare people from the virus or mind-control. Unlikely Person seeks out for a scientist to help crack the mystery.

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