The Hex of Sunset City

Genre: Supernatural Western
Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn!
Location: Sunset City – Out West Somewheres!

Sunset City, a dusty little town way out west that can barely be considered hospitable. For years it’s been slowly growing, but small set backs always seem rattle the locals and nasty gossip has been floating around. The local saloon seems to have a gun fight every other Tuesday, whether someone does the firing or not. Down near the marshes there’s always a strange howlin’.. and the sheriff never seems to stay longer than a month before he throws down his badge or ends up dead! Yes, something really strange has been happening in Sunset City and with the new mayor in charge it’s just starting to get worse…

An classic and possibly cliche old western RPG with a supernatural twist. A player can play just about any kind of HUMAN character so long as it makes sense within the plot. The goal? Figure out what’s been causing all these strange incidents in Sunset City!


The main town. Picture your dusty tumbleweed towns like in old movies, and there you’ve got it! Every so often a stranger comes into town, but by the time he learns of his fate, it’s too late! Once you’re Sunset City, you can’t seem to leave it… unless you’re dead! Signs or warnings the folks put up also disappear so it’s been no use to steer people away. Even the mail comes back unread!

The Mines were closed some two years ago after they collapsed due to an accident with dynamite. Several people died, and no one is quite sure exactly how it happened, but everyone has their own theories.

Not too far out there is a creepy bit of wetlands just where the river seems to die out. No one ever dares to go in there, cause no one ever seems to come back out.

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