Thirty Seconds From Mars

[color=orange][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Sci-Fi Alien Invasion!

[color=orangered][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color]
Humans have terra-formed Mars to be a habitable planet through the power of technology and science. There are now several Mars colonies and a single major city. The Mars capital of Marelsou.

But suddenly… MARS IS UNDER ATTACK by an invading alien species! They are wiping out the entire city’s population of humans. When done with Mars, the intend to move on to Earth.

Mars has called for help… but will help get there in time to evacuate the last surviving refugees in the City of Marelsou?

A rescue team has been sent to save who they can and get off the planet before the Military arrive to wage battle.

[color=orangered][b]Your character and plot options:[/b][/color]
– Someone who lives on Mars or is visiting Mars.
– The Military Rescue that was station on Mars or has come from Earth to help evacuate any survivors.
– You must play a human! There is no magic or mutant powers in this roleplay. However, there can be cybernetics!

This roleplay is all about fighting aliens and survival! Survive until the end and get off the planet if you can!


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