The Witching Agency

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Witches and Wizards are not born. They’re chosen. If people were born with these gifts, a rather long list of individuals would have spontaneously exploded by now. – Sir Alfred Clive, 6th Head of the Agency.

The very trouble with being a human mortal is that, well, we just weren’t cut out for magical talents. Perhaps a long time ago when the elves were still our neighbors and faeries still fluttered about, humans still could be born with magic. But after a few incidents with haggard old ladies and cooking children in big pots, the higher beings were convinced humans were just too young to handle such responsibility.

Still, there were many that believed humans shouldn’t be typecast just because of a few bad apples. Some humans had brilliant potential and deserved the opportunity to lead a greater life. Thus, many came together and formed the Witching Agency. Through this, humans with potential are chosen during a serious of “unaware” tests. If they pass, they are unlocked. Given their gift of magic. These fledgling witches and wizards must then serve time in the Agency as they learn to develop and control their magic. Agency members enforce the laws of the magical world. There is no perfect way for a human to learn responsibility than seeing what rogue magic can lead to.

The rules are simple:

– You must never show your power to the mortals.
– Unlicensed magic use is strictly forbidden.
– You are not to disobey the Agency.

Welcome to the Agency and Witching 101!

Now that you are an official Witch or Wizard, please keep your wand with you at all times. Be it in a pocket or a sub-space dimension. Make sure you turn on the safety lock if you leave your wand unattended. You have been assigned your mentors, do make sure to follow their instruction. Mission will often come in unusual forms, be on the look out.

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