Neo Terra

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy
Location: Neo Terra
Timeline: 3310 – 200 Years after the Destruction of Post-Modern Earth

INTRODUCTION: After a comet destroyed a majority of the civilizations on Earth, many are trying to come into power, claiming territories and warring each other for control over the planet. The Brelj, a powerful race from outside the solar system, have managed to take over a good portion of Neo Terra. They are cruel people, forcing those left on Terra into hard labor and keeping all resources to themselves. Many rebellious factions have tried to fight back, only to be crushed by the Brelj, who carry the ancient arts that Terra lost eons ago.

BREAKDOWN: There is a small group in one of the ore mines that has gotten the idea of escape and revolt. When they uncover some ancient tools and links to old magic, they find themselves aided with power that is equal to the Brelj.


Uncovered in the mines was a magic circle. Several points on the outside of the ring, each seeming to represent a part or style of ancient magic in the old worlds of earth. Those that can unlock the points would gain a mastery over certain styles of power.

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