Teen God High School

[color=cyan][b]”Boredom is the root of all evil. Even the gods knew this, for in their infinite boredom they created mankind.
Then mankind made teenagers and now we never hear the end of [i]I’m Bored[/i].”[/b][/color]

Your hear this story all the time.

A kid turns whatever age and then suddenly their whole world is turned upside down.

So, great! Now I’m the living embodiment of another tired old cliche.

Instead of being just another angsty kid in a High School of other normal angsty kids, now there’s gods in the mix.

What asshole thought THAT was a good idea? Seriously?

Let’s cram a bunch of hormonal teenagers with uncontrollable powers in to the same building.

What could possibly go wrong.

I think I’ll show them what can go wrong.


You are a demi god. A student. Ages ranging from 13 to 18. You have extraordinary powers, but absolutely zero mastery over all of them. At least one of your parents is a god or descended from gods. And now here you are stuck in a High School for Demi Gods because someone out there felt it was safer for everyone if a over-powered twits like you weren’t goofing around with uncontrollable powers around those easily broken humans and revealing to the world that gods walk amongst mortals.

Of course, little do YOU know that things are not so safe. Someone at the school has a plan. A very bad, very dangerous plan. Not only could it destroy the school, but it could very well expose the existence of gods and the magical world to mortals. A thing that the Elder Gods feel modern mankind just isn’t ready for.

But who gives a fuck about all that! TEENAGERS WITH GOD POWERS, HELL YEAH!


You have to play a student! Sorry, no adults in this roleplay. It’s for [i]plot reasons[/i]. Also for plot reasons, you can’t play “I didn’t know I was a demi god, this is my first year!” characters. You are a demi god, and you have known it for your whole life! Can you have not developed your powers yet until this year? Yes! Can this be your first year at the school or in a school like this? Yes! People are also allowed to have the same godly aspects, but you have to explain why. >:]

Posting expectations are of a “at least once a week” sort of basis! It’s better if it’s sooner, but I won’t complain. It’s also asked that you don’t posting spree 10-20 posts in one day and leave people behind. We all wanna get in on that action, give us a chance to post. I don’t expect novel length posts, but please avoid posting one liners so we can have more content to respond to. Capital letters and punctuation is a MUST just so we can read and understand your posts.

Powers! You can have any kind of power you want. I don’t care how silly and dumb, or how super powered it might be. Or even how many your have. You wanna turn in to a squirrel, cool. You wanna summon time travel ninjas. Whatever! Touch people and they die and kiss people to bring them back to life. Shazaam! Just remember that you’re a teenage demi god and you have AWFUL control over your powers! Use sense when using powers, and it’s cool. Should anyone abuse powers within the game, I will punish you IN the game with terrible horrible consequences. 8D I like to get creative.

And finally, remember to respect other players, the setting, and everyone’s developing plots. That means creating a character and subplots that suit this setting. No hijacking characters or scenes. Remember, in game consequences. >:D And, of course, if you’re a total douchenozzle I’ll kick you out.

[color=lime][b]AND NOW FOR THAT BIO SHEET:[/b][/color]

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